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  1. MadManMoon

    2009 Escape Hybrid LTD- Fueling Problem

    No idea if it's the same, but my 2007 GT500 had a similar problem, and it turned out to be a delamination "bubble" in the inlet pipe, just past where the fuel pump nozzle ended. They replaced it and the problem went away! It could also be a bad evap valve, allowing too much pressure to build up in the fuel tank and inlet pipe. A good dealer should be able to diagnose the issue. Good luck!
  2. Just noticed the blue oval logo is gone from the site header. Did Ford crack down on their logo usage?
  3. MadManMoon

    HOLY SHNIKES..TTAC Opinion on Tesla CT

    Actually, rmc523 sir, it's another example of Elon Musk's brilliant engineering and marketing strategy for his REVolution.
  4. Haven't changed at all, have you? Still as tiring and combative as ever.
  5. I finally figured out what makes me despise seeing your username and content on this site. (And no, it's not your infuriating and, I suspect, sarcastic overuse of "sir.") You are incapable of distinguishing between facts and opinions. You consistently present your opinions as indisputable facts. Do you have evidence to support the statement that "everybody at Ford knows"? That is stated as a fact. It is, in FACT, your OPINION.
  6. MadManMoon

    2021 Ford Lariat

    A few years back, the 6.5' bed was only built at Kansas City, not Dearborn, so that might have something to do with differing availabilities.
  7. MadManMoon

    '21 Shelby F150 Packs 775HP

    It's the 2021 1978 Shelby Cobra II! ETA: Aw, man - with the title edit, my snark makes no sense! 😄
  8. Quiet Flight = HEV Swift Flight = PHEV (performance-oriented GT) Silent Flight = BEV This is why I'm an engineer and not in marketing.
  9. MadManMoon

    Sync 3.4.xxxxx Issues

    I did notice the install was an infinite loop - usually it's 15-20 minutes, a soft reboot, then a second install round of 5-10 minutes, then done. This time, it went through three rounds of the first install and reboot before I pulled the plug. Vehicle reports 21098 as the current version and the Ford site shows up-to-date, so I presume it worked. I don't use SiriusXM or TravelLink so I can't confirm behavior before or after this update.
  10. I wonder if Lincoln could emulate the Maverick strategy - base model as a hybrid, the GT as the PHEV, and a BEV as the top-end trim. That way at least the entire Lincoln lineup would be at least partially electrified.
  11. MadManMoon

    Sync 3.4.xxxxx Issues

    FWIW, a Ford engineer with the SYNC team on another forum said it does not. One member reported it did fix the TravelLink issue, however. So, in conclusion, YMMV.
  12. MadManMoon

    Sync3 Sirus apps issue

    This is apparently a bug with the latest version of the SYNC 3 software (3.4.21020). There is a TSB (21-2150) that will roll back to 3.4.20136 - the dealer can perform the rollback using the "Sync 3 Universal Thumb Drive." There are methods out there to rollback yourself, but proceed with caution.
  13. MadManMoon

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    Wow. I realize this is a TRD Pro model, but that front end is the very definition of overwrought.
  14. MadManMoon

    Lightning Trim Pricing

    Wow. So my build would be Lariat with Extended Battery, Tow Tech Package, and Max Trailer Tow, for $78,500 - or $71,000 after federal tax credit. For comparison, a 2021 3.5L Lariat built with very similar features a few months ago was $70,500 (MSRP). That's a lot of truck for what amounts to $500 more. Very glad I reserved!
  15. MadManMoon

    '21 May Sales

    I'm curious - what don't you like about the new Escape after having driven one? I dislike the front-end styling, and some of the cheaper interior materials are disappointing, but the fit is good, it's very quiet inside, the ride is sublime, the handling is more than adequate for a crossover, and 40 mpg is nothing to sneeze at from a bigger, heavier hybrid than my previous C-MAX. (I'm obviously biased since I own one...)