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  1. I hope that Faux granite look around the radio controls makes it into production because I kind of like that. I also wonder what the finish around the HVAC will look like because it appears to be missing here.
  2. What you bolded in the list is purely by sales, not by brand image. Any sane person would choose Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce over the four in bold letters if it was measured by prestige.
  3. My hope is that if the Mustang name can be placed on a BEV-CUV, then Continental could too.
  4. atomcat68

    General Motors 3Q 2020 financials

    I think am Edsel Citation was needed more... That being said, that car was the answer that the market needed in the early 80's and if GM built that with even the slightest hint of quality, that car would have been their Camry and the Toyota would have never had a chance. Instead it is the butt of many jokes.
  5. atomcat68

    GM to reopen Oshawa Assembly Plant

    That would make sense, or the Mexican plant could be repurposed to make the many EVs they have planned.
  6. atomcat68

    Genesis GV70

    Many people criticize new car style as ugly at first, but you get used to a certain style element and like it. There are plenty of new designs I thought was ugly, but I ended up warming up to them. The most recent example of that is the new Corvette.
  7. It looks more like a Chevette than a classic Chevy truck.
  8. atomcat68

    Genesis GV70

    I like it! C pillar and all. It seems strange to most of you now, but it will probably look more normal as you get used to seeing it. If they blacked it out, it would look like every other CUV on the market, which is why I think they should keep it the way it is. Make a bold statement with the style, and don't be afraid.
  9. Excellent work! Also, maybe it's time for that lion shield logo to reappear as maybe a fender badge. Expedition would be a good choice for this. Or maybe it could be a trim level badge.
  10. atomcat68

    Hummer EV unveiling this fall (spy pic too)

    Cybertruck from Tesla. Everyone is chiming in about how pricy it is and will it beat Ford to the market and so on, but this is to do battle with Tesla. The Silverado and any bev version of that will be priced in line with the F150. The "luxury trims" of GMC outsell Cadillac, Audi or BMW and have higher transaction prices. There is possible space for this. Citation for this: https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a34345059/gmc-now-sells-more-luxury-vehicles-than-cadillac/
  11. atomcat68

    Tesla finally admits model 3 design flaw

    You mean you didn't know that in 10 years every car will be designed to have parts fall off in the rain? 😛
  12. I can vouch for that, My Mustang did the same thing. But also I noticed that Escape is said to have AWD and the refer to Bronco sport as 4WD, so maybe the heavy duty driveline system causes friction that uses more gas at highway speeds, as it seems to damage highway milage more. Also is there a huge difference in curb weight between the two? That would also cause a huge discrepancy.
  13. But, I wonder if had it been exported during the entire run, would it have suffered the same kind of sales decline? The export thing is something they should have been doing all along and seem like a missed opportunity for decades.
  14. Imagine if instead of car sales, that was the money you make in your yearly income. You were much happier to make 165,000 in 2005 than 72,000 in 2019 for the same work. hahaha. But seriously, I know that stopped me from buying new. I'm not paying double for a car that is almost the same as my 2012 in performance.
  15. And Mustang's sales are a great deal lower as a result.
  16. atomcat68

    VW Taos Revealed

    All I know, when I was loading cargo in one, it was tough getting items to fit in it that easily fit in other compact CUVs. The roof was too low and even with the seats folded down, it took a lot of work to load the car.
  17. atomcat68

    What do you guys think of the new Corvette?

    I hated it when I first saw it, but I warmed up to it. Of course the lower than expected price helped that opinion greatly! It doesn't seem like a Corvette to me now that it is a mid engine car. But seeing it as a sports car, it is a great deal. If you get one, please don't put that body kit on it! That one in the picture needs to be killed with a nuclear bomb!
  18. atomcat68

    2021 Honda Ridgeline

    True, but for most people, they are paying for overkill. I am guilty of that. I bought a Mustang only to get stuck in traffic jams and rarely be able to go fast.
  19. atomcat68

    2021 Honda Ridgeline

    It may not fit the definition of a real truck, but for most people , a real truck is overkill and this is more truck than the average person will ever need. Most pickups hardest mission is to pick up a new table from Ikea. If one is a contractor, then this isn't for that customer.
  20. atomcat68

    VW Taos Revealed

    They said smaller than a Tiguan? The Tiguan is tiny as it is. You might as well buy a hot wheels car at that point. At least the Tiguan I saw today looked the same size as a Buick Encore/Chevy Trax. That being said, it is a good looking car.
  21. That's good it's also on your phone because what if you needed to read the manual to get the touchscreen to work...😄
  22. atomcat68

    2022 Honda Civic revealed in patent images

    Yes, it must be the Civic, because here is the refresh of the Accord: http://www.autoextremist.com/on-the-table1/ The tail lights are completely different as are the creases in the doors.
  23. Yeah, you sure showed me, sis.
  24. Also I believe it is in a Ford forum due to it starting out discussing a Ford employee taking unauthorized photographs and posting them on the internet.