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  1. 2005Explorer

    Ford October 2019 Sales Chart

    If anything the F-150 steals sales from the Ranger considering some pretty heavy discounting on certain models that can bring it's cost close to the Ranger. The whole "it's 90% the size of an F-150" argument that Ford used back when the T6 was released doesn't hold up when you see an F-150 and Ranger parked side by side. There's a significant size difference in real life.
  2. 2005Explorer

    2019 Edge earns top safety rating.

    The Blazer is a bit more interesting styling wise than most in it's class, but it's not selling very well so it seems buyers for these vehicles don't care much about styling.
  3. As a Ranger owner he brought up a couple of valid complaints with the poor design of the HVAC buttons and the floaty ride, but his hate for the truck was a bit over the top. I also heard him say he pretty much hates Fords so you know he’s biased to completely hate it before he even drives it. I also noticed him saying the transmission is “fake shifting” and that’s an outright lie. You can have an opinion that 10 gears is too many, but it is actually shifting through them. There’s nothing fake about it shifting. I don’t have a B&O audio system so maybe it’s not a very good system for the price. The standard XLT audio system sounds fine.
  4. This is true. I’m not a Ford employee nor do I have a lot of internal knowledge, but I think one can easily compare the success of the 2019 Ranger launch to the failure 2020 Explorer launch and draw some conclusions based on assembly plant morale effecting the rollout. Ford and others have blamed the Explorer and Aviator failures on the fact that they are building a very different vehicle with different processes. There is truth to that, but Michigan Assembly went from building the Focus which is a compact unibody passenger car to building a midsized body on frame pickup truck. Those are two totally different vehicles. They had some hiccups, but were able to pull it off through teamwork and appear to be building a quality product with few defects. I’d say corporate needs to get deep into Chicago and figure out what is going wrong. If those personnel issues are not fixed quality will suffer far beyond the launch.
  5. You have to wonder how many of those 10k of F-Series were stolen by the Ranger. Don't get me wrong I really like my Ranger and I'm glad Ford now has a mid-sized offering, but the Ranger might be stealing some of those F-150 buyers. As a customer more choice is great. As a corporation focusing on profit less choice means more shared components and profit. Since I'm a consumer I'm happy to have the choice.
  6. 2005Explorer

    What is this Ford SUV

    That's pretty much just an SUV version of the current T6 Ranger. It even has the same dash. It's pretty much what the Explorer was to the old Ranger before the 2002 model. I've had my 2019 Ranger parked next to a co-workers 2018 Explorer and it's a lot narrower. I doubt they will bring this to the US since the T6 based Bronco will be the "off road" midsized SUV here.
  7. 2005Explorer

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Sharing a lot of the interior components cuts costs and increases profit per unit so from a business standpoint this is good. They will probably do some restyling of the actual dash and the doors for sure will be different. I'm sure the seats will be shared, but with unique fabric. Some might call this the same interior, but if it is somewhat similar it'll have it's own style.
  8. Aren't they planning on bringing the Ranger Raptor to market in the US and Canada in a few years? A Bronco pickup and a Ranger Raptor seems awfully redundant to me.
  9. 2005Explorer

    Great Marketing Video by Henry Ford III

    Yes Edsel Ford II's son. He's manager of corporate strategy whatever that means. It's nice to see a younger Ford being used in marketing. It gives the company "a human face" that most corporations the size of Ford don't have. Anyhow it's funny and a better take on it all compared to the Chevy "Real People" ads that seem very staged with actors.
  10. Standalone Lincoln dealers should be plenty profitable in the largest metro markets. It is a good idea to build the brand and Ford should push this concept. Smaller markets is where the Ford-Lincoln dealership makes a lot more sense.
  11. The first review did some of that, but I could see plenty of customers comparing a high level Explorer vs a base Aviator at their local Ford-Lincoln dealer. The other reviews only mentioned it was based on the Explorer. Is that a lie?
  12. Oh and go Fusion. The best midsized sedan that Ford ever built... then forgot... Cue the funeral home music.😪
  13. Ok maybe we can settle for "a hasty re-fresh" instead of "hack job" for the US and Canada markets. Don't get me wrong I've been wanting a T6 Ranger since 2012 so I'm thrilled to be driving one, but if you're in a late model '15+ Colorado/Canyon or '16+ Tacoma there's nothing about the Ranger that would entice you to get one. Sure the powertrain beats the Tacoma hands down, but the Colorado has competitive powertrain options. The Colorado has a more refined driving experience and nice little features like a split fold rear seat. The Tacoma sells on brand name alone. No matter what you do you'll never get more than a handful of Toyota customers to ever consider a FoMoCo product.