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  1. brucelinc

    New Mach-1...no, not the Mach-E

    10r80.... yes. Whipple......no way.
  2. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a30173251/ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-acceleration-testing/ Traction issues on the street as I expected. DRs and a VHT prepped starting line make all the difference. The trap speed is impressive and shows that the car is making great power. Without a mid-engine, drag radials or AWD, a nose heavy 760 HP vehicle is traction limited on the street. In the hands of private owners at local tracks, it will be very close between a GT 500, a ZL1 Camaro and a Hellcat. I look forward to playing with these guys after I get a blower on my 10A GT. We've just tested a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 on a test track, and it shot to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds on its way to a 11.4-second quarter-mile at 132 mph. The Chevy Camaro ZL1 remains the quickest ultra pony car we've tested to 60 mph, but the GT500 catches up by the quarter-mile and pulls ahead of both the ZL1 and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye at higher speeds.
  3. The quote below is exactly what I would like them to do. Unfortunately for me, they build vehicles to make money rather than to just please me. There are ways to keep buyers in the fold, however. The Continental is a stellar effort from the brand, and a solid foundation on which to build. Noble pointed out Lincoln could use the rear-wheel drive platform found under its Aviator and Ford's latest Explorer to build a four-door model with a fastback-like roof line in the vein of the Audi A7. It's a sleeker, sexier body style that tends to attract more buyers than a more conventional three-box sedan, which is often criticized as old-fashioned. Automakers can normally get away with charging a little bit more for these cars; the A7 is more expensive than the A6, for example.
  4. Sounds like ideal conditions. I am impressed with the traction. I assume he was on street tires but it hooked amazingly well.
  5. I don't know what the density altitude was or how good the track prep was when he ran. That makes a huge difference. I look forward to seeing one of these at my local strip next summer. It is really hard to tell from the video but it didn't seem like the shifts were any quicker or firmer than an A10 in drag mode. It does sound good.
  6. brucelinc

    Ford Nearly Completes Car Purge

    I don't hate SUVs or CUVs. I just have no use for a vehicle that attempts to combine sport, utility, comfort, style and other things into one package. From my perspective, SUVs or CUVs do not do any of those things particularly well. I prefer having a sporty car for fun and style, an upscale and well-equipped sedan for comfortable travel and a 4X4 pick-up for hauling stuff and driving when the roads are snowy or icy. For me, those are the right tools for each job. I have never been one to follow the trends when it comes to buying vehicles so having an SUV just because they are so popular at the moment doesn't tempt me at all.
  7. brucelinc

    Lincoln Tunnel drag race?

    Most locations have tracks or drag strips for racing. Street racing is stupid. I should know.....I did plenty of it when I was a teen....and I was stupid.
  8. brucelinc

    Smooth or Rough - What do owners say

    Kwilkins, the best advice is to drive one, yourself, on all sorts of roads and see if it meets your expectations. Some people like soft and floaty while others like firm and tightly controlled. YOU are the best judge of what YOU like.
  9. brucelinc

    Car and Driver 10Best

    Unless your criteria for "best" is the same as the editors of C & D, their list is just for entertainment value, anyway.
  10. Lol....there are "name change" petitions popping up all over the Mustang forums and Facebook. Seems a bit late since the pony has already left the corral.
  11. brucelinc

    Mustang? Really?

    I am on about every Mustang site there is including Facebook groups. The reaction has been....uh....strong. I find it all a bit humorous.
  12. Understood....I am just thinking of other possibilities for the Mustang brand at some point....not necessarily "affordable."
  13. I agree. A Mustang inspired sports sedan or "four door coupe" would be a great addition for those who are not attracted to SUVs, CUVs minivans, station wagons or other utilitarian type vehicles.
  14. As a Mustang owner and enthusiast, I really don't care what they call this....uh....thing. It sort of reminds me of when Ford plastered the Cobra name on everything from Torinos to Mustangs or when Mercury used the Cougar and/or Capri name on various vehicles. We Mustang owners know what a Mustang is.
  15. brucelinc

    Deep Sleep Alerts (False alert?)

    Interesting. On Sunday, October 20, I ran my Mustang at a dragstrip 100 miles away. Drove back home on Sunday evening and the next morning I received a message that the car was in "deep sleep" mode due to inactivity for 14 days. LOL. Everything worked normally including location, fuel level, remote start, etc. so I assumed it was just a freaky fluke.