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  1. CurtisH

    Future Edge Replacement

    Heat pumps are more energy efficient only to a certain point. When it gets cold enough, heat pumps cannot generate enough heat and must use a secondary heat source, usually electric heat strips. Electric heat strips are not very efficient. You can use a gas furnace as the secondary heat source, but that adds to the initial installation cost.
  2. I agree. The front end just looks off to me, primarily the headlights. I’ll probably get used to it, but don’t expect it to look “normal”.
  3. I’ve got just over 34,000 miles on my 2018 Mustang Ecoboost (10 spd auto). Over the life of the vehicle, I’m averaging 25.3 mpg. I have the Performance Package so its EPA rating is 20 city, 29 highway, and 23 combined. I’m pretty satisfied.
  4. CurtisH


    The Model S is much bigger and heavier than my Mustang. As far as I know, they come with all-season tires. I doubt it can match my Mustang for handling. Don’t think it can match my Mustang for braking either. I’ve read reviews that that have criticized their steering feel. My Mustang’s steering feel could also be better. I’ll give you NVH, and smooth ride. Those features don’t make a car enjoyable to drive, at least not for me. I drive a Mustang because it’s an engaging car to drive. I haven’t read anything to convince me that a Tesla (any model) would be a more enjoyable driver’s car. Oh, and all the Tesla’s cost much more than my Mustang. Perhaps we will have to agree to disagree.
  5. CurtisH


    What makes a Tesla more enjoyable to drive than my Mustang? Don’t mention ludicrous speed. In everyday driving, it’s not really relevant. I doubt its seats are more comfortable than those in my Mustang. I doubt it will out handle my Mustang. I also doubt it with out brake my Mustang. Looks are subjective, but I don’t care for the looks of the Model 3 or its interior. So, what makes a Tesla so enjoyable to drive?
  6. This may become the norm for some buyers, but not all. I will never buy a vehicle without driving it first. My wife feels the same way.
  7. That’s not quite correct. Ford Performance offered the tune. It came with a 3 year 36,000 warranty. If the tune caused problems, the Ford Performance warranty covered any repair costs. Beyond 36,000 miles, issues caused by the tune could void the Ford warranty. In other words, if the engine blew up at 37,000 miles and was caused by the tune, you’re on your own.
  8. I’ve seen 3 new Escapes recently. They look better in person than in photos. My wife saw one of them and thought it looked good.
  9. I put a CD in my 2005 Mustang once just to make sure that the CD player worked. I haven’t bothered to do that with my 2018 Mustang. 😄
  10. CurtisH

    Rivian: Tank Turn

    Okay, that’s kind of cool!
  11. CurtisH

    Goodbye Focus, hello Flex

    It’s a little too tall, but it does remind me of the Flex too.
  12. CurtisH


    On trips, it isn't as convenient. Won't be for several years.
  13. CurtisH


    That's not true for Tesla, at least not for me. In the city I live in, there are Tesla charging stations, but they are not convenient for me. And you would still have the long wait to charge the car. On long trips, we just drive where we want. Not enough charging stations on some of those trips. If charging times are almost as quick as filling up a car with gas in 10 years, I may replace my Mustang with an EV. Options will have to improve, though. Tesla doesn't make anything I want. Other than the Model S (too big to be a Mustang replacement), I just don't like the Tesla models that are currently offered.
  14. CurtisH


    We will probably replace my wife’s Edge in about 18 months. It won’t be an EV. That is the vehicle we usually take on vacation. Some of our trips don’t involve highways. I’m not interested in finding charging stations in small towns and have to wait 30-60 minutes for it to charge. I might replace my Mustang with an EV, but I won’t be replacing it for about 10 years. By then, charging should not be an issue anymore. It won’t be a Tesla. I want a local dealership to handle any issues I have. And to be honest, I don’t expect Tesla to be around then. I have a few friends that feel the same way.