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  1. Love the car! Hate the name. Call it an Eldorado as it is the spiritual successor to it.
  2. I'm scratching my head over the -1 year to date sale of a Chrysler 200. They unsold a car that has been discontinued for six years? Is it going to be sold to someone else later?
  3. StellantisUS2024Q2SalesChartfr06clefnfg7dub2umr8ocqs7l.pdf
  4. I guess I'm in the minority. I like it.
  5. It's not bad at all, but for the life of me, I don't understand why they didn't draw inspiration from the last generation of RWD European Escorts or maybe from the first front wheel drive generation as it would have much better fit the "suv coupe" profile and were popular cars.
  6. They should strive to get as much margin as possible out of a small car, but I feel it is also important to realize that they won't make as much of a percentage of a profit as a large car. The lower priced car is important as an ambassador to a brand to a first time buyer. If it is built correctly and with quality, then that buyer will come back and buy higher priced cars and keep buying the brand. Toyota and Honda managed this flawlessly and Hyundai has accomplished this as well.
  7. I remember when Enclave was first introduced, it was more than half of the Buick sales and a big hit for them. Now it is being outsold by the Corvette. Lyriq sales are impressive!
  8. But in that case, it was a European company buying out an American one, so that puts them in charge. They have every right to make that choice as if they didn't buy them, Chrysler would have probably been liquidated.
  9. I was disappointed they didn't keep an investment in Rivian and that the Lincoln that they were developing together never saw the light of day. Lucid will never happen. Sedans are to Ford what crosses are to vampires. Besides you'd have the Saudi royal family to deal with.
  10. Hmmm, could VW's "Scout" brand may be getting a few new models out of this arrangement?
  11. Early Escapes, and Rangers are trucks I regularly see with 200k+ miles. A family friend has 3 Escapes with over 250k with a hybrid approaching 300k.
  12. The joke I always make when someone asks me if they should buy one is that even the manufacturer put the word Dodge on it, so listen to them.
  13. I could never see that happening. Fiat and PSA fought tooth and nail to get back into the North American market. They got a huge discount ticket by getting a company that specializes in the exact product this market likes (Trucks, SUVs and CUVs) and they didn't even have to do much to develop them. To get back on track, they need to get to more reasonable prices and products for cash strapped consumers. I could see them giving up on Chrysler right now, Dodge too if the new Charger isn't accepted in the market and fails like the Hornet. I also think that the entire American managerial staff and white collar employees being let go and the entire company being European run exclusively.
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