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  1. It helps that literally nobody else is talking about it either. They're all focused on retail.
  2. I would expect one of the transmission plants and at least one of the existing engine plants (looking at you Dearborn Engine) to be converted to battery production before too long.
  3. By that logic we should have started building 2022 Broncos in May when we got to job 1
  4. Wouldn't be the first time Ford did something like that. FRAP only built Fusions for a few months before S550 started production. Bronco is a hot enough product I think they could manage producing 0 Rangers for a little while and not lose sleep over it.
  5. Not necessarily. Look at 2015 Edge as proof. It didn't get to job 1 until January of 2015 Remember, all job 1 really means is full line speed. Customers can buy MP1 and MP2 builds.
  6. fuzzymoomoo

    Mandatory Employee Vax Reporting

    And name calling/personal attacks will get you banned anyway. adios!
  7. fuzzymoomoo

    November '21 Sales

    Nobody is comparing Bronco sales with Compass and Cherokee, it's Bronco Sport. Big difference.
  8. fuzzymoomoo

    November '21 Sales

    We built 43,000 Broncos this year? Jeez, it sure doesn't feel like it.
  9. fuzzymoomoo

    November '21 Sales

    It wasn't an arbitrary cap, it was limited by battery supply. It's great they managed to ease that constraint a bit and get some more sales.
  10. fuzzymoomoo

    November '21 Sales

    Wait, what? That's excellent since production was supposed to be capped at 50,000
  11. This is the definition of reinventing the wheel and its wholly unnecessary, though I would argue that GM as a whole is still way to big of a company for it to survive long term.
  12. Thats the way it's supposed to work though, not forced upon us by those in charge who act like they know everything.
  13. Both of which Ford is doing, you should add.
  14. fuzzymoomoo

    Sandy Munro’s dire warning

    Bullshit. If that was really the case being shut down due to covid for 3 months last year would have bankrupted at least one of them. Instead profits not only continued but actually grew as we came out of it.