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  1. I like your Escape! That's a nice looking one!
  2. That's like the one I'm my film, except it's grey.
  3. I like the tires, they remind me of a hot wheels car.
  4. If I don't already have the antibody when tested or if a doctor recommends it, I'm going to take the vaccine. It's better not to fool around with this disease. A doctor knows more about this than I do.
  5. It's the same rule at the company I work for in Massachusetts. I hate the mask, but I get the point of wearing it.
  6. I entered my film, "The Rover-Gift of Eden" into the Boston Film Festival. The Ford related thing is that not only is my 2012 Mustang one of the stars, it plays a 1969 Mustang due to CGI and Ford Motor let us lease their very detailed CAD model for it! The Mustang is one of the film industry's favorite cars, and I hope this film's heroic Mustang adds to the legend! https://www.facebook.com/pg/Atomcat-project-The-Rover-193579443992689/videos/?ref=page_internal
  7. And it looks pretty dang good in that picture!
  8. atomcat68

    Workers shut down Dearborn

    I'm still working too, but I wear the mask and take precautions. I just don't want people to think this is something to take lightly.
  9. atomcat68

    Workers shut down Dearborn

    A 98 percent survival rate is a one in fifty chance of death. So If you had to take a flight for your job and get to the airport and there are fifty planes on the runway, and you find out a terrorist put a bomb in one of them, do you still take that flight?
  10. At this point, they just might as well show it, as we've all seen it a thousand times already in those "leaked" photographs.
  11. atomcat68

    Toyota Venza

    I don't believe people should buy crossovers to show they gave up on life either. It is possible to have a splash of style too. The new RAV4 is much better looking.
  12. atomcat68

    Toyota Venza

    I am disappointed. I liked the look of the first generation and this one disappears in the "sea of Utilities". The interior is nice though.
  13. atomcat68

    Courier FWD Trucklet

    I think it has more to do with selling the sizzle than the steak. In people's mind, they bought a truck even when you step back and look at it, it's really not. The same rule applies to buying a base Mustang like I did. I know it's not a true sports car or fast like a V8, but damn, I love the way it looks!