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  1. brucelinc

    speed specific vibration

    New shaft is on and car is smooth as a baby's buttocks. Not sure what caused the other shaft to create the vibes. Admittedly, the accelerator pedal has had many intimate encounters with the floor carpet. However, I suspect many other red neck hooligans with Mustangs have introduced those two components as much or more than I have. Next project is a Roush Supercharger to be installed by the dealer. 😉
  2. brucelinc

    2020 Explorer ST tuned !

    The performance results are nearly identical to those of my Continental which has a pretty mild tune. The 10 speed auto would be vastly superior to the 6 speed in my Conti for the quarter mile but the Explorer is heavier. I agree that there is more to be had with the Explorer if they want to tweak the tune a bit.
  3. brucelinc

    speed specific vibration

    New shaft goes on next week.
  4. brucelinc

    Continental reliability

    I have had a 2017 Reserve series with the 3.0 engine since December of 2016. It has been excellent. The only issue I had was a faulty power seat module that was replaced under warranty very soon after I got the car. The 3.0 engine is strong and the 6F55 transmission is very robust. In terms of quality and reliability, I have heard of no issues and I would highly recommend the car. Since resale value is poor, I am sure you can get a LOT of car for the money when shopping for a 2017.
  5. brucelinc

    speed specific vibration

    Thanks, but I am not worried. I only provided follow-up as a point of interest. Also, I am well aware of what caused the Ford Pass messages. I just found it funny as in humorous....not funny as in peculiar.
  6. brucelinc

    speed specific vibration

    I apologize if my comment about no one caring sounded snarky. It is just that I had researched this issue in every possible way and kept drawing a blank. I will provide a follow up after they install the new shaft. When the tech originally drove the car with me, he was convinced that it was a tire issue....and I agree that it seemed like a front tire was out of balance or defective. Since I have two sets of tires/wheels and the symptoms were the same with both, we could eliminate that as the cause. Once we got the car in the shop, a different tech concluded it was definitely driveline related. What is puzzling to me is that this just started for no apparent reason and is through the steering wheel rather than the seats or accelerator. According the the service writer, they had the car on the hoist and ran it up to the 50 MPH speed range and could duplicate the issue even though the front wheels were stationary....thus eliminating and issue in the front end. I have noticed that when driving at a steady 50 MPH, the vibration is very slight. However, if I am going faster and back off the throttle and let it coast down to that speed under engine braking alone, the vibration is more pronounced. Downshifting so there is more engine braking makes it a bit more prevalent. Oddly, it is ONLY at approximately 50 MPH that this occurs. It is perfectly smooth at all other speeds whether accelerating, slowing down or driving steady. Funny thing: I have Ford Pass and while the tech was doing his diagnostics, I was home getting all sorts of scary emails from Ford Pass.....such as ABS faults detected, Advance track faults detected, Collision warning system faults detected, etc.
  7. brucelinc

    speed specific vibration

    UPDATE: Apparently no one had any ideas about this or didn't care but I will provide an update. Dealer did some diagnostics, involved Ford Engineering and ordered me a new driveshaft. They did check alignment, rear subframe positioning and a number of other things before coming to the driveshaft conclusion. The rubber housing around the center carrier bearing did seem to allow quite a bit of movement when I was under the car doing my own investigation. Apparently, it is allowing the shaft to "whip" ever so slightly at a specific speed....especially when slowing down through that speed range and engine compression is causing different pressure on the shaft than when accelerating or driving steady. I am still somewhat baffled that a driveshaft issue would cause steering wheel vibration but we shall see if the new shaft does the trick.
  8. brucelinc

    My Second Ford, first Lincoln

    Congratulations on the Continental. I have a 2017 model and appreciate it even more now than when I first got it. I also have the cappuccino interior and I like Lexol products. I have only used a damp cloth for cleaning but I use the Lexol conditioner 3-4 times a year. I did the same with my MKS that had a light color interior and it looked like new after 7 years and 70,000 miles. I think the conditioner makes cleaning easier and harsh cleaning agents unnecessary.
  9. brucelinc

    2017 Edge 30k mile Transmission service

    Granted, a drain & fill leaves a lot of fluid in there. However, with my MKS, I just did a drain & fill on an annual basis....not getting all the fluid out but doing it more frequently. I did drag race the car as well as use it for a daily driver in Minnesota so I consider that severe service. I avoided the flush for the reasons that Fordtech described. I wasn't comfortable with the method of heating the fluid to the appropriate level. I am not necessarily advocating or criticizing either method but I have had excellent service from the MKS, our Taurus and the Continental....all with the 6F50/6F55.
  10. brucelinc

    speed specific vibration

    My 2018 Mustang has recently developed a vibration through the steering wheel ONLY at speeds between 48 and 52 MPH...most noticeable at 50. I have 2 sets of wheels/tires - aftermarket and original equipment - and it is exactly the same with both sets.....thus ruling out tire or wheel issues. I do not feel it through the brakes or seat. The steering wheel does not shimmy. It sort of feels like the handlebars of an idling motorcycle....but only at that specific speed range. High speeds are perfectly smooth. There is no noise at all associated with the vibration. This issue began all of a sudden and I can't think of a single event that would have caused it. Could brake rotors cause this...even though braking is smooth? Could a driveshaft or rear half-shaft issue cause a STEERING WHEEL vibration? Could an alignment issue cause it? Other ideas???
  11. After being active on Lincoln and SHO forums for years and then getting involved with Mustang forums and clubs a couple of years ago, I see a HUGE difference in how the different types of buyers react to an issue. Not to paint with an overly broad brush but the Mustang group tends to be much more vocal, whiny and "herd mentality" than the others when it comes to complaining on social media. They also seem to believe more of what they hear or read without doing proper research. Just my observations.....
  12. I should do rev-matched downshifts and should be smooth. I have heard of a few cases where the engine rpm "hangs" briefly during downshifts causing a bit of a lurch as the rev-matching takes place. I thought that was more prevalent with the Ecoboost, though. I I have been extremely pleased with the way mine shifts. (knock on wood) If I didn't look at the gear position in the instrument cluster, I don't think I would even know it downshifts.
  13. There have also been complaints of harsh engagements and rough shifts with the A10 in Mustangs. PCM reflashes usually fix those issues. It seems that many Mustang owners complain loudly and often before actually taking their cars to the dealer for a fix.
  14. Oh yes, there is a tsb for the 10A. No Upshift Past Second Gear Fails To Achieve Third Gear Ratio – Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0757 And P2701 – 2018 Ford Mustang oemdtc June 22, 2018 Diagnostic Tips
  15. I have no doubt that driver abuse plays a role. There is a service bulletin on the 2018s, though. Since Ford issued service bulletins for the 2018 M6 shift forks as well as the engine ticks and rattles, the social media storm has subsided somewhat. It was brutal for awhile on Mustang forums and Facebook Mustang groups.