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  1. theoldwizard

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    Bih Jim's plan is to "cut your way to profitability". Wall Street is unimpressed.
  2. theoldwizard

    2020 Escape transmission (and RAV process)

    Time to start looking seriously into your state's lemon laws ! I would demand a new vehicle !
  3. If you read the article and know the history, Unix was the result of the failed Honeywell Multics OS. Multics, itself, was a result of Honeywell trying to finally cut all its linkage to GCOS (originally GECOS, which Honeywell inherited when they bought GE's computing division). GCOS was heavily used in Ford's computer engineering center (actually just a part of one floor of Building 2) in the 70s/80s and was commonly call FCOS because of all of the additional utilities that the Ford staff had added. For reference, those "donut" looking things on the front of the compute are "DECtape I". Small reels of 1/2" wide magnetic mylar tape. Much "higher density" and easier to carry than a stack of punch card and more durable than paper tape. Sort of the 1960s version of a floppy disk !
  4. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    That whole market (LCF) seems to have shrunk quite a bit, at least in the US.
  5. Despite what all of the top brass at Ford are saying, I think they would be ECSTATIC if BEV and hybrids hit 20% of sales by 2025 !
  6. UPS already has a fleet of "experimental" delivery vans. I don't know who built them. Ford should be courting Amazon Delivery !
  7. theoldwizard


    I thought Ford was building all of it own seating. The experiment with outsourcing seating many years ago ended badly. Maybe I missed this round !
  8. Sorry, I was unclear. The market for the E350/E450 is the cutaway.
  9. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    I still can not figure out what UPS knows that the rest of the trucking industry does not !
  10. I would like to see Transit sales against ProMaster and Mercedes. I still have not figured out why Ford has not tried to tap into the high end passenger van market with a replacement for the old Chateau Club Wagon. E350/E450 still seem to have a "lock" on that market segment,.
  11. The Metro Detroit market has way to many domestic dealers (Ford, Chevy, etc). The EU imports still very light (I think there is only 2 Mini dealers and one should not count because it is in Ann Arbor). The next Recession, will kill off a lot of them if they are already loosing money on each sale.
  12. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    What alternative power ? Is anyone out there developing a 10L+ gasoline engine ? LNG has not dies yet and I don't know why. UPS is actually increasing their fleet of Class 8 LNG trucks. You have to put a HUGE number of miles on one to get to the break even point and who really knows what the long term durability of all that LNG equipment is ! Maybe UPS, but they are not talking !!
  13. 35% WORLD WIDE by 2040 is about what I would expect. BEV are great in high population density areas IF the power generation and grid are up to the task. Geographically, many parts of the US will be far below that number.
  14. theoldwizard

    4.8 V8 for the '21MY F150?

    ASSUMING that power plants and transmission lines are built ! That will take 20-30 years !! Even then, ICEs will exist. Many second world and third world countries have very little if any electric power generation and transmission capabilities. A few years back, I read a story about a company in India that went broke. They made mens shirts. They had the raw material, the labor, the factory and machinery, but they could not get reliable power. I doubt this is going to change drastically there in the next 30 years. How about the farmer in the middle of the Great Plains ? Will he be able to get enough power to run his equipment ? He probably will not have the capital to invest in a huge solar array and batteries to store it all. Petroleum products will continue to be the BEST power density/dollar and easiest to transport (without loss) for many decades !
  15. Big hit on fuel economy for AWD !