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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Last week my dealer called to set up a service date as the washer reservoir with internal pumps had arrived, yesterday was the day, 8 a.m.. A free loaner was provided as per usual. I heard back from them after lunch with the news I've been waiting for, namely, having finished the installation, the spray activated as soon as the control was pushed. Letting it sit over the noon hour proved to have the same result with no apparent loss of prime to front or rear washer spray. I tried it again this morning after it sat for 17 hours and had the same instant spray operation. It took some convincing to sway them from their initial "thats normal" mindset along with supply chain delays but finally job done, hopefully with no further issues or goosebumps from a wiper scraped across road grime on dry glass.
  2. Just about 6 wks gone since last trip to dealer. My Explorer has sat for the last week due to my being laid up. Taking it out first drive since (raining) I found the spray function for the windshield took 4 or 5 seconds before spraying. Jogging my curiosity I called and found that a rear washer pump has been ordered but no eta. I told him about the front and he confirmed something I had read about on older models prior to the 2020 refresh, but I found nothing about on models sincebeing there are 2 washer motors in the reservoir, the rear sitting higher. So if you notice a lack of spray for the rear check the fluid level. I had already ruled this out months ago. Something new is the part number is different now so something has changed. A stroke of luck, the 2 pumps and reservoir are available as a complete unit so this is now on order with no eta available and its up to the wizardry of the supply chain overseers.
  3. I'm in Ontario as well and used the Ford vehicle order tracking site as posted in the Explorer forum. I found the info pretty accurate and within a week (early) of actual delivery by truck from Chicago to Dutton. Try your luck. https://www.ford.com/support/how-tos/search/track my vehicle order/
  4. What motor is in your 22 Explorer?
  5. Very nice. I drove my brothers Edge with the 2.0 and it was pretty peppy. I now use Eco mode in my 22 Explorer with the 2.3 around town or highway cruising. The need for speed seems to be waning and traffic to heavy for me to be another one of the maroons people shake heads over. I'm not sure I want to make a move so soon after getting this one. Maybe some Ford incentives will get me there! Congrats and enjoy yours!
  6. I just purchased a 22 Explorer I got in Nov. A good deal and not a bad vehicle but bigger than I really need. I still like the Nautilus. The 2.7 is a $4,000.00 leap in Canada, plus requires the 201A option which is another $3600.00. As much as I would like it, its a Stupid, Stupid, Stupid amount to get a 2.7. Mind you the 201A does include most bells and whistles but that puts the build at about $68,000.00 Cdn. I have put off a Nautilus for 6 or 7 years now maybe the 2.0 is livable, so is the Edge but wont scratch the itch.
  7. Would that be a 2022 or are you still thinking of waiting for a 23 ?
  8. Yesterday, Apr. 18, 4th trip to dealership for spray delay problem to install new spray nozzle for the rear camera washer. The thinking being this may be a similar situation to the front camera washer that was a problem on ford pickups due to leaking washer fluid from the nozzle. This attempt failed to remedy the delay problem with fluid draining back out of the line. Again on washer activation air is forced out of the hatch window washer nozzel while the wiper is passing dry across the glass before fluid starts to spurt from the nozzel then finally spraying. Again, from a different service rep. I was told this is normal operation. The dealership owner and I checked a new Aviator he has on the lot ( no Explorers available ) that had not moved in over a week and again confirmed it is not normal as the washer sprayed as the wiper started to move. We have done this check together on a new Explorer prior to this with the same instant spray result. He is going to contact Ford through some messaging process they have for tech sssistance ( the name eluded him ) for their guidance as to a solution. The upside, when I asked him the trade in value his reply was that it was probably more than I paid but I'm not there yet!
  9. Well replacing the rear window sprayer nozzle made to improvement to the operation. Their service tech said that there was a problem a while ago with the F 150's front camera washer for which a tsb was issued, that perhaps the rear camera washer on my explorer might have a similar problem. Parts on order. I told him we will give this a shot but next step will be replacing lines from pump back. Time will tell.
  10. Its done, both parties have agreed to binding arbitration. This is most likely the final outcome if things had progressed as they were. Nice to see cooler heads prevail.
  11. Give them 8 to 10 days for some semblance of negotiations before being legislated back to work. Even Trudy has to appear to allow for the bargaining process. This is what happened to us even in the days of wage and price controls.
  12. Took my Explorer back to the dealer again for the sprayer issue. The first time they told me not spraying when the wiper starts is normal. They maintain there is no check valve in the nozzle. Gave me a loaner for the day, gratis. Took it apart and they tell me the hose doesn't seem to kinked and connection is fine. They will now order a new nozzle and try that. I have no idea what the nozzle might cost but do know round trip with my vehicle and another with the loaner runs about 25 canadian pesos, not to mention 2 hours on the road. The saga continues.
  13. Thanks for this, I havent been able to get any info on it. I did speak to the dealer last week but havent heard back yet.
  14. The rear washer on my 22 explorer has glitch that makes me cringe every time I use it. When I push the stalk to activate the washer/wiper, the spray function doesn't start until after the wiper has made at least 1 1/2 passes. I thought maybe the fluid was draing back between uses but trying it as little as 2 minutes later has the same result. Is there a checkvalve involved? Are others having a similar experience? I've found reports of other makes ( BMW, Audi ) but nothing on Explorers or other Fords.
  15. Picked up the new ride Nov. 26, so just over a week of driving and settling in. A big technology change from 2014 when we bought our last one and that is a learning curve. Some of this I will never use. Burnt some gas idling in the driveway figuring it out but I know some refreshers will be required by the time I need the cruise control and the adaptive part I have a brake and gas pedal that has always worked for me. Only a half tank of gas used at this point and only one minor irritation, being the rear window washer, when activated the blade makes a pass before the washer fluid hits the glass. Not the best on mud sprayed glass. Thats all which is amazing all things considered. Pretty happy so far.