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  1. Although Atlas is nice, I chose Antimatter because it was close to black. But this is coming from a guy who has owned too many black vehicle to count.
  2. Not so worried about the logo, but I really like the quality. I tried to delete it yesterday, but the order was locked. Thought that might mean I get an email today, but no such luck
  3. I haven't received a VIN or scheduled for production email, but emailed dealer today to drop factory spray in bedliner and 5th wheel prep. He tried, but said it was not letting him amend the order. Also state that "they are trying to process 4 orders at this time, stay tuned". Can he see that Ford is processing four of his orders? Think a scheduled for production is imminent since it wouldn't let him alter the order? Here's hoping...
  4. I placed an order on 10/19/21 for a 2022 F250 King Ranch 6.7L with factory spray in bedliner and the 5th wheel prep package. After reading about delays due to these two options on this forum and debating whether to drop them, I finally emailed my Build Manager and he said he would delete them from the order. He emailed back within 10 minutes saying that it would not let him amend the order at this time. He also stated that "they are trying to process 4 orders at the time". I assume he means Ford is trying to process four of that dealers orders. Who knows? Maybe this means it is in process of being scheduled for production. Fingers crossed.
  5. G8R

    Hello from the South

    Though i've been snooping around in the forum for a while, I've just joined. Started my Ford journey with a 1977 LTD Black, 2 door with a 400 cubic inch engine, and am anxiously awaiting a 2022 F-250. There have been Explorers, Expeditions and F-150s in between.
  6. G8R

    New To Forum...

    Just joined myself. I've owned more Fords that not. Awaiting a 2022 Super Duty, but started with a 1977 LTD. Black, 2 door with a 400 cubic inch engine.
  7. I received my email confirmation from Ford within 30 minutes of leaving the dealership after signing the order