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  1. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, a typical Level 1 (120V) connection will net you 4-5 miles for each hour of charging. Level 2 charging will get you 15-25 miles for each hour of charging. My typical day varies from 25 to over 100 miles of driving. Most days are roughly 60 miles. I don’t think I’d be comfortable with Level 1 charging. I’d probably be comfortable with Level 2 charging. But I don’t plan to replace my Mustang any time soon. We use my wife’s Edge for trips. There isn’t an EV available today that I would buy to replace her Edge. Charging is still too much of an inconvenience on long trips. And we will be replacing the Edge within the next year.
  2. Right. I think most 220/240 volt charging systems recommend a 50 or 60 amp breaker. I think some of the Tesla chargers need a bigger breaker than that. If anyone want to jump in and correct me, feel free. This is NOT my area of expertise. 😄
  3. 120 volt? Really? I thought charging was really slow at 120V. I would want 220V. And I would consider that high voltage.
  4. CurtisH

    7.3 teardown

    OHC. It was based on the 6.2L V8 in the F Series.
  5. I was hoping to talk my wife into a Bronco to replace her Edge, but I really like the Bronco Sport. I think she will like the Sport better than the real Bronco, too. Note: I’m not giving up my Mustang. 😄
  6. A friend of mine had one. He really liked it.
  7. We can agree to disagree. I thought the 05-09 had a much more cohesive design than the refreshes in 10 and 13. I agree the the interior improvements were nice.
  8. I have an 18 and love it. However, I also agree that the 15-17 front end does look a little better.
  9. CurtisH

    BMW i4 Electric Concept

    I’ve also read that the Taycan has been exceeding range expectations, even during “spirited” driving. Sounds like Porsche may have been purposefully conservative on their range estimates.
  10. CurtisH

    Tesla Model Y To Ship In March

    I will look at a BEV to replace my Mustang because we don’t take long trips in it. However, I don’t plan to replace it for another 9-10 years.
  11. CurtisH

    Tesla Model Y To Ship In March

    Honestly, why should blwnsmoke or any of us care about the mindset of an EV owner. If Tesla wants to be a long term major player in the auto business, they need to care about the mindset of the average car owner. I agree with blwnsmoke, I am not altering my travel plans because I need to charge my car. If it won’t handle the trips I want to do without adding the inconvenience of finding a charger and waiting to recharge, I will not buy it. We’re replacing my wife’s Edge within the next year. There isn’t an BEV currently on the market or announced that I would consider.
  12. My first car was a 79 Mustang coupe, 2.3 with the 4 spd manual. Loved that car.
  13. That is the best way to make toast. 😄