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  1. MadManMoon

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Such a tiring broken record. Get a new schtick.
  2. MadManMoon

    Tesla unveils Model S Plaid and Plaid+

    Like this? Tesla Roadster
  3. MadManMoon

    Next gen Mustang to go full EV

    I meant in terms of styling, not architecture or powertrain.
  4. MadManMoon

    Next gen Mustang to go full EV

    I feel like this was effectively an S550 concept, just 4 years early:
  5. I can't stop staring at it...what an abomination! I have to say, though - the effort is well-executed, even if I think the design itself is hideous.
  6. I'm biased, because I own one, but I think the complaints about the Escape's interior are exaggerated. It also helps that I have a 2007 Shelby GT500 - talk about garbage interior! The hard plastic all over the interior of that thing is dismal, and with its age now it's a rattling mess. I'll also take the cleaner, simpler lines, both inside and out, on the Escape to the overwrought styling of most of its peers.
  7. MadManMoon

    Genesis GV70

    I see that C pillar and I think two things:
  8. Shouldn't that be S550, not S197?
  9. MadManMoon

    Genesis G70

    I love the new Genesis grille, but the side profile is too derivative of the BMW 3 Series - just like the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Both are still gorgeous cars, though. I'd take the Genesis before a BMW or Alfa, primarily for price and reliability.
  10. MadManMoon

    Those poor explorers..

    This reminds me of an anecdote I read years ago (and still haven't been able to verify)... It was claimed that, sometime in the early 2010s, Ford lost more F-Series pickups to transportation accidents than Honda SOLD Ridgelines in a year. 😄
  11. MadManMoon

    Those poor explorers..

    What the heck happened?! Never mind - just watched the GIF. Ouch!
  12. MadManMoon

    Early Broncos On The Move

    I opened this expecting to find prototype Broncos or Bronco Sports, because I read "early" as "early builds." This was a pleasant surprise!
  13. The big one for us is leather seats (three dogs, and it's far easier to get dog hair off a leather seat than out of cloth seats!), and that still starts at Lariat. But your point is well-taken - the truck does seem to have more standard features than the previous generation, which always contributes to the increase in MSRP. Plus inflation, of course.
  14. https://shop.ford.com/build/f150/2021/#/select/ Some interesting price increases here. Spec'd out an equivalent 2021 to my wife's 2019, and the MSRP went from $64K to $73K, and only $2.5K of that is the PowerBoost powertrain cost. These trucks are getting mighty pricey!
  15. MadManMoon

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Forgive my ignorance, but what does "No Scheduling" and "Cleanup Scheduling" mean? "No Scheduling" doesn't mean the plant isn't running, I presume - just that they're executing previously scheduled builds. Thanks for providing this interesting insight!