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  1. MGolden

    7.3 teardown

    We had a horrible experience with v10 remans from an authorized shop. 3 engines in less than 500 miles. All were under warranty, but a terrible experience.
  2. Its not cheap, but in the end its cheaper than a mildly equipped expedition, and has much more capacity.
  3. Here is our family of 8 hauler. We had an Expedition and an E350 quigley. I agree the van is superior to the suv, at least for our family. The 3.5 ecoboost is ridiculously fast and fun in the transit.
  4. MGolden

    1999 7.3 driving funny.

    Do you live in cold climate? Maybe fuel is gelled .
  5. I hope they don't screw it up. We have a 2019 MV and i really enjoy driving it, and plan on buy another in a year or 2. Its has an L9 Cummins with 3500 series allison. I am not sure what GM can bring to the table of that truck, beside a gas engine. While I am on International, we have a HX520 Daycab tractor that has turned out to be a really nice truck. -Matt
  6. MGolden

    7.3 Ike Guantlet

    We havea total of 11 , f350 crew cab 8ft bed with 6.2L. There is a mix of 3.73 And 4.30 gears and they run heavy, occasionally towing. The only MAJOR difference driving them (3.73 vs 4.30) is accelerating from a stop with a heavy load. Minor differences are rpm while cruising and the different transmission gears on SPECIFIC hills/routes/ etc. I think the affect of rear ratio on the Ike test is way overblown. Sure, the chevy MIGHT have been in a different trans gear and optimum power/rpm with a 4.30 but i dont think anyone has put numbers behind it. Blindly saying a deeper rear gear helps is simply not true in the uphill test.
  7. MGolden

    2020 F350

    The build and price for 2020 superduty is now on the website
  8. I am really happy with the aluminum bodys on the F-series, especially the superduty. It is much tougher than i expected. Living in the rust belt, and putting 40k miles a year on our fleet trucks, the lack of rust is by far the best benefit of the aluminum for us.
  9. MGolden

    2020 Transit info

    I am 6'5" and have no problem with the cubby. Likewise, we use them for bottles. My only complaint for room is for my feet (drivers seat). The wheel-well bump provides little room for size 14 shoes. I am sure most wouldnt find it a problem.
  10. MGolden

    2020 Transit info

    I just want to give some props to the transit wagon. For our family of 8, I currently have a transit wagon, short wb wagon 10 passenger with quigley 4x4. 3.5 EB. It replaced our 2010 e350 quigley 5.4l 12 passenger. I will first say that the quigley conversion is much better on the transit. I drove the van approx 2000 miles before the 4x4 conversion was done. It drives and handles nearly the same as stock. I imagine the Ford factory awd will be much more refined and well......not an afterthought. The 3.5 EB is crazy in a transit! It does a qtr mile almost exact time as my 94 mustang gt did. Fuel mileage is great and it handles/drives more like a car or crossover. I welcome the developement of the transit and cant imagine how great the 10 speed addition along with factory awd will be. We had an expedition and looked at full size suv's but went the van route. I talk to a lot of suburban/expedition families who find interest in our Transit and I highly recommend it.
  11. FWIW, a local municipality just bought a 750 with powerstroke. Dump/plow configuration. They cant say enough good things about it.
  12. MGolden

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    How big could the 6.7 scorpion block go?
  13. MGolden

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Does anyone have the 2017 6.2 torque curve? They made some changes but i dont know the details.
  14. MGolden

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    REmember this article? http://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2015/11/09/plant-details-behind-fords-9-billion-spending-spree/75467028/ Claiming Romeo was getting a new superduty engine.