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  1. You know what's funny? I saw a Blue Bird propane bus the other day. It looked new, so I assume it had the 7.3L in it. And air brakes....
  2. Another reason I don't think this move is really about a long term large increase in Super Duty production capacity is the fact that there has been no announcement about increasing engine production capacity, particularly the 6.7L Powerstroke diesel. Currently there are caps on ordering diesel F-650's and 750's because there isn't enough engines to go around. Anything being done at Windsor to increase 7.3/6.8L gas engine production?
  3. That's a very good point you have brought up. I don't think 100,000 additional Super Duty sales is at all a realistic forecast. Which is why I think Oakville is being set up to replace Avon Lake as the second Super Duty plant. All the recent improvents and expansion to Avon Lake has been to support BEV production, not trucks. It would make sense to make Avon Lake exclusively BEV passenger vehicles and retool Oakdale for Super Duty trucks. And, while Oakville is being retooled, add the capability to produce hybrid and BEV versions without disrupting current production. Looking at it that way makes a lot of sense.
  4. No worries, they already have! Recent quality problems are taking a toll. Great time for a run of bad A/C compressors, for instance.
  5. I was thinking that myself. My hunch is Ford may eventually move SD production out of Avon Lake and dedicate that plant for BEV production. All the recent expansion to Avon Lake seems to be for BEV's, not SD's.
  6. Same as when GM reopened Oshawa to build more HD Silverado's and Sierra's. The BEV/Hybrid SD is a new twist though, but makes sense to set up a new plant to build those varients.
  7. I thought you were talking about the laughing all the way to the bank part! His engines probably burn and leak oil so much the oil that is in them is relatively fresh from adding oil all the time.
  8. I have been seeing quite a few Maverick's in fleet service. It's a little early to tell, but it seems that much Ford's recent fleet success is not coming from traditional cab and chassis trucks like the Super Duty line. It seems to be coming from lighter vehicles like the Transit and now possibly the Maverick. The funny thing is the Ford Pro website emphasizes telematics and connectivity over eveything else, you have to scroll down clear to the bottom of the page to actually see the vehicles.
  9. Well, that's going to take the Ranger out of the Ford Pro commercial vehicle portfolio. Probably of little consequence anyway, and if Ford can maximize Ranger profits by only offering higher margin configurations it will make up for lower Ranger production. Ford Pro = Transit!
  10. I have been following this issue for a couple of months. It's a vendor problem, I am not sure who exactly the vendor is but it used to be Sanden that supplied most of the Ford A/C compressors. Replacement compressors are indeed on backorder with no ETA. With all the heat waves going on across the country, it's not a good time for Ford to be having problems like this.
  11. A couple of observations regarding Ford Pro and commercial sales: First, a direct comparison with GM in full size trucks is a little tough as Ford includes F-150 through 550 as 'F Series' sales. Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra sales are inclusive only of 1500 through 3500 models, 4500 through 6500 sales are considered 'Silverado Medium Duty' sales. It indicates Ford pickup sales are likely slightly weaker against GM than the charts indicate. The Ford 'Heavy Truck' category is 650/750 and I believe F53 sales. The GM equivilent would be the Silverado 6500 only as GM does not offer a stripped chassis. The other interesting fact is how well the Transit sells. Ford Pro literally IS the Transit aside from a percentage of F Series sales. That the Transit is primarily a commercial vehicle is all the more noteable, and just for comparison it outsells the F-650/750, also a commercial vehicle, by nearly 10X's! It's no wonder why Ford Pro emphasizes the Transit so much over other Ford commercial trucks (much to the chagrin of other frequent posters around here, myself included!). Also surprising is the Transit currenty outsells every Ford SUV/CUV, though I suspect after the Escape is gone Bronco Sport sales will substantially increase.
  12. Yes, Lincoln posted some good gains. Heavy truck sales are up a bit, but still off for the year. I assume those figures include F53 chassis models as well. Chevy's Silverado medium duty is gaining, and that total does not include the International-branded versions of the same truck. Also, the Chevy totals to not include the Isuzu-supplied LCF's. The Colorado/Canyon mid-size pickups are selling well here, particularly the sporty off-road versions. It's a very nice truck, the most competitive mid-size pickup GM has had in years. The Colorado/Canyon are built it the Wentzville MO. plant that also produces most of the GM full size vans (Navistar builds the cut-aways), so it may be that those Colorado/Canyon sales are at the cost of some van sales. Ford builds the Ranger where the Bronco is built, so you know what is going on there. The Ranger is in a tough place, it looks like GM can out-produce it, the Maverick is stealing some sales, and you have a new Frontier that beats it on price.
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