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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. I actually liked that thing on my EXP! It had the light test button to make sure the warning lights worked. They were probably worried that the light test button wouldn't work and need to have a test for that as well. The most bizarre thing was the fuel filler door release was in the glove box, so you had to lean across the car to open it. A button behind a door to release another door.
  2. atomcat68

    Chrysler Halcyon EV Concept

    I really liked the Airflow and I hate the Halcyon. The Airflow looked like it could easily be sold in Europe as a Peugeot or Opel model. The airflow's Chrysler almost logo looks like a batman logo in that picture too, even though the Halcyon looks like a Batmobile after a serious accident.
  3. atomcat68

    Mazda CX-70

    Needing to transport passengers and not having the ability to do it is even more of a pain. I'm sure someone is up to the task of making easy to remove seats and use them as chairs in the house. It's not like you'd be adding and subtracting chairs on a daily basis anyway. Mazda could have even done an option delete to remove the chairs which would allow you to buy the rear seats later as well if needed as an after market option. I just think it is just dumb to market the same car as a different model because of not having seats.
  4. atomcat68

    Mazda CX-70

    I would make a third row seat, that could be removed from the car, and could have clip on legs put on them so they could be used as extra house chairs until you need them in the car again.
  5. atomcat68

    2025 charger production design completely revealed

    The rear bumper screams off to me as it has a string attached to it to hold it on...
  6. Ummmm... They're interesting. But it may be too much like that start up company Cannoo van thing. But unlike Cannoo, Kia is a funded and established automaker, so that's why it has a better chance of working.
  7. atomcat68

    Stellantis/FCA Sales Q4/2023

    And 3 out of the 4 Fiats are discontinued and they're still selling them.
  8. In the case of hurricanes, blizzards or disasters, that would be a great responder vehicle.
  9. atomcat68

    Nearly half of all Buick dealers bail on EV's

    On the flip side, the surviving dealerships will be the "big conglomerate dealers" (the guys that own dozens of dealerships spanning multiple brands), and with less competition, the mark up games and shady crap will continue to get worse.
  10. Some of the Scion models were derived from Daihatsu, so I wonder if those are also under investigation.
  11. atomcat68

    2025 Camry goes Hybrid only

    I think it is a good strategy. They don't have a great EV effort, but they are the kings of hybrids. It should up their green image while keeping buyers who aren't ready for full on EV cars happy.
  12. atomcat68

    Cybertruck bed size

    It probably has that cage/basket thing that folds over the open tailgate like the Sport Trac did. But still, it's supposed to be a full size truck. The more news I see of this truck, the more I think it's going to be a total dud.
  13. atomcat68

    Lucid Gravity 3-row suv debuts

    I think they're a little optimistic calling that a CUV when it looks more like a wagon, but that being said, I like it!