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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. New York has now joined California, Washington, and Massachusetts in applying CARB ZEV mandates. New York state plans to adopt California 2035 EV rules | Automotive News (autonews.com)
  2. F-150 Lightning's electric powertrain won a place on 2022 Wards 10 Best Engines & Propulsion Systems list. Awards ceremony is scheduled for October 27, 2022. More Juice? Electrics Lead Way for Second Consecutive Year (wardsauto.com)
  3. The "status symbol" oriented market for new LD full size pickup trucks is easily the largest portion of sales of such vehicles for non-commercial use. For those like Hoovie who have concerns about BEV pickup truck range when towing, new technologies for battery electric self-propelled trailers should address that. The RV company Lippert is already working on a prototype and expects to have a production ready system ready in 2023. Lippert Developing 'Edison' EV Towable Chassis Prototype - RVBusiness - Breaking RV Industry News
  4. rperez817

    The New 6.8L V8 Thread

    Good points tbone, the GM-Allison 10L1000 transmission had some engineering assistance provided by Allison, but for the most part it was designed by GM. Assembly takes place at the GM Propulsion System plant in Toledo, Ohio, not the Allison plant in Indianapolis, Indiana. GMC to offer 10-speed fully automatic Allison branded transmissions in 2020 Sierra Heavy Duties (allisontransmission.com)
  5. The Ford Pro Upfit Integration System represents a great example of Ford entering the "new world" of the automotive industry. In this case, software, services, and system integration with third parties - all areas in which Ford had been lacking in the past. Ford Pro Upfit Integration System This idea is yet another unique feature for the Super Duty, and it takes advantage of the car’s infotainment system tech in a new way. If you’re a Super Duty owner who uses upfits and body equipment to work, this is one neat piece of technology. Aftermarket equipment makers will be able to integrate their systems with the truck’s infotainment system display, giving you access to control said equipment via the screen. For example, one could theoretically control a crane’s functions using the infotainment system inside a Super Duty. The possibilities for this are essentially what folks make of it. Cloud-based software from the upfit equipment will need to be designed to integrate with the Ford’s systems, which will then allow you to map digital buttons to specific controls. Ford says the system even allows you to program in safety interlocks, so you could theoretically program the truck to not shift into drive with a raised boom lift. We’re pretty excited to see what folks end up using this tech for.
  6. rperez817

    2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal Event

    Correct on all counts GearheadGrrrl. The devolutionary direction associated with 2023 F-Series SD engines in particular and mechanicals generally is aligned to Ford's strategy for its Blue division, which is characterized by a relentless focus on cost cutting as the business unit is eventually wound down. At the same time, what you and fuzzymoomoo mentioned about the software in the new truck is also aligned to Ford's strategy, in this case for the Pro business unit. High value software and services are the highlights of Ford Pro and 2023 F-Series SD is a great example of Ford applying that. The big news of course will be the all-electric Lightning versions of F-Series SD coming in the future. Too bad no announcements were made regarding that during the reveal event. But I'm optimistic Ford will have details about that product line within the next year.
  7. Direct drive, literally and figuratively. 😃
  8. Per what j2sys shared, the role Mr. Grubb has at Ford focuses on operations management and strategies for greenfield facilities (as j2sys said, "expanding the footprint"). This requires a totally different skillset than what's needed to manage expansion or retooling of existing facilities.
  9. Good points j2sys and blazerdude20. Press release terminology issues aside, it's great news that Ford is making progress getting its most significant new manufacturing facility so far in the 21st century built.
  10. rperez817

    2024 Mustang Info

    Multipliers on GHG credits in the CAFE regulations originally formulated for MY 2017-2025 vehicles, and the recently finalized rule covering MY 2024-2026, are favorable to hybrid technology. After MY 2026, it's very likely the overall regulatory themes in CAFE will be much more favorable to BEV versus hybrids. In many regions outside North America, this is already the case. Beyond the regulatory "stopgap" aspects, hybrid powertrains amount to automakers spending money to force the customer to carry extra stuff they may not need. Mustang buyers in particular will be much happier with an optimized, pure BEV version than a "stopgap" hybrid version. Ford's decision to not pursue the latter for S650 Mustang is a smart move.
  11. You are correct jpd80 that West Tennessee is away from Ford's other operations, but as fuzzymoomoo said, corporate welfare factored heavily into Ford's and SK Innovation's decision to choose the site in Haywood County. Back in 2009, the Tennessee State Building Commission started spending millions of taxpayer money to acquire land and to do marketing promotion for an industrial "megasite" near Stanton. BOC is located at this megasite.
  12. rperez817

    2024 Mustang Info

    That's quite possible, and likely to be the case with new muscle car buyers in general. Mustang's pony car competitors GM and Stellantis also do not plan to offer hybrid versions of Camaro and Challenger, respectively. As mentioned earlier, nowadays hybrid powertrain technology exists only for regulatory compliance, and only in the very short term. If the muscle car coupe/convertible segment is to survive to the end of this decade, their manufacturers must transition to 100% BEV product lineups. Otherwise, as Tim Kuniskis from Stellantis said, the segment will "fall off the cliff."
  13. rperez817

    2024 Mustang Info

    That's correct jpd80. Maybe Japan too, but that market is in decline overall. Even in North America, hybrids have a very short lifespan. They can help automakers meet certain fuel economy and emissions regulations in the next 4 or 5 years. But beyond that hybrid technology is obsolete everywhere. This is probably one reason Ford decided not to offer hybrid powertrain in 2024 Mustang.
  14. Most definitely! BOC groundbreaking is a major milestone in Ford's transition out of the "old world" of the automotive industry and into the new. Congratulations Ford!
  15. In all seriousness, Ford is now facing issues getting enough badges (Blue Oval and model/trim) to affix to its vehicles. This WSJ article says F-Series is affected. No mention on whether Escape is or not. Ford’s Latest Supply-Chain Problem: a Shortage of Blue Oval Badges - WSJ