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  1. fuzzymoomoo

    2022 Navigator refresh coming?

    Nobody really knows for sure. They're being tight lipped about it
  2. Too much political BS involved with exporting from Turkey these days, that's why it was moved 5 years ago.
  3. fuzzymoomoo

    Honda Electric SUV concept

    They ripped off Mach E for the front 1/3. The rest is generic AF.
  4. The body and paint guys definitely have their work cut out for them. With final once things really get rolling there's usually not too many things they need to do so their jobs can get pretty easy from what I understand. Though every once and a while something happens and they need to call someone from body over to help get things rolling again. Happened a few years ago when we had a once in a century rainstorm and flooding that took out a bunch of power supplies for the plant and it was all hands on deck to get it running again that was a fun night.
  5. My sister's fiancé works for Kuka. He literally helped build the Bronco underbody line, which is the line I signed up for without even knowing that. Small world.
  6. I don't remember what the actual name is but think of them as automation engineers
  7. We don't really have a ton of true breakdowns because the equipment is still relatively new but it's nice when a robot faults and it takes 5-10 minutes for maintenance to reset it.
  8. Probably. I'm in body now so I can't really confirm
  9. I would hope so. It would be total BS for Ford to punish a dealer because a buyer's financing fell through or something like that.
  10. fuzzymoomoo

    Unifor contract update

    Ford has stated repeatedly that VW will not be using any of Ford's North American production facilities for their joint venture. Maybe one day that could change but I doubt it.
  11. As far as I know, no. It's still happening but the timing might be different now.