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  1. I was just looking at a few 2023 Rangers that are showing up on my local dealer’s website and they have some with a mid June 2023 blend date so they are still building 23s.
  2. Other then the changes to the rear suspension isn't the Bronco chassis for the most part just a chopped down T6?
  3. Then it's possible other then the rear shock mounts the actual frame is carryover. I read somewhere that small modifications had to be made in front for the V6, but they might not have been talking about the frame. Under the sheet metal I doubt there is much change since they already put the engineering into a new frame for the 2019.
  4. The frame was all new in 2019 for the North American model because the previous ROW Ranger did not have a fully boxed frame. From everything I've read, the frame has only been modified slightly to fit a V6 in front and change the mounting of the rear shocks outboard. It's still almost the same with Ford calling it a T6.2 internally. So there isn't really an old or new chassis. It's the same chassis with some minor modifications.
  5. 2005Explorer

    Fixed Pricing Model

    Do you think that would be better then to just leave a fixed MSRP and do rebates, cheap leases and financing deals? I mean in the end the customer will save the same amount when sales soften, but it does seem like those things create the image of a good deal just like a big sale at the furniture store.
  6. 2005Explorer

    Fixed Pricing Model

    They must not have any stock issues with F-150s where you live, but they are starting to pile up on lots around here. I’ve started to get a lot of mailings from Ford lately that are advertising rebates, cheap lease deals and low APR’s and it mainly involves F-150s. I’ve also noticed in the advertising they are back to pushing high value XL STX models. Every market is different and that’s only my observation where I live, however I definitely live in “truck country” around here.
  7. There is no reason not to offer AM radio on all of their vehicles. The radio circuitry is already there. It literally costs pennies.
  8. 2005Explorer

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    It sounds like the Canyon or Tacoma offers everything you want and the Ranger doesn’t. Why not just order a new Canyon or Tacoma? Complaining on an internet board isn’t going to change anything. I’d buy a new Ranger because I’ve had excellent service from my previous 2019 and my current 2022 Ranger. I just get XLTs anyhow. I wouldn’t get a 2024 because I would want a Tremor package, but with a 2022 Tremor I’ve had for a year I’m not ready for a new one anyhow. You have choices that give you exactly what you want. If you still have an option to order the Canyon which does have everything you want including what you consider to be better performance and features I’d say your wasting your time complaining about the skimpy offering of models and options on the Ranger. Get what you really want and be happy.
  9. 2005Explorer

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    The main focus of T6 at MAP has always been the Bronco even before it was launched. The Ranger was just easier and cheaper to get things rolling there a few years ago. Ranger has always been and continues to be an afterthought in North America. I happen to be a happy 2022 Ranger Tremor customer and I’d buy a new one if and when I replace it, but Ford will never put much effort into this model line. In fact, I’d argue more effort was put into the previous generation versus this one when it was adapted to the North American market. They spent the money at the time to give it a brand new frame, completely new powertrain compared to the ROW models and things like a steel bumper. They also brought region specific models like the Tremor to market. The 2024 is a nice midsized truck, but it’s just a middle of the road offering for the new generation from all the manufacturers. Except for the awesome Raptor model (which most cannot afford with the likely $10-25k ADMs on it) it’s just a pickup. For people like me who will only buy Ford it’s fine, but it’s not going to pull in the Tacoma or Colorado/Canyon buyers.
  10. The cab is carryover so you are correct that the restyled door panels and headliner are giving the interior measurements a fraction of an inch improvements. So if you wanted a roomier cab that didn't happen. Always hate when things grow outside, but not inside on vehicles. I'm fine with the space inside the Ranger, but I know a lot of people complain about it. The Maverick is larger inside if you don't need or want the tougher truck capabilities.
  11. Looks like the interior specifications have been updated. The 2024 SuperCrew is within an inch in most measurement of the previous gen except for head room which really wasn't an issue anyhow. I was questioning how they were able to get 4 extra inches of rear leg room in the new model when the total passenger volume was within inches of each other. It's not surprising though since the cab shell looks virtually carryover. The first image is the 2023 model (look at the second column for SuperCrew) and the second is the 2024.
  12. Well people that have a good honest dealer will, but those are few and far between. Nice to see the greedy ones starting to have tons of F-150s piling up on their lots now still trying to sell them over sticker.
  13. The latest MT states LED headlights on the XL STX so I would assume LED is across the line now. I don't know why it wouldn't be since by now LED is probably just as cheap as halogen lights in simple reflector form. I think you still have to twist a key and use a mechanical shifter on the lower trims, but at least they put LED lights on it. I did see the taillights at least on the XL are still incandescent though. My 2022 XLT has a mixture of incandescent and LED lights. I guess it saves money? At some point I can't see that really being a cost savings. It's probably just done to upsell and everyone does that.
  14. "Any plan won't survive its first encounter with reality. The reality will always be different. It will never be the plan." -Jeff Bezos We are almost at mid-year. How close are they to that 600,000 number right now?
  15. There has been back and forth on this. I guess someone saw where XL and XLT still have halogen bulbs and a keyed ignition.