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  1. bossman351

    Ford patent on huge windshield

    Looks like my hair line.
  2. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/ford/2019/10/31/ford-plans-close-romeo-engine-plant-part-new-uaw-deal/4110530002/
  3. bossman351

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    Yesterday day on 75 south around Monroe and in and around Dearborn I saw a boatload of Explorers being driven around. So maybe shipping soon.
  4. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a26912015/ford-f-150-raptor-v-8-supercharged/
  5. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/lincoln-aviator-concept-official-photos-and-info-news
  6. The one I saw at night also had completely different headlights on it. Dual elements per side. The exhaust was also set up different.
  7. bossman351

    Ford Police Car Boycott

    So what do you mean by your last sentence?
  8. bossman351

    Ford Police Car Boycott

    So many people only look at the kneel and never try to understand why it's being done. So of being on the other side of this I know why they're kneeling. Like it or not I support Ford and every other person that supports the rights of freedom of speech and press. Until you're in a situation where only the color of your skin is the deciding factor I support the kneel. Example of freedom of speech: all most every topic on here goes off into left field from the original header but no one shuts the thread down because of it.
  9. bossman351

    2019 explorer spied.

    It's definitely not current platform. The door sills seem much lower on the one I saw. Also the exhaust configuration to suspension seemed different. Had a single exhaust also
  10. bossman351

    2019 explorer spied.

    Glad someone posted something. Saw one tonight on I75 south a little past where 275 joins 75. Had the current Explorer taillights as the disguise. Since it was my first time seeing a prototype anything in real time I was a little too excited. But anyway it appears wider, lower, and longer. The sides didn't appear to have the curves of the current version. Also had quad look headlights. About the time I thought to take a pic, guess I had rode beside it to long and the driver slowed way down. One more thing, it had more of the zebra covering than cladding in my eyes.
  11. bossman351

    Chicago Auto Show Schedule

    Heyyyyy, we can't help it's Cleveland. Lol
  12. bossman351

    2018 Ford Mustang

    Hearing it's on the show floor today.....I knew I should have waited until this weekend to go.
  13. http://blog.caranddriver.com/2017-lincoln-continental-fuel-economy-numbers-discovered-considered/ Can someone help, Can't find how to post this link correctly. (edit: They changed the URL, and didn't forward it. I've posted the correct URL - Rich)
  14. bossman351

    '17 Fusion First Drive

    The Car and Driver review is much better.