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  1. rperez817

    2020 Escape Production Information

    Are you using this link? https://shop.ford.com/build/escape/2020/?gnav=vhpnav#/chooseyourpath/
  2. Yes sir, 2020 Ford Escape Titanium adds LED fog lamps, LED daytime running lamps/signature lighting, and LED headlamps. Here are the descriptions from the order guide.
  3. I agree completely, thanks 2005Explorer sir. A few professional automotive journalists took Ford's marketing hype about 2019 U.S. Ranger being "all new" too literally. Not surprisingly, they ended up disappointed. But a lot of actual Ranger customers like you, me, and other folks here on the Blue Oval Forums know better. We acknowledge that the vehicle isn't "all new", and that Ford didn't intend to make it a "game changing" or competition beating product as Kev-Mo described earlier. We set our expectations accordingly, and enjoy the vehicle for what it is: a midsize truck targeted to owners of older Ford Rangers. I bet a good percentage of new 2019 Ranger owners (like me) had older Rangers in the past. So it's no surprise AutoPacific reported that 2019 Ford Ranger has the highest owner satisfaction in its segment. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/593eb113725e2559bdfe0ed2/t/5d521e9eaa95fc000110dff7/1565662878244/AutoPacific+2019+VSA+Release_Final.pdf
  4. Hack job means "a task that needed to be completed as quickly as possible, all other considerations secondary". That's exactly what Ford did with 2019 Ranger in the U.S. market. Basically, after the previous U.S. Ranger was discontinued in 2011, Ford was left without a product in the fast growing midsize pickup truck segment for several years. After Ford management finally came to their senses, they decided it was best to take the existing T6 Ranger sold elsewhere in the world and make it meet U.S. light vehicle regulations. So it boiled down to Option 1 (Hack Job), provide U.S. customers with a Ranger ASAP. Or Option 2, wait until the next gen, redesigned Ranger is ready. I'm glad they chose Option 1.
  5. Same here! I replaced a 2004 Ranger with a 2019 Ranger because it's the right size for my family's lawn care and landscaping business. I'm among the loyal Ford "sheeple" who buy Ford trucks because they're Fords. Y'all are welcome to criticize me for that, but I'm happy with my purchase. Our new Ranger has served our business just fine in the couple months we've had it. No mechanical or electronic issues at all. At the same time, I acknowledge that U.S. Ranger is a hack job of a nearly decade old Ford global product (T6 Ranger). No problem for me - I knew that when I bought the truck. Anyway, 38k+ Rangers sold in the U.S. so far this year is pretty good. Having Ranger in the product lineup pretty much guarantees that Ford will be the #1 seller of pickup trucks in the U.S. this year. Oh yes, rmc523 no need to apologize sir! On the contrary, a big thumbs up to you for sharing the sales data! 👍
  6. rmc523 is correct. Sadly, even if automakers introduced new wagons for the U.S. market and put forth a big marketing push for them, consumers would probably still ignore them for the most part. These consumers don't care about automotive styling. That's why they choose crossovers (which are all either boring or ugly to look at) rather than a much nicer looking wagon/estate/shooting brake in the first place. The comment from Ford designer Andrew Bazinski can be summed up as "automotive designers prefer vehicles that look good like wagons and wish that automakers brought wagons back, but consumers in the U.S. simply don't care".
  7. rperez817

    GT electric driving range of 18 miles

    How about Tesla Model X Long Range? 96 MPGe, 325 miles range, 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, seats up to 7 people. It does cost more than Aviator GT up front. But as a pure BEV and not a PHEV, Model X will have lower ownership costs and is ready for a future in which ICE vehicles including hybrids will be banned in certain areas.
  8. Maybe young designers at Ford like Andrew Bazinski will help make that happen. Mr. Bazinski said in the interview that he and other designers are very fond of wagons. That makes sense, as wagons are much nicer looking than crossovers.
  9. 2020 Toyota Tacoma refresh details. https://pressroom.toyota.com/2020-toyota-tacoma-positioned-to-continue-segment-leadership-with-host-of-new-upgrades/ Last brand new Tacoma came out in model year 2016. That year, it got a new frame, cab, V6 engine, suspension, automatic transmission, electrical architecture.
  10. rperez817

    Gm Diesel engines not compatible with US Fuel

    Reason is that Ford brought back Ranger for 2019 in the U.S. market. That added 30,000+ trucks to Ford sales for the 1st half of 2019. And pushed Ford past GM, which has traditionally been the #1 seller of pickup trucks in the U.S.
  11. The important thing is that Regal TourX is selling better than GM expected. Also, these buyers are the wealthiest of any Buick model. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/06/05/2019-buick-regal-tourx-sales/?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000618
  12. That standard should be Tesla Supercharger. Elon Musk said last year that Tesla is very open to other automakers using its Supercharger network. But no other automakers have taken up the offer. “We’ve always said that this is not intended to be a walled garden, and we’re happy to support other automakers and let them use our Supercharger stations. They would just need to pay, you know, share the costs proportionate to their vehicle usage, and they would need to be able to accept our charge rate or at least our connector, at least have an adapter to our connector. This is something that we are very open to, but so far, none of the other car makers have wanted to do this. It’s not because of opposition from us. This is not a walled garden.” How about eating barbecue? My family and I had dinner at Angelo's this weekend while our Model S got charged at the Supercharger station next door.
  13. That's to buy enough pain medication to alleviate the effects of punching the MFT screen in frustration. 😄 Yes sir. The new Sync 3 system is excellent. In my 2019 Ranger it is fast, easy to use, and rarely crashes.
  14. That's correct atomcat68 sir. List is all 2020 passenger cars that will be sold new in the U.S. by a U.S. headquartered automaker. Some of these cars are designed and built outside of the U.S. For example, both Buicks are designed, engineered, and built in Germany. Chevrolet Spark is designed, engineered, and built in Asia, mostly South Korea. Of course, on the flip side foreign carmakers like FCA, Toyota, VW, etc. have cars designed, engineered, and built in the U.S. And those companies and their dealerships employ lots of Americans. But the list focuses on what the 3 major U.S. domestic automakers (GM, Ford, Tesla) have to offer that are cars, not light trucks.
  15. Officially, EPA puts Tesla Model X in the "Standard Sport Utility Vehicle 4WD" category. But I agree with you SodiumMonkey sir, it's close to being a 5 door hatchback or wagon. In my previous post, I forgot 2 additional models in the 4-door sedan category. Looks like both of these still live on for 2020 model year. 9. Lincoln Continental 10. Lincoln MKZ