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  1. The 6F transmission would have raised the price of that car. That is why the DPS6 was kept around for so long. Again, I worked in Powertrain Engineering during the final stages of development of the DPS6. The transmission was NEVER supposed to go into the Focus. It was aimed at the much lighter Fiesta and they hoped to keep cost similar to the manual. DOJ might be disappointed. Ford has a very strict policy that all documentation be DESTROYED within a limited number of years. Sure drawing are kept, but test results, emails, etc are destroyed. There will not be much to hand over.
  2. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    I was working in Engine Engineering during those very bad times. Ford bought back hundreds if not thousands of those truck under state lemon laws. The interesting footnote is, everyone of them was fixed and sold as a used vehicle. State law MAY have required full disclosure, but the warranty clock was reset. The receiving dealer had first shot at buying the unit from Ford. Once they owned it, that could replace any part they wanted short of the short block and heads before selling it. This whole procedure cost Ford hundreds of millions of dollars. 2 suppliers that Ford will never buy from again: Navistar and Firestone.
  3. A bit more bore, a bit more stroke and that thing will be 500 cid !
  4. theoldwizard

    Order vs Buy off lot

    Just did X-plan papers for a neighbor. The dealer will DELIVER her new EcoSport to her door step and drive away with her trade-in. Can't get much easier than that !
  5. Ford recalling Transit models to fix driveshaft coupling We can all thank Ford of Europe for the original design using a guibo coupling !
  6. theoldwizard

    news coming....

    I am old school. They are probably paying this guy close $1M (with bonuses and stock option). His job was to not let those issues happen !! Time for "heads to roll" ! Early retirement.
  7. Obviously you do not live in the Metro Detroit area ! There is ZERO "effective" mass transit ! In Detroit there there are TWO trains to nowhere ! Bus service is poor and does not cover much of the suburbs.
  8. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    There ARE Ford Transit Class C motorhomes ! That niche of the market is dominated by the Mercedes Sprinter. The rest of the Class C motorhome market is "owned" by E350/E450 !
  9. theoldwizard

    Bring back the Excursion

    There is a niche there but probably not big enough to be profitably filled ! You also have to remember, that the Sierra Club and every other "tree hugger" severely criticized Bill Ford for that vehicle ! He took it very personal. Even though it sold well in its market, Bill does not want to be known a "anti-green". The best thing they could do, is a 6 door SuperDuty with a short bed.
  10. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    The Transit van/wagon was brought to the US to solve a couple of problems. The Transit, at that time, was in desperate need of an update and so was the E-Series. Neither were capable of passing US front and side impact US crash standards for "light duty" vehicle (up to E350/T350). Ford simply did not want to spend the money on major redesigns of BOTH vehicles that had such a close target market At the same time, the Sprinter was making it mark on the US scene, so the timing was right. Probably the biggest mistake was putting Ford of Europe in charge. The whole project was at least 1 year late, because FoE, could not redesign it to meet crash standards (experts from the US were sent to EU to take the lead on that portion of the design). EU had no need for the load/towing capacity that the E350 had (and still has). EU has notoriously narrow surface roads so width is a key issue. Keeping the "global" design, in theory, reduces costs as suppliers have higher target volume. Last, you have to understand there are really THREE different Transits. The FWD version (not sold in the US), the "typical" uni-body Transit with multiple wheelbases and heights and then the chassis cab/cut away, which DOES have a frame. Yes, there are a lot of common parts, especially between the last two. I agree with the decision to NOT build the FWD version here (I don't think it would pas crash standards anyway). The 3 things I think they should do to the Transit is put a real frame under the T350 to increase load/towing capacity and put the second set of tires on the dually version OUTSIDE of the body (like they do on the dually version of the Super Duty) ! Last, how about a DECENT set of seating for the passenger version, like the old E-Series Club Wagon Chateau !
  11. It is not just Hackett ! Billy decided he needed to "leave his personal mark" on Detroit when he bought the Michigan Train Depot. I twill cost billions and take years to restore it. Even then, its location/usage is questionable because of it location (there is very little parking and there is effectively NO public transportation). Best feature of the area is Slows BBQ across Michigan Avenue. If you want to run over there for a quick lunch, the Train Depot is set back so far from the street it would take 15 minutes to walk there and 15 minutes back. Kind of hard to do for on a 1/2 hour lunch break.
  12. The comments about cost/pricing, especially beyond the base, is how I feel about almost ALL vehicles these days. My son-in-law is driving a BASE F350 XL. Rubber floor, vinyl seats. It looks cheap because IT IS ! But it is perfectly functional ! My daughter had an Explorer Sport Trac way back when. Rubber flooring with cocoa mats on top, She though it was great and I can see that !
  13. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    E-series has no "floor pan". I has a true frame. The body is completely assembled, painted and then dropped on to the frame, just like all vehicles were built 50+ years ago ! (Years ago, OAP only made the bodies and the body was dropped at Lorain.) I can not see anyway that T-Series body components can be "shared" with E-series. IIRC, part of the reason to only produce a"cut away" version of the E-Series was to get passed so crash testing requirements that the current frame design did not meet. Putting a body back on "at the factory" means that the frame would have to be modified to meet those requirements. Transits biggest negative is width and lack of towing capacity, two things E-Series still has.
  14. theoldwizard

    5.4 triton

    From Wikipedia There are cost effective solutions for the above two conditions. (For the broken spark plug issue, many technicians found, that the following unapproved procedure worked best for removing the spark plugs. A pneumatic impact was used on the plugs while the engine was still hot. Typically, one side was done, the engine restarted and warmed and then the other side or all 8 were removed without installing any of the new plugs.) As variable cam timing was introduced, some engines, some high mileage engines had issues with the cam phasers. If the phaser went bad, the recommended procedure was to replace the phasers, timing chain, chain guides, chain tensioner and oil pump. The additional parts were replaced "just in case" because most of the cost was the labor of tearing off the the front engine cover.
  15. theoldwizard

    1050 ft lbs, How'd they do it?

    My gut say, this is temporary ! Build out of the existing stock of 6R140 transmissions.