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  1. This seems like GM just being desperate for attention
  2. fuzzymoomoo

    Any 22 f450s been scheduled yet?

    If you have the VIN that means it has been scheduled for production. Talk to your dealer.
  3. Im still not convinced those were S650 mules. The problem is I don't know what they could have been otherwise though. With FRAP being closed for most of the summer so far due the chip shortage I would imagine any launch schedule, whether it's a continuation of the S550 program or S650, has probably been delayed. FWIW my good friend who works there hasn't heard anything about any new products.
  4. fuzzymoomoo

    Chip update

    Thats how it's done at the plant level across the industry. That's why when a new car comes off the truck there's so many barcode stickers on it.
  5. fuzzymoomoo

    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    Plus NG Ranger on the way which I'm sure will at the very least maintain volume but likely expand that too. These 10.5 hour days for us are going to continue for a long time no doubt.
  6. We saw the same thing (or rather, we didn't) with the Bronco prototypes.
  7. I think you missed my point from yesterday. It's impossible to micromanage every single vendor, supplier and part. There's just far to many. There are multiple processes and contingencies in place that by and large are effective. Maybe it's time to revisit a few of them since this seems to be a troubling pattern and hopefully now that we've seen verification on social media that the CEO himself is definitely aware of it some things will improve.
  8. There were massive efforts made. I can't and won't speak to specifics but there were massive efforts made.
  9. I believe this one is different though. The people waiting this long for their bronco are hardcore Ford fans and seem way more plugged into what is happening than the average buyer walking into a dealer looking for an Escape or F-150.
  10. This is where those surveys get a little skewed though, especially the reliability one. It looks like there could be tons of these going back to dealers for replacement tops but the vehicle itself will still be 100% drivable and it doesn't affect the functionality at all.
  11. Thats a very narrow way of looking at it. There's HUNDREDS of vendors/suppliers that built parts for every vehicle that rolls off the line and Ford cannot micromanage all of them. That's a good way to ruin your reputation and increase costs for no reason. There has to be a certain degree of trust that the chosen vendor can do the job and do it right. Clearly this one is an epic fail.
  12. It is though. I would know, I'm there every day. There's the usual beginning of production growing pains but from my end and what I see right now it's no worse than what we went through when we launched Ranger from a production standpoint, and that launch was pretty smooth. You absolutely should though. This is an example of a supplier over-promising and under-delivering. Obviously the deck was stacked against them with them building an entire new plant for this program in the middle of a pandemic and they simply did not rise to the occasion. Even Flex-N-Gate, as little as I think of them, was able to come through. Like Akirby said, the biggest thing Ford is guilty of here is choosing the wrong supplier. Not the first time and probably won't be the last. All they can do is minimize the damage as much as possible and hopefully learn from their mistakes.
  13. fuzzymoomoo

    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    Things I'm hearing about NG Ranger have me very excited. I'm starting to be glad I waited.
  14. fuzzymoomoo

    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    What was Wayne Assembly is now the Mod Center for Bronco. That wouldn't work anyway since what was the body shop for Wayne Assembly is now being use for body sub-assemblies for MAP.
  15. no, these were being driven so they have to be missing a different chip that still allows it to be driven under its own power. Don't forget, they were taking pre-OKTB units there to be fixed before shipping them out.