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  1. Powertrain updates? V8?
  2. JTL2017

    Unifor contract update

    So that means the Oakville Plant could have a Ford and a a Lincoln EV by 2024? I could be wrong.
  3. JTL2017

    Electric F150 News

    Is the Lincoln “Continental” crossover canceled or is it shelved? Hopefully it’s just shelved for a later date. I would love to see Lincoln designers have the ability to design something without a ford variant in mind. Lincoln needs a halo vehicle.
  4. JTL2017

    Electric F150 News

    I wonder if they will a different looking interior.
  5. JTL2017

    2021 Escalade vs Lincoln Navigator

    I watch their videos and some of their points may seem unfair but I don't think they're Cadillac fanboys. They both enjoyed the aviator and corsair a lot.
  6. JTL2017

    2021 Escalade vs Lincoln Navigator

    I agree with you. Some of their points we're pretty unfair. With that said, Lincoln needs to refresh the Navigator. At least give it the air suspension and audio system that's in the aviator.
  7. I actually prefer the old one. Now I would still pick the 2021 nautilus with the new interior. I'm curious to see if they add a possible air suspension or the upgraded audio system you find in the aviator. I doubt it though.
  8. JTL2017

    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    While I’m not the biggest fan of the grand Wagoneer, the MCA Expedition and Navigator need to impress.
  9. JTL2017

    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    Not that impressed. I like the interior but it’s not a show stopper. If this is supposed to compete with the other 100 grand SUVs, good luck.
  10. To be honest, the MCA navigator needs more than that. I love the current navigator, but competition is fierce in that segment. It needs to really stand out.
  11. This definitely makes me wonder what the MCA Navigator will look like.
  12. Is it similar to the Explorer screen?
  13. I think the exterior changes are minor if anything at all. I'm glad they aren't just waiting until the next nautilus to make significant changes. It will be refreshing to see all the Lincoln crossovers getting the same interior design language.