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  1. theoldwizard

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    Its a free world. You may choose to step off of the curb in front of a bus ! They are also into non-tobacco products. (BTW - Both parent died from diseases brought on by years of smoking.)
  2. theoldwizard

    Preferred oil for 3.5 ecoboost?

    Motorcraft semi-synthetic is the "factory" fill. Older EcoBoost engines were recommend to use 5W20. That changed a few years ago to 5W30.
  3. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    Disagree. They could easily outsource the doors or build them at one of the plants already stamping aluminum. Forget any kind of FRP. Actually, for the small weight savings, why would the do it at all ?
  4. theoldwizard

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    WOW ! Talk about "blowing sunshine up a hole in the nether regions" ! Based on the past couple of launches, I don't expect this launch (Bronco) to be "flawless". It IS within Ford's control, but ... Neither Farley or Hackett have a good track record as leaders ! If something does go bad, it is a short drive for hundreds of engineers in Dearborn to get to the Wayne plant. The one thing Ford does NOT have any control over and is making the worldwide economy very nervous is the novel coronavirus (NoCOVID-19). Ford is already scrambling trying make new tooling and line up suppliers outside of China for some parts (likely for F150 and Explorer). This worked when one their key supplier had a factory fire a couple of years ago, but this would be bigger. (After the fire, some dies were recovered and shipped to other plants.) If the economy tanks or there are launch problems, you can bet the dividend will be cut ! I certainly would NOT be investing in F at the moment. MO would be a better bet for a good dividend stock.
  5. theoldwizard

    2011 Ford Edge Oil pressure Warning Intermittent Light

    What engine is that ? Guarantee that has nothing to do with A/C !
  6. Visit the Pacific Northwest, or most of the Great Lakes ares in Winter. Not much sun ! Where are the people in NYC supposed to hang panels ?
  7. You clearly have not watched any of Tony Seba's lectures. His point is the "inflection point" is now if you want to be a player after 2030. While I do see that some large cities may ban/heavily tax ICE by that time (London effectively does already), I see this as affecting maybe a dozen cities world wide, and NONE of them in the US !
  8. The Detroit Free Press expanded on this Joe Hinrichs writes to his Ford team: 'I do have one last request' Here is an excerpt that I found interesting Some people really stretched their neck out for that guy !
  9. I strongly suggest you watch one on of Tony Seba's presentations on YouTube. This guy is predicting the end of internal combustion engines by 2030 ! Like every other futurist he thinks we can "grow" enough "clean" electrical energy to power MASSIVE quantities of electric vehicles. This would take TRILLIONS of dollars world wide and there is no real incentive (as far as the people holding the money are concerned) to make that commitment ! You COULD look at it from that direction, but most everyone in the company is looking at it as a "hard 90° turn" ! How wants to keep working on internal combustion engines ? Notice I said this was a bunch of middle level retired engineering managers. None would disagree the the future is going to including electric vehicles and possibly self driving vehicles. It takes a "steady hand" at the wheel of an "aircraft carrier" to change course. What good did it do to publicly come out and tell the world "we aren't going to be making cars any more !" It certainly hurt sales short term. They did not stop the following day and people were then forced to work on a "dead man walking" (2020 Fusion) to get it out the door. That really is not very "inspiring" ! The success of new products (Ranger, Explorer, Bronco, Mach-E) is dependent upon the "cash cow" that have been keeping the blood flowing.
  10. theoldwizard

    7.3 D.Van/ Chassis/ RV

    At 3:42, notice that the rear shocks (which previously been stated as "new") have a Sachs label on them. Sachs is know in the suspension world as the manufacturer of Nivomat shocks and struts which have a built-in self leveling functionality. This must help a lot with body roll.
  11. theoldwizard

    7.3 teardown

    My "gut" still says, the reason for pushrods was to keep the block narrow enough and the "dressed" engine height low enough to fit in the E-series.
  12. Hackett proved he was NOT that guy when this book by a "think tank guy" became MANDATORY reading for EVERYONE in management ! Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation: How Silicon Valley Will Make Oil, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Coal, Electric Utilities and Conventional Cars Obsolete by 2030 Farley worked at Toyota for almost 20 years, before coming to Ford and being put in charge of marketing. (The best thing he did there was bring back the Taurus name.) I don't know exactly what he dis at Toyota, but I know enough about Japanese business to know that non-Japanese middle level manager are not given any authority to make decision on their own.
  13. Anyone else think there is a bigger Godzilla, at least on paper ? Taller deck, longer stroke. (The bottom end of the block certain could take it with deep skirt, 6 bolt main and forged crankshaft.) F53 customers would buy it. The F750 already crosses over to the bottom of Class 8. If they really want to compete there, they need something bigger. Not everyone follows the medium/heavy duty market, but in certain geographical regions CNG is making a strong come back ! The price is ridiculously low ($1.50- $1.90 GGE) but of course, you get less power from CNG so a larger engine is required.
  14. theoldwizard

    7.3 teardown

    I really HATE IT when people give "design" credit to upper level management. He had nothing to do with it ! At best he set goals (weight, power, cost, etc) and then real engineers came up with the design. These were reviewed by peers and middle level management before Wolfe ever saw any of it. You can bet, there was huge debate about OHC vs pushrod ! OHC has been a signature for Ford for many years now. My guess is the only reason that pushrod won out was the OHC equivalent was too wide to fit in the E-series (another Ford "cash cow").
  15. theoldwizard

    2020 Mustang Eco Boost Hi Performance

    I will tell you one thing, if they keep the same driveshaft and rear axle as the base EcoBoost 4 cylinder , those will be the "weak points" in the powertrain !