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  1. HotRunrGuy

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    I purchased a Ford ESP for some additional peace of mind, but why not make an appointment with a dealer and have them run the pressure leak-down test on it, per the TSB that covers your Escape? HRG
  2. last time I was at this dealership, they told me this GT finally sold. It even survived a change of ownership at that location. https://www.thedrive.com/news/24960/never-titled-2005-ford-gt-with-100-miles-could-be-yours-for-a-cool-449000 HRG
  3. You know if they stop shipping Bronco's everybody will blame you. They always kill the messenger,,,,, HRG
  4. So will the Lightning,,,, She seems to enjoy her job. HRG
  5. Test rides (drives?) at the CAS HRG
  6. Hopefully they brought the roof panels along for the Bronco, it's expected to be a bit "moist" down there later today. HRG
  7. You coming in for the show, so we can go have a beer? HRG
  8. HotRunrGuy

    Interview with Bronco Chief Designer

    I must be old, I had to look that one up,,,,,,, HRG
  9. HotRunrGuy

    Like Oreo's?

    https://fordauthority.com/2021/07/2022-ford-maverick-to-gain-stealthy-cookie-storage-system/ HRG
  10. HotRunrGuy

    Maverick 1st Edition Revealed

    If I'm looking for vehicle-specific information, why would I want to look thru pages of General Discussion? Admittedly, vehicle-specific forums on this product are seeing a lot more engagement than here on BOF, but maybe that's more the clientele that visits here? HRG
  11. FWIW, 6/2 NM-B cable is about $3/ft. Until you get an electrician on-site, so he can determine what he needs to do to pull the new line, it's just a guess. HRG
  12. Yes. I'd expect that your current dryer socket is wired with #10 NM-B (Romex) cable, which is rated up to 30 amps. In order to create a 50 amp circuit, a new line would need to be pulled from the breaker box to the garage, probably using #6 cable. https://www.cerrowire.com/products/resources/tables-calculators/ampacity-charts/ HRG
  13. Me too! The one on the left appears to be a Square-D QO load center, and sure enough, they offer a 32-amp 2-pole breaker for it. Seeing all the Romex coming out of it, you might have to have a new line pulled if you want to get up into the 40 or 50amp range, but for the current on-board charger, you should be fine. Your existing socket is a NEMA 14-30. https://clippercreek.com/different-plug-types/ HRG
  14. HotRunrGuy

    Maverick 1st Edition Revealed

    Should this be moved to the Maverick forum? HRG
  15. HotRunrGuy

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Hmmm, I just built this. HRG F250 tremor 7.3.pdf