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  1. CurtisH

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    That actually sounds pretty useful.
  2. CurtisH

    Another new V8 ?

    My Ecoboost Mustang gets good gas mileage (averaging about 25.5 overall), but it still has sooty tailpipes. I also spend a good bit of time in Sport+ Plus mode or the mileage might be a little better.
  3. CurtisH

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    That is a bit different. We had a lot of video of the police “chasing” a white Ford Bronco. The Bronco was the focus of the videos. In the Floyd case, most of my friends had no idea there was an Explorer in the video.
  4. I assume this excludes cars. The gas cap door on my Mustang is noticeably lower than the gas cap door on our Edge.
  5. I knew it was a rumor. I thought maybe the “coming to America” part had moved past the rumor stage and I just missed it.
  6. I didn’t read anything that would indicate that this is coming to North America. Am I missing something?
  7. I’m sorry, but it’s ridiculous to complain that a 10 speed transmission shifts too much. There is no way to classify that as constructive criticism.
  8. I knew some of the Camaro guys have been worried that GM was going to cancel it again. I was just wondering if you had heard anything verifying that.
  9. The bold text above is speculation, right? I don’t recall hearing anything definitive.
  10. CurtisH

    Mach-E Recall

    Okay, I must have missed this. What is the EB coolant issue?
  11. CurtisH

    Mach-E Recall

    I “mostly” agree with this. However, recalls get announced in the news. TSB’s do not. Most people never hear about TSB’s. While it is possible that a TSB will make it into the news, it is much less likely than a recall, which will certainly make it into the news. So I do think a TSB would draw less attention than a recall.
  12. I assume you meant 12k-15k per month by this time next year.
  13. Definitely looks like an Explorer, but with less desirable proportions. It looks better than typical minivans, though.
  14. There will, of course, be some teething issues. A friend has a new Mac Mini and had a problem hooking up a DVI monitor using a DVI/HDMI adapter. Apple just released an update to Big Sur that addressed this issue. There will be other issues. So far though, the transition to the M1 chip seems to be going rather smoothly.
  15. Apple has just released its first M processor. It’s basically their entry-level processor. Subsequent processors will be faster. AMD’s high end processors are very good. I think they compare well to the M1, but I suspect they will have problems compared to Apple’s next processors (M1x or M2). Check out Max Tech’s YouTube channel. They recently did a comparison between the M1 MacBook Pro and an Asus with AMD’s best laptop chip. The M1 was better in some tests. The AMD chip was better in some tests. The Asus did have an RTX 2600 graphics card, which helped in some tests.