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  1. HotRunrGuy

    2020 Gt500 order sold to someone else

    This one? https://www.bobridings.com/new/Ford/2020-Ford-Shelby+GT500-56bd5cdf0a0e0a1754402ade03348c1d.htm?searchDepth=1:87 HRG
  2. HotRunrGuy

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    But they suspended the dividend in the 1st quarter, mid-March. 19.2 billion in revenue in Q2, ended Q2 with 39 billion in cash, after re-paying 7.7 billion toward credit lines. HRG
  3. HotRunrGuy

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    34.3 BILLION in revenue in the 1st quarter isn't exactly ZERO income coming in. HRG
  4. Interesting, can't add the tow package to a Base model, even with the 2.7EB V6. HRG
  5. HotRunrGuy

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    I had every intention of this being a long-term hold, but once they dropped the fairly decent dividend, I would have earned more keeping my $$$$$ in my checking account, that pay's .01% interest. HRG
  6. HotRunrGuy

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    After today, I'm within $1000 of my break-even point. Almost time to get the F out out of F. HRG
  7. Maybe this no X-plan was a request by the dealers, who would rather sell at MSRP (or above) rather than get the spiff? I doubt that any of us have a seat in the Boardroom, to know exactly how that decision was made. HRG
  8. No sense upsetting employees (like yourself), retirees and their families. HRG
  9. HotRunrGuy

    Explorer PI Hybrid

    How the heck did we get from Explorer PI Hybrids to Powerstroke diesels? HRG
  10. HotRunrGuy

    Expedition STX new for 2021

    Mustang volume isn't the only thing that's 1/2 of what it was 5 years ago HRG
  11. Same as the current generation Escape. HRG
  12. HotRunrGuy

    Wow! Really???

    Probably an act of sabotage that will never be reported on,,,, HRG
  13. Too bad they incorrectly show the 1.5EB as a I-4, rather than the I-3 that it is. HRG
  14. HotRunrGuy

    2021 Honda Ridgeline

    I need to go find a 2020. That elevated front corner view looks like a Toyota. HRG