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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. That's good news. A third shift at Hermosillo needs to happen if they have the parts to build them. Dealers need Mavericks on the lot to sell. Honestly it could be a total cash cow if they had the volume. High end vehicles don't need volume to make profit, low end do.
  2. Personally I don't feel bad at all about driving my ICE vehicle because 100% of the electricity at my house right now comes from coal. If you live in an area with 100% clean power great, but right now for me an EV does nothing as a solution for clean air. Right now, less then 20% of electricity in the U.S. is generated from clean sources. EVs don't clean up things as much as you think.
  3. 2022MY has been over since last fall. They are building 2023s right now. This will be a 2024. Maybe it's just the white paint, but the mini F-150 chrome front end with the white plastic bumper looks pretty generic. Looks a bit wider in the front and rear track where the fenders flare out. Cab looks pretty much carryover except for a deeper character line in the door. It's a natural progression of the model.
  4. 2005Explorer

    Motor Trend 2023 Truck of the Year

    I’m not saying that a BEV F-150 won’t work great for a lot of people, but what I am saying is there are places where a lot of conventional F-150s are sold today that are politically biased against electric vehicles. Some of the more practical reasons might be the fact that infrastructure is severely lacking to support them and in some cases in the heartland of the country it could be years before this situation is fixed if it ever gets fixed. Selling BEVs isn’t a problem in urban areas or costal states, but the F-Series isn’t the best selling new vehicles in those areas. You have to convince red America that it’s time to go green and join the liberal city folk. Now the US Government can certainly force the issue and take choice away, but whoever does that will pay a huge political price. If you need an example of how this all goes down see the current state of gun control in our country and the division it creates. Basically what it all comes down to is you have to convince the places on this map that BEV is the way to go in the next few years. Personally I’d like more focus on improving hybrids and making them more fuel efficient and more available for the long term transition. The map attached is the most commonly registered vehicle in each state according to KBB in 2021. They have a lot of rural America to convince that BEV is the way to go. That’s pretty much my only point. This is an excellent video by the LA Times which digs into the issue a bit deeper. Worth a watch.
  5. 2005Explorer

    Silliest Ford Dealership

    Not sure where you live, but if you have a Ford dealership and you can't handle trucks (at least anything F150 or larger) you won't be in business that long. I'm sure the new facility is a lot cheaper to operate then the old one was. Do they have enough room there to add on to be able to handle larger vehicles? Maybe that's the plan.
  6. 2005Explorer

    Motor Trend 2023 Truck of the Year

    It may be great and it might not be great. I've seen some of the heavy towing tests they've done with it and range is seriously lacking. I'm sure in time that will improve, but as a serious work truck they've got a way to go. Motor Trend awards the company who spends the most on advertising. Ford must've made a big ad buy. Not saying the vehicle is bad, but I'd never trust awards given by a for-profit magazine. Historic winners include the Chevy Citation and Renault Alliance. Just sayin' lol Demand with early adopters has been good, however when you get into pickup trucks you also have to realize the "red meat" of the market is in "red America" and if you've spent any time on social media you'll notice that a big chunk of conservatives hate these things. Now you'll say that doesn't matter because we'll force 'em into it, but I really see this as just another line dividing half the country once again. Elon Musk has been trying to tap into that other half by displaying his conservative credentials. The conservatives like how he triggers the woke left, but they still don't want his cars. Right now consumers still have a choice, but in a few years when they start regulating what we can and cannot drive it's going to be a huge battle. Living in and dealing with people from rural areas all over this country I can tell you with fact they feel BEV= woke liberal. I know the politics behind this are not mentioned, but it's going to be a deal. Give it a few more years if you don't believe me now.
  7. 2005Explorer

    Brewing Automotive Financial Crisis

    The higher interest rates must be starting to work at least at my local dealership. They have the most new vehicles I've seen on the lot for a long time and my salesman said things have really slowed down even on the used side.
  8. 2005Explorer

    Brewing Automotive Financial Crisis

    When you see people paying a $10,000 mark up over MSRP on a Ford Maverick that’s a really bad idea. We bought one for my dad on X-plan. I’d never pay a mark-up like that on any commodity vehicle. Unfortunately it’s going to collapse as interest rates keep rising and people run out of all the “extra” money they had saved up when things shut down over Covid and the govt. was sending out stimulus payments. The only good news is maybe some deals to be had on repos?
  9. Is a perfect storm about to hit the auto industry? Rising interest rates along with cars quickly losing value after being purchased for inflated prices during the past couple of years is setting up a possible crisis in the auto sector. The feds continue to hike interest rates after already raising them 4.5% and more hikes are coming. Added to that are many buyers in the past couple of years owing a lot more then the vehicle is worth and inflation driving new vehicle prices higher then ever. Interesting article. Is it going to balance out on it's own or will a combination of factors create a serious recession in the auto industry? https://www.thestreet.com/technology/elon-musk-sounds-the-alarm-over-a-brewing-automobile-crisis
  10. 2005Explorer

    2024 US Spec Ranger XLT spy shots

    Looks like the cab is pretty much carryover, but the wheels do look pushed out a little bit.
  11. 2005Explorer

    Ford November 2022 U.S. sales

    We don't know anything about the 2024 North American Ranger yet, but as a 2022 Ranger SuperCrew owner you are correct in saying the SuperCab is unusable for seating anyone except for the smallest of children. The SuperCrew is fine for most adults except for real large ones. I'm a 6'1, 210 lb. male and I fit fine in the back of a Ranger SuperCrew for shorter trips. I wouldn't want to be back there on a real long road trip. Same goes for the Maverick which has similar back seat space. The Ranger SuperCab is a no go for pretty much any adult. It's mainly just extra storage space. It's probably simpler and more cost effective to just offer one SuperCrew cab and have a longer frame and box if they want to still offer 5' and 6' options. We'll hopefully see what is coming in a few months.
  12. 2005Explorer

    Ford October 2022 sales (U.S.)

    We are on an economic trajectory with inflation right now that can't sustain itself. Prices are rising much faster then wages and the Feds are trying to get it under control by raising interest rates aggressively. Government spending is a huge issue right now. Hopefully the election in a few days helps put a stop to it because continuing to print money and spend billions on so called "build back better" projects is driving more inflation. The current business model might not be as sustainable in a recession which I believe is going to happen. The feds are going to crash everything to try and get inflation under control, but as long as we have a government that just can't stop spending what else can be done?
  13. We own a ranch and farm and bought a Maverick as a car replacement. It’s a great runner for parts, supplies and to go shopping in the city. Farmers many times will own a smaller vehicle as a runner or for the wife and the Maverick is a perfect fit for that role.
  14. 2005Explorer

    The New 6.8L V8 Thread

    I don't really see the point in wasting development dollars on anything ICE with everything going EV in the next few years, but it is an improvement as a base engine in the Super Duty. I suppose with the 7.3 V8 already engineered this didn't cost them much.
  15. Interesting. So it looks like Democrats who don't buy nearly as many new cars are already convinced to "go green" whereas the Republicans need to be convinced. Maybe this is why Elon Musk is trying so hard to piss off the liberals to make friends with the conservative crowd. I mean he figures he already has the Democrats anyhow no matter what so maybe if the conservative crowd likes him they will buy his EV cars. This graphic does bring up a big marketing challenge though because I live in deep red country and they do not like EVs here. I watch social media and if you drive an EV most conservatives think you're woke. You have a man bun, think there are 72 genders and wear Birkenstocks.