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  1. Interesting. So it looks like Democrats who don't buy nearly as many new cars are already convinced to "go green" whereas the Republicans need to be convinced. Maybe this is why Elon Musk is trying so hard to piss off the liberals to make friends with the conservative crowd. I mean he figures he already has the Democrats anyhow no matter what so maybe if the conservative crowd likes him they will buy his EV cars. This graphic does bring up a big marketing challenge though because I live in deep red country and they do not like EVs here. I watch social media and if you drive an EV most conservatives think you're woke. You have a man bun, think there are 72 genders and wear Birkenstocks.
  2. This is also the first time I have ever seen politics mixed in with vehicle purchases as well. I am not sure what the political leanings are of people into muscle cars, but I can tell you my conservative friends despise EVs. It's going to be the next big fight after COVID vaccinations and masks. This will be a longer term fight until the Government mandates it. What happens if the conservatives take over again? I am not ready for BEV at all myself, but I am not opposed it. Out here in the middle of rural South Dakota we are a long ways off. Of course cities and urban areas which are full of woke people will drive adoption. Again it comes back to a make-up of a market. Heck I'd be interested to know the political leanings of all current EV owners. I'm guessing a very heavy liberal tilt.
  3. Well someone has to make the step into the mainstream for EV vehicles. Ford did it with the Model T in the ICE era, but don't seem to be interested in doing it for EVs. If EVs remain only a premium market it'll take them a long time to scale up production. All that does is opens the door for China to take over the mainstream market. Niche players don't last long in markets without being bought up so Ford needs to plan accordingly if they plan to remain a large, relevant, full line automaker.
  4. Is the muscle car market even worth it anymore? Sales have been in a free fall for years. The Mustang name is already in transition to CUVs anyhow. I can see offering a V8 Mustang for a few years when BEVs become more mainstream because sales are likely to improve when people want to get "one last real Mustang," but I don't see how BEV is going to really get the gearheads blood pumping. Use the brand, but don't waste resources on things that won't sell. The concept Dodge Charger EV has a fake exhaust and fake electronic noises to get the blood pumping. Lol Give me a break...
  5. Vehicle prices are inflating much faster then wages are, but since you're a very wealthy person you you're oblivious to that fact. You would prefer zero affordable vehicles and believe that the average person can easily throw down $80k plus on a vehicle because to a wealthy investor $80k is pocket change. Even Ford knows this isn't the case or the Maverick would have never seen the light of day. Of course you don't like the Maverick because the profit margin isn't good enough, but automakers have to learn to build affordable vehicles that still have a profit margin. The mainstream market needs vehicles at all price points. If BEV only stays premium like you want it'll never become mainstream.
  6. Chevy is the only one right now who seems to understand that not everyone needs a 400+ HP BEV or that everyone can afford an $80k+ vehicle. Good for them!
  7. I live in an area where we have muscle car rallies and lots of car shows. The vast majority of guys still buying this stuff are 50+ years old and the younger ones are motorheads with mullets. I mean there are a few outside that, but not many. They like to take vintage all the way up to new Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers and modify them. They like to do burnouts and install loud exhaust. What are they going to do with a BEV? Put a big speaker on the bottom? lol Honestly I think chasing a so called BEV muscle car market is a waste of time and money. BEVs are transportation appliances. That doesn't make them bad, that's just what they are.
  8. BEV "muscle cars" are pointless. The few people that are still into cars like this aren't into upgraded software with zero wrenching. They will probably wrench on vintage muscle until the government bans them from all public roads. BEV CUVs and trucks are so fast it won't matter. You can argue with me, but this class of vehicle will be the next to be gone. They are already on life support and take away the gray hairs that like to wrench on these the market will shrivel up.
  9. Yes. It seems to me between the income phase outs, MSRP limits and material/supply sourcing very few will ever qualify for these credits. Basically they were written in to say hey look at what great things we are doing for the environment by promoting EVs, yet they'll never have to pay much out. It's a joke.
  10. I was reading where this new tax credit for EVs limit the MSRP to $80k for a truck or SUV or $55k for a sedan vehicle. There are many other stipulations for the manufacturers to qualify, but that's a big one that's going to cut a lot of vehicles out of the benefit. MSRP limits are a joke since vehicle prices are rising extremely fast. It actually forces manufacturers to offer lower priced EVs which in turns hurts their profitability. Looks like a government price control without being a government price control. Within 5 years with those limits few vehicles will qualify for that nice tax credit.
  11. I hope Ford works hard to keep the quality of the Ranger class leading when they switch over to the new model. Right now according to Consumer Reports the 2022 Ranger beats the 2022 Toyota Tacoma and a big part of that has to do with the superior reliability of the Ranger.
  12. 2005Explorer

    2023 Maverick Tremor

    So much is wrong with this post. First things first. The Maverick does not compete with the Ridgeline. Not in size or in price. It is a compact inexpensive pickup. As far as the Ranger goes you are comparing the current model to the next gen Frontier and Colorado. The Colorado is not even available yet and by the time it is the 2024 Ranger will almost be here. The so-called dramatic sales decline of the Ranger has a lot more to do with MAP trying to build as many Broncos to catch up then it being a bad truck. Of course it isn't going to be as fancy as the next gen midsized trucks, but it is solid and reliable. Consumer Reports just picked the 2022 Ranger over the class leader 2022 Toyota Tacoma. Have you even driven a 2022 Ranger or 2022 Maverick? I have a 2022 Ranger Tremor and my family also has a 2022 Maverick 2.0 FX4. Both have plenty of power and do exactly what they were designed to do. You are trying to compare the Maverick to a pickup that is in a completely different class and are comparing a current gen Ranger to the next gen from the other manufacturers. The current gen Ranger is simple and tough especially in Tremor trim and I appreciate that. Just go get a Pantyline or Colorado and be happy. It is pretty apparent that you don't want a Ford product anyhow.
  13. I have a 2022 Ranger XLT Tremor and my dad (well we bought it for him because he's in his 80s) has a 2022 Maverick XLT FX4 with the optional rims and slightly larger tires. I have driven both back to back and although the Maverick is really nice for it's market and price point it's no Ranger. The Ranger feels a lot more substantial just driving it. The Ranger is quieter and smoother. It's almost hard to explain, but if you drive the two back to back you definitely can tell the Ranger is the more premium of the two. Now this isn't knocking on the Maverick. It's an economy vehicle and feels it. They did a very nice job with it.
  14. We'll see, but if anything it won't be much because the cab looks to be carryover. They can improve the space some with better packaging inside. I am fine with the Ranger not growing much. If it grew a lot it would be pointless. If you really need a large cab get an F-150.
  15. If we are really serious about a transition to 100% BEV vehicles in the next 10-20 years something needs to change. The generation sources and grids are not up to the task right now and the situation appears to be getting worse not better. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/us-power-grid-blackouts_n_62df17bce4b0aad58d1e19a6