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  1. Ice-Capades, it would NOT surprise me at all if FORD builds a plant in Mexico or resumes the construction of the San Luis Postito site like you stated. Mr. Fain can only push so far until the other side takes actions to make sure the company does NOT go under. I can NOT imagine what Mr. Fain will ask for next time. Something my granddad always said "Money Is The Root Of All Evil, It Creates Greed, Which In Turn Creates Self-centeredness!"
  2. Hmmm, I am in a different Union, we can NOT strike, but with the post above I am starting to see a much clear picture here........
  3. Hmmm, OK help me out here, is this guy still getting FULL pay why this strike is going on, while the MOST IMPORTANT FOLKS, the FRONTLINE WORKERS ARE NOT?
  4. Hmmm, if my old memory serves me correctly, back in 1996 the UAW pushed too hard and Caterpillar shutdown the York, PA plant and moved it. Thousand of folks lost their jobs and benefits and had to start over, my neighbor was one to them. So the question is how far do they push? Below is what FORD is offering the UAW, I will let "YOU Be The Judge".
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