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  1. GM, Cruise sue Ford to block use of 'BlueCruise' name for hands-free driving | Reuters
  2. Rivian is both a partner and competitor to Ford. I hope Texas has the winning bid for Rivian's 2nd plant. 🤠
  3. Argo AI and Ford to Launch Self-Driving Vehicles on Lyft Network by End of 2021 | Ford Media Center
  4. In other Bronco news, Ford announced 3 extra locations for the Bronco Off-Roadeo experience, in addition to the original location at Grey Wolf Ranch in Texas. Bronco Off-Roadeo | Off-Road Outdoor Adventure Playground (broncooffroadeo.com) Red Cliffs Lodge, Utah Gunstock Mountain, New Hampshire Mount Potosi, Nevada
  5. Crossovers will always get worse fuel economy than a comparable sedan with the same powertrain. Examples. Toyota Camry LE Hybrid, 52 MPG combined in EPA testing Toyota RAV4 LE Hybrid, 40 MPG Toyota Highlander LE Hybrid, 36 MPG However, your point about savings in fuel expenditures becoming smaller above 25 MPG is a good one. MPG is not a linear measurement.
  6. Wagons are rare in the U.S. new car market. Other than Mini Cooper Clubman and Subaru Outback, the few that do exist are premium models from European luxury brands, so that comparison is irrelevant. Compared to comparably sized and equipped crossovers, sedans are not only cheaper in terms of initial purchase price but they drive better, are more fuel efficient, and are more stylish.
  7. Yes ma'am GearheadGrrrl, IHS Markit data confirms that. Black new car buyers who already own a sedan are much more likely to choose another sedan for their next car compared to new car buyers overall. Hispanic buyers also have a higher than average loyalty to sedans, though not as much as blacks.
  8. Very nice! Hope the journey was just as enjoyable as the destination. Cedar Point is my favorite amusement park.
  9. Yes sir jpd80, that is correct. In the U.S., Camry sales to retail buyers remain strong. The TMMK plant in Kentucky recently produced its 10 millionth Camry. Toyota Celebrates Production of 10 Millionth Camry in Kentucky - Toyota USA Newsroom
  10. Thank you akirby sir, that's everything that new Bronco owners need to know about the hardtop problems. Nothing more, nothing less.
  11. Honda is unique among the major automakers in the U.S. in that they do very few fleet sales, and also avoiding customer rebates as sales incentives to real customers. Toyota sold about 12 to 15% of Camrys to fleets prior to the Covid-19 situation last year. From Q2 2020 until now, fleet sales dropped off dramatically for Toyota just like with other automakers.
  12. Kia just introduced a refreshed Stinger for 2022 model year. Did Kia Motors America decide to give up on it already? 2022 Kia Stinger Overview (kiamedia.com)
  13. rperez817

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Yes sir FordBuyer. New Hyundai Tucson offers a hybrid powertrain. Maybe Hyundai will offer that on the Santa Cruz next year? Still, Ford's power-split hybrid powertrain for Maverick is a better designed system compared to Hyundai's parallel hybrid setup with a torque converter type automatic transmission. Highest EPA fuel economy rating for Tucson Hybrid is 38 mpg, compared to 40+ mpg for Maverick.
  14. Hopefully Jim Farley has already taken actions to improve Ford's supplier relations in general. Earlier this year, Ford's performance in the annual OEM supplier working relations index dropped below the threshold for adequate and went into the "poor" category.
  15. Only hope of Ford making a "Camry/Accord killer" midsize sedan for the U.S. market is with an upcoming BEV, assuming of course that Ford's timing is ahead of Toyota and Honda introducing that type of car.