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  1. The plastic ring with the Revel logo is called a Waveguide, the material selected may be due to the acoustic properties required, a metal stamping may have been too rigid to perform as needed. HRG
  2. Must be a cookies thing, I keep getting the 2019 version. No big deal, I'm done spending $$$ this year. HRG
  3. It doesn't. it goes back to the 2019 page I posted above. Can you post a screen shot of the 2020 choose your model page? HRG
  4. Hahaha, even the Lincoln dealer that posted that YouTube video refers to the Aviator as "based on the Ford Explorer",,,,, HRG
  5. That link takes me right back to the 2019 Build & Price. HRG
  6. This is a self-serving prophesy. If nobody offers a 2-door version, then there are no sales numbers created. Sure, 4 doors will be more popular, but that doesn't mean there is NO market for a 2-door. Based on some of the awfully low sales numbers we see for various models offered, I wonder just how high the bar has to be to justify production? HRG
  7. The difference here is, rperez817 has stepped-up and spent his money and purchased the product, you haven't. He's entitled to his opinion, which frankly, carries more weight than yours. HRG
  8. Wimberley? When I run a search within 50 miles of 49701, they are the only dealer to show none in stock. HRG
  9. With 5 months to go, should be interesting to see if Ranger can overtake Frontier for 3rd place in CY 2019. HRG
  10. You are correct. I've been using the 1950km reset on SearchTempest, both Lincoln and Ford seem to allow up to a 500 mile radius. Sorry for the mis-information, but at least 500 miles is better than the website maximum of 100 miles. HRG
  11. I think it's a fairly common practice, when a Dealership is located near an Assembly Plant or Corporate Offices,,, HRG
  12. Those are showing Employee/Retiree A/Z-Plan, roughly 10% off MSRP. HRG
  13. HotRunrGuy

    My cargo partition

    Nice work, the finish actually looks like you wrapped it in vinyl! I should have done that to the minivans years ago, when the kids were small,,,,,, HRG
  14. If you haven't discovered this "hack" yet, you can go into your browsers address, and increase the search radius above the 100 miles offered in the chart. This number is in kilometers, and the maximum you can input is about 1990, but it really allows you to search a wider area on your own, without resorting to using multiple zip codes. HRG
  15. Interesting, but the AZ-Plan (employee/retiree) rules do not seem to exclude Aviator. HRG