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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. jcartwright99

    2023 Maverick Tremor

    So after staring at the order guide for an hour, I suddenly started to feel sick. I felt like I needed to leave work. I may have used the word headache but ditched out of work early to put in an order. Hot Pepper Lariat, 2.0 AWD with Tremor package, spray in bed liner, and copilot 360. A hair over 36k. I’m sure I’ll see it 8 months.
  2. jcartwright99

    2023 Maverick Tremor

    And just like that the order banks appear to be closing today. I've been super busy. My son has been in the hospital for the past 5 days. So I am completely wiped out, I had planned on carving time to review order guide and set up a plan to order at the end of the month but it looks like that won't be happening. So the order banks for the Maverick we're only open for a week. Awesome. Looks like I will be getting a Suburu.
  3. jcartwright99

    2024 Mustang Info

    I just puked in my mouth a bit. They let stangmode speak…he’s a tool.
  4. jcartwright99

    2024 Mustang Info

    I am guessing a 5.2 500 HP engine for the GT or the first special edition.
  5. My company does the bottom 10% churn and burn every January. Unless you’ve done something egregious, you will get your bonus, insurance for 6-12 months, and severance (2 weeks salary per year you’ve been with company). Not entirely clear what the motivation was for the cuts but it’s not uncommon. If you were on the receiving end, time to take a week off/relax, evaluate what you want to do and retool.
  6. The oil pan with Bronco 2.7 is news. I knew it was different than F150 due to packaging but didn’t know it was causing potential issues.
  7. jcartwright99

    2023 Maverick Tremor

    For those actually wondering what the main differences are between FX4 and Tremor, TFL compared them. I have decided to get the Tremor. My only question is XLT or Lariat. Leaning toward Lariat. TFL Truck
  8. jcartwright99

    2023 Maverick Tremor

    I'm torn. I like the off road capability but like the 4k tow package and current payload. Not sure which one I'll order.
  9. Interesting. Until Ford actually successfully penalizes a dealership, I will believe it when I see it.
  10. jcartwright99

    Hau Thai-Tang to Retire

    Not to get side tracked, but to follow up on what Fuzzy was saying and some additional following comments... For those who haven't worked in a plant you won't fully understand. Seems like a cop out explanation, sure. However, its hard to accurately convey in words how physically demanding some line jobs can be. While the working conditions in the plants has improved a lot in 50 years, it can still be pretty bad (repetition, air quality and heat being the top 3). The plants themselves are dangerous. People get injured and yes sometimes die on the job. These things easily get overlooked, when you see some final assembly press video where somebody in a clean plant looks like they are barely working doing post production inspections. Things were better for the UAW factory workers, pre financial crisis. Fast forward to now, where minimum wage is trending toward 15 bucks an hour (if not there already in some places) and fast food workers want a living wage. I will say it, fast workers are the lowest common denominator. I've worked it when I was 16 and 17. It's even worse now as automation, lack of good workers, and cell phones have made the attention span of a fast food worker even less. The biggest concern for a fast food manager is, "will the employee show up today?" and not "will this employee do a good or at least marginal job today?". With low entry level pay/no or low benefits for the UAW factory jobs today and only the promise that in 5 years or so they could be making more, do you think there are a lot of folks that want to do that? I'm going to say no. I'd go to work Starbucks or Target for 5 years in A/C and try upgrade my skillset for a better paying job. This is why wages need to increase. You can't give away money to the lowest workers and not have a ripple effect up the chain. /end rant
  11. via autoblog "... In addition to their off-pavement suspensions, F-Series and Ranger Tremors come equipped with locking rear differentials; the Escape-based Maverick can't accommodate something that robust, but the twin-clutch, torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system offered in the Bronco Sport would pretty much drop right in. " I will be ordering this immediately if this indeed is a Tremor model with the BS Badlands diff. Less than a month to go!
  12. jcartwright99

    Raptor R Confirmed with 5.2L V8

    You've complained since day one of finding out it was the GT500 engine. Making assertions about filtration and not being durable. Glossing over other manufactures make these types of engines and they don't blow up. Merely giving opinions and not facts. It's 109K and it's not because of the air filter they chose. It's 109k because it's loaded, (the 2 most important facts) people will pay it, and they will sell every single one they will make. I am done trying to reason with unreasonable.
  13. I'd expect some kind of announcement/reveal at the Detroit Auto Show in September, for Ford. Most are speculating that Maverick and Ranger will have their own Lightening version. The question becomes, what is Ford doing for BEV family hauler CUV's? Is it expected that the Lincoln BEV will be introduced at the NY auto show next year?
  14. jcartwright99

    Raptor R Confirmed with 5.2L V8

    My guess is they were preproduction versions and the compartment was probably not in production form. Simple as that. From Motor Trend: "Breathing is also improved with a new conical air filter that improves airflow by 66 percent." So to answer your question, it sounds like it will have an air filter. Also, it sounds like they spent time engineering one for this application. Maybe now you can stop freaking out about air filtration. Unless you're an engineer that thinks they know more than Ford does about air filtration/air intakes, you should probably stop squawking about sand and dirt blowing up these engines. You come off as a troll that has "facts" from the alternate reality in which they live.
  15. jcartwright99

    Raptor R Confirmed with 5.2L V8

    Blah, blah, blah…I’m going to speculate…die on this hill