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  1. If you ordered a pickup it will be built in Kentucky. Chassis cabs are built in Ohio. Ford takes into account numerous factors when scheduling a build, order of receipt is only one of them. It starts with your dealer and how many orders they have in front of you as well as the priority your dealer put on your order. Your dealer can set priority from 10 to 19, with 10 being higher priority. Ford takes into account a dealer's allocation and priority orders. They then look to see if during the week they are scheduling for they they will have all the parts to build the order. If they don't have parts, the truck doesn't get scheduled. My understanding is that Ford builds stock orders until they have gone 5 days without an assembly error before they start building retail orders. If I'm correct on that then it's not likely any retail orders will be built the first week of Job 1. You might want to spend some time scanning posts in the 2022 Orders thread most anything you can think to ask has been covered multiple times somewhere in the 460 pages. Good luck!
  2. It means the software and instructions have been loaded in the various modules that tell the truck's systems what to do. Think of it as the Frankenstein "It's Alive!" moment. Doesn't mean the truck is complete, but you can assume it's pretty close.
  3. I got used to doing it with my 2015 F150 where it was second nature. I usually leave the side windows cracked during the summer and there was a few times a bug or gust of wind set off the alarm. Would have liked to set perimeter only as a default but got pretty used to 'ask on exit'. Two key strokes: 'Set Perimeter Only' and 'OK'.
  4. After 10 months of waiting for delivery and 400 miles of 'break in' it was time this last weekend to put the new F-350 to work having fun!
  5. Over on another forum they are reporting the fix is out and some have had it done. Requires a re-flash of the BCM. SSM# 51140. I'm going to wait awhile to make sure there are no unintended consequences.
  6. Picked up my new F-350 on Monday and immediately started getting 'deep sleep' notifications.. Getting 5 or 6 a day. Took the truck in yesterday to get a cracked mirror replaced and quizzed the service advisor. For what it's worth he said the software fix is not available yet and to make sure my truck was connected to wifi at home and the fix would be pushed down when available.
  7. Phrase of the day..... I'll go ask.... My truck is finally home, just a couple days short of 10 months from date of order. After our 75 mile drive home I can say I really love it. I don't think it rides much worse than my F150, in some instances I think it's better. I'm attributing that to the F150's 20" wheels with low profile tires vs the F350's 18" wheels with the optional Goodyear All Terrain tires. The 7.3L's low end torque really accelerates the F350 from stop lights compared to the 5.0L that needs to get wound up a bit. One concern I have is that at highway speeds it seems to wander quite a bit. This maybe just the difference in suspension and tires and is something to get used to. I have to take it back to get a cracked mirror replace and plan on asking the service person if they can check the alinement. I went into purchase process expecting the best and prepared for the worst. I know that many have had smooth transactions and been in and out in a couple hours. I was glad I was prepared. The test drive and inspection went well with the exception of me finding a crack in the driver's side convex mirror. 'Oh we get that all the time, happens in shipping. I'll go check with parts".... "Got to order it, we'll call you". The spray liner was done by a third party, Mil-Spec. Have not heard of them before but it appears well applied, they removed the bed bolts and trailer electrical socket before applying.. No overspray that I can find, pretty happy with it. The very first piece of paper they put in front of me shows the current MSRP of $73500, not the MSRP of $69,355 when I ordered. When I questioned it I was told there had been several price increases. I pointed out that my order should be price protected. "Oh, not all orders get that". I pointed out that I knew the dealer was price protected and why were they not passing it on to the customer. I mentioned that it's not a secret and is a long term Ford policy. "Did you find that on Reddit or something"..... No, several web forums I follow..... "I'll go ask".... After several minutes he comes back with another piece of paper detailing a "dealer discount" that accounted for the difference. During the rest of the process every piece of paper they put in front of me showed a different price. Each time I had to tell them to stop, that is not the price we agreed to. Each time the salesperson had to 'go ask'. Each time there was a 'reason we have to show it that way'. Even at last stop where we were with the person that takes our money, the documents she gave us had a different price and had to be redone. One loose end is related to a $2500 PCO that I received literally two days after I placed the order with the dealer and prior to getting a confirmed letter from Ford. The sales person said it was no good because it expired April 3rd. I pointed out that the offer was good on 'orders placed prior to April 3rd' and produced a copy of his email response to my asking if I could take advantage of it. He replied at the time that the that the PCO "'will be taken care of at time of purchase".... "I'll go ask"..... After going back and forth several times it became apparent that neither side was going to give. I was told that the manager would submit a claim to Ford and if Ford approved it they would send me a check. I expect there will be more fighting over this down the road a ways. All and all it was really no better or worse than most any other car deal I've done over the years. It took 4.5hrs and a lot of back and forth on things that were already agreed to and documented months ago. Thanks to Ice-capades, Akirby, and everyone that participates in this forum as the knowledge passed on here helped me be prepared. And cyberdman, if you are still lurking out there, thanks and I owe you a photo! Good luck to all that are still waiting. Hope they get all of them built and shipped!
  8. Test, this is Test....
  9. Yesterday I received the golden text, my truck was delivered to the dealer. Took just shy of 9 months. 'Only' took 21 days from shipping notice to get to the west coast and then catch a truck to Reno. Our salesman has booked an appointment on Friday to get the bed liner sprayed. Of course we have a commitment this weekend so picking it up will wait until sometime next week when the salesman and I can coordinate schedules.
  10. I had a similar issue with my F150 alarm. We got to the campground late and were just overnighting so I didn't bother to unhook from our bumper pull toy hauler. After we were in bed the truck alarm went off. I turned it off and thinking that a bug or something in the truck set it off, I reset it to perimeter only. After about a half hour the alarm went off again. I unhooked trailer and never had another issue. My guess is that movement in the trailer was being transmitted to the truck via the hitch and setting off the alarm. I've never left it hooked up again.
  11. The window sticker issue has been going on for awhile now. My sticker was available for about a week then went to "not released yet'. Try ordertrack.app, window stickers still seem to be available there.
  12. Mine was built on 8/25 also. Email from Ford on 8/29 with an estimated 9/12-18 delivery. On 9/6 I received another email from Ford moving the date to 10/12-18. Rail shipping has been a mess for quite some time now. Also, just to throw another wrench into things, there is a possibilty of a rail strike starting around 9/16. I expect to see my truck around Thanksgiving.....☹️
  13. Many on here have called Ford marketing; however, probably all they will tell you is if your order is in the system. They will refer you to your dealer who has current status of your order via their Vehicle Visibility Report. Order priority is set by the dealer for retail orders from 10 to 19. If they have orders set at priority 10, they will be considered for scheduling before priority 11. Your dealer can request their Ford Rep to set your order priority to 2, which is the best you can get unless there are exceptional circumstances. Dealers often do not keep up with managing their order bank and need some prodding by the customer to adjust their priority. Scheduling also considers commodity and plant constraints since there is no reason to schedule a build if they don’t have the parts to build it. Your truck will be built at the Kentucky Truck Plant unless it’s a cab/chassis. I believe some cab/chassis are built in Kentucky but most are built at the Ohio Assembly Plant. Someone will likely chime in and correct me on that if not accurate. Hope this helps, Good luck!
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