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  1. fuzzymoomoo

    Dont park your c8 in Detroit..

    Detroit: the Justifiable homicide capital of America it's really not dropping. They just keep recategorizing certain crimes to non-violent designations.
  2. fuzzymoomoo

    Dont park your c8 in Detroit..

    Every year so far in the Duggan administration the official numbers from the police chief say that crime rates are going down and every year the FBI called BS on their numbers. I worked in the city on the East side (Harper/Cadieux and Harper/Whittier area all the way to Jefferson) during the kilpatrick administration and I felt MUCH safer walking around the city back then than I do even walking around downtown now. The official narrative is nothing but hollow BS.
  3. fuzzymoomoo

    Dont park your c8 in Detroit..

    Please tell me again how crime is going down in Detroit....
  4. I thought that was only a F-series thing... I learned something today too
  5. fuzzymoomoo

    Romeo buyouts

    I don't know if it's true or not, but I've heard from within the union that Romeo isn't supposed to close for another 3 years once the life cycle of this generation super duty is done.
  6. that's just fixed glass though, isn't it? The big panel opens?
  7. It was just a fixed glass roof, it didn't open. IIRC it didn't sell all that well either.
  8. Mine doesn't. You could get it optioned with power sunshades but I don't have that option. it's also one big piece of glass over the rear 1/2 of the roof with 3 different viewing windows. Not sure if that's the usual way of doing it or not. The front is the conventional power moonroof
  9. yeah, I had that thought. Seems like an odd choice to first implement it to me but I'm not the one making those decisions, if that's indeed what we're seeing.
  10. Sure looks to me like something is going on there, it's not just you.
  11. fuzzymoomoo

    Tesla reaches settlement with state of Michigan

    Looking at the settlement it doesn't look like Tesla really gained that much
  12. the camo is working. it is absolutely a 4 door
  13. fuzzymoomoo

    People are stupid.

    Markups on the Focus RS were INSANE for a car that was a tough sell even at sticker price.
  14. Look in that Bronco6g thread. There's a TON of that 😂