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  1. That sucks!!!!! Probably some dumb a$$ on their phone.
  2. Nice truck.? Same truck or pretty close. F350 king ranch ultimate 6.7 antimatter blue/stone grey. Looks black in the shade. Well worth the wait. It’s awesome. Can’t say the same about my dealer. Keller ford in Hanford Ca wouldn’t honor price protection. Will never buy another vehicle from them again.
  3. I ordered my king ranch ultimate on 1/13/22 it was built oct 24 shipped the next day took a week to get the Bay Area in California and another 3 weeks once it was unloaded from the train to get to dealer.
  4. Mine took 31/2 weeks once the train dropped it off to get to the dealer. So good luck.?
  5. I just brought my 22 F350 SRW/CC long bed king ranch ultimate home a month ago and I like the looks of the long bed over the short bed and it rides a lot smoother.
  6. I’m glad that the info I put out there is working for you. Good luck.?
  7. You’re welcome I hope they help. Someone gave them to me so I thought I would pay it forward. Again good luck.? by the way it’s worth the wait.
  8. Sorry to hear that. All’s I can say is it’s worth the wait. I got mine 11 months from the order date. Picked it up last Friday.
  9. Email all of these people and CC all of them. Be real polite and humble, it worked for me. Just tell them your story. Again be polite and don’t sound angry. Good luck.
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