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  1. 7Mary3

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    FWIW, I heard it was a 6.2L derivative.
  2. My sources tell me that the medium duty Silverado and the International CV will both get a recalibrated version of the new 6.6L V-8 mid-2020. The engine will likely be offered with various 6 speed Allison transmissions, and will have somewhat lower ratings than 6.6L's in the GM HD pickups. International does indeed use gasoline, CNG, and LNG versions of the PSI 8.8L in their IC school buses. There were rumors that the PSI 8.8L would eventually be offered in International DuraStar medium duty trucks, but it looks as though those plans have changed. There is rumored to be a new 8L+ gasoline/CNG/LNG V-8 engine under development that GM (Chevy) and International will share in an upcoming class 6/7 truck they are jointly developing.
  3. Simply because GM has a partner firmly established in class 7/8 and Ford does not. If GM did not have a partner, I think it wouldn't make sense for GM to go any larger than class 5. That's the only reason.
  4. If the F-600 takes enough sales from the F-650, could it lead to Ford dropping both the 650 and 750? 750 sales are negligible, if 650 sales drop 30% or so due to the F-600, what would Ford do?
  5. Even if they could not use the existing hood on the 650/750, it would be easy and inexpensive to come up with a new one to match the aluminum cab. I understand why the 650/750 started off using the then-current steel Super Duty steel cab, but it does not seem to make much sense to not switch to the aluminum cab at some point. I don't think a new purpose-designed cab is in the bards, there is just not enough volume to justify it.
  6. 7Mary3

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Speaking of one-offs: http://www.drivingenthusiast.net/sec-ford/FMC-engines/7b70s-experimental/index.htm
  7. 7Mary3

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    LS's are cheap, but they are also plentiful, have great aftermarket support, are extremely durable, and respond very well to performance modifications. Have to admit it's really about the best all-around V-8 I have ever seen. The friggin' things are in everything from a Corvette to a UPS truck. Why wouldn't you want to race one in a Fox Mustang, that combination is fast as hell. The 7.3L may indeed have a lot of potential, it's just going to be a bit expensive and we will have to work through the learning curve on it. Not being factory in performance cars will work against it, but if it has potential the aftermarket will 'discover' it. Imagine if someone cast an aluminum 7.3L block.........
  8. I think that would be safe to say.......
  9. Are they 'mostly' Bluebird Visions? I was under the impression the 6.8L was already out of production. Of course it is possible Roush has new engines in a warehouse somewhere, but remember that both Thomas and IC Bus are offering propane fueled school buses now using the PSI 8.8L. I bring this up because my local district has bought many propane fueled buses in the last few years. They started with Bluebirds, but switched to Thomas and IC. I am told the PSI engine is more reliable and lasts longer than the 6.8L on propane. In any event, it's all be certain there will be propane versions of the 7.3L shortly, and I expect it to be a superior engine to the 6.8L.
  10. 7Mary3

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Purely based on limited information and pictures I have seen so far....... The 7.3L is not exactly what I would consider to be a 'Big Block', as it's bore spacing is only slightly more than a GM LS/LT. From what I gather it's 4.595, same as the Ford 6.2L. Judging by the cylinder bore, bore spacing, and machined cooling passage between the bores (don't know how deep that is), I don't think you would be able to bore it much past .060, but that's just a rough guess on my part at this point. It does look like there is enough room in the crankcase to swing a bigger stroke crank, and that will probably be the best way to get substantially larger displacement out of it. Cylinder heads look O.K., but the very tall valve springs might be an issue at high r.p.m.'s. External size and weight are great, again roughly the size of a GM LS/LT. However, there is something funny about the oil pump configuration, it's at the front of the engine, chain driven, and below the crank. Oil pan is a funny dip in the front that I assume is for the pump. Might make some swaps a little harder. In any event, because the 7.3L is not going into any high performance vehicles there probably will not be much aftermarket for it. Still, I think the engine will be great for it's intended applications (commercial trucks). I think the 6.2L probably has more high performance potential than the 7.3L does. Great cylinder heads, block capable of more than 7L displacement. Too bad it hasn't been given much attention since it's not in Raptor anymore.
  11. 7Mary3

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Hard to figure engine weights, some crate engines are near fully dressed, some are long blocks and that's it. FWIW, I read somewhere that a 6.2L complete without accessories was around 580 lbs.. That's about the weight of a GM iron block truck 6.0L, and I think those engines would be pretty close.
  12. 7Mary3

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    That's a different spec for them. It's the step-van type vehicles they want a galvanized chassis under.
  13. 7Mary3

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Respectable numbers, about what I would expect. The engine does look remarkably compact. Something I Noticed in the video, around 3:54. The F stripped chassis appeared to have a galvanized frame. That is something UPS has had in their spec for package car chassis, and a reason Ford for some time was not providing chassis to UPS. Ford didn't want to offer a galvanized chassis, so a lot of UPS's business was going to Freightliner. Looks like Ford may be trying to get some UPS business, a galvanized chassis and a gasoline engine is just what they want these days. BTW- since the F series has an aluminum cab, if Ford would offer a galvanized chassis on the Super Duty I bet a lot of customers in the northeast would pay a lot of money for that option.
  14. 7Mary3

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Rumor is specifications will be released 8/1/2019.
  15. So, what changes are in store for the 2021 F-650 and 750? I hear 2020 will be a very short MY, and the 2021's will go on sale 1st. Q 2020. 7.3L gas V-8 for sure, maybe the aluminum F series cab?