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  1. No. Once Ford announces more details about Lincoln's BEV strategy we'll know how it compares to Cadillac. The cancellation earlier this year of the planned Rivian based SUV for Lincoln was certainly bad news for Lincoln.
  2. Just the opposite. It's GM's second move recently in the process of restoring Cadillac as a Tier 1 Luxury brand. The first move was accelerating the release of its BEV product lineup as mentioned earlier in this thread. Cadillac dealerships will be a integral part of making this process a success, those dealerships that aren't onboard with Cadillac's BEV strategy need to "get off the bus".
  3. You're the one "ignoring facts that don’t match your agenda". You previously requested "a comparison ICE equivalents in that graph and compared all 3 based on average drive cycles". The T&E report provided that comparison, with the exception of Mitsubishi Outlander which didn't have manufacturer supplied data in this context for the PHEV model. Sources referenced in the report itself as well studies in the U.S. confirm that "average drive cycle" in real world usage of PHEV is CS mode dominant. Also, the assertion "drive less than 20 miles per day the engine doesn’t run at all" for a PHEV isn't always true. Each of the PHEV models tested by T&E will activate the ICE engine even in CD mode with a fully charged HV battery if ambient temperatures are very high or low, if accelerating rapidly, or in conjunction with certain usage patterns for the air conditioner or defogger/defroster. All this debate about the viability of PHEV is moot anyway. PHEV is an obsolete technology that exists primarily for regulatory compliance, the T&E analysis will likely result in EU and U.K. government agencies reconsidering subsidies for PHEV and accelerating timelines for banning the sale of new PHEV (and any other ICE powered cars and light trucks).
  4. In real world usage of PHEV, CS mode is dominant in the "average drive cycles" you mentioned.
  5. The fact is that Tesla remains far ahead of any incumbent automaker in the design, engineering, and marketing of BEV. If that wasn't the case, the title of this thread wouldn't need the phrase "non-Tesla" in it.
  6. Here is that comparison on page 50 of the report.
  7. No. Neither will Tesla. Quality is not a high priority for U.S. based automakers.
  8. Yes sir bzcat, there is also consensus among automakers all over the world about this issue whether they are based in the Europe, U.S., or Asia. Of course some automakers are doing a better job than others in addressing it.
  9. Those "established OEMs" are getting a lot of mosquito bites then!
  10. rperez817

    Tesla stock

    Smart move coupe3w sir. You can also laugh at the Tesla short sellers and all the other naysayers.
  11. Second generation Chevrolet Volt was one of very few PHEV models with an AER of 50 miles or more. But most PHEV models currently available in U.K. and Europe have much lower AER.
  12. rperez817

    Tesla stock

    TSLA is now near $550 a share as of today. Autoline Daily TV show reported today that Tesla's market valuation is greater than all other publicly traded companies in the rest of the North American auto industry (automakers, suppliers, dealerships/retail) combined.
  13. In this case, perception is reality. Tesla is most definitely superior to all incumbent automakers when it comes to designing, engineering, and marketing BEV. They started a revolution in the automotive industry and continue to lead it. Thankfully for Ford in particular, both Jim Hackett and Jim Farley recognize this. That's what led Ford to make Mustang Mach-E a truly appealing product, not a science fair project or regulatory compliance car like Ford's previous BEV models.
  14. T&E doesn't have a BEV agenda necessarily. According to their vision statement, a "zero-emission mobility system" is what they seek. As of now, BEV just happens to the best technology to achieve that. The sale of new automobiles in the EU and the U.K., regardless of propulsion source, happens through government regulation. T&E's goal is to ensure that those regulations foster sustainability. Zero-emissions are an integral part. Here is what the About us page on T&E's website says.
  15. That's good. Now the American automakers and American government officials (federal, state, local) can and should focus on doing their part to achieve the goal of 100% electric vehicles, 100% autonomous vehicles in the U.S. as quickly as possible.
  16. There's a good chance that will happen as the automotive industry transitions to 100% electric vehicles. Tesla continues be the dominant player, GM is now "all-in" with BEV, and Ford shows signs of heading in that direction too. Among the Japanese automakers, Toyota is fixated on hybrids and fool cells, Honda is partnering with GM on BEV development, Nissan & Mitsubishi lost their first mover advantage with BEV, Mazda & Subaru haven't announced much in the way of specific BEV models for the U.S. market.
  17. T&E is very influential on shaping environmental regulations Europe. They may be successful in getting regulations in EU and in the U.K. changed to eliminate tax breaks for PHEV and regular hybrid car purchases, and use the freed up resources to support the further build out of EV charging infrastructure including DC fast charging. This should address the range anxiety concerns some EU consumers have about BEV. Germany's plan to require all petrol and diesel stations to provide electric car charging for example will likely be emulated in other parts of EU and possibly U.K.
  18. Transport & Environment and Emissions Analytics in Europe released a study today that confirms what they, ICCT, and other organizations have found previously, that PHEV exist primarily for regulatory compliance. In the real world, they are not a good substitute for a true BEV and a very short term solution at best. https://www.transportenvironment.org/sites/te/files/publications/2020_11_Plug-in_hybrids_report_final.pdf https://www.transportenvironment.org/press/plug-hybrids-new-emissions-scandal-tests-show-higher-pollution-claimed
  19. Thank you CoolScoop sir, the document for 20B14 along with the 2 supplements are attached. MC-10174383-0001.pdf MC-10176005-0001.pdf MC-10176006-0001.pdf
  20. Thank you fuzzymoomoo sir, you explained it perfectly. While the subject of the Reuters article has some political elements, it is primarily about how GM's new corporate wide strategy involving BEV (topic of this thread) impacted their outlook on regulatory stuff such as CARB's ability to set emissions standards and ZEV mandates. With GM's announcement, all of the U.S. domestic automakers are now on the same side regarding this regulatory issue.
  21. Mary Barra announced today that General Motors "will no longer back the Trump administration’s effort to bar California from setting its own emissions rules in an ongoing court fight." https://www.reuters.com/article/us-autos-emissions-gm/gm-no-longer-backs-trump-effort-to-bar-california-emissions-rules-idUSKBN2832HF
  22. Ford Blue Advantage is a good example of Ford and its dealers working together to better compete with Carvana, Vroom, Carmax, etc. Ford hasn't always had a good relationship with its dealer franchisees. Blue Advantage should help. Jim Farley is a good businessman and is very talented at recognizing new business opportunities for Ford.
  23. Consumer Reports actually gave 2020 Escape Hybrid SE Sport a significantly higher road test score (82) than 2020 RAV4 Hybrid XLE (72). Mainly because Escape Hybrid provides a smoother ride, quieter gasoline engine, and better braking than RAV4 Hybrid. The main downside to 2020 Escape is its below average reliability. And that will probably improve in 2021. For customers who don't place a high priority on reliability, Escape Hybrid is the better choice. Car and Driver also rated Escape Hybrid higher than RAV4 Hybrid when it did a comparison 1 year ago. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/comparison-test/a29878756/2020-ford-escape-hybrid-vs-2019-toyota-rav4-hybrid/
  24. This is almost certainly going to turn into a safety recall because it impacts safety equipment like backup camera, ADAS, and turn signal. As mentioned in the Jalopnik article, so far Tesla has only done a warranty adjustment program, and replaced eMMC modules or MCU a case by case basis. A recall will force Tesla to provide updated hardware for all affected owners.