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  1. mustang84isu

    2022 Lexus LX600 Revealed

    Looks like somebody at Toyota took this BMW meme too seriously. I can't believe somebody in Toyota's styling department signed off on that.
  2. mustang84isu

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    If it weren't for the chip shortage Ford should be above $20/share right now. They are making all the right moves lately by selling off / closing down unprofitable regions such as Brazil and India and their electrification strategy seems to be gaining momentum with all the recent partnerships and announcements such as BlueOvalSK and Blue Oval City. It still amazes me that small startups like Lucid can have a market cap that is 2/3 of Ford and they are not yet selling any vehicles, let alone posting a profit. I do think the new Lucid Air is a great vehicle and better than the Model S even, but electric car company valuations are completely out of whack with reality and a sign of how frothy this market has become. Tesla's $775b market cap may make sense if they were the only game in town, but they are increasingly seeing new competition as each day passes and I don't see how the air doesn't get pricked out of that bubble over the coming months and years. I'm glad to see Ford focusing more on service businesses such as telematics which will bring a steady revenue that helps mitigate the normal boom bust cycle of the auto industry. I do wish they would work more on the Ford Pass and Lincoln Way apps. It's nice that you can start your car, lock & unlock doors, and check your gas level...but it would be nice to control more vehicle functions (cooled seats, defroster, HVAC temp) and just be a more robust app that integrates better with daily life. Lincoln / Ford rewards are pretty lacking too. With how digital Millennials and Gen Z are, Ford needs to think bigger when it comes to its apps.
  3. mustang84isu

    Who waxes their cars?

    I usually clay bar and wax in the spring, and then wax again in the fall. My car is garage parked both at home and at work so I've found doing clay bar twice a year is usually a waste of time. I have been using Meguiar's NXT 2.0 wax for many years and it seems to last a decent amount of time, but the downside is it seems to collect dust and dirt pretty easily so you end up washing the car more often. I recently bought Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic spray wax and am looking forward to trying it out. I've been using their hybrid detailer for a few months and it has a great shine.
  4. mustang84isu

    2022 Lexus LX600 Revealed

    It's interesting how everyone is now jumping on the bandwagon of spelling the brand's name out with wide set letters in lieu of having a logo. Lincoln was a trendsetter.
  5. I think we are seeing the end of the hands off approach to autonomous driving regulation that has been ongoing for the last several years. Tesla has been promoting "Full Self Driving" now since 2016 and is not anywhere close to the SAE Level 5 type of autonomy that they have been implying through tweets and even videos of Musk driving with his hands off the wheel. I hope the Feds throw the book at them--playing with people's lives so you can cut corners and boost your stock price is a road they should have never been allowed to go down. Ford, GM Cruise, Waymo, and others are doing it the right way and it will pay off in the long-term.
  6. mustang84isu

    Lincoln Zephyr

    Definitely false on not having better materials in Lincolns vs. Fords. We own an Edge Titanium and a Continental Reserve, and I have also rented Mustangs, Explorers, Fusions, an MKZ, and an Aviator. Lincoln indeed does have better materials, at least the midsize and up models do. Not sure about the Corsair, but I would imagine it's similar to the MKZ. Continental and Aviator both have soft touch leather seats that cannot be found in any Ford product, and dash and door materials are softer and better grained. Sound deadening is better also. Even things like welcome lighting, interior chimes, and how the doors close all have a more premium feel. The Continental has massaging, heated, and ventilated seats available both in front and back seats, as well as rear reclining seats, 3 zone climate control, and automatic rear sunshades. You will not find those in Ford products. I have not been in a Mach E so maybe Ford stepped it up for that vehicle, but in my experience there is a notable quality upgrade to Lincoln interiors and far more tech and comfort features.
  7. mustang84isu

    HOLY SHNIKES..TTAC Opinion on Tesla CT

    I've long speculated the rabid fandom around Tesla has to do with the fact that a lot of them probably invested in the company early on and are financially tied to the success of Tesla stock. Sort of like Scientology in a way. I'm guessing some are overleveraged and a big drop in the stock's value would impact a large portion of their net worth. So that is why you see this weird cult-like behavior and rushing to Elon's defense.
  8. mustang84isu

    2022 Explorer ST Line

    I really don't understand why Ford is watering down the ST nameplate by calling these ST-Line. Give it a different name...SL (Sport Line)? This is like Chevy sticking the SS badge on anything and everything back in the mid-00's.
  9. mustang84isu

    '22 Navigator Revealed

    The rear end looks 100x better than the current model. Everything else seems like a pretty mild update in comparison, but I do like the detail touches they brought to the interior wood trim.
  10. mustang84isu

    Trade Values at Lincoln Dealers

    I traded in my '07 MKZ for a Continental at a Ford-Lincoln dealership and they lowballed me and budged very little on trade-in value. They offered $1500 originally, it took a lot of work to get them up to $1800, but I was hoping to get closer to $2500. Of course they used the excuse that they can't get new inventory (this was mid-May) and that was the best they could do. A week later, I check their website to see if it is listed. Guess what they are selling it for? $7900! I about fell out of my chair. In the condition it was in (fair overall, but heavily corroded & peeling wheels, a little rust, and a few other minor cosmetic issues) it was only worth about $3100 private party value. It doesn't appear they did any reconditioning in the photos - it even has the old dealership sticker still on it. Not sure what dealer retail value was, but I can't imagine it comes anywhere close to $7900. I do think I got a great price on the Continental, and it was the cleanest one I found within 200 miles and very low miles, but in hindsight I should have shopped around more on the trade. Lesson learned. I've heard CarMax has been consistently paying over KBB trade-in value lately, and they were quoting me $2900. Wish I would have gone that route.
  11. mustang84isu

    2022 Lincoln Navigator News

    Should be a good improvement. I like the current Navigator overall, but I have never liked the taillights. They always looked like they were upside down. If rotated 180 degrees and slimmed down I think they would have fit in with the rest of the lineup much better.
  12. mustang84isu

    Lincoln Zephyr Reflection

    I'm in the market for a new vehicle (currently have an MKZ) and this is exactly what I am looking for. Sadly, Ford is going to force me to look at another manufacturer because they will never bring something like this over here.
  13. mustang84isu

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    I was pretty negative toward Ford earlier this year, but ever since Jim Hackett was replaced with Jim Farley feels like the ship is finally turning around. I haven't added to my existing position, but the last couple weeks I have thought about picking up another couple hundred shares to bring the cost basis down a little. However, with an RSI at 75 right now Ford shares are a little rich and I'm waiting for another pullback. Seems to be a lot of support around the $8.75 level, which might be a better entry point.
  14. If Ford is cutting out the ability to open the rear doors by touching the rear door handle sensor they are making a mistake. We have a baby and most of the time we are opening the rear doors on our Edge first to put her in. When you're carrying a child in a carseat and a diaper bag, not needing to fumble around with the keyfob or go for the front door handle first to get the rear doors open is an overlooked convenience that I am sure many parents appreciate and will miss when it is gone. I am happy to hear Farley is finally tackling warranty costs but sad to see more boneheaded cost-cutting from Ford.
  15. mustang84isu

    Mustang Mach E design studies

    They also technically left out the New Edge Mustang and the 05-09 (which didn't have the haunch at the B-pillar).