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  1. escapeman

    Ford's Disaster: The Pinto

    My first new car was a 74 Mercury Bobcat, the Mercury version of the Pinto. Dark Brown with Tan vinyl and plaid cloth seats. It spent as much time in the shop as it did being driven. Constant no start issues that necessitated being towed to the dealer. After a year Or so I ditched it in favour of a Mustang ll. Can’t say it was much more reliable , at least the issues did not necessitate a tow , and we’re fixed when required. This was in my opinion the worst era for Ford .
  2. escapeman

    2023 Lincoln Nautilus Order Guide

    If I may add my experience here. I have a 21 with the 2.7 and 21 inch wheels and adaptive suspension. Not a very comfortable ride. Very harsh. You feel every pebble on the road. I bought a set of 18 inch wheels and Michelin all season tires. Best move. The car now drives like a dream. For snow tires I have Michelin X Ice on 18 inch wheels. As far as I am concerned, this is the best tire wheel size combination.
  3. escapeman

    Lincoln's Twitter Posted This

    Another Science Project. Farley should invest his money much more wisely. This was an exercise to keep a few jobs , so the designers do not lose any more moral than has been already. Invest and put your money where it will be put to good use and make financial sense.
  4. My friend has a 22 Corsair with the 2.0. His car idles much smoother and is quieter at both idle and driving than my 6 cylinder 21 Nautilus. I actually enjoyed driving my 2.0 2019 Nautilus more than my current one.
  5. Hi Everyone. I have a 2021 Nautilus Reserve with the 6 cylinder engine. Very often when braking, or acceleration I have what sounds like a faint honking horn noise coming from inside towards the back of the car. Sounds like I am being honked at from a distance. Has anyone else had this experience? It happens ongoing, not just a one off. Thx.
  6. I have a 21 Nautilus with both the 2.7 as well as the 201a package and live in Ontario. I had a 19 Nautilus with the 2.0 Turbo as well as the 201a package , and when the lease was up got the 21. First hand I will tell you that I prefer the Turbo 2.0 to the 2.7 . The 2.0 is a quieter engine at both acceleration as well as at cruising speed. The only advantage that the 2.7 has is that it is smoother at idle, and dead silent. The 2.7 is loud at acceleration and everyday driving. Hands down a 2.0 Nautilus is a much nicer driving car in almost every way. Only reason I got a 2.7 is it was a deal at the time I could not refuse, and can turn in the car after 12 months no questions asked, even with my new lease. I fully recommend to anyone a Nautilus with the 2.0.
  7. escapeman

    Ford To Split EV Unit?

    Ford will split EVs and legacy autos into separate units as it aims to boost electric business. Posted on CNBC at 7 AM
  8. If I had to re order my Nautilus today I would not order the V6 , as the standard 2.0 is just fine, in fact I found it quieter when driving than my v6, and has plenty of power. The only part I like about the V6 is it is smoother at idle , and the start stop. I would also stay with the 20 s. Much more comfortable a ride than the 21s on my current one, both smooth roads as well as broken pavement.
  9. escapeman

    Alfa Romeo Tonale Debuts

    No way this model will compete with Corsair. Corsair is a soft and comfort quiet ride. This will end up being a loud and stiff ride, will be to much biased towards sporty. Typical of Alpha Romeo . This will compete more with Cadillac XT4 , Sport. Most likely will have the reliability of a 1964 XKE from the Prince of Darkness.
  10. The sales manager I deal with made me an offer on a 21 that I could not refuse, took delivery early October. Ended up getting a 21 , that was ordered for a different client and took almost 6 months to come in. This car has everything including the kitchen sink . My dealer took my car, gave me all the equity that it had and worth on the used market, plus invoice, less holdback , and all incentives that were applicable. Bottom line I am paying the same for this car as a basic Reserve.
  11. I to wanted to get an Aviator when I leased my 2021. As this is my 4th mkx/nautilus I wanted a different SUV. I just could not justify the extra $200 plus per month. So I went with the obvious.
  12. That is a nice configuration. Very much the same as mine, minus the splash guards. What color interior are you going with? My 21 is Black with Sandstone. I would have ordered either of those two Color’s you are considering. My dealer made me an offer I could not refuse to take the Black he had in stock over ordering one. As this car came in 3 months late from estimates and the guy backed out and went with an Aviator.
  13. I fully agree with Kirby. I had a 2019 Nautilus with the 20s and the ride comfort and quietness was great. The 2021 I got in September has 21s, they give the car a stiff , and jarring ride on even the smoothest roads, get them on a back road and they are awful. Noisy as well. I have had two MKXs both with 18s and were the best. I have Michelin 18inch X Ice snows on my 21Nautilus at present. I am seriously considering changing tire size in the spring.
  14. The employees of Oakville build a trouble free product as far as I am concerned every year. I am presently on my 4th MKX/ Nautilus , and have never had to lift the hood for anything other than wiper fluid and oil change. Very comfortable, quiet driving trouble free.
  15. escapeman

    2024 Mustang Spied

    We had a Mustang II Ghia. It was a nice car at the time, I know many mustang purists do not accept this as a mustang. comfortable car , and the right car at the time for people looking for style inside and out/ semi luxury for this kind of car. to bad it was a lemon / money pit from almost day one. I had more enjoyment playing the stock market and losing money at the time.