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  1. Yeah, we had the Taurus version, too, which had the 3.5. It was my wife's daily driver. It was very roomy, surprisingly peppy and quite economical. It may have looked like a turd but was actually a very good car.
  2. brucelinc

    Ventilated seats in 2022 Aviator

    Really? I thought the later models just used a fan under the seats.
  3. brucelinc

    Ventilated seats in 2022 Aviator

    They are a far cry from the actual COOLED seats which used a peltier device. The seats in my 2020 MKS would frost your buttocks.
  4. brucelinc

    Adaptive Suspension

    I cannot answer that question but here is what they say about it: The adaptive suspension on the ’23 Lincoln Corsair lets you effortlessly glide over bumpy roads and rougher terrain. The adaptive suspension system on the Corsair uses sensors that constantly monitor your motion, body movement, steering, and braking to improve your drive. This ensures you have a small luxury SUV that is nimble and feels like it is bolted to the road. Just guessing but if cameras were used to view the road ahead, it seems like they would say that. "Adaptive suspension" often means that the suspension and steering is relaxed when going straight and not making quick steering movements, but firms up when cornering, braking heavily, or making quick steering corrections.
  5. I would have preferred the Continental go a bit more toward the 4 door "coupe" profile....like this BMW 8 series.
  6. I had a Continental from 2017 until late 2021. While the styling was not offensive, I thought it was much too bland. While the failure of the Continental could easily be blamed on consumer's move to utility vehicles, it also was not special enough in any way to attract many new buyers. Additionally, like many other models, it was never updated or improved throughout it's lifespan. It had some nice features....excellent comfortable 30 way seats, soft close doors, approach lighting, etc. It had good fit/finish and I liked mine, especially for long road trips. However, it was not as quiet as a luxury car should be nor did it have a particularly compliant ride quality. The 6 speed transmission did not match up well with the 3.0 twin-turbo. They built so much torque management into it that acceleration was a surge/lag, surge/lag affair. When I decided to replace my Conti and started shopping other brands, the Continental's shortcomings became even more clear. It was simply not up to par with BMW, Lexus, or Genesis in terms of ride, quietness or mechanical prowess. While I haven't driven any of the Lincoln utility vehicles, it appears that management is taking that market more seriously than they did the sedan market.
  7. Based on the spec sheet, it appears all models are crew cab with the short box. That will not work for me but otherwise, it seems to be a well thought-out offering.
  8. I wouldn't want a regular cab anymore for the reasons already stated. However, I still MUCH prefer a supercab over a crew cab. The rear area of a supercab is large enough to hold luggage, tools, or whatever or carry passengers if absolutely needed. You still have a longer bed without excessive overall length. I like my supercab F150 but I do miss the maneuverability, lower loading height and overall size of my old Ranger supercab.
  9. My choice would be a Platinum extended cab (long box) with the 2.7 V6....a combination highly unlikely to be offered.
  10. brucelinc

    Continental replacement

    They paid me $38,500. They then certified the car and listed it for $40,995. I have no idea what they got for it but it wasn't on the lot for very long.
  11. brucelinc

    2022 Mach 1

    The Mustang folks reside at this location: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/
  12. brucelinc

    New to me F150

    I recently picked up this Certified 2018 F150 to replace my old 2001 Ranger. It is an XLT with 302a package, 2.7, Nav and towing package. At first the F150 seemed huge compared to the Ranger but it does become more manageable as I get more accustomed to it. It does take up a lot of garage space, though! I could never understand why anyone would want an F150 as a daily driver or commuting vehicle. I now understand a bit better. The ride, quiet and overall comfort is amazingly good considering the bulk. I still would have preferred a Ranger sized vehicle but I didn't want to wait for the new Ranger to become available. We will use the F150 for an upcoming move to another state....hauling and towing a trailer and my old Ranger lacked the capability that is needed. I am impressed with the little 2.7. It is smooth, quiet and surprisingly potent. As a long time Livernois Motorsports customer, I immediately obtained tunes for it...an 87-89 octane version and a 91-93 version. Since the dealer filled the 36 gallon tank with 87, I have loaded the 87-89 tune first. It really made a difference in terms of response, transmission behavior and overall performance. I look forward to running higher octane and the even stronger tune.
  13. brucelinc

    No CD player with 2022 Super Duty :(

    The flashdrive in the USB port is an excellent way to go. I don't use my phone for music. I just leave the flashdrive in the USB port all the time and access the songs or playlists by voice. It is a pretty simple process to rip the music from a CD and then copy it to the flashdrive. It works well with Ford's sync system as well as the I-Drive system in my BMW.
  14. brucelinc

    Ranger Raptor Spy shots

    Same here. If I am going to replace my old Ranger, I need the bed length. I use my Ranger to haul things.