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  1. HotRunrGuy

    Death Wobble

    Here: https://www.extremeterrain.com/wrangler-jeep-death-wobble.html HRG
  2. HotRunrGuy

    EcoBoost Engines and Coolant Consumption

    An upside to the re-programming is that the auto stop/start is activated a lot less frequently,,,, HRG
  3. Kind of what they did with the Mach E unveiling near the Tesla design center,,,, HRG
  4. HotRunrGuy

    2020 Nascar season

    and trailers,,,,, HRG
  5. HotRunrGuy

    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    It was about 3 weeks into the process, when I stopped by my dealer, and the new short block was sitting there, still in it's crate. Maybe stay in touch with your dealer, and when the replacement arrives, go take a look and confirm for yourself? HRG
  6. I'm happy that Ford currently offers a product that you're willing to purchase. I'll be even happier once the stock price gets back above 9 bucks. Unless I lose my company car, I'm probably 2 years off from making my next vehicle purchase. We'll see what the Blue Oval offers at that time, that fits my needs & budget. HRG
  7. But, at the time, those of us that had V8 Explorers, and used them as tow vehicles, enjoyed the grunt needed to get loads moving. Not everyone drag races,,,, HRG
  8. HotRunrGuy

    New light & medium duty news

    It was on the previous page. HRG
  9. You get to Road Atlanta much? Although it's been many years, my trip to the Rolex 24, falling asleep and waking up to the roar, still seems like it happened yesterday,,,, HRG
  10. Damn, almost a Mustang Shooting Brake,,,, https://www.classiccarcatalogue.com/FORD USA 1967.html HRG
  11. Coupe, Just to put your position into perspective, throw out a year that defines your "good old days". I need to wrap my head around what decade/era you're remembering. Thanks, HRG
  12. I rest my case. In your defense of the EB's, even you would replace yours with a naturally-aspirated V8 of greater displacement. Done. HRG
  13. Sometimes it's not all about the numbers. Sometimes, it's perception about the technology. After my recent experience, I'm not sure I'll buy another EB. It would be a shame if I have to look at another brand. HRG
  14. HotRunrGuy

    Chicago Autoshow

    Well, I guess it's better than a hood scoop on top of a hood scoop,,,,,, HRG
  15. HotRunrGuy

    2021 Ford Colors

    Area 51? HRG