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  1. rperez817

    Mach-E Delay

    Yes sir 7Mary3, Adam Jonas is one of the smartest and most insightful analysts out there. He is correct about the potential "toxic tort" liability issues for any company involved with the manufacture and sale of fossil fuel burning ICE cars and trucks. There's no denying the unsustainable nature of those products. Jonas also has a good comment about incumbent automakers' (especially GM's) transition to 100% electric cars at 2:12 in the video. "The [automotive] industry can thank Elon Musk in some ways for waking them up and putting that urgency there"
  2. rperez817

    Electric F150 News

    Cox Automotive released the results of its BEV pickup truck survey today. BEV F-150 leads Tesla Cybertruck, Hummer EV, and Rivian R1T in terms of consideration likelihood by consumers. Cox-Automotive-Consumer-Snapshot-EV-Pickup-Report-Highlights.pdf (coxautoinc.com)
  3. Thank you mackinaw sir. I saw this article from Jimmy Dinsmore at TorqueNews. Separating Fact From Fiction Regarding The Next-Generation Ford Mustang | Torque News
  4. 2021 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership Study | J.D. Power Highlights. It’s mostly about range: When deciding which electric vehicle to buy, the most-often-cited factor in the purchase decision is battery and driving range. Even after the purchase is made, range is still a critical element of the ownership experience. Where to plug in: The public charging infrastructure is a key determinant of satisfaction for EV owners of both premium and mass market brands, yet significant differences exist between the two groups. Satisfaction with the availability of public charging is 305 points higher among Tesla owners than among owners of other brands. Driving enjoyment vs. quality concerns: While driving enjoyment varies significantly by segment (892 for premium BEV and 758 for mass market BEV), only in the mass market segment does driving enjoyment outweigh quality and reliability. Show me the savings: Owners of both premium and mass market EVs agree on one reason for choosing electrification over internal combustion engines (ICE): the expected lower operating costs of an electric vehicle. Results.
  5. Back to this thread topic, has any source other than Auto Forecast Solutions confirmed that Mustang lineup will be 100% BEV by 2028?
  6. The husband and daughter of the hobo lady killed in that incident, and the law firm representing them, pursued an out of court settlement with Uber. https://www.reuters.com/article/autos-selfdriving-uber-settlement/uber-reaches-settlement-with-family-of-autonomous-vehicle-victim-idINL1N1RB01J
  7. Yes sir Harley Lover, Oregon introduced this concept in 2015. It is currently voluntary, motorists in Oregon can sign up using this link. https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Programs/Pages/OReGO.aspx
  8. Missouri has the same problem as Texas. State level gasoline and diesel fuel taxes are set way too low, actually the lowest rate for gasoline in the Lower 48 at only $0.17 The good news is that the majority of states have been successful increasing state level gasoline and/or diesel fuel taxes in the past 10 years, and at least 22 states use variable rates for those taxes to ensure they rise over time. https://itep.org/most-states-have-raised-gas-taxes-in-recent-years-0419/
  9. Mainstream acceptance of non-Tesla BEV hasn't happened yet in the U.S market (as of early 2021). If and when that does happen, you are correct fordmantpw sir that Tesla's technical superiority will become less of an advantage for Tesla. Remains to be seen how things play out. If Ford goes all-in to ensure that BEV F-150 matches or exceeds the technical capabilities of competing BEV pickup trucks, promotes it properly, and also ensures that its production is not delayed, they will have it made. BEV F-150, Transit EV, and Mustang Mach-E are Ford's most important 21st century new vehicle introductions announced thus far.
  10. Some states currently have, or have proposed, registration fee surcharges for owners of BEV and hybrid vehicles. In Texas, there's a proposal to charge BEV owners an extra $200 a year and hybrid vehicle owners an extra $100. It hasn't yet been passed into law, though. A better approach to raise money for roads in Texas would be to increase the Texas state excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel, which is currently set at a ridiculously low rate of only $0.20/gallon. This action can be combined with a smaller registration surcharge for BEV so that consumers aren't discouraged from buying them. Once BEV becomes dominant, registration surcharges for them can be increased. Additionally, new highway construction can focus on toll roads now that electronic tolling (no stopping for tollbooths) is common. Some new highways in the DFW Metroplex such as Chisholm Trail Parkway use 100% electronic tolling.
  11. That's not much of an advantage for other manufacturers if their BEV are technically inferior to Tesla's.
  12. rperez817

    Buick Unveils All-New 2021 Envision

    It would be nice for GM to apply its quality standards for China market Buicks to U.S. made Buicks, and also nice if Envision for the U.S. market could be assembled at a U.S. GM plant with the higher standards. Maybe that will happen someday in the future. Portions of the design and engineering work for 2nd generation Buick Envision were done in the U.S., and GM is a U.S. company. So Envision has some American flavor even though China is its primary market.
  13. rperez817

    2022 Buick Enclave Shown

    Yes sir bzcat. Photos of China market Buick Enclave.
  14. Yes sir, I agree. Ford was circling the drain just 5 years ago. Now thanks to Jim Hackett's fitness plan in place, with Jim Farley applying it, Ford has the potential to not just survive but thrive in an automotive industry defined by 100% electric vehicles, 100% autonomous vehicles, and mobility services. Of course, Ford still has lots of problems to fix. But if Farley pulls it off, and I'm confident he will, Barron's said Ford stock price could double. It would be nice if Ford like GM partners with Microsoft or another American computer company for its autonomous vehicle software. The 2020s decade marks a renaissance for U.S. automotive and computer/data processing industries.
  15. Yes sir. GM's and the U.S. Treasury's dealings regarding GM's bankruptcy were both fair and legal.