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  1. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-01-21/tesla-reaches-settlement-with-michigan-over-ban-blocking-sales?srnd=premium No wonder TSLA is up almost 7% today. HRG
  2. But that's the thing, I remember that I USED to be able to see others,,,,,, Maybe we've been put on double-secret probation? HRG
  3. HotRunrGuy

    Build or wait?

    Congrats! That sounds a lot like this one that Wickstrom supposedly has on the lot. HRG
  4. HotRunrGuy

    2020 7.3 MPG

    Looks like TFL truck is starting to post some fuel mileage video's,,,, https://www.tfltruck.com/ HRG
  5. Let's hope they don't chase the 4-door overly-long Gladiator, and lean more towards a 2-door/4'-5' box design. HRG
  6. HotRunrGuy

    Tesla unintended acceleration

    Agreed! As much as people want to resist "big brother", automakers and others (insurance companies, etc) are going to have to start relying on technology, including in-car cameras, to prove that drivers are not focusing on the task at hand. Not much different than the use of red-light cameras. Once you get a ticket in the mail, and watch the video of your vehicle rolling thru a right turn on red, the proof has a way of changing your mind. HRG
  7. HotRunrGuy

    Future Edge Replacement

    Reading up on the Brookline MA ordinance, interestingly enough, they are allowing NG for cooking and back-up generators. So while those Libtards want to push their all-electric agenda, they're not willing to risk freezing themselves out in the event of a power failure. Plus, something like 60% of their electricity is generated by NG-fueled powerplants. A bit hypocritical, IMO. HRG
  8. HotRunrGuy

    2020 corvette price is a loss leader

    Vin #0001 just sold for 3 million to Rick Hendrick, at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale,,,, HRG
  9. HotRunrGuy

    Obd2 port

    That could be a tracking device, wonder if your dealer left it in by mistake? HRG
  10. HotRunrGuy

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    Scroll back up to YT90SC's posting that shows a picture of a block. The problem is with the saw cuts between the cylinders, so just replacing the head gasket does nothing, except possibly be a short-term fix. Maybe, with the new programming, just replacing the head gasket is feasible. That may not have been determined yet. As mentioned before, they only replace the heads/long block if the spark plus are seized in the head, otherwise, they re-use it. I did not see the block they installed in mine, but I understand that the saw cuts are no longer there, replaced by drilled holes. Honestly, if you are already disappointed with the dealer you used, find another. If you do need a block replacement, it's a multi-week process, so find someone you can work with. HRG
  11. HotRunrGuy

    2018 25K 1.5L EB Coolant loss

    The FSA? HRG
  12. That didn't work out so well with the Blackwood, ask Clint Eastwood (Leo Sharp/Earl Stone). HRG
  13. HotRunrGuy

    14 Nav very bouncy ride

    If equipped, has the air suspension failed? Is the vehicle sitting "down" on the tires? HRG
  14. Heck, I'm surprised the vehicle made it to 146K,,,,,, HRG