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  1. A member on Lincoln Forums posted this today. As order banks for the 25 opened up today with Job 1 mid July. This is the Canadian order guide. 2025 Nautilus Order Guide.pdf. Premier is now available in Canada. Many options from the Reserve 202a package are now standard. Moon roof included. Panther Blue is out. Whisper Blue is in. Truffle interior can now be had with Jet Package.
  2. Most of the dealers in my area of the GTA in Ontario have 1-3 on their lot. If you do a dealership search most availability say in transit. As I want a Red one every dealer who has a red one either on the lot or in transit has ordered it with the Jet Package. I love the seat design of the Jet Package. Just to much all Black in the interior. I wish they had a package available in the Smoked Truffle using the same seat design with the leather/ suede combo. All over Black interiors May be the In thing today, they just make the interior to dark and black boring.
  3. Just received my order verification Dora from Lincoln/ and dealer. 2024 Reserve 202A , Red Carpet. Smoked Truffle Interior, Mat Package. Priority #10. How long does everyone here anticipate will take . I am in the GTA Canada. Thx.
  4. Vacationing in Arizona this week I saw my first one as I was driving directly behind it goi g into a mall parking lot. I had no clue what it was till it turned and I saw its profile. That “Thing” is worse than the Aztec ever was. Made the Aztec look like a beauty queen. I waited for it to park and the driver leave to take a closer look. How was it ever allowed to happen. ?
  5. Just received my order verification Dora from Lincoln/ and dealer. 2024 Reserve 202A , Hybrid , Red Carpet. Smoked Truffle Interior, Mat Package. Priority #10. How long does everyone here anticipate will take . I am in the GTA Canada. Thx.
  6. Lincoln kept this feature on the new Nautilus for 24. I would not be at all surprised to see it deleted as well for 25. As they kept it on 24s to make a marketing splash. Only way I see it kept is if the Chinese use it , as country of origin is China.
  7. I am curious if it possibly has something to do with taxes and or tariffs on this one engine for Canada . Or if Lincoln Canada is actually gouging us Canadians.
  8. I find the most annoying is the Sun roof being open and the buffeting.
  9. The Hybrid we pay for is the engine only. Just as in the US. We get hit pretty hard by Lincoln Canada. Base Reserve package is $65K Reserve 2 package is $7,500. Reserve 3 Package is 12,500. Jet Package is $3,500. Hybrid $3,500. Our well equipt Reserve models are the same price as Black Label in the US.
  10. You pretty much made the decision for me here. I am going to go and drive only the 2.0 again and try to take it out for a bit more of a drive. Just to confirm what I think I already know. Odds are it is the Hybrid. That is where I was always leaning . Thank you again.
  11. Thx Gurgeh. I drive presently a 21 Nautilus with the 2.7, and find it very smooth, to drive , both at idle as well as when driving. My only beef is it not as quiet as I thought it would be. My previous Nautilus was a 2019 with the 2.0. I actually found this engine quieter when driving , but had the typical 4 cylinder sound when idle and exceleration. I have driven both new engines a short period and did notice the hybrid had a different feel to the drive. I also am leaning towards the hybrid as with a lease , the difference per month is not a tank of gas, and if the fuel economy is what or near what Lincoln said , it should be a wash or I come ahead. But the overall quietness of the vehicle and smoothness of drive for both engine and suspension is prime.
  12. Hi Everyone. I was at my Lincoln dealer that I deal with today to order a 24 Nautilus. I am ordering Red Carpet with Smoked Truffle and the Reserve 202 package in Canada next week. My dilemma is which engine to order. I am leaning towards the Hybrid as many of the reviews are that the Hybrid makes the car a luxury car. How many readers here have the standard 2.0? Is it quiet? Smooth running? As in Canada Hybrid is $3500 not $1500 as in US. I do not want to spend money that is not really required to give what the car should be. I am not concerned about 0-60. I just want quiet smooth and comfortable drive. I look forward to your thoughts. Thx.
  13. My first car was the Pintos twin brother Mercury Bobcat. Chocolate Brown Metallic with Brown/Tan Plaid cloth seats. I prayed for it to start every day, especially if it was damp outside.
  14. I had the first Flex that my dealer received. Was an 09 Limited in Chocolate Brown Metallic with the Tan Interior. I had it for 3 years. I can honestly say that as much as I enjoy all my MKX/Nautilus built in Oakville , my Flex was quieter driving and smoother to drive also. It also felt much more solid. I loved it. Too bad Ford did not update the styling to make it less polarizing.
  15. In the article in the Detroit Free Press , Mark Phelan says he will have an article on a full one week with a Nautilus in March at the introduction. That sort of sounds like the press has not driven yet, or not allowed to write about and is embargoed till March about the drive during the introduction. I would have thought would be about now, as vehicles are starting to hit dealers slowly . Guess they are waiting till they will begin to be more common. I keep looking daily for new reads and press test drives.
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