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  1. jcartwright99

    Hummer EV unveiling this fall (spy pic too)

    There is so much dumbshit in this thread. A lot based on opinion or speculation. Rperez with ,this is the savior technology and GM will win and Ford is behind, right on cue. Then others automatically poo poo it. Much like any other electric pick up, it doesn't exist yet. Tesla doesn't have one. GM doesn't have one. RAM for sure doesn't have one. We know Ford has a prototype that's it. All other makes are just vaporware, which leaves us speculate on how it will do. This all smoke and mirrors folks. Let's be honest, we don't know how it will do. I think rich people could buy it but if the Tesla has a better truck they may buy that. Who knows. GM admits that it doesn't exist yet, and someone pointed out that happened to the Bronco as well. Well, Ford knocked the Bronco out the park. Do you realize how many opportunities Ford had to blow it? A lot, and that's a rare thing to be able to pull it off. I mean just think if the Sport was the only Bronco we got! I have no doubt this tech will trickle into Silverado in 2026-28 or so but me personally, have little faith in GM in the luxury market. This is the company that spent tens of billions on 3 sedans to chase BMW, neglecting there was too much overlap and sedan sales were tanking to SUV's. However, I will wait to pass judgement so get back to me whenever it comes out.
  2. I guess I numb to anything FCA does. Jamming the Hellcat into everything, doesn't really move the needle for me. Sure straight line performance is impressive but unless you really are taking this off road, it seems like a giant compromise to drive on the road. You can somewhat say the same thing about the Raptor but it seems to be a better daily. and doesn't require premium fuel.
  3. Yep. It is. It's good know that I can get it on the Big Bend. I still haven't decided on the Big Bend or Black Diamond. I have plenty of time to decide though. I'll probably order a 2023.
  4. Ok, I guess I was wrong. It was driving me nuts so I went over BG6. Unless otherwise stated, the differentials are open. Now, the 4WD system/traction control can apply the brake to lock the spinning wheel so power can go to the one with traction. I feel better about that now. I still might go for the locking rear diff though, just in case I get into real rough stuff.
  5. You are absolutely correct. I had a Lincoln LS with an open differential and even with snow tires and traction control got stuck a lot with an open diff. Now, I believe that the Bronco comes standard with limited slip diff, otherwise it would have about 0 off road prowess in lower level trims. This setup should be sufficient for most, especially those that don't go extreme off-roading. For me, if I planned on any real off-roading, I would at least get a rear locker.
  6. True. The cloud has been around for a while so I’m making that assumption. I know Ford does some work in AWS as I’ve met some employees at Summits. Tonight is the perfect use case for cloud computing. Scaling up for high demand, and scaling down as demand dwindles I’m hoping that it works flawlessly tonight. I’ll be creating my builds tonight! Alright nerd rant over.
  7. If that happens, I will not understand. This is a very solvable problem. If the site crashes, the Ford it staff should be canned. Elastic load balancing with auto scaling should do the trick. Basically, as soon as a Webserver starts to get hammered, it automatically creates more instances of Webserver and distributes traffic. That’s the beauty of the cloud, as this can all be done instantly. It’s not like this isn’t an expected event.
  8. Wondering if this will get an air suspension option?
  9. jcartwright99

    Tesla finally admits model 3 design flaw

    I’m surprised that someone hasn’t commented to defend this and Tesla. Then deflect and point out Ford flaws. Then saying Tesla is the future and Ford is doomed. That’s pretty much how every Tesla thread goes.
  10. jcartwright99

    Hummer EV unveiling this fall (spy pic too)

    I like the T top thing it's got going on. It looks like the offspring of an H3 and Avalanche, which I guess is just ok. I know am not the target demographic for this but I am starting to find the battle of extreme electric truck vaporware a bit absurd. IF/WHEN these come out, lets not pretend they will be going off road. They will be valeted at a nice restaurant.
  11. The initial screw up from the Fields days I blame on Ford. Then pivoting from the eventual sport to making a real bronco (which I applaud but just puts a reset button on timeline). I don't blame them for the delays during Covid. Is it a pain? Yes, but not much could of been done to avoid it. A lot of this stuff is fluid though. When they just opened reservations a couple months ago, do you think they knew it would be sold out for the first year? As far as I know, this was the first time they rolled out the reservation thing. Once they realized the potential demand and probably got input from dealers, I bet they made the switch to no X plan for the first year. If it's a one year thing, I think this will effect a very small amount of people.
  12. I am just going to throw this out there. Do you think this is going to stop Ford from selling every Bronco almost immediately once it hits the lot for the first year? Do you think people are really going to let not getting a slight discount to push them away from buying the Bronco if it is what they really want? Do you think this is more vocal blowhards at B6G that like to hear themselves talk complain that they didn't get it "their" way? I think it's no for the first two questions, and yest to the third. X-Plan isn't even that great. If you like to negotiate, you should be able to get X-Plan on a vehicle with normal demand. I've personally watched it happen on an Edge and Taurus. Bronco is in a different stratosphere right now. IMHO, this is much ado about nothing.
  13. To get a clear understanding of the scope, if this indeed is the case, how many people would use x plan to buy these anyway? I mean I have no idea but if I were to guess I would say 10%. Anyone got an idea on that? I guess since I get Z plan, I really don't think about x plan.
  14. As far as this problem is concerned, nobody has the real story on why this is happening. Placing blame without all the facts is a bit presumptuous.
  15. I wonder what the issue is with this. Is it an engineering issue or manufacturing? I believe (correct me if I am wrong) these are made in Valencia, Spain which doesn't have the best track record. Does this impact the Corsair PHEV or are they different designs?