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  1. theoldwizard

    2017 F-150 Limited - Battery Quetion

    Segue - Not sure if this is still true, but it was a couple of years ago. If you start your ford vehicle and the air bag light stays on, simply shut it off and start it again. If the light goes out this time, it is time to go battery shopping ! How can this be ? The voltage from the battery fluctuates while you are cranking. The "power supply" in the PCM can handle these fluctuations, but the power supply in the air bag module can not. The voltage inside the air bag module drops low enough that the computer restarts, but it has already set a "low voltage" code.
  2. theoldwizard

    Autoextremist om Ford

    VW take over Ford ? Not likely. VW take over much/most/all of Ford of EU, likely.
  3. theoldwizard

    Farley investment

    It is an interesting move by Farley. First, it show the Ford family he is committed. The definitely gives him a log up for the CEO position. Second. let's say he bought it at $5 (probably less). If it hits $6, (likely before the end of the year) that is a 20% gain ! Not bad ROI ! People have forgotten, that money was going out the door like water before COVID-19 ! Besides the huge investments they were pouring into EV/hybrids they were also deep into two major real estate projects, rebuilding Dearborn R&E and rebuilding the Michigan Depot train station. I have not seen any recent cost projections but I am pretty sure the R&E project (which included TWO new computer centers off of the R&E campus) is going to be over $1B (and did NOT include a remodel of WHQ) and Michigan Depot will be close to $1B. I drove through R&E about 1 year ago (Village Road runs all the way from the Southield freeway service drive to Outer Drive). First, cooling ponds near the front of R&E are gone. Second, Village Road is not longer straight. They have added a couple of parking structures. BUT they have not started tearing down any of the major engineering building. My guess is that both of these project will be "back burner" for the next 3-5 years.
  4. theoldwizard

    Ranger gets Ford Performance boost

    The biggest problem with oiled gauze air filters is that they get dirty/clog very quickly. They maybe "lifetime", but they require more frequent cleaning. As mentioned, they are known to cause MAF problems.
  5. theoldwizard

    Making ventilators

    I applaud Ford's decision to team with GE/Airon to build this design. It is a much simpler design than others, meaning they can get into production faster.
  6. I worked in Ford Engineering for 31 years. I have NEVER heard of a factory staying in operation while vehicle were shipped to another plant to be repaired. INSANITY !
  7. That's what I do So I should pay for something that I am likely NEVER going to use ?
  8. I might be interested in an Explorer if there was a 3rd row DELETE !
  9. theoldwizard

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    Yes, because the cash burn rated of TWO major construction projects while trying to engineer a whole fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles is just not sustainable.
  10. theoldwizard

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    I have been telling people for OVER A YEAR that the Ford dividend was unsustainable. If you bought below $7-$8, you will make your money back, bought it might take a couple of years. It is going to be interesting to see how Ford deals with some long term negative cash flow. I expect work on the Michigan Depot train station will slow to a halt over the next 3 months. Same with rebuilding the Research and Engineering Center. Thos two multi-year project were likely going to cost the company close to $2B !! They may keep skeleton crews on board to work on infrastructure.
  11. theoldwizard

    Compact truck shown to dealers

    I'm guessing you have 2 or 3 bench seats. Not the most comfortable for long trips and if you have a couple of high school football player in your brood you are not going to put more than 2 of them on that 3 person bench. Concur on the van being superior to a full sized SUV. When my daughter's family of 6 goes on vacation, they can barely fit their luggage in the back of their Expedition MAX.
  12. theoldwizard

    Compact truck shown to dealers

    I would not call a the old Chateau Club Wagon a "luxury" vehicle. It just had 4 DECENT (US) adult sized seats ! The aftermarket conversion vans are WAY MORE EXPENSIVE !
  13. theoldwizard

    Compact truck shown to dealers

    um...we sell a $hitload of Transit passenger vans....and now theres AWD.... Family of 6 or more going on a vacation. Expedition works, but a nice full sized passenger van would be better !
  14. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    Internal to Ford, if you are not working directly on a EV or a Hybrid program, you are "chop liver" ! No career future. If you are working on a current model year program making sure it keeps cranking out product (i.e. lining up alternative tooling and nmanufacturing for Chinese plants) you are slightly above that level.
  15. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    I worked in the CNG industry a few years back (when it looked like CNG was going to have a BIG impact on the light duty market). I was somewhat familiar with ALL of he suppliers ("Know they enemy/competition") and Landi-Renzo was one of the lower tier supplier (not a QVM at that time) ! Most of the other upfitters bailed out of light duty once the oil industry figured out how to frack for oil and not just gas.