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  1. It could still be a 2024 and it's possible that the current Ranger has a short 2023 year.
  2. 2005Explorer

    Sandy Munro’s dire warning

    A couple funny stories about that. When I was a young kid a lot of toys from “Santa” still had a La Belle’s price tag on them… My parents would say “La Belle’s is Santa’s favorite store so if the elves can’t make it he gets it at La Belle’s” We bought that excuse. Lol Later Best bought them out and we thought a store named Best sounded stupid and they should have at least named it La Best. Lol Not that any of you cared about childhood stories of a catalog showroom, but it’s ok to lighten the mood around here once in awhile.
  3. 2005Explorer

    Sandy Munro’s dire warning

    I’m giving it 10 years before I personally make the jump from ICE to BEV. Some places might be ready today. In South Dakota? We’re not close and I’d say the same holds true for many other states. Even then something like a plug-in hybrid might be more attractive to people who live in very rural areas.
  4. 2005Explorer

    Sandy Munro’s dire warning

    The two big ones were Best Products “Best” and Service Merchandise. We shopped at Best quite a bit when I was young. You would take cards from the product on display and go to the back order area. If it was something they had in the on-site warehouse it would come out on a small conveyor with a tag on it. If not it would be ordered and shipped to your house. So yes pretty much the same concept just that you view it now and use your smartphone to order.
  5. 2005Explorer

    Sandy Munro’s dire warning

    The good old "catalog showroom" concept making a comeback.
  6. 2005Explorer

    Sandy Munro’s dire warning

    I'm not asking them to do that. I am saying at some point affordable BEVs will be as cheap if not cheaper to produce then ICE vehicles at the lower end of the market. While affordable vehicles will never make as much profit per unit as a fully loaded Lincoln Navigator it's an important segment. Ford believes this too or they would not offer the Maverick, Ranger, Escape and Bronco Sport in their line-up.
  7. 2005Explorer

    Sandy Munro’s dire warning

    Actually from what I have read BEV vehicles will actually be cheaper to produce compared to current ICE technology once they are built in mass quantities. I think automakers will find it easier to produce affordable smaller, less powerful BEVs and still make a profit on them vs affordable ICE vehicles. In fact, BEV might be the best thing that ever happened to people shopping at the lower end of the market.
  8. Well what we don’t know is what sort of problems people are having. If it’s problems with all the fancy optional electronics and equipment on the civilian models, that might not show up on a very basic Police SUV.
  9. This survey isn't perfect and has a margin of error because of who is sampled, but just like a political poll you can draw some pretty good conclusions from the data. I am not suprised to see the Bronco Sport high because first it hasn't been on the market that long, second it had a good launch and third Hermosillo has a good reputation for quality. Ranger is a proven design built in a plant that also has a good reputation for quality. The Chicago SUVs had problems from the start and looks like their dismal quality and reliability continues to plague them. Is it a design or manufacturing issue? That should be the question.
  10. I wonder if the North American version will retain this shifter instead of replacing it with the rotary? I hope they keep it.
  11. https://gearjunkie.com/news/ford-ranger-stuns-toyota-tacoma-in-consumer-reports-annual-reliability-study The Lincoln brand, ICE powered Mustang, and Explorer are doing poorly in reliability. Mustang Mach E is doing well so far and is proving to be much more reliable then Tesla. Lots of good info here.
  12. Until the generation after this one grows a few more inches again. There are already calls by some that the Maverick needs to grow when redesigned. I just wish the trend of vehicle bloat with each redesign would be restrained. I mean how much larger can the F150 get? With the Ranger getting close to F150 size should that also get bigger? That's my main concern whenever models keep increasing in size. The Ranger is a nice trim truck right now. That starts to go away with this enlarged design. If I wanted a bigger truck I'd buy an F150 and no I don't want a unibody Maverick for the way I use my vehicle.
  13. The current version was already 90% the size of an F150. I suppose it'll continue to grow, but eventually it'll be pointless if it grows to 95%+ the size of an F150.
  14. Well they better get going on cleaning up electrical generation if that’s the plan because we are still sitting at 60% generated by fossil fuel sources. The environmental crowd is also against nuclear power. Better hope for a lot of wind and sunshine to keep all these vehicles running.
  15. My brother used to sell for Gateway in the late 90s until the .com bust of 2000. They were the new kid on the block and extremely profitable. They were growing at a rate unseen in the PC business at the time and a darling of the stock market… then management changed and a focus on return to shareholders started. He left when commission was cut, the headquarters moved and sales was farmed out. After awhile the so-called improved profit business model destroyed the company. Don’t think that this can’t happen to any company especially progressive new start-ups.