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  1. Do we know when this will be revealed? Both the Maverick and NG Ranger are on the list. I’m kinda leaning toward NG Ranger especially if there is a hybrid with 4WD (which most have speculated).
  2. There seem to be a lot of happy BS owners with that poor 1.5 in it. For every 1 Badlands BS, I see 9 BS's that are different trims.
  3. What is this hybrid I4 you speak of? Without a doubt, it's not getting any current 4 cylinder hybrid that Ford has now. I was thinking the current 4 cylinder and a powerboost 2.7 hybrid. What makes you think they will go with a 4 cylinder hybrid?
  4. The reservation system for the Bronco was exactly the wrong thing at the worst possible time. Fan flames for years about a new Bronco to garner interest. Start taking reservations when, truck isn't close to being production ready. Boom, here comes Covid and an awful roof supplier. Obviously, Ford couldn't predict the future and have any idea about Covid and all the havoc it would create. However, some of their decision making during this has been questionable to say the least. The demand for the Bronco is absolutely making it 1000 times worse. The time people have spent waiting just keeps growing and so do the complaints. Demand is making dealers greedy or become susceptible to market forces. Consumers ready and willing to pay 10k plus over sticker. No recourse for when a dealer makes an adjustment to a reservation holder. All of this just makes the Bronco a giant crap sandwich and black eye to Ford in the eyes of a lot of angry consumers.
  5. Sorry to hear that and I would no doubt be ticked to the point of making a scene. Dealers going to dealer things though right now. To say dealers are absolutely taking advantage of this situation now to the extreme would be a massive understatement. As long as people keep paying 5k over sticker on most cars right now, they will keep doing it. The only thing you can do is never step foot in that dealership again, and tell your story folks looking to buy a Ford there. Hindsight is 20/20 but situations like yours and others like this have made me want everything in writing before I put an order in for any vehicle. Too many dealers are going back on their word right now, especially on the Bronco.
  6. Not sure anyone posted this MY 2024 the Bronco will get a refresh. My guess it will get some new updates that the NG Ranger gets (Powerboost hybrid???). Autoblog
  7. What trim did you get? I’ve only seen 1 Badlands out in the wild so that would be my guess that’s what you got.
  8. jcartwright99

    Maverick Test Drives

    Yes, people were overextending themselves well before the pandemic. Honestly, I think this is the same thing that is driving people to hoard everything right now, the fear of missing out. All you need to do is turn on your TV or go to you favorite website and get inundated with headlines to cause hysteria. Whether it be chips, ships waiting to offload their cargo, no truckers, lack of employees, rising wages, rising prices and no gifts for the holidays....etc. People are going mad to not "miss out" and paying through the nose. I'll give you an example of my friend. He bought a house in 2013 3 bed/2 bath in Howell for 175. Not a bad house but was built in the late 50's and virtually nothing had been done since then. In those 8 years he replaced the dry wall in the two upstairs bedrooms, replaced the roof, put new AC/furnace, and put up a fence. His house sold a month ago for 320. In 8 years, his house almost doubled and he maybe spent 35-40k on it. Now he's living in an apartment. Why because he had a deal to buy a house "in an up and coming" neighborhood in Detroit and then the VA appraiser scoffed at their asking pricing by about 100k. The flipper of said house bought the house for 80-100k, in March of 2020. Did a rehab on it which was decent but there are still a few issues. He was asking 520. VA appraiser said 400. Someone bought this house for 535k, overpaying 15k over asking to live 3 block away from an ATF office/station to keep an eye on all the crime in the area. I don't get it!
  9. jcartwright99

    Maverick Test Drives

    People are dumb. Taking a loan on dealer mark up doesn’t magically make it worth the money. If/when the chip shortage gets sorted out in 22/23 expect used car prices to tank and these folks be massively underwater on their loans. I always try to take care of my car like I’m going to drive the wheels off of it. I actually may if this dealership gouging continues. I understand the “supply and demand” dynamic but this is extreme. The thing is, when I do replace my Fusion the probability of me going to that dealership is close to zero.
  10. jcartwright99

    Maverick Test Drives

    Now I decided to take a look at one today. I didn’t drive it but sat in it. Nice space inside, plastic but not cheap looking. Interesting design. Sales guy was next to useless. “We are charging 5k over every car on the lot….unless you special order.” Alrighty then. He had no idea about Bronco Sport or Maverick specs. Also they weren’t honoring A/Z plan unless you special order it. If/when I decide to get rid of the Fusion it looks like it will be a totally different buying experience. I will be shopping around for sure.
  11. jcartwright99

    Maverick Test Drives

    Can't wait to start seeing these on the road. Overall most reviews sound pretty good. One thing I found interesting that I didn't know before, the 2.0 with 4k tow package gets a beefed up trans, upgraded engine cooling, trans cooler, and more aggressive gearing. Even if I wasn't going to tow, that would be the one I'd get.
  12. TFL had a hands on review (no driving) of the different trims. I see the sweet spot being XLT hybrid, which is fairly nice for what it is. Anything over 33 would make me start to look at the Ranger. Especially if the NG Ranger gets a hybrid. I would assume 40k would get a respectably equipped NG Ranger hybrid (all speculation of course).
  13. Here is one that I know a few on here know but most likely can’t say. What’s the powertrain(s)? Its been written that it at minimum gets the Explorer ST engine ( most likely a higher HP tune). However, fairly certain we saw a hybrid powertrain in a test vehicle. The Aviator GT powertrain would easily fit too. So the question becomes, ST or GT?
  14. jcartwright99

    2022 Ford Expedition News

    I really think it looks great. Not a vehicle for me a city dweller but it looks sharp.
  15. jcartwright99

    Worn Chalet seat

    Do you have a photo? Are you still under warranty? I assume so but you could drive a lot.