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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Watchdog

    production chain question

    Okay, thanks. I didn't know and was wandering. I ordered a Timberline with only moonroof.
  2. Hi all, when production start, like they are starting Explorer ST around 26 nov, are they just doing ST for a while or they can do xlt , timberline in between? Watchdog
  3. Ahh... very good information you sent. Can you tell, if you know, what is the date 1st Job is for the explorer 2023 to start blend?? This way I can figure 5 days after that according to your info. I have ordered a Timberline with only Moonroof 17 Oct at the dealer ( Im in Quebec, Canada). I'm just planning the turnaround to find out if I need to order winter wheels and tire because the date to drive with winter tire is from Dec 1 until Mar 15. Thanks
  4. New 1st job date for 2023 Explorer.: Nov 26, 2022 Can someone confirm if this is specific for fleet or order from customer?
  5. Watchdog

    QUIET since ICE CAPADES is not here

    No issue, I understand but it's not as active like it used to be. He was very helpfull to people. To for people like me in the process to have a Ford built and maybe more indepth question. W
  6. It's really quiet since Ice Capades is not active anymore. No info on production ou updates. Just my onw opinion. Watchdog
  7. Question for future reference, In the explorer timberline, what is the part number for the missing Rear Control with bheated seats? LB5Z-19980-G or LB5Z-19980-H. I'm doing my homeworrk and planning for install and drafting paper for Ford Canada to have the proper part installed but I need the proper information. Thanks Watchdog
  8. Watchdog

    Timberline 17' wheel

    Well. not a lot of choises for this size. I guess I will have to return on the plan B size 255-70r18. I don't want to install LT tire now since the AT tire OEM are pretty good for summer S
  9. Hi All, I was wandering if if possible to downsize the tire wheel OEM 18'' to 17''. Any of you ever put some and it'sworking fine? The original tires are AT 265-65R18 but i'm planning 245-75r17. Any Idea ,concerns ?
  10. Ice Capades, 


    is it me or the  2023 Explorer (Timberline) was supposed to start being built on Nov 07 but it's not even scheduled for production? Or I don't understand the production plan schedule!

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    2. Watchdog




      do you know how many timberline in planned do far?  I just have the moonroif i  option 


      prod time must be between 4-5 month??


      im just trying to see ifi need yo order wheels and winter tires for feb or march 23.

    3. ice-capades


      Ford does not usually release information on the number of particular model orders that are scheduled.



    4. Watchdog





  11. Watchdog

    Order Number

    Well, just got in touch with my dealer and my ford order number is the proper code stated before... The dealer is 1 letter, 4 digit... At least now I know.
  12. Watchdog

    Order Number

    I guess its a waiting game until december for.the production to start for the timberline. If my code is 143, does.that mean there is 142 timberline before me in the queue?
  13. Watchdog

    Order Number

    Okay.. but i dont recall giving my email to my dealer to receive this email from FORD. Any idea.what to do or maybe you can help?
  14. Watchdog

    Order Number

    how can I findout my order number here or VIN here?
  15. Watchdog

    Order Number

    thanks for the info on my prio 19 but the order code shows M143. I have no idea about that.