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  1. Hi all, anyone was able to remove the stickers on the Explorer Timberline sunvisor? Thansk for the help. S
  2. 2023 explorer with 2.3l ecoboost, built between 5 dec 22 and 24 jan23, there was an issue with a tool when producing motors. see images. Some guy posted a video.aswell on this issue. Motors need to.be replaced
  3. Hi folks, Since 2 weeks, the 2023 timberline started to release burning smell from the vent when the vehicle is remote started and sporadicly. After the 15 min period, when I got into the truck, the burning smell was bad. All the tech here, any reason why lots of Explorer are doing this and any fix planned or done so far? From what I read, some owner brought their Explorer to the dealer and the vehicle has been to the delaer for weeks. It smells like electronic burning smell. Vehicle was outside and temp was about -10c. Bad fan, bad wire not proper guage for the voltage, ???????? Any bulletin?? No recall yet on this. Thanks
  4. Hi all, Still happy from my 2023 Timberline however I was wandering if anyone was able to get the 2nd row bench and install it. If so, what is the part number for original Timberline bench and if someone have the install diagram. I keep looking and can't find anything. Planning to switch when possible.
  5. Only thing I can tell you is the TImberline have the same suspension the Police Interceptor have. So I suspect the 4WD must be the same. S
  6. Great info.... Si if I get it straigt, my new tires are 255-70R18 = 2558mm * 0.967 = 2473mm to input in Forscan. And when I will put back the OEM tire 265-65r18 = 2517 * 0.967 = 2434 instead of 2437 original settings. S
  7. Yes, I knew there would be a slight speed difference but in ForScan, the tire size in circumference is not even close to the original tire size. 2437 vs 2518. That's who I was wandering where does this size come from? In summer, I will put back the original tire Dueller 265-65r18 but in winter I prefer tinner tire.
  8. I have the same tire however, when I look with ForScan, the original setting shows 2437mm circumferences but the original tires are 2517. Is this a Ford Tire gate?????? Were these specs done with the spare tire? How come, when I try to add, it says maximum tire size, This means the tire I have 255-70r18 with a 2558 circ. is to big, speed and mileage wont be proper!
  9. With ForScan, the tire size was 2437mm in the system ... the original tire oem is 265-65-18 and is supposed to be 2517.... wth......??? Also, if you change the tire size, it will send a DTC code for AWD... You will need to relearn the PCM and then, delete/reset the AWD dtc code... Am I the only one with a improper tire size registered? Is this normal or I should change it to proper size for the oem tire?
  10. Did anyone ever painted the orange trim line on the front bumper? or is there a way to remove that trim? I like the orange tow hook but plan to remove the orange line.
  11. Hi all, anyone received their 2023 Timberline and checked if they had 1 or 2 bolts on their diffferential. have they fixed it with 2 finally or left 1? S
  12. Hey, I was just unsure if FORD had an other meaning or if it was something else since it's in french on the screenshot. There is always someone smarter to find a new acronym like in the army. Anyway, thanks.
  13. Okay, thanks so my understanding was not so wrong about the ETA was for the "' Possible transport timeframe'' to my dealer...
  14. Quick question about the ETA. In the screenshot I got, it shows ETA beginning and end then disposition ETA. The dates for beginning is Jan 14 and End is Jan 20.. Nothing in Disposition ETA. Anyone knows the meaning of these dates? Is it the shipping travel time? I can only see : In production for my timberline and blend was Jan 5 but showed In production since Jan 02. Thanks for the help about the terminology and meaning. S
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