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  1. well i have built a relationship with the fleet salesman at ford. i am not the one buying it. it is a company truck so I have attempted to contact him now I feel like i need to not press him.
  2. So I have been watching the ford tracking page for months now. I got to the built portion and my dealer told me it is waiting to be shipped with a eta of this week. I get to work this morning enter my info on the tracking page and get no results nothing opens up showing me my typical bubbles. I enter information on a coworker waiting on truck and his info shows up as it has in the past... anyone had this happen it just vanish? does it mean it has been delivered? I cant get InTouch with my dealer so i am reaching out here. Thanks
  3. Good Morning! thanks for all these updates I feel like today is my day! this is my ordered f150 VIN#1FTFW1E87NFA77157
  4. Happy friday.. Hoping to see some movement. this is my ordered f150 VIN#1FTFW1E87NFA77157 Thanks
  5. Cman... another crazy fast week is gone.... this is my ordered f150 VIN#1FTFW1E87NFA77157
  6. Cman... another crazy fast week is gone.... this is my ordered f150 VIN#1FTFW1E87NFA77157 Thanks!!!
  7. CYBERDMAN Its been a few weeks since our last exchange I hope there is some good news!! THANKS!!! VIN#1FTFW1E87NFA77157
  8. My truck has a scheduled build april 5th. When can i expect my window sticker released?
  9. As I wait for my 22 F-150 I am looking forward to programing it to lock and start my truck each morning on work days. Anyone have experience using the app and could let me know if it works ad what to expect. Thanks
  10. Thanks in advance for helping all of us patient excited new soon to be owners!!! VIN#1FTFW1E87NFA77157
  11. When ordering a 2022 F150 are there certain options that increase the build / delivery delays. In other words what options increase the delays.
  12. HarrisonIII

    SYNC 4

    Thanks for the link! I currently have the 3 getting into a new truck with 4 and excited for the upgrade
  13. GTP and LeMans would be great. My fingers are crossed for that day.
  14. Any others out there have sunroof leaks? I have had drain tubes cleared and get occasional leaking. I have also had rear passenger door fill up with water. Wouldn’t think it’s related but kinda strange. I pull the plug in the door and seems like a gallon is released.
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