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  1. Ford truck guy

    F250 ride height change

    I took receipt of my 2020 F-350 last weekend... Since I use mine to tow my large fifth wheel, I was concerned about the ride height.. On the F-350 4X4, the 2020 is just about exactly 2" lower from the ground to the top of the bed rails AND from the ground to the top of the bed than my 2015 ....
  2. Ford truck guy

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Thank You
  3. Ford truck guy

    Window Sticker Lookup

    So sorry for your loss.. its never an easy thing to deal with, no matter how well we THINK we are prepared... Please accept my condolences for you and your family. If and when you get back in the saddle, please check for a window sticker for my son in laws 2017 F150.. If time is short, no worries, i completely understand.. 1FTEW1EP3HFC76228
  4. Ford truck guy

    tracking my 2020 F-350 SRW

    It hit the dealer Friday morning, I got it Saturday AM.. Thanks for all your help!!
  5. Ford truck guy

    tracking my 2020 F-350 SRW

    AWESOME News ! Thanks for the update, pictures to follow at some point ! Thanks for all that you do
  6. Ford truck guy

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    Well, my original list has grown since posting this.... Add the following to the list- 2015 F-350 Lariat 2016 Escape Titanium ( daughters) 2016 F-150 Lariat, 2018 Explorer Platinum ( wifes ) 2019 F-150 platinum 2020 F-350 platinum on order
  7. Ford truck guy

    Sirius/XM Radio in (ALL) Trim Levels of Vehicles

    my 2015 F-350 cannot get #350,.... My wifes 2018 Explorer cannot get #350.. My 2019 F-150 DOES get it ( and I LOVE IT ) ... I am hoping my on order 2020 f-350 will be able to get it.
  8. Ford truck guy

    Window Sticker and estimated delivery time table

    yes, have furnished a few trackers for me over the past few years.. I appreciate all the work on this forum.
  9. Ford truck guy

    Window Sticker and estimated delivery time table

    Thanks, i did ask for an update on that thread, hopefully tomorrow i will get that answer ..
  10. Good morning All , My last update showed as week of 2/24, and I was able to retrieve my window sticker this morning. I am assuming that its close. Is there a roundabout time frame once the window sticker is produced to when a vehicle ships? does that mean the build is close, or completed? Joe
  11. Ford truck guy

    tracking my 2020 F-350 SRW

    *** BUMP *** Good Morning cyberdman, may I please have an update on VIN# 1FT8W3BT6LED14513 Joe
  12. Ford truck guy

    2020 Super Duty Pick-Up Order Guide

    Ordered mine, got a build date week 2/24. too damn excited ! ! ! !
  13. Ford truck guy

    Super Duty Long Box vs Short

    I have had short beds for 40 years, been towing with them for 35 years. I wanted extra room in the bed for STUFF when we camp.. I have a fifth wheel and with the hitch, i am limited to what can go with in the bed. I also wanted the stock 48 gallon fuel tank, along with the wee bit smoother ride the extra wheel base will offer. I do not use the bed for work, other than tow, so that was a non issue for me.
  14. Happy Monday , Could you please track my 2020 F-350 SRW.. I ordered it last week and it looks like it may already have a VIN # ... John Kennedy Auto, Feasterville, PA VIN# 1FT8W3BT6LED14513 Have a good week !
  15. Ford truck guy

    Auto startstop

    Funny... I keep thinking that I am saving the planet by shutting down my engine at each stop.. BUT the money that will be spent on starters will be huge ! Instead of starting 1-2-3 times daily, that sucker is now engaging sometimes 20 times a day if I forget to push that little button ! If I am in the city and traffic, that number could rise as well.... OH WELL.... gotta just remember to hit that button !