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  1. Yahoo just published the story on their front page. I looked through the comments (fully knowing there would be a lot of ignorance that would piss me off. There was) and it was a lot of 'I'll never touch another Ford again' and 'no more American cars for me'. Sad really because this could have all been avoided from the start, or at the very least fixed with the 2015 refresh.
  2. Didn't some of the documents that Freep published last time this came around a few months ago name Mark Fields and Raj Nair as major players in the DPS6 program?
  3. Thats exactly why we went with the ancient and now discontinued Flex over a 202 Explorer.
  4. Bronco won't make any significant difference until well into 2021 because its launching so late into 2020.
  5. fuzzymoomoo

    Nissan orders 2 day furlough for US Employees

    Brought to you by a company that needs to furlough their entire US workforce for 2 days
  6. Nope, not in the market, I just bought a Flex. Besides, if I'm doing serious towing (something more than a fishing boat locally), I'm buying properly equipped Expedition or more likely a F-Series truck.
  7. fuzzymoomoo

    Hackett in for Long Haul

    I disagree. At MAP before we went down for the Ranger retool, we had FWD ICE, FHEV, PHEV and BEV cars all on 1 line. FRAP has RWD, FWD and AWD on one line. Hell, OAC (a union plant) had 2 entirely different platforms in there until the Flex was discontinued. As discussed in another thread, Wixom had unibody FWD, RWD and BOF RWD on one line at the same time. The main reason it closed was because it was so massive and old the cost to modernize it was astronomical and with Ford on the brink of bankruptcy so retooling was never an option.
  8. Ford reports them separately
  9. When I was at the dealer a few weeks ago and I mentioned to my salesman I didn't like the new Escape. His first question was if it was too soft for me. I wonder if that's been the feedback elsewhere too.
  10. fuzzymoomoo

    Nissan orders 2 day furlough for US Employees

    They’re very popular with the large middle-eastern population in Dearborn for some reason. Same with Land Rover.
  11. fuzzymoomoo

    Hackett in for Long Haul

    I wish more programmers were like you
  12. My Flex has homelink (Fusion doesn't) and I love it. Like akirby, I hate having the remote clipped onto the visor. Only took me 15 seconds to program it. I can fit 2 cars in my garage, but the problem is because my garage is so close to the house I have to make a weird arch to park on the left side and it's impossible to do with the Fusion if the Flex is already parked. Parking the Flex on that side is a nonstarter. Even if I replace the Fusion with a used Fiesta it would be very hard to park there. Parking on the street is also not really an option because my neighbors are assholes and have way too many cars so there's never anywhere for me to park when I get home from work.