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  1. A so called "moderator" that can't handle reality, and who resorts to suspending members of this site who can. Go ahead and grant me the permanent suspension you dream about, asshole. It would be an honor coming from you!
  2. Both Honda and Toyota are well known for being laggards among legacy automakers in the ongoing transition to BEV. GM President Mark Reuss explained the dilemma with hybrids nowadays. GM, and Ford are much better off devoting their resources "on the answer that we all know is going to happen (BEV), and get there faster and better than anybody else". Or at least faster and better than legacy automakers from Japan, South Korea, and Europe.
  3. The "Top New Jersey Democrat" mentioned in that article is State Senator Paul Sarlo. muffin1 clarified Sarlo's comments earlier in the thread (see below), which are opinions on Sarlo's part. New Jersey is moving forward with the adoption of CARB Advanced Clean Cars II on December 18, 2023. Office of the Governor | Murphy Administration Adopts Zero-Emission Vehicle Standards to Improve Air Quality, Fight Climate Change, and Promote Clean Vehicle Choice (nj.gov)
  4. Explorer has a much shorter history and less recognition in China compared to the U.S. In China, Ford can't rely on sheeple customers choosing Explorer just based on the nameplate as they do in the U.S. market. Also, as bzcat mentioned on this site in other threads, Chinese new vehicle customers have higher standards.
  5. Lots of interesting technical details for Cybertruck are in the documentation Tesla submitted to EPA and CARB. New Cybertruck EPA & CARB Certifications Spotted : r/teslamotors (reddit.com) Highlights. Both trucks feature a nominal 816 V and 150 Ah pack making for a pack size of about 122.4 kWh, which is in line with current speculation of 123 kWh The Beast variant features two rear permanent magnet motors making 212 kW (284 hp) each while the front permanent magnet motor makes 206 kW (276 hp) The AWD variant has an AC induction motor in front and permanent magnet motor in rear rated at 226 kW (303 hp) and 222 kW (297 hp) Curb weights are 6669 lbs (AWD) and 6898 lbs (Beast) Efficiency comparison. Vehicle 30 mph 50 mph 70 mph Rivian R1T Performance Dual Max (21") 151 Wh/mi 233 Wh/mi 351 Wh/mi Rivian R1T Performance Dual Max (22") 172 Wh/mi 258 Wh/mi 384 Wh/mi Rivian R1T All-Terrain Dual Large (20") 184 Wh/mi 273 Wh/mi 396 Wh/mi Tesla Cybertruck AWD (20") 161 Wh/mi 272 Wh/mi 443 Wh/mi Tesla Cybertruck Beast (20") 168 Wh/mi 278 Wh/mi 438 Wh/mi Chevrolet Silverado EV 4WT (18") 188 Wh/mi 300 Wh/mi 470 Wh/mi Ford Lightning Platinum (22") 177 Wh/mi 303 Wh/mi 493 Wh/mi GMC Hummer EV Tri-motor (22") 218 Wh/mi 378 Wh/mi 617 Wh/mi
  6. Good points Captainp4. Some politics are inherent to the automotive industry in general due to the heavily regulated nature of that industry, as the topic of this thread suggests. But you are correct that advancement of vehicle propulsion type toward BEV shouldn't be politicized, because this is something in which governments and automakers have the same overall goal and should be on the same page.
  7. CR's reliability survey doesn't consider design concerns like "I don't like where this button is" at all, though that may impact CR's owner satisfaction score for a particular vehicle (which is based on a separate survey, not the reliability survey). Additionally, problem areas for the reliability are not equally ranked - they are weighted as indicated in the FAQ. Consumer Reports' Car Reliability FAQ - Consumer Reports Ford F-150 Hybrid got a much worse than average reliability rating due to a relatively high frequency of serious problems in areas that are weighted more heavily in the survey.
  8. Carwow's video at 6:38 is a good example of Cybertruck rear seat headroom with a regular sized adult sitting back there.
  9. The power-split hybrid powertrain in Maverick, Escape, and Corsair, which is based on the Aisin design Ford used in the original Escape Hybrid, has good reliability (average or better). That system is completely different from the P2 hybrid powertrain in F-150 PowerBoost, Explorer Hybrid, and Aviator Grand Touring that's based on Ford's problem plagued 10R transmission (much worse than average).
  10. Maybe silvrsvt was comparing cost of 3.5L V6 turbo engine with and without PowerBoost?
  11. Thanks for the clarification. Here is what Motor Trend said.
  12. Correct, no cost for MY 2024. Ford is offering a discount for PowerBoost that reduces the price so that consumers pay the same amount as for 3.5L V6 turbo without PowerBoost.
  13. Do you know if that's something in-house at Ford? Didn't Ford Blue division give up on developing all new engines or transmissions (including hybrid)?
  14. That's correct. Warranty claims Ford has to contend with for the P2 hybrid powertrain in that truck certainly won't help profitability. The high frequency of problems with that powertrain sank F-150 PowerBoost to the position of 3rd least reliable vehicle overall from any manufacturer in Consumer Reports' most recent survey.
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