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  1. MadManMoon

    My New Toy.

    Beautiful! Enjoy it!
  2. That does make sense. I'm curious to see over time if the GT500 gets its own higher rate separate from the base/GT Mustangs, since that's supposed to be a track-focused car as well.
  3. It was, especially since back in '07 the GT500 was the same cost as a GT, and according to the price quotes (and confirmed by users on Mustang6G), it's the same cost for a 2020 GT and GT500. So the GT350 is a major outlier here.
  4. I saw a 2019 Shelby GT350 at a dealer in PA for $8,100 under MSRP, so I started running some calculations to see whether I could swing selling/trading my '07 GT500 and switching up. One of the things I always check is the price of the PremiumCARE ESP (now "Ford Protect," apparently) coverage, since mine has paid for itself on most of our vehicles several times over, and the prices from dealerships like Flood Ford are too good to pass up. Imagine my shock when I discovered that the cost for an 8-year, 75,000-mile, $200-deductible PremiumCARE ESP for a GT350/GT350R is $4,495, compared to only $1,080 for a regular Mustang, GT, or - believe it or not - GT500. What does that say about the projected reliability of the GT350? Over four times the cost. I'm keeping my '07 GT500 a while longer. (It has PremiumCARE coverage through 2023!)
  5. FordBuyer, isn't time you updated your signature?
  6. I absolutely love the exterior design of the CX-5 (my favorite is the new CX-30, perhaps my favorite exterior design of any crossover/SUV), and the interior design and materials are superior to the Escape (IMHO), but the super-high beltline is a definite turn-off for me. One of my favorite features of the new Escape is the relatively low beltline, especially for the front-row passengers. Outward visibility is better than almost any other crossover/SUV I've driven in recent years.
  7. Oh, so they're only 15-16 years old, instead of 22 years. That's SO much better. 😄
  8. I mocked Chrysler for using warmed-over 1998-vintage Daimler platforms after that merger, but I can at least say now that, for the most part, those platforms paid off and then some - handsome, reliable, and I continue to be amazed what FCA can wring from the Challenger lineup. That said...the shift to Fiat- and Alfa-based platforms is a huge red flag to me. Reliability of both brands is...less than stellar. I'm not sure I'll trust another FCA product once the DaimlerChrysler platforms are retired.
  9. MadManMoon

    Tesla stock

    Especially when there's a "sir" thrown in. But that's cheating.
  10. MadManMoon

    news coming....

    Design = cutting and pasting the basic Model S design from 2012 onto even the newest vehicle that debuted in 2019. Engineering = Ongoing production issues, terrible initial quality, weeks- or months-long wait time for repair parts Marketing = I'll give you this one; they've definitely created a cult-like following that is doing a lot of guerilla marketing for them I'll trust any of the traditional manufacturers' logistics train for a BEV long before I ever consider trusting Tesla.
  11. MadManMoon

    2021 Nissan Rogue

    Design-wise, the 2021 looks like the predecessor to the 2020!
  12. The Niche Line is at Romeo Engine Plant, not Flat Rock Assembly. And while the engine could be assembled there, it still needs to fit into the car on the production line at FRAP.
  13. At first glance, this looks like it could be an interesting replacement for the Bullitt, but the lack of a Shaker hood in this camo'd prototype has me a little worried...
  14. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2020/05/29/mustang-mach-1-returning-for-2021-model-year.html
  15. Waze updated for my iPhone over the weekend (Version 4.62.2), and as of this morning the problem seems to have been resolved. Try it out!