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  1. Totally agree, Bob! We actually had a gathering of Mach-1 owners who would meet along Telegraph road in Dearborn Mi every Saturday night. It was the best of times! I had to work hard for that car but it brought me many great memories....most especially after beating a Chevy lover from our high school who boasted his Camaro 350 would beat me in a drag race down Telegraph Road! I will always remember that! I was later drafted and sent overseas! Thank God for allowing me to live during that period which had the best American cars and the best Music! I think you agree!
  2. I must comment on my shopping experience! I clearly recall my 1969 visit to North Brothers Ford in Westland Mi and looking at purchasing a new 1969 Shelby GT 500....that the dealer listed at $5200!!! Unfortunately, I was financially $2000 short and decided on a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 with the 351 engine! Great car but still think back on that beautiful GT 500!
  3. Hi J2sys, I thank you for your valuable information. I passed over the "lane keeping system" pages since I was looking for the icon/symbol on my instrument cluster which displayed the angled vehicle (similar to my hybrid Cmax which uses regenerating brake system). The engine Escape Manual shows various other symbols on the instrument cluster...cruise control, high beams, fog lamps...etc....however, there is no symbol definition for the 'lane keeping system !' I noticed the entire manual, plus that attached tutorial never indicates that symbol . Maybe Ford should think about including the symbol in the future. Either way, I'm relieved and really appreciate all of you Blue Oval members input!
  4. ALLELUIA! I FINALLY HAVE THE ANSWER! There is a small icon of the vehicle, located on the left turning signal lever , that has a button that I depressed and it disabled the icon on the instrument cluster. I must have mistakenly touched it in the past that activated it! Wow. ( I had to call a couple dealers in Michigan to get the answer! THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR ASSISTANCE! Merry Christmas!
  5. No. The symbol is on page 212 of 213! It's different than your symbol!
  6. Nope! I just tried the traction control option under Driver Assistance and it has a different symbol but didn't disable the icon on the instrument cluster! This is crazy. Thanks for offering your thoughts!
  7. I just discovered there is NO OPTION under 'Settings/Driver Assistance' that allows me to disable either 'grade or hill descent!' The ICON symbol reflects white on the instrument cluster and turns yellow when the vehicle is in drive! The Escape manual only mentions the exact symbol when it applies to "hybrids!' I don't have a hybrid! Bummer!
  8. Thanks for responding...the icon/symbol appears on my instrument cluster once the vehicle is in drive, directly under the digital speedometer. It shows as a lit symbol of a 'vehicle in a downward angle!'
  9. I can't disable the Hill Descent Control on the 2022 Escape SEL. The image appears on my dash with a vehicle in a descending angle. The manual only explains it's function. The dealer told me to bring it in and they would figure it out! I also tried the menu button...but it offers no options! Anyone have advice...other than driving to the dealer?
  10. My friend, you are NOT alone! I have my 2022 Ford Escape (1fmcu9h62nub48788) that was built 3 months ago (8-11-22) still not shipped as of today! They simply push out the "arrival date" every couple weeks for the past 90 days. Dealer was told by Ford that there is "so much going on... its impossible to determine why it's delayed! " It is what it is!
  11. Thanks! I just noticed that Job-1 was revised to this week. Meow!
  12. Anybody know if the 2023 Ford Rangers are still on hold?
  13. Oh man, we missed the cutoff by less than a week. Bummer! I appreciate your effort as well as the rest of the forum contributors to this dilemma. Of course, he's lost any hope of taking delivery for months to come. I understand if it was a "stop/don't drive" letter, but with 64,000 Mavericks still driving with the defect, what difference does it make from taking delivery? I am urging him to NOT cancel the '1 year old order', since he is considering buying a new Chevy. The dealer has no idea when parts will arrive....in the meantime new Mavericks are being delivered everyday to owners without any hold. Thanks again for the information!
  14. We just submitted the VIN (3fttw8e9xnra82733) into the NHTSA website and it shows a recall. We don't have the build date...yet, since we are trying to get the Order #1 which will help find the actual build date! I will update....to confirm once we find the Order #!
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