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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. GearheadGrrrl

    The New 6.8L V8 Thread

    The new 6.8... Why? An engine less than 10% smaller than the 7.3 isn't worth the bother!
  2. GearheadGrrrl

    2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal Event

    Mechanicly, it's pretty underwhelming- we get a few refinements and nothing revolutionary, in fact the pushrod gas engines are a devolutionary step. The big news is the software upgrades- The ability to route by vehicle size and lock out dangerous mistakes has applications far beyond light duty trucks.
  3. GearheadGrrrl

    T350HD extra wide wheels/rear axle

    Probably aftermarket, the factory DRW setup only increases width by a couple inches.
  4. I was thinking of a couple low volume rural dealers near me who already made a big investment to sell and service the Mach-E, F150 Lightning, and E-Transit. Asking them to spend and probably borrow another half million or million $$$ may be more investment then they and their bankers can make.
  5. GearheadGrrrl

    How Do You Like Your Transit Connect?

    I ordered a stripped XL wagon which doesn't come with the automatic emergency braking. As for the K&N and aftermarket plugs, unless there's a proven improvement there's no point in switching, especially since oiled air filters like the K&N may screw up sensors downstream.
  6. This may not play well with the smaller dealers who have just made substantial investments to service electric cars and are now being told they need to make even more investments to keep the electric car franchise.
  7. GearheadGrrrl

    2024 Mustang Info

    I wish there was more "new", less weight, more HP and AWD... But this is an "end of life" generation that don't even sell 100K a year. Otherwise I like... Styling: The Mustang has grown up and isn't a punk kid anymore, and should look the part. This Mustang has all the overhead cams, IRS, aluminum castings, and tech you'd expect in a Euro GT car for a fraction of the price, and there's clearly some Aston Martin inspiration in the styling. Performance: I was underwhelmed too, until they talked racing and capped it with Bill Ford's promise to return to LeMans. So while the hardware now is just a few more tweaks on the current Mustang's, Ford will do whatever it takes to win LeMans and match the performance of any other automaker's fastest... Legacy: The IC Mustang isn't going out without one helluva fight!
  8. At least one of the commenters pegged it- Offer the ICE and BEV Mustangs side by side so lovers of the ICE car don't get into the whole angry " they're taking it away" crusade. BMW lost me as a customer for years because first they tried to replace our beloved "airhead" twins with the much more complicated K bike and a few years later they killed off the classic Mini and then gave the Mini name to a grossly oversized cartoon of a Mini and then threatened suppliers of parts for the classic mini with trademark violation lawsuits. Best to offer both ICE and BEV models and let the customers choose.
  9. While BEVs may be good for a hot lap, they have to cut back the power to protect themselves after as little as 5 seconds in the case of the Mach E GT. So for sustained performance, we're still gonna need ICE cars.
  10. GearheadGrrrl

    How Do You Like Your Transit Connect?

    2.0 liter, 2.5 liter was pretty much for fleet orders and has been dropped for 2023.
  11. GearheadGrrrl

    How Do You Like Your Transit Connect?

    I ordered with swing out doors, nice to have when you don't have a lot of room behind the van. The earlier 6 speed had some problems, too early to tell about the newer 8 speed. Despite Ford claiming the transmission fluid is good for life, occasional fluid changes are good for both.
  12. GearheadGrrrl

    How Do You Like Your Transit Connect?

    Had my 2022 XL Wagon for 4 months/4k miles and very happy with it. Was able to get the now deleted E85 option so I've been getting 24 MPG on less than $3/gallon fuel. Could use more torque for towing but the power is there, engine just has to rev up to deliver it. Only problem so far is a busted seat back release cable, Ford sent the wrong part and still waiting for the right one, been waiting 3 months but I figure out a workaround.
  13. In normal markets stripped chassis sold mostly to volume buyers like up fitters and RV makers so profits were pretty low. Transit Connect wagons are probably profitable and the vans not so much, thanks to the "Chicken Tax". That said, a couple years ago fleet prices for basic Transit Connect and Transit 150 vans were around $20K, so even after the unexpected levy of the Chicken Tax on the Transit Connect both probably had about equally meager profits, if any.
  14. Transit Connect was selling 40k units a year in U.S. when chips were available, IIRC that's more sales than E Cutaway, Stripped Chassis, or F650/750. IC Mustang sales have been even lower of late, never mind some of the laggard Lincolns... Is the Ford about to kill off all these other products too?
  15. Ford thought Ranger buyers would buy F150s, instead they bought mid size pickups from Ford's competitors... And a few years later at much greater expense Ford had to bring Ranger back. Now Ford thinks Transit Connect buyers will switch to big Transit? Fat chance, big Transit won't even fit in my garage!