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  1. While losing the rain sensing wipers may not a deal breaker, it would be very close to a deal breaker for me. I have had them on a number of Lincoln vehicles as well as my BMW. They have all worked flawlessly and adjust the speed perfectly.
  2. My wife's Escape is a 2020....NOT a 2000. I had a Biden moment. Oops....probably shouldn't have said that. 🤣
  3. I think foot activation is one the handiest features. My wife has a 2020 Escape and uses it all the time when she is shopping and has her hands full. My past two daily drivers have also had it and would not want to lose that feature.
  4. I am on several BMW forums and the general consensus is that they went backwards with the latest 5 series. There was a lot of criticism of the 3 and 4 series nose but I think people are getting more comfortable with that. My favorite BMW is the 8 series. I agree that the market doesn't lust after BMWs anymore. The BMW purists think they have gone too soft and no longer deserving to be referred to as the ultimate driving machine. 8 Series: My favorite design but they will probably drop it.
  5. BMW has not set the world on fire with their designs lately. This appears to be no exception.
  6. 120,000 miles is far from low mileage. Old panthers were simple machines that would go several hundred thousand miles but the Continental is a more complex machine with turbos, AWD, and more electronics. I would inspect it VERY carefully and want to see service records. I wouldn't be concerned about the engine but I would want to know if the PTU lube had been changed, any transmission service done, etc. A thorough evaluation and test drive would be critical. Listen for any strange noises and any unusual smells. This is a case where having the car inspected by a professional mechanic might be a good idea. Replacement of things like the water pump, AC components, suspension components and many other items could make the car a money pit. Like others, mine was flawless but I only had around 50,000 miles on it when I sold it. Maraudest, have you ever driven a last generation Continental? They are not at all floaty and loose feeling like a Town Car. I think that is a good thing but if you like TCs, you may be disappointed in the Continental.
  7. Yeah, I would say their heritage is performance...specifically sharp handling. They promote their vehicles as "ultimate driving machines." That moniker does not apply to all of their products, anymore. My 5 series does handle well but I was most impressed with the soft ride and how quiet interior was compared to my Continental. Many BMW purists are not so happy with the direction BMW has taken with some of their models. I would not have considered a BMW of 30 or so years ago. My boss had a 7 series back then and it was as harsh riding as a truck.
  8. Yeah, I was thinking of Ford and not just Lincoln. I suppose Ford's heritage is more geared toward value priced passenger vehicles and, of course, trucks. That would different than the manufacturers that I mentioned. The profit margins are likely higher on BMW and MB sedans and coupes than they ever were on high volume sedans like Ford sold.
  9. I understand the business case and Ford's decision to kill Ford and Lincoln sedans. The reason that I moved to BMW was because they still make a full range of desirable (to me) sedans and coupes. My question is how do they do it profitably if Ford or GM cannot? I guess the same question would apply to Mercedes, Audi, and other upscale makes that offer sedans. Is it brand loyalty, more desirable products, higher prices, what? Or are they profitable? In the case of BMW, one would have to think so since sedan sales are a large part of their business.
  10. Many think the stock Mustang oil pump gear and crank sprocket are weak links. It seems to be harmonics that can cause them to fail, specifically hitting the rev limiter repeatedly. The general consensus among the techs I have spoken with is that the amount of power is irrelevant as long as you stay off the limiter. When using the 10 speed which is preferred for drag racing, hitting the limiter is less likely. When I had my Roush supercharged Mustang, Roush specifically said the upgraded gears were not necessary and they provided the warranty. I drag raced it many times with the 10A shifting at 7400 rpm and never had any issues. I never hit the rev limiter, though. When installing the supercharger, replacing the gears is less labor intensive than doing it after the blower is installed. It still is a big job and adds to the labor cost, though. If I get another Mustang and have the Whipple installed, I would not do the gears but many others would disagree with that decision.
  11. Yep, the only thing we mouth breathers hate more than 4 cylinder Mustangs are electric "Mustangs." 🤣
  12. The 2.7 is now available to order on the Ford site. It is available in XLT or Lariat trims.
  13. If they want a low slung icon that people lust after, it should be called "Thunderbird." A modern version of this:
  14. I will be very interested to see if and how the market responds to the upcoming Charger...a BIG non-SUV available in both 2 and 4 door models. The electric version won't be much of a test since people seem to either want EVs or hate them. The ICE versions in 2025 will be unlike about anything else in the marketplace.
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