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  1. It must have been a cost constraint to use the existing greenhouse on the new model because it is larger, but only because the sheet metal is pushed out more to cover the slightly wider track. The slight increase in wheelbase just pushed the wheels a bit further apart, but didn’t change the body length. As was true with the previous Ranger the Maverick still has slightly more interior volume. Of course I honestly don’t think these two vehicles are as cross shopped as some people think. They are definitely aimed at two different customers.
  2. Ironically Stellantis is doing the exact opposite right now and putting Europe in control of North America.
  3. I'm not saying they don't sell them, but I've noticed a few of the same Platinum ones sitting there at least 6 months. The fact is sales will continue to go down slowly year after year at this point. If we go by the last 5 years within 5 years the average ATP on a mid-level F150 will hovering around $80k. Middle class just can't swing that anymore. Of course it's exactly what one group in DC wants. Drive prices so high people can no longer own a personal vehicle and have to rely totally on the government for transportation.
  4. Around here the local dealers can sell an STX 4x4 with a V8 off the transport truck while the optioned out high end trims which can cost up to $20k more sit around. It's not that they don't stock STXs or lower optioned XLTs it's just that they sell fast. Now different areas have different income demographics and different customers. I live in a very rural area and for the country folk they still really like V8s for pickups that end up in small towns or out at the farm or ranch. I'd say getting the right product/price matters a lot on the local market. Just the fact that RAM and Toyota have completely gotten rid of the V8 option (Not to mention RAM and Toyota have generally lost their mind with pricing) will push some of those customers to Ford or GM products in the 1/2 ton market.
  5. Product mix can be blamed all day long, but the fact that new vehicle prices have increased on average $10,000 since 2020 coupled with high interest rates might also play a part in inventory sitting on dealers lots.
  6. That seems to be the model Stellantis is going with, but I think Farley is correct that you need a wide range of models from affordable to expensive. Remember affordable models can be quite profitable. You need volume if you want to remain a relevant player in the market or you just end up with jokes like the Dodge Hornet. I understand that people on this message board are not interested in affordable vehicles. Most of you can pay cash for an $80-100k vehicle and are happy to do so, but if you look at demand for attractive vehicles $35k and under it's high right now. The lots are full of very expensive full sized trucks and the affordable vehicles are flying off of them. A proper mix is important.
  7. Yes, it’s important for Ford to offer products that range from affordable to expensive. They don’t want to end up like Stellantis in North America with no decent affordable products left. Stellantis is failing and the only thing they’ve got left is to increase prices more than any other automaker and hope someone will buy a loaded overpriced Jeep or RAM to keep them in business. The Dodge and Chrysler brands are dead with no affordable options to bring anyone into the dealerships. The lackluster Dodge Hornet is way overpriced and nobody is buying it. Affordable, efficient models that can still turn a profit are important as a full line automaker. They are even more important to start moving BEVs at greater volume. The high end only BEV strategy worked for early adopters, but it won’t work long term. I predict Stellantis is about to find this out when they get their new high end expensive Charger with the fancy fake engine noise speakers and it doesn’t sell worth a damn.
  8. If a person goes by what happened to the 2019-2023 Ranger things will only be deleted as time goes on. Ford loves decontenting as a model ages. Just sayin’ lol
  9. It's nice to see Maverick production really improving. People need affordable vehicles in the market. I'd like to see more offered because $60k+ full sized trucks are getting hard for most people to afford.
  10. Oh I’ve got a good one from the past… PCScario That guy was always arguing with everyone about everything. 🤣🤣🤣
  11. I was just thinking... FordLemon. I think he had big signs on the Taurus that said Lemon too. That guy was a hoot.
  12. You should. It’s just as exciting as a better motor on your air compressor.
  13. What do these results tell me? People want affordable vehicles that are filled with value for the price. That doesn't mean cheap, but it means something other than $85k+ F-Series or Broncos that have become overpriced in the last couple years. Look at the Maverick, Bronco Sport and Escape? Build more. The Edge? WTF are they canceling that model? I promise it makes good money and it's in demand.
  14. Everest is T6. They'd have to run it down the line with Rangers and Broncos to be cost effective.
  15. I'm not a car dealer by any means, but would it be better to leave MSRP what it was and just offer large rebates or actually lower the MSRP when it comes to resale or does it make little difference?
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