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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. The irony of Dean demanding we not make "blanket statements" because of a limited view...while he proceeds to make non-stop blanket statements about an entire generation based on his dealership and few in the surrounding area, out of, what, 3,000+ Ford dealerships nationwide? The reports of shady dealership practices seem to span the country, but he wants to minimize and excuse the behavior and put it on the customer to "do their homework." There are some good points and food for thought in your posts, Dean, but your hypocrisy and inability to acknowledge the other side weakens your overall argument.
  2. MadManMoon

    Next Gen Mustang Tomorrow?

    Right here: https://ford.to/mustangwithnoname
  3. I've gotta say, the interior of my Mach-E GT PE is fantastic, one of the best I've ever seen out of Ford. Since it's in the shop now, I have a 2022 Edge loaner, and even though it's a loaded Titanium, the interior is very dated and cheap.
  4. MadManMoon

    2022 F-150 Lariat

    She's home! Thought you'd enjoy another shot...and with our two-month-old Mach-E! Thanks again for the tracking. The 1,200-mile trek home was smooth as silk. Ford really does build an amazing machine!
  5. MadManMoon

    2022 F-150 Lariat

    She arrived at the dealer on the 16th! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait almost two weeks to fly out and get her (stupid work trips!), but I'm looking forward to the thousand-mile road trip to bring her home. Thanks again for the tracking - you made the wait bearable!
  6. I picked up a Mach-E back in January, before the real gas price increases started. For me, it was more about convenience, technology, and performance, not simply gas savings.
  7. MadManMoon

    2022 F-150 Lariat

    Good morning once again, cyberdman! Wondering if our truck has made it off the rails and onto...a truck! 1FTFW1ED4NFA70177 Thanks again, as always.
  8. MadManMoon

    2022 F-150 Lariat

    Morning, cyberdman! Is she en route? 1FTFW1ED4NFA70177 Thanks!
  9. MadManMoon

    2022 F-150 Lariat

    Happy Friday, cyberdman! Wondering if our truck is still stuck in production limbo: 1FTFW1ED4NFA70177 Thanks!
  10. MadManMoon

    2022 F-150 Lariat

    Good Friday morning, cyberdman! Wondering if there has been any movement on my build: 1FTFW1ED4NFA70177 Thanks!
  11. MadManMoon

    New GMC Canyon spied

    I know the camo does weird things to proportions, but I'm seeing a lot of Tacoma stance and proportions here. Let's hope it's not as squished vertically as the Taco!
  12. Cyberdman, Thank you again for this fantastic service you provide! May I please request the status of 1FTFW1ED4NFA70177? Supposedly it was built today (2/10). Thank you!
  13. MadManMoon

    Alfa Romeo Tonale Debuts

    I'm loving the recent Alfa designs. This is gorgeous!
  14. Some questions for our Ford experts around here: Can ANY dealer access a particular vehicle through the Vehicle Visibility System, or only the ordering/selling dealer? Can service personnel access Vehicle Visibility, or only sales/management staff?