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  1. Interested in learning about and experiencing a plug-in electric car or motorcycle? Come to a National Drive Electric Week event at locations all across the USA taking place from today until September 22! You can talk to current EV owners, test drive EVs, participate in educational and family fun activities, and register in contests to win cool prizes. Nissan is the national automotive sponsor for the event, but plug-in vehicles from all manufacturers that offer them in the U.S. will be represented. I registered for the event in Irving, Texas (Las Colinas) next Saturday. https://driveelectricweek.org/index.php
  2. Good to hear Anthony sir! My Ranger now has 7k miles and has been trouble free too. J.D. Power said that Ranger was the highest ranked midsize pickup in initial quality this year. That's one good thing about 2019 U.S. Ranger being a decade old truck (global T6 Ranger). The bugs have been worked out.
  3. Two things that define the future of the U.S. new automotive market. 1.) Trucks. 2.) BEV. Put those 2 things together and it's clear FCA and Toyota will have to get on board with BEV pickups soon or face the prospect of becoming irrelevant in the U.S. pickup truck market. Both companies are successful now with ICE powered pickup trucks, but that era is on its last hurrah.
  4. Remains to be seen. Ford's previous production BEVs, Ranger EV and Focus Electric, had low or no gross profit. Tesla by contrast currently has the most profitable BEV ever offered for retail sale. Munro and Associates did a teardown analysis and estimates gross profit margin on Model 3 to be 30%. Tesla's vertical integration and unsurpassed system integration capabilities accounts for this. https://cleantechnica.com/2018/07/16/munro-model-3-electronics-like-a-symphony-of-engineering/
  5. The problems may be mysterious, but the fact that Ford botched yet another new product launch is not.
  6. Yes really, the Ford Power Split eCVT in Fusion Hybrid is that good. No Ford production car is designed to tow 11k lbs., so that's irrelevant. The only current Ford production cars with a 500 hp or higher power rating are GT, Shelby GT350, Shelby GT350R, and Shelby GT500. Those all use manual or dual clutch transmissions. So that's irrelevant too.
  7. Give Ford some credit. They will finally accomplish in 2020 with Mach E what Tesla did in 2016: Offer a BEV with 600+ km AER (NEDC standard) to retail customers. Better late than never. And more new BEV models from any and all automakers is a great thing.
  8. If there any "moving goal posts" here, it's your doing. Answer to your question is yes. eCVT is better. As I mentioned previously, it's the best automatic transmission available in a currently produced Ford car globally.
  9. I've experienced that transmission in Mustang EcoBoost. It's a good traditional automatic. Good enough that it convinced me to buy a 2019 Ranger with the same transmission. But the 10-speed is not best in class or the best Ford automatic. ZF 8HP is smoother and more responsive. Ford's Hybrid Power Split eCVT is also smoother and more responsive than the 10-speed. Great thing about a Power Split hybrid tranny is that it never gets caught flat footed and never ends up in the wrong "gear".
  10. Yes sir jasonj80. That hybrid transmission is power-split eCVT that's similar to Toyota's. Best automatic transmission available in any Ford car currently.
  11. rperez817

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    I'll return your fish. Enjoy your dinner sir.
  12. rperez817

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    As usual, you fixed nothing. No sir. That is what's needed to get Ford Edge to sell in the DFW Metroplex. AutoNation Ford Fort Worth has never done any BS with me, pricing or otherwise. I've purchased several cars and trucks used and new from them, including my 2019 Ranger.
  13. rperez817

    Ford downgraded by Moodys

    Edge in general suffers from the same problem as other "expensive" Ford models: the MSRPs are crazy high. Ford prices these vehicles thinking they are more premium than they actually are. End result is they and their dealers have to offer massive sales incentives to move them off dealer lots. 2019 4-cylinder SEL Edge models are going for about $8,000 under MSRP before any conditional incentives at my local dealership. https://www.autonationfordfortworth.com/new/Ford/2019-Ford-Edge-7c4c18930a0d0c145fd4ab40073ae163.htm?searchDepth=2:46
  14. Cox Automotive is the latest big investor in Rivian. $350 million equity stake announced today. https://www.coxautoinc.com/news/rivian-announces-350-million-investment-from-cox-automotive/
  15. rperez817

    August Sales?

    BEV F-150 is going to be a game changer. Once it's mass produced, it will be the biggest innovation in the pickup truck market in decades, if not in the entire history of pickup trucks. And I think Ford will also be the first to add Level 4 autonomous vehicle capability to pickup trucks. Right now no pickup truck even offers Level 2 automation. I agree fuzzymoomoo sir about Toyota's BEV efforts. Toyota was and still is a laggard in that area. Maybe they'll surprise everybody with BEV versions of the next generation Tacoma and Tundra in a few years. But it doesn't seem likely.