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  1. The rear washer on my 22 explorer has glitch yhat hss me cringe every time I use it. When I push the stalk to activate the washer/wiper, the spray function doesn't start until after the wiper has made at least 1 1/2 passes. I thought maybe the fluid was draing back between uses but trying it as little as 2 minutes later has the same result. Is there a checkvalve involved? Are others having a similar experience? I've found reports of other makes ( BMW, Audi ) but nothing on Explorers or other Fords.
  2. Picked up the new ride Nov. 26, so just over a week of driving and settling in. A big technology change from 2014 when we bought our last one and that is a learning curve. Some of this I will never use. Burnt some gas idling in the driveway figuring it out but I know some refreshers will be required by the time I need the cruise control and the adaptive part I have a brake and gas pedal that has always worked for me. Only a half tank of gas used at this point and only one minor irritation, being the rear window washer, when activated the blade makes a pass before the washer fluid hits the glass. Not the best on mud sprayed glass. Thats all which is amazing all things considered. Pretty happy so far.
  3. My wife and myself thought the same about the step in especially coming from a low slung sedan. Lowering the seat hight (if equipped) can help but after a week of driving, it isn't as noticeable. The sedan took some getting used to when we first bought it as it was a little harder getting out of it compared to our Venza.
  4. Lol ! Yes, I had a 1976 for a winter beater. Always liked the style of most "LTD's" , nice interiors too.
  5. I dont know yhe actual date shipped as the order tracker shows no ship date. But the built date of Nov. 14 (which then showed a 26th delivery) Then arrived on the 19th on the same truck as his. I believe it showed shipped on 15 or 16. Also by truck from Chicago to our dealer is less than 8 hours. Their suggested delivery dates allow lots of room for unknown delays. Also their delivery date may mean from the dealer to customer after dealer prep. I bet your vehicle will be in PA long before what they show. My friend took the 10 minute drive to the dealer and saw ours and and also a black LTD on the lot. Did his inspection ( they were perfect) and snapped some photos to send me
  6. Further investigation shows both vehicles delivered to dealer Friday Nov. 19. Being a small town dealership service only is open today, Sat. Until noon. Looks like a short drive monday to drop off my new wheels to get the snows mounted and installed prior to pickup. 2 months from order to drop at dealership in the midst of all thats going on is pretty impressive!
  7. ohsown

    Canadian orders

    Our dealer notified me on Oct. 29th the order ( Canadian ) I placed with him the morning of Sept. 20, priority # 16 is confirmed and VIN supplied, scheduled for Nov. 8 build with an eta at his dealership Nov. 22. Now my buddy that got me x plan pricing ordered exact same vehicle, Rapid red ltd. Tow pkg. Start stop delete but sandstone interior to my black, ordered his that same day but in the afternoon priority 17. Confirmed order VIN issued same build date Nov. 8 but is eta'd at the dealership a week earlier on Nov. 15. It will be interesting to see how things unfold. This is from my thread in the explorer forum. The Ford vehicle order tracker is pretty close to the timeline. Order number and vin from dealer required and easily supplied. ETA is now Nov. 26 . It is now built awaiting shipment ( an 8 hour run or less from Chicago ). Good luck from London.
  8. Ford order tracker shows mine built Nov. 14, awaiting shipment. Expected delivery Nov. 26 and my buddies is Nov. 24. I told him I was pretty sure they would hold the carrier for me. Less than an 8 hour run away now. Winter tires and wheels waiting. I tell ya I'm going to miss the Lexus GS !
  9. Well my buddy e-mailed to let me know his explorer that window stickered Nov. 2nd, showed on Ford Vehicle order tracking as being built this past Friday Nov.12. I think that's pretty respectable. Mine, stickered Nov. 3rd, not yet. So will this be a blue Monday or will Ford turn a frown upside down. Now as mentioned in first couple of posts, above the dealer originally said his was supposed to be delivered to dealer Nov. 15 and mine Nov. 22. I'm not sure if that means "the week of" or not.
  10. Less pollution is always a good thing. BEV's may not be the best way there. COP26 I see as a farce. How many thousands? Don't these people work? Lets tax the working class for carbon, we'll make a fortune. Best develop a taste for tofu because meat will be tabu! Here in the great white north (That isn't politically incorrect now I hope) the trees are stunted from hug marks. I might make 2040, then concede and get a BE wheelchair.
  11. Still. Service or police vehicles I can see. People on jobsites, contractors have an ipad or something not tying them to a vehicle. Overkill for going down the road.
  12. Ford really needs to send their design team back with their glue guns, or better yet integrate a screen into the dash. A smaller screen with a few distinct menus ( media, nav, climate, power & handling, phone ) and some nobs for volume & tuning. The old KISS aproach. A 27" screen and auto pilot should put you in the ditch. Maybe they have some logic behind it ?
  13. Yes 2.3 AWD 52x delete as per icecapades sept 23 post for expedited delivery in production information.
  14. Tried Ford vehicle order tracking site to find my order was showing in "production" mode and had a surprise bonus of the window sticker being available. Hopefully the build starts soon.
  15. ohsown

    Why Isn't Ford.com current for 2022?

    In Canada Ford advertised $1500 off on 2022 Explorer factory orders. My buddy and I each ordered one but using the info for a 2021 on the Ford site for build and order. No provision for 2022 build on line. Like Ice said the dealer had info for X and A plan pricing and thanks Ice for the 22 order guide and info on expedited orders optioning start stop delete. Fingers crossed for the estimated Nov 8 build dates and 15th & 22nd delivery dates.