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  1. rperez817

    ‘20 Escape Impressions

    Good points CLTEcoBoost sir. Right now, the factory customer cash offer (non-conditional) for a 2020 Escape SE 200A is $500 in the DFW Metroplex. Here's one example at Autonation Ford Fort Worth. After the new year the discount will probably be much higher.
  2. Yes sir ute and snooter, you are correct on both counts. High end pickup trucks are big time status symbols currently. And no other automaker comes close to Tesla in terms of designing super desirable BEV. By combining a Class 2B pickup truck configuration with the best BEV engineering in the industry, Tesla Cybertruck sets the benchmark. Status seeking pickup truck customers will snap it up, no wonder it has over 250k reservations and year 2019 isn't even done. The incumbent pickup truck makers in the U.S. have their work cut out for them. But if any of those companies (GM, Ford, FCA, Nissan, Toyota) beat Tesla in putting a BEV pickup truck as bold and capable as Cybertruck into mass production before late 2021, that company or companies will have it made. I'm betting on Ford with Rivian's help to do it. Maybe with both a BEV F-150 as well as BEV Super Duty.
  3. I think you're right about that Wheeling sir. CAP is located in a gang infested, high crime area of southern Chicago. Pretty sure other Ford plants don't have that problem.
  4. To say that insults unions and union workers, including those working at Ford, who do high quality work. Organizational and management problems at Ford Motor Company generally, combined with issues at Chicago Assembly Plant specifically (low morale and hostile work environment), caused the botched launch and ongoing quality issues with 2020 Lincoln Aviator. Lorac's lemon Aviator isn't the fault of Union.
  5. Definitely. In addition, Ford managers mistreated the engineers and others at Ford that tried to get their employer to do the right thing. Just goes to show how horribly corrupt the culture at Ford was and still is. And what a challenging task it is for Jim Hackett to reform that culture.
  6. Depends on the jurisdiction and how strictly they apply the economic loss doctrine. In Texas, there was a decision by Texas Supreme Court a few years back that loosened ELD. Product liability cases seeking recovery for design defects that only involve economic loss of the product in question, without injury/death or damage to other proprerty, are not automatically precluded in Texas now.
  7. Thanks for the update Lorac sir! Best wishes with your lemon law case, you definitely made the right decision to go with a refund rather than a 2nd Lincoln Aviator.
  8. No sir. There is a difference in a company's liability for manufacturing defects versus design defects. The first involves flaws that affect specific samples of a product, but not others, because of variation in the manufacturing process. The second involves inherent flaws in the design or engineering of a product that makes it unreasonably prone to failure when the product is used as intended. DPS6 transmission is an example of a design defect. In Texas, "reasonable alternative design" is a legal standard used in liability cases for design defects, but not manufacturing or sample defects.
  9. rperez817

    F is up 2-1/2% today

    What is the annualized return for F over the past 5 years? Lots of index funds and ETFs pay dividends, and deliver much better annualized returns than F. Also consider a REIT ETF like VNQ or IYR. Good combination of annualized return, dividend yield, and expense ratio.
  10. rperez817

    F is up 2-1/2% today

    Smart move ANTAUS sir not investing in individual company stocks like Ford, Federated, and Limited. Index mutual funds and ETFs are a better choice for consumers long term, that's what my family and I do for investing. It's too difficult for most non-finance people to pick the best performing stocks over and over for a decade or more.
  11. rperez817

    F is up 2-1/2% today

    Part of broader uptick for a lot U.S. company stocks today. It has a lot to do with investor optimism about the trade wars between U.S. and China being resolved soon.
  12. rperez817

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    Yes sir. GM has 70% or more market share in the U.S. BOF full size SUV market. It looks like they are taking their leadership position very seriously and not resting on their laurels with these new 2021 models. Autoline Daily mentioned that GM Arlington Assembly in Arlington, Texas where these vehicles are built is the "most profitable manufacturing plant in the world". That should continue for the next few years. But as the BEV revolution continues, GM will soon have to figure out how to make BEV versions of these SUVs with similar gross profit margins.
  13. Both companies have in the past, partly a result of class action lawsuits against them. Honda reimbursed owners of certain 1999-2003 Honda and Acura models with 5 speed automatics for transmission repairs and extended warranty coverage on those trannies to 7 years, 100k miles. Nissan also reimbursed owners for repairs and doubled its warranty coverage to 10 years, 120k miles on 2003-2010 models with CVT.
  14. rperez817

    2020 corvette price is a loss leader

    C8 Corvette is now sold out for the 2020 model year, "loss leader" or not. https://www.motortrend.com/news/2020-chevrolet-c8-corvette-sold-production-even-begins/
  15. Motorweek's real world fuel economy test is more relevant for drivers in the eastern U.S. than the 75 mph real world test from C&D. Only 2 states east of the Mississippi River have speed limits of 75 mph or higher.