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    7.3 teardown

    I did check out some of the Ford Performance crate engines. Some are made up of all new parts, some are made up of 'currently available' parts, whatever that means. Their basic 340 h.p. 302 (long block with front cover, water pump, pan, valve covers) retails for $8,900. I can buy a 430 h.p. 6.2L LS for $7,546 retail, and that's completely dressed.
  2. 7Mary3

    7.3 teardown

    Yes, trying to buy new replacement engines. I know in the past a lot of the so-called 'crate' performance engines Ford was peddling were built up of used and aftermarket parts, and were stupid expensive on top of that. Hopefully the situation has changed, I have not paid much attention to what Ford has been offering lately. Kind of gave up to be honest. No surprise why so many LS engines end up in vintage Fords I guess.
  3. 7Mary3

    7.3 teardown

    Had a similar experience with 5.4L's, but I only went through 2 and got almost 1000 miles out of the first one in one instance!
  4. 7Mary3

    7.3 teardown

    I am not so optimistic. Ford does not understand (or has no interest in) 'crate engines'. Half the time you can't even buy new replacement production engines after the model year is over, you are stuck with Ford's 'Authorized' reman's! Who 'authorizes' those things anyway?
  5. 7Mary3

    7.3 teardown

    Yeah, me too! What I think they are getting at is that a wedge combustion chamber with moderately sized in-line valves works very well at lower r.p.m.'s (port velocity for one) for torque. And, with that design there is no reason for an overhead cam. So, it isn't that an OHV design has an advantage over an OHC design for low r.p.m. torque, it's just that there is no disadvantage to an OHV in that application. In addition the OHV design has other advantages over OHC such as cost and external size.
  6. 7Mary3

    7.3 teardown

    Mr. Wolfe was very clear in the 7.3L teardown videos that the reason the 7.3L is pushfor is for packaging (smaller exterior size) and because an OHC design does not offer any meaningful advantage at the r.p.m. range the 7.3L works at. I suspect Ford also sees a cost advantage with OHV as well.
  7. 7Mary3

    Ford and VW partnership

    I think VW could build a competitive small pickup and van quite easily. However, it would be more profitable for VW to use Ford platforms for these vehicles rather than design their own
  8. 7Mary3

    Ford and VW partnership

    My take is VW does not need anyone in Europe, and would like to have Ford's European operations too.
  9. CNG in light duty is all but dead, even in So. Cal., and Landi is the only current CARB compliant upfitter to my knowledge. Most of their business seems to be utility and municipal fleet. Medium/heavy is a much different story, many CNG Freightliners, Kenworths, and Autocars not only in municipal/utility but in private fleets as well. No comment on Landi's quality or customer service.........
  10. Yes, and the new 7.3L's block is a similar design. Should hold up batter being that it is iron and not turbocharged.
  11. I like it, but it looks too much like a Range Rover. Hoping the design would have been a little more retro and rugged looking. Is the body aluminum?
  12. Is this the head gasket leak caused by the block design? I think the issue was corrected on later blocks by going to a closed deck design.
  13. That's good. Notice the scalloped engine cover for the E-series? The very much smaller externally 7.3L probably made that possible. The 7.3L CNG prep package is probably only hard valve seats and better valves, but is necessary for the upfitters to convert the engine to CNG.
  14. Landi does offer ship-through. I believe they have locations near KTP and Avon Lake.
  15. Freightliner currently offers class 6/7 mediums with the Cummins L9G CNG engine. My company has 100's. Ford has stated they are not interested in offering 'factory' CNG vehicles, but work with many upfitters like Landi-Renzo under their QVM program. Landi is currently working on a CNG 7.3L that if certified will be available in the F-450 to 750 (I know people involved in that project). I believe the CNG 7.3L will be dedicated CNG, and the injectors will go into gasoline injector locations in the head. https://freightliner.com/trucks/m2-112-natural-gas/ https://www.greencarcongress.com/2020/02/20200213-landi.html
  16. I was looking at a 7.3L out of a truck (250-350 I assume) and I couldn't clearly see were they would mount a compressor. The timing cover has integral brackets for the belt tensioner and idler pulleys, maybe with a different front cover they could mount a compressor. I figure most 7.3L's would be in <26,000# GVW F-650's with juice brakes anyway.
  17. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  18. Thanks, just found them. Looks good, a lot of frame options, high GVW's on the 750's. Noticed tractors are diesel only and the 7.3L gas is only available with hydraulic brakes. Not too much of a surprise. Now all Ford needs is an F-850 with a 9L Cummins/Allison 3000 drive train and a tandem axle option.......
  19. Where? Is there a link?
  20. That's about the way I see it as well. GM does offer a class 6 LCF, the 6500XD, which is similar to the Isuzu FTR. The E series does offer better pricing than certain LCF's, but they really don't compete directly. And based on my experiences, Isuzu's have about the lowest operating costs of any commercial vehicle. Overall ownership costs are also low, the higher purchase price is offset by higher resale value. The E competes directly with the old Savanna/Express 3500/4500 cut-away versions. GM offers no stripped chassis models at this time.
  21. I don't think GM really wants to be a serious player in class 6 and 7, beyond offering their commercial dealers a basic product in that segment. From what I understand Navistar is more than pleased with the GM joint venture, it got them into class 4/5 at minimal cost and it has increased plant utilization at Springfield significantly. GM is also able to offer Navistar engineering and components for HVAC, electrical, and body systems, I suspect that is what is driving the possibility of future joint projects. I don't see VW having much of a problem with this, it represents sales volume and cost savings. BTW, after VW made that offer for Navistar the silence has been deafening...........
  22. 7Mary3

    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    Guess they needed a villain. Leo Beebe by all accounts was a decent guy and supportive of all the Ford teams.
  23. Engine and electrical all GM too. Supposedly, the next generation International MV will be a similar joint venture.