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  1. Happy Holidays to all. I just want to say hang in there, mine got here 4/29/22 just about 10,000 blissful miles ago. It’s the best truck / car I have ever owned and well worth the wait. For me it was only 31 weeks but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The biggest problem I have is I’m terrified of anything happening to it.
  2. It only took 30 weeks and I will say it was well worth the wait. I LOVE ❤️ THIS TRUCK ?
  3. I wonder how much OVER MSRP their asking? But then again how much is 8 months of your time,life,and obsession worth?
  4. Congratulations and good luck GREAT things take time I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.
  5. Yep give it time it’ll come back. If you’re like me I was sure I personally wore it out. Finally got confirmation from dealer it SHOULD be delivered 1st week of May.
  6. I’m right there with you 5170 94/722 still says in production. My dealer told me I should have it first week of May. I’ve been obsessed with this truck, my wife said more so then when my kids were born. actually found my truck offered by local dealerships FAT CHANCE it’s mine.
  7. VIN # 1FT7W2BN0NED48795 any insight would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time
  8. Thanks so much that’s more information than I’ve gotten in a long time. Spray, 5th prep, amongst ALL the other things I WANTED OBVIOUSLY it takes time I’m just struggling with the lack of knowledge. I get it, it’s a journey but I feel like I’m stuck in the driveway. Once it gets on the train I only hope I can be as patient as some of you guys. PLEASE keep me posted if you have ANY knowledge about the process.
  9. How are the trucks in batch 5170 doing??? I’m #94 / 722 this is overwhelming to say the very least.
  10. Well I’m with you not dropping anything. This is hopefully one of my last trucks (made sure to make that as vague as possible) 7.3 King ultimate, spray in, a/streer, a/cruise, 5th wheel prep, chrome. Tried not to miss any boxes, and Star White. So looks like next hurdle is getting across the street. I’m trying to figure out what puts them in a batch? Ordered September 24th
  11. Yes sir “Palm Sunday” I’ve been figuring it was going to take an act of God to get this truck. I verified this morning with my dealership it was supposed to be 4/7/22 moved last week to 4/10 Window sticker changed this morning bottom of sticker went from 3/31 to 4/8 and batch and number changed
  12. Are you slated for Sunday? I’m in you’re batch I’m 94/722. GOOD LUCK ?
  13. Very much appreciate what you do. I’ve gone through the dealer and actually got a day not a week 4/7 Thursday I was pumped. ‘Then went to square up financing and was told it moved to 4/10 Sunday (Palm Sunday at that) is that even possible? Meaning do they build on Sundays (a Holy Sunday) I know it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Just seems a little off to me. Hopefully I did this request properly. VIN # 1FT7W2BN0NED48795
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