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  1. HotRunrGuy

    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    If it was your intent to de-rail this thread, and move the conversation away from Ford engine failures, you've succeeded. Don't bother following your own rules,,,,, HRG
  2. HotRunrGuy


    Does anyone understand what he was talking about regarding a Thunderbird "balloon" spare tire? HRG
  3. HotRunrGuy

    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    Having been thru this, I'm curious if the Class Action suit(s) will expose just how many blocks have been replaced. HRG
  4. HotRunrGuy

    2021 Bronco Production Information

    I like it! On my way from CHI to DET this morning, got passed by a blue 2-door softtop, pretty sure it was a Badlands trim. Honestly, those 35's are pretty noisy,,, HRG Driver was not wearing a mask (vehicle had M-plates on it) Hahahaha!
  5. HotRunrGuy

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    I'd almost buy one just to get that roll-down rear window. Once you get used to hauling 10' lengths of conduit, or an 8' ladder inside an SUV, you get spoiled. HRG
  6. HotRunrGuy

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    The previous Escape never had an "off road" variation, so I see no reason why the current Escape can't match the previous model's sales numbers. Unless the marketplace is disappointed with the current product? Having an '18 in the fleet, I'm in no hurry to replace it with the current version. Especially after the 1.5 EB failure. HRG
  7. HotRunrGuy

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    66,449 Tacoma's sold in the 1st quarter of 2021. https://pressroom.toyota.com/toyota-motor-north-america-reports-march-2021-u-s-sales/ HRG
  8. My guess is that the illumination light is already in position above that (side) location, and it ain't movin' HRG
  9. HotRunrGuy

    What am I missing F350 vs F250 w/ HCTT?

    So what are you seeing for the max payload number on a F-250 with.HCTT vs a F-350 SRW? That's what your real concern is, right? The plate registration costs that you brought up don't apply, or there is a minimal difference as you stated. HRG
  10. From the Car & Driver article on the new Santa Cruz,,, HRG
  11. HotRunrGuy

    TESLA & BEV Charging Discussion

    Great idea Ice. If you don't mind, I'd like to drop this video here, turns out all 14-50 sockets are not created equally, fair amount of reports of damage using a lesser-quality socket. I've recently upgraded my install to the Bryant 9450FR, which is a sister-company clone of the highly-rated Hubbell HBL9450A, albeit a little less expensive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRcDUZgeuGs HRG
  12. HotRunrGuy

    What am I missing F350 vs F250 w/ HCTT?

    Is your state only considering the model # designation, or are they looking at the GCWR # ? The 250 w/HCTT should have an higher GCWR #, same as the 350. Looking at the information supplied in the RV/Towing guide. HRG
  13. I'm willing to bet that the overhang from the centerline of the rear axle to the receiver face would be quite a bit shorter on your MKX than the Maverick could be, but you just like to argue. Nonetheless, I'm fine with the off-center license plate. HRG
  14. Can we all just agree that we DON'T want the receiver mounted under the bumper? I had a similar setup on a Caravan, that would constantly drag on steep driveway entrances. HRG