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  1. mgazak

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    My first vehicle was a 1992 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4x4. After 3 years, I traded it for a 1998 Explorer Sport 4x4. That got totaled in January of 04 so I leased a new Explorer XLT 4x4. I got engaged later that year and my fiancé’s Neon blew its engine so I gave the Explorer to her and bought my Uncle’s 1989 Crown Victoria. I had that for six months but the maintenance on a 15 year old car plus driving it in the winter was killing me. From there, I had: 1999 Mercury Mystique GS 2003 Ford Taurus SES 2005 Ford Freestyle SEL AWD (loved this car) 2014 Ford Flex SEL AWD (current car) My wife proceeded to have after the Explorer: 2007 Ford Edge SEL AWD 2006 Mercury Monterey 2014 Ford Expedition EL XLT 4x4 (current car) I also have a 2010 Mustang I drive during the summer. Love my Fords!
  2. Interesting read twintornados. I've always dealt with Don's Ford where my parents and I have bought numerous cars from Jim Marino since 1991. Still as you said, a sad day. I'm not too fond of Steet-Ponte either.
  3. I was surprised to see this as well and would've thought they'd at least keep selling Ford from that site. Those who live in Rome will now need to travel to either Utica or Oneida to purchase a Ford product. Or more likely shop the GM or Chrysler dealerships still in Rome.
  4. mgazak

    Winter wiper blades 2010 Escape

    I've had these blades for over a year now on my Freestyle and they continue to perform well in all kinds of weather including ice and snow.
  5. My wife has an 07 Edge AWD that has had the PTU leak. The first time it was repaired was a little over a year ago and the second time was just a couple months ago after the leak had re-appeared. It seems to be okay now and the dealer has only tried replacing the seal. The PTU unit is still the original. Other than this issue, the Edge has been great. Considering the 07 Edge was an all new model with an all new drive train (D35, 6F and AWD unit), I can't complain. Mine is also a pretty early build (January 2007). I'd be interested to know the build date of mazda626's Taurus. There certainly were teething problems with this new AWD unit, but it appears mainly to be with the 07's and maybe the early 08's. I just compared TrueDelta's ratings and Consumer Reports' ratings for models with this unit. The 07 Edge and Fusion AWD models show a high rate of Drive System repairs. The 08 Edge, Fusion, Taurus and Taurus X all show very low rate of repair for the Drive System. Granted the 08's are newer, but the 07's started having these issues relatively early on so I think it is a fair comparison. Overall, all these models are rated average or above for reliability and are recommended. So... mazda626, hang in there. Hopefully you have a good dealer who knows what they are doing and can fix this correctly. Good luck and keep us posted.
  6. mgazak

    2008 Edge Limited: Long term report

    My wife's 07 Edge has close to 14,000 miles on it (we don't drive much). We had the PTU seal repaired last February and it has been fine since. No other issues either. Overall it has been a very reliable car.
  7. The 04 Explorer my wife and I had had the same tires. By the time we turned it in at the end of the lease with 38,000 miles, the tread was low. Before the dealer sold it on their used lot, they put a brand new set of tires on it. So I would agree they are not the greatest tires.
  8. mgazak

    10 Cars that Damaged GM's Reputation

    I had a 99 Mystique for 2 and a half years (traded it with just over 100K miles) and that car never let me down. My sister on the otherhand had a 98 Contour V6 that constantly seem to have problems. It seemed to be hit or miss with the Contour/Mystique.
  9. I have seen this issue elsewhere on Explorer forums. Apparently this was an issue with some 02 Explorers... it is caused by a cold solder joint on instrument cluster. If you pull the cluster and resolder the bad joint, it should solve the problem. Here's a link to a thread I found on this issue:Odomerter display lights intermittently Hope this helps.
  10. mgazak

    Top Brands in Consumer Perception

    The Explorer was the best-selling SUV from its inception through 2004. It lost the crown for one year to the Trailblazer in 2005 (family plan firesales no doubt). It was the top seller in 2006 and then 2007, the fugly CRV overtook it in sales. The Explorer still outsells all other traditional BOF SUVs, though. The fact it stayed on top all those years, regardless of being in the top 10 tells you the market was changing during this time. Otherwise it would have been passed in sales way before now. The Explorer has done very good but the market for BOF SUVs is really starting to sink as crossovers takeover. So many previous Explorer owners have gone to crossovers such as my wife (Edge) and my dad (Freestyle). Not to mention there are so many more choices on the market that no one SUV will ever top 400,000 sales again as the Explorer has done.
  11. Ford's quality has continued to improve in recent years (as shown in all the recent surveys). The problem is there are still troublesome models out there from not that long ago. Remember the gen 3 Explorer (2002-2005) was introduced in early 2001, during their low point quality-wise, IMO. That's why vehicles such as the gen 3 Explorer seems to be plagued by more issues than others models. It is unfortunate but as long as Ford continues to improve going forward, and provide proper support with permanent fixes to these troublesome models, they should be able to rise above this. Past issues such as the 3.8 Liter head-gaskets someone mentioned can play out for a long time. It will be interesting to see the effect on Toyota down the road with their recent slip in quality (transmissions, numerous Tundra issues, etc.).
  12. mgazak

    What is this?

    I saw these all over while on my honeymoon in Mexico three years ago. I really liked them, a nice entry SUV/CUV.
  13. My dad has an 05 Freestyle SEL AWD... he absolutely loves it! He's told me it handles as good or better than Subarus he's had in the past plus is way bigger and is overall the best vehicle he's ever owned. I've driven it many times and love it as well. No one else seems to have packaged a crossover this well and I agree that Ford needs to advertise it. Hopefully Farley sees what we see and starts marketing it.
  14. mgazak

    Ford Edge reliability - how will it compare?

    I decided to signup for the survey. Between my wife and I, we have an 03 Taurus and 07 Edge. It seems the Edge in particular will be helpful for your results. We have about 6,600 miles so far and no issues. It has only been in once for an oil change. We are very happy with it and hope to provide some helpful info for other potential buyers.
  15. mgazak

    MKX awd and snow

    We have a Edge with AWD and it is great in the snow. This is the first winter that we've had it and so far I'm impressed. This is after having a 92, 98 and 04 Explorers over the past nine year. We get quite a bit of snow here in Central New York (including the storm this weekend) and will always have one AWD/4WD vehicle in the household. The tranfer of power is seemless and it feels very stable. It normally operates in FWD but sends powers to any combination of the 4 wheels when slipage is detected. Although this is Ford's own AWD system built in the US, the technology is based on the Haldex system (used in Volvos). I'm sure you'll be pleased as well. Good luck!