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  1. Example 900, 876 of why not to buy a first year product out from Ford. I don't think I would buy anything made in that Chicago plant.
  2. jcartwright99

    Nissan orders 2 day furlough for US Employees

    Battery with the Leaf, yes. Autonomous????
  3. jcartwright99

    Nissan orders 2 day furlough for US Employees

    75% of the Nissan's I see in Chicago have Uber stickers. Infinity's are popular because they are the cheapest luxury make you can buy. They are always blowing them out here. The resale value for a 3 year old infinity is pretty bad. Here they appeal to a certain demographic that likes them because they are fast and fairly easily to mod. The VQ engine (since they made them since 2000), was a pretty good reliable engine too. I briefly and I mean briefly looked at one before I got my MKZ. The only thing I can say is they accelerate quickly and are fairly fast. Their tech until just recently made MFT look futuristic.
  4. jcartwright99

    Nissan orders 2 day furlough for US Employees

    I don't see how they don't go bankrupt or pull out of US market. It's not like they are going to magically make new vehicles that are profitable overnight. Who buys Nissan's? Rental car companies, people with bad credit, and Uber drivers. Infinity is garbage. The only thing they do well is stuff powerful engines in god awful pseudo luxury cars.
  5. jcartwright99

    Hackett in for Long Haul

    Working in operations, I hated those late night wake up calls.The best of them were when I found it was a network issue so I could pass the joy to network engineers.
  6. jcartwright99

    Hackett's remedy for sticker shock

    It's sad but true. I would say 60% of drivers don't know how to change a tire. I usually inspect the jack/donut setup when I buy a car so there are no surprises if I need it.
  7. jcartwright99

    Ford Nearly Completes Car Purge

    Thanks! I am bit bummed but I'll get over it. So will the Mustang move to CD6 or will CD6 be only Explorer and Aviator?
  8. jcartwright99

    Ford Nearly Completes Car Purge

    So are we for sure the NG Nautilus/Edge goes on C2? I was praying that it would be a shortend Explorer Platform.
  9. You're correct, he's a youtuber. If you are older than 25, it's kinda hard to listen to him. He doesn't always have accurate information.There is a theory floating around. This is all speculation that has been thrown about on the Mustang boards so I have no evidence. The theory is, he's got a connection to someone in Ford who is high enough to give him access to Ford Performance events for media, and get him one of the first 15 GT500 to the public. He's from a very wealthy family that's for sure so money could easily be in play. According to his video, he called all over the country and just happened to find one at Lasco that wasn't spoken for. Some are calling BS and don't believe that story at all. Some more entitled Mustang enthusiast (amateur racers) and wealthy guys who think they have more cred than a 19 year old kid are getting bent out of shape. I find it comical that people are getting so upset about in the Mustang community. It's mostly wealthy guys that humble brag in the GT350/GT500 forums. Some are track rats others are well connected to FP (maybe not connected enough). I give the kid props for getting out there, doing it, and posting it up.
  10. There has been lots of grumbling going on about the press days with the GT500 drag times. The lack of times being released and what times were during that hot day in Vegas. This should quell those. I'll give this kid (he's 19) props for getting delivery of one of the first GT500's , immediately driving it 2000 miles and taking it to a track. Seems like Ford did a good job with it. I will be interested to see what kind of times qualified drivers get different road courses.
  11. This is a bit more in depth as far as performance and handling (but not much else). Interesting to see they got better performance numbers than they did the first time. Aviator GT Car and Driver Review
  12. jcartwright99

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    So you think these actually get built?
  13. It's not possible for 39K, at least with anything resembling profit.
  14. jcartwright99

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    Yes, I disagree with Tesla's business strategy. I don't invest or will not buy their products. That will work itself out in time. The problem I have with a lot of these "disruptor" companies is that they lie, cheat, break rules, all on the hyperbole of this great service or product. Nobody is saying that a Tesla doesn't have a well engineered powertrain. I don't think they can mass produce quality vehicles worth a damn though.I also believe they will never be profitable. If you take away the carbon credits, then the situation is worse. Yet, they are allowed to fluff up their balance sheet with that crap. I think it only gets worse as competition floods the market. Yes, by playing this shell game they are screwing with the market. And when the shell game ends, look at the destruction. That's my problem.
  15. jcartwright99

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    This is the annoying part of the problem. As long as the circus leader can con investors to dump their money into them, this show can go on for a long time. You can say the same thing for Uber. Both are surviving on the history of Amazon since they lost money for years and are now a juggernaut. I want it to crash and burn for many reasons. First and foremost, Musk and his" I can do anything I want with virtually no repercussions" mentality.