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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. 2005Explorer

    '22 April sales (U.S.)

    There are people on forums that complain about people not putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to complaining about certain products not coming to North America or cancelled products. I will admit to being very vocal about the T6 Ranger not coming to North America in 2011, but I am now on T6 Ranger #2 so I just wanted you all to know I have put my money where my mouth is. Anyhow I am loving my 2022 Ranger Tremor. It is amazing how much the suspension package really transforms the truck. I am really happy with my new Ranger even with the noticeable decontenting that has been done on it since 2019.
  2. 2005Explorer

    '22 April sales (U.S.)

    I was one of those 5,110 Rangers delivered since I picked up mine Apr. 30th. The Maverick is a nice little pickup, but I wanted a real truck with off-road capability and a tough frame. I added a dealer installed spray-in bedliner, red tow hooks to match the grille inserts and a pair of 6" Diode Dynamics light bars so I could put the Aux switches to use.
  3. 2005Explorer

    Ford to launch another BEV Pickup

    Yes, but you never said what 4×2 F-250/350 have. I'm almost certain it's Twin-I Beam.
  4. 2005Explorer

    Ford to launch another BEV Pickup

    Doesn't the 2WD F-250 and F-350 still have Twin-I-Beam?
  5. 2005Explorer

    2.7L Bronco Engine failures

    Current Ford quality especially with new model launches is why I am picking up a new 2022 Ranger tomorrow to replace my leased 2019 Ranger vs waiting on the “all new” one next year. Ranger is one of the few Ford products that actually scores at the top of it’s class in reliability. I did go with the Tremor this time so it has enough changes it’ll feel new to me. A lot of people said I should buy mine off lease then order the new one when it becomes available. Nope… I’ll give that one a couple years first.
  6. 2005Explorer

    2022 Ford Ranger Tremor

    Could I please get an update on my Ranger. Thank you! 1FTER4FH4NLD19276
  7. 2005Explorer

    Bring back the Sport Trac as the F100 !

    I am not sure why this old thread was brought back, but none of this discussion matters if you consider why it started in the first place... "Ford has said 100 times that there will be no global Ranger in the US. Fine. Let's think out of the box !" We don't need to think out of the box because the global Ranger is here now. Plus there is a Maverick slotted below it. The only reason Ford ever offered an Explorer Sport Trac in the first place was to offer a mid sized crew cab pickup. The Ranger fills that spot today.
  8. 2005Explorer

    '22 March Sales

    One good recession will fill the dealer lots again. It’ll happen again even though some say it won’t. It always does and is many times preceded by a period of high inflation.
  9. 2005Explorer

    '22 March Sales

    Yes. They were probably smart to trade it right back for an Escape right now and take a smaller loss then wait and really lose.
  10. 2005Explorer

    '22 March Sales

    Today I stopped in at my dealership to hopefully get the last oil change done on my 2019 Ranger before my 2022 Ranger Tremor shows up and there were people that came in to trade an almost new EcoSport that still had paper dealer plates on it for a new Escape because they disliked it so much. So they got an EcoSport sold only for it to return.🤣
  11. My truck finally showed "shipped" on the tracker yesterday evening. It took 35 days to get a rail ride from the factory, but it's finally on the way!
  12. 2005Explorer

    2022 Ford Ranger Tremor

    Could I please get an update. Thank you so much! 1FTER4FH4NLD19276
  13. From what I have been hearing on the Ranger it went from the ability to delete the Auto Start/Stop if you wanted (all models except Tremor) to Ford just deleting it on all of them now. Mine was built just before this change took place. I’d say the majority of people will be glad the ASS is gone.
  14. 2005Explorer

    2022 Ford Ranger Tremor

    Could I please get an update to see if my Ranger ever shipped or they have a new ETA. Thanks! 1FTER4FH4NLD19276
  15. 2005Explorer

    '22 March Sales

    Shipping delays can't help either. The dealerships around here can't get many models shipped in right now even if they are built. 90 days from build to arrival at the dealership is ridiculous.