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  1. I have noticed it , in my short time so far to be quieter, and much smoother at idle. Does not have that typical 4 cylinder shake at idle, even though was very little , as well as the typical sound of a 4 cylinder. Have also noticed this car to be firmer in ride, not as floaty, more driver centric than my 2019. This car has 21 inch tires, my 2019 had 20s. Still very comfortable, just more attached to the road, steering is also firmer. Not as numb.
  2. Good Afternoon All. Just traded in my 2019 2.0 for a 2021 2.7. Ended up getting this for the same $$$$ as ordering a new 22 with the 2.0. Picking it up on Friday. For everyone here that has a 2.7 , is there anything I should know different? My new ride also has the 21 inch wheels. Black with Sandstone interior. Thx.
  3. escapeman

    Order times

    I cannot quote you on an Aviator. I can tell you that my dealer in Canada is quoting me minimum 12 weeks on a 22 Nautilus . This is all due to the chip shortages and downtimes that the factories are all having from time to time.
  4. Received a phone call from my dealer the other day. Telling me that as much as my lease is up in April 22 I should come in now and order a new 22. Am I to assume that they expect at a minimum 3-4 months for production and delivery due to ongoing chip issues?
  5. Ford in Canada more often than not does not place the build feature on their website till just prior to production begins or they have few of the previous MY vehicles left on their dealers lots. Guides as they always become available are placed in the order guide section of the forum.
  6. I am on my 3rd MKX/Nautilus. Oakville assembly plant. All three have not had the hood lifted for anything more than oil changes. Bullit proof. Great Quality from that plant.
  7. escapeman

    2022 Lincoln Nautilus Order Guide

    Very pleasantly surprised as well that there was no decontenting. I was big time expecting it. They did it huge on the edge. I will keep the 22 MY on my shopping list, as I almost took it off . Between new QX60, RR VELAR , and Nautilus. The fact that I have dealt with my sales manager for so long does hold sway.
  8. Hi Guys. Does anyone here have any intel they can share on the 22 Nautilus that would be of interest in terms of new content or Decontent. With COVID I have not been driving much and my Lincoln dealer I work with would like my car back early from lease by 6 months. I do not want to get a 21 if it is worth my wait. Also considering buying it out and trading in on a Range Rover Velar. As I was offered a good $$$$ I stand a good chance of picking up some equity here for the Velar. Thoughts? Thx.
  9. escapeman

    Nautilus 2.7 engine cover

    My guess? To save .85 cents times as many Nautilus as are built for the year, and the balance of its life span. Imagine the money that Ford is saving . Especially on a part that has no value to the typical car buyer. As much as I am a Nautilus owner (2019) my lease is up in April of next year. I do very much want to get another one. I hate to see what else they decontent from the 22 models. As they already took out heated wiper and washers, paddle shifters, and other bits and pieces also.
  10. escapeman

    SiriusXM question

    In Canada , they do , or at least did a few years ago when my lease was up on my Mkx, as I waited for my Nautilus to arrive. Call them and speak to customer service.
  11. Just as A Kirby has said. The Lincoln QC issue seems to be an Aviator issue. A friend of mine is on his second MKC/ Corsair. Just as myself with my Nautilus and others here on this site, nothing more than oil changes required. The cars are built with pride and engineered the same. Seems to be a Chicago plant issue. And we have read about that here before.
  12. escapeman


    Look8 g at the 2021 order guides and the 2022, there are no visible changes other than a colour delete and new colours. The biggest change from what I see is that they have taken out some equipment that was standard , such as fog lamps and included it in an option package. Also took a few items from packages and made them stand alone options. Bottom line , typical of Ford doing a bit of decontenting.
  13. QC of Ford and Lincoln is all factory specific and or engineering specific. I am on my 3rd Lincoln MKX/ Nautilus built at the Oakville plant and each one I have not had any more than oil changes . Total quiet and serine just as Lincoln is advertising today not a single rattle , nothing. My lease is up this winter and I will automatically order a 2022. I was going to get a 2021 Aviator, as it is a beautiful vehicle. My dealer told me not to bother if I enjoy what I am driving , he said to many issues ongoing, even with the later builds.
  14. There seems to be two conflicting answers to this. 1. That Edge is gone after 2023, Lincoln keeps the Nautilus in Oakville till end of 2024 MY, assembly in China and Imports to NA after. 2. Both are done like dinner , and replaced by electric built at Oakville or elsewhere.
  15. Ford must be careful to as to not lose market share to GM. As GM is being very aggressive in The Toronto GTA region with incentives and interest rates. Just do a build and price of a Cadillac XT5, and XT6 , compare to a Nautilus and Aviator as being cross shopped. There is at minimum a $100 difference per month on build and price lease. As a car guy I will take the Lincoln over the Cadillac all the time. The average guy looking to buy or lease is not a car guy. He will take whichever he gets the best deal.