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  1. New Nautilus not till 2023? Yikes. I have a 2019 , and was hoping 2021, 2022 latest, for the new model .
  2. According to my dealer the decision not to bring BL Nautilus to Canada was made by the dealers and Ford went along with it. The issue was pure$$$$ how much they would cost here , and how many dealers to carry and be certified BL dealers. My dealer told me that Ford was floating $80, 000 for a properly equipped BL. It sounds about right, as a full load Reserve is $72,000.
  3. From what I have seen on the forums and talking to people it is taking approximately 3 plus weeks from order date to get a VIN#. Then 7 weeks to build week from there.
  4. Thank you. Summer driving it is.
  5. Good Morning. Please look up the status and tracking of my hopefully soon to be built Nautilus. The VIN # 2LMPJ6LP3KBL50392. Thx.
  6. Good Afternoon . Are there any DELIVERY updates available on my Nautilus Reserve # 2LMPJ8L98KBL34072. Thx
  7. 2019 nautilus. Diamond blue / shale interior.
  8. Any updates available? Thank you in advance.
  9. escapeman

    2020 Hyundai sonata

    Investing money in a shrinking market is not always a bad thing. As more and more manufactures , GM, FORD decide to abandon the sedan segment there will always be a following of people not wanting an SUV/CUV. Either they do not require the room, or can afford the $$$ for an suv/cuv. I know many people that buy mid size sedan only as they like the ride of a sedan over the other. The fewer options on the market will drive those people to those offerings. There $$$ spent in RD will actually be less in the long run, as they will be spread across many more units of the same model than before.
  10. escapeman

    2020 Hyundai sonata

    Has to be the nicest looking exterior main stream sedan on the market today. As for the interior it is stunning either mainstream or semi luxury brand. I would put money on this car stealing sedan sales from all brands.
  11. Could you please assist in tracking my Nautilus order .VIN# 2LMPJ8L98KBL34072. Diamond Blue/Shale. Thx
  12. escapeman

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    Ice Capades. Is there a hold on Nautilus production on vehicles with the Tech package that has the lane assist and adaptive cruise control? As I was at a Lincoln dealer having an issue fixed with my MKX, and a salesperson came up to me and introduced himself. I told him that I have a Nautilus on order already, we got talking together about the vehicle and he offered this info to me. Thank you in advance. Shoe.
  13. escapeman

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    Hi Alberta bound. My 16 MKX has the Cappuccino interior. When I ordered my Nautilus I originally specified the Coffee interior, as I wanted darker for the same reason as you stated, when I told my wife that I chose the darker interior, she said get a light color, so I chose the Shale as a change form the other. FYI . The cappuccino interior in my car has never stained from jeans, I sprayed the seats with a leather protector to guard against that and for ease of cleaning. The only issue I have is that after 3 years ii has yellowed a bit and does look older on the drivers side only.
  14. escapeman

    2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve

    Hey there Albertabound. Blue Diamond looks sweet. I have the same on order . What color is your interior , it looks light in color. I have mine ordered with the Shale interior. Please let me know how she drives. I will not see mine till late March if lucky, more like April sometime.
  15. escapeman

    order date to production date query

    Thank you for the explanation. I will contact the dealership this week and check on the status of the order.