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  1. That was the rumor before C2 was known about. Back then it was thought that CD6 would be capable of both Longitudinal RWD/AWD and transverse FWD/AWD.
  2. Probably because S650 is pretty much its own thing. Had it been an actual extension of CD6 like we all thought it would be it would probably be a lot easier. Speaking of CD6, I wonder how far along the rumored CD6 Fusion got. Not that I expect it to be revived, I’m just curious.
  3. I used to follow both of them when I had a Twitter account. RJ last I knew was spending his time building models and writing about the NBA. I think the whole Bronco top fiasco for the most part chased PD away since he was outed by that article.
  4. If it were me, I would take the higher up front cost if it meant I wasn’t spending upwards of triple that on warranty costs after the fact.
  5. This. So many issues can be fixed by doing it your damn self. I see it every day.
  6. Of course we all know how often Ford likes to change plans in recent years. I haven’t heard shit about that mystery program in some time, BTW.
  7. Call any dealer in metro Detroit and see if they’ll ship you one. Most have at least 10 on the lot at any given time, and 3 of them I can think of off the top of my head have at least 2 raptors
  8. I would expect Flat Rock to close before Oakville. OAC is a much more efficient plant than Flat Rock has ever been.
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