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  1. bdegrand

    Need Advice On Polishing My Lower Side Molding

    Attn: Problem solved. I want to first extend my thanks to (Akirby) who advised me to use 'MOTHERS BACK TO BLACK' to resolve the chaulk residue problem. It worked wonderfully. I bought it at Wal-Mart for $5.75...(Red Bottle).
  2. Genesis vehicle posted ahead of Ford. How many Genesis vehicles are actually built and sold compared to Ford? Not sure how they consider a handful of vehicles from a low volume producer (Genesis) compared to a large volume producer (Ford)??? One hopeful outcome.....Will this stop that bearded Twinkie doing the Chevy is best for initial quality commercials? Oh someone say yes.....please say yes!!
  3. bdegrand

    Wrestler John Cena Flips GT

    JOHN CENA FINALLY SETTLED THE LAWSUIT... “I love the Ford GT and apologize to Ford, and encourage others who own the car to respect the contract,” Cena said in a statement issued by his lawyer to Jalopnik. “I am pleased we could resolve this matter outside of court, and that a worthy charity will benefit from one of the most iconic cars in the world.” A Ford spokesman told Fox News that details of the distribution of the funds will remain confidential. A separate lawsuit Ford filed against the dealer is apparently ongoing.
  4. bdegrand

    Fords at LeMans

    Looks like an easy Toyota victory. Nothing illegal on post race inspection...so far! The 2 Chip Ganassi Fords lost....but at least they finished...I guess that's somewhat acceptable.
  5. bdegrand

    Need Advice On Polishing My Lower Side Molding

    I will shop for its...thanks!
  6. I have a Black 2017 C MAX that I clean and polish faithfully. However, I noticed a common issue on the bottom side flat black molding(below the door) that tends to turn to a white haze over time. It seems common on other identical vehicles. I have used both McGuire Carnuba and Turtle Wax ICE....they both use to enhance the mat black finish , however, it seems they don't holdup anymore after a few hand washing. Does anyone else have a suggestion. I have seen some other C MAX owners vehicles where the molding has turned a horrible chalk white from the original black!
  7. Are these rates by volume of vehicles sold....since Explorer is a high volume vehicle which obviously would give it higher probability than a low volume Mazda, BMW, etc...
  8. bdegrand

    Ford Total Dominance at Michigan

    Kevin Harvick was extremely nice to allow Clint the lead. Great to see Kurt pass his evil brother for third place. (Brad and Joey are playing catchup in every race....Penske is not dominant like in the past seasons)
  9. bdegrand

    Waymo will buy up to 62k Chrysler Minivans

    In fact, they are a foreign "owned" company!
  10. bdegrand

    Harvick Back on Top

    Without Harvick...it was 1-2-3 Toyota. I kept thinking the Toyotas found something to be so dominant...especially Busch! Maybe even Harvick might not have caught him. We will find out in the next few weeks. Brad's car look the best...patriotic. Sad to see the Japanese finally beat Americans on this Memorial holiday.....thank goodness only in a car race and not the war!
  11. bdegrand

    Ford and NASCAR Cup

    I heard Brad Kezelowski/Penske #2 Driver, suggests the future of NASCAR include Hybrids and Electric Race vehicles!! In the meantime....hey, what about Harvick winning that million dollar final lastnight...thanks to Joey giving him that much needed push past the Toyotas!!!
  12. Free Sirius till May 29th. Check it out! I'd never pay for it, but it's free till then.
  14. bdegrand

    Harvick Back on Top

    Agree...but it was a wonderful last 2 laps of the race...snatching victory from Toyota! (Larson will receive a backglass penalty today...expecting 20 points)