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  1. fuzzymoomoo

    Doing some updates to my '75

    I'll have to do that sometime.
  2. fuzzymoomoo

    Goodbye Continental

    When I was there there was a couple of GT350 buyers that somehow were able to come in and watch their cars going through final assembly.
  3. fuzzymoomoo

    Doing some updates to my '75

    As cool as the Bronco is I like that Cougar. You don't see too many of them around anymore for some reason and that is a shame.
  4. fuzzymoomoo

    Goodbye Continental

    Nope. For now, nothing. That could change, it could not. I'm leaning towards it not changing but things change every day so it's hard to say.
  5. Oh well there goes my theory then 😂
  6. I really like the interior. Even though I'm still not a fan of the tablet glued to the dash design this is one of the better ones. I think the wide orientation helps a lot. Well done The outside however is a mixed bag to me. The rear quarter looks good, it is what it is. The front end though, yeesh. Not a fan at all.
  7. fuzzymoomoo

    Results, Fact not Fiction

    Common sense doesn't exist anymore. If it did, the twitter mob wouldn't be as powerful as it is.
  8. There is no rod anymore.
  9. That could just be the difference between an old model that's on its way out the door so the literature hasn't been gone over with a fine tooth comb and changed in a few years vs. a brand new one that has a newly written manual.
  10. fuzzymoomoo

    Gen 3 Raptor

    I saw one on the road today near the Dearborn test track. It could have been the camo doing its job but it looked to be bigger than the outgoing one.
  11. Except it's stupid when literally the entire argument for governments worldwide to force electric cars upon us is how it's supposed to be more environmentally friendly.
  12. fuzzymoomoo

    Reliability of I3 EcoBoost Focus

    They don't use the problematic powershift transmission the standard Focus uses. Good luck finding one though, they’re not super common and they were only built with automatics 2016-2018. The 2015 EcoBoost Focus was manual only.
  13. fuzzymoomoo

    '20 November Sales/Chart

    No. 6 week TLO between Bronco TT builds and PP builds. I did just get paid out on 30 hours of vacation time I didn't have a chance to use though so that helped pay for my kids' Christmas.
  14. fuzzymoomoo

    '20 November Sales/Chart

    I suppose I could have looked that up too. If that MAP rumor is true it must only apply to Bronco team.