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  1. I'm not going to underestimate the Tesla cult. They’re worse than Scientology.
  2. And MAP is about 25 miles from FRAP.
  3. It would take a massive expansion of the Body Shop for that to happen, and I'm not sure how likely they would be to want to approve that.
  4. Nope. Half of the body shop might not be in use right now but that's it.
  5. fuzzymoomoo

    Next gen Mustang to go full EV

    I don't even like loaning my car to my wife....
  6. fuzzymoomoo

    Who`d a Thought....

    Elections have consequences. The warnings were all out there but nope. Orange man bad.
  7. fuzzymoomoo

    Who`d a Thought....

    What else am I supposed to call it? You can't really prove it but you can't disprove it either. It's totally believable though and I'm not saying I don't.
  8. fuzzymoomoo

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Most plants it's about 24ish hours from start to finish.
  9. fuzzymoomoo

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    You talking time on the assembly line itself or time from order to delivery?
  10. fuzzymoomoo

    Who`d a Thought....

    I've heard that conspiracy before and yeah, I can definitely believe that one.
  11. fuzzymoomoo

    Who`d a Thought....

    Yep, my bad. It was 4:30am and I hadn't had coffee yet.
  12. fuzzymoomoo

    Next gen Mustang to go full EV

    I think the government backed off on it because they realized they have no clue what they’re doing.
  13. It is a narrative because they control what gets seen and when.
  14. fuzzymoomoo

    Who`d a Thought....

    That's what some of these "leaders" don't understand. They were elected to lead us, the citizens of the United States. They weren't elected to lead the world. My tax dollars should not be sent to pay for gender studies in Pakistan. That's a Pakistan problem, not a USA problem.
  15. It's probably due to a commodity issue. It's not unusual, especially with Mustangs for whatever reason. Your dealer should be able to find out why.