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  1. Annoying as hell when you look up from your phone and see that your speed has dropped considerably,,,,,, HRG
  2. Exactly. Look at the 2024 Cup Series schedule, 2 of the races have Toyota in the race name. NONE have Ford. HRG
  3. That 10 inches make a difference in my garage. Had an Explorer, the Edge fits much better. HRG
  4. Not sure where you live, but there's a ton of '24 Edges at dealers around me (minus the one I bought 3 months ago). HRG
  5. That would have been me. When I was getting ready to retire, and having to get my own vehicle for the first time in 33 years, the delay after delay of the Gen6 Ranger just became a waiting game, so I went with a Maverick instead. Rangers still catch my eye when I'm strolling a dealer lot, but with a $10K up-charge for similar equipment, I doubt I'll be getting one. HRG
  6. It's a conspiracy to keep you from getting the truck you want,,,,, HRG
  7. Just got back from a quick trip to western Germany, it's amazing how much smaller the overall size of vehicles is. Even my Maverick would be a bit on the large (long) side. Towing a small utility trailer seems to be the common answer for extra capacity when needed. HRG
  8. You can be quite the wordsmith at times, but how does this describe YOUR ICE F-150? No stopping at gas stations? Frunk storage? No more oil/coolant/trans fluid changes. What, once it runs out of gas you'll just leave it where it dies? HRG
  9. That's been a common thought among low-end Maverick buyers, unfortunately, the base XL's are way over-ordered, and certainly there are some features that just aren't possible to add-on after the fact. Welcome back, HRG
  10. Use conversion rings with the more common 60-degree style? HRG
  11. I find that the "search inventory" feature isn't working when drilling-down options. If you go to Build & Price, build a XLT 2WD, there's over 100 within 20 miles of 30114. https://shop.ford.com/inventory/f150/results?fromPopularBuild=false&zipcode=30114&Radius=20&modeltrim=F-150_F24-XLT&Order=Distance&altleadsource=fbc&fromDetails=true&intcmp=fv-fbc-sum-cta-si-f-150 Every one I've clicked on has been a 4x2. HRG
  12. Yes, that would seem to be a viable option. Remove the grommet, pull the wires out, maybe slice the grommet so you can get your bundle in? HRG
  13. Agreed, the TV coverage was terrible. I followed the GT3 cars using this site. https://www.fiawec.com/en/race/result/4865 HRG
  14. I never thought I'd live to see the day when you are praising sub-$50K vehicles, and the lower ATP's they generate. HRG
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