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    We are your Ford Recall Headquarters,,,,

    Fair Oaks Ford should be careful how they market the "Ford Recall Headquarters" thing. A dealership group in the Washington, D.C. area got into trouble with the FTC a couple years ago for using recall notices to boost business for their service departments. Car dealer and marketing firm called out for bogus recall notices | Federal Trade Commission (ftc.gov)
  2. Yes sir, Ford did a great job to ensure Mach-E has both substance and style worthy of the Mustang name. I'm confident the same will hold true for BEV F-150 and the Lightning name.
  3. rperez817

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Metro areas in Florida appear to be the hottest new vehicle markets in the U.S. right now. New car inventories at dealerships have dipped quickly in the Miami, Tampa, and Orlando regions.
  4. rperez817

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Hyundai USA Santa Cruz configurator is now up. 2022 Santa Cruz Debut | Sport Adventure Vehicle | Hyundai USA
  5. rperez817

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    You're not alone jcartwright99 sir. The situation is very dynamic, even workers at the automakers may not know details involving new vehicle production and inventory planning.
  6. rperez817

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Detroit Free Press reports that GM is using build-shy strategy right now for certain vehicles. GM build-shy strategy has tens of thousands of vehicles parked awaiting chip parts (msn.com)
  7. Yes sir ESP08. Prior to Mach-E's unveiling, it was a legitimate concern because all crossover type vehicles had styling that was ugly, boring, or both. However, Mach-E ended up being the best looking crossover ever, with styling elements from other Mustangs. As a result, Mach-E enhanced the Mustang name rather than dilute it.
  8. As of May 5, 2021, Nissan has completely divested its stake in Daimler. Renault did the same. Nissan to Sell Entire Daimler Stake for $1.4 Billion | IndustryWeek
  9. Really good stuff from Argo AI. Maybe their long range LIDAR technology can be combined with the techniques that Carnegie Mellon University researchers announced last year to improve object recognition accuracy. Carnegie Mellon works closely with Argo AI. 8111-talk (cmu.edu)
  10. Yes sir FordBuyer, all of the Bronco Sport attributes you mentioned are well suited for young drivers. Plus, the 1.5L versions have the right amount of power for those drivers. More than adequate for daily driving, but not too much which could get those drivers into trouble.
  11. rperez817

    Mach E Review by Munro

    Looking forward to Sandy Munro and his engineering firm doing a teardown and profitability analysis of Mustang Mach-E, like he did a couple years back for Tesla Model 3. Munro and Associates is among the best in the world at doing this kind of work.
  12. Tesla is still ahead of the incumbent automakers in BEV design and engineering. But Mustang Mach-E is the best effort ever from the incumbents, the many industry awards Mach-E has won proves that. Ford cannot afford to get complacent in its efforts to continuously improve that vehicle over time (like Nissan did with Leaf), or to relent in any way from its commitment to go "all-in" with BEV in general. The race has just begun.
  13. Combining the topics of Bronco Sport and young drivers. IIHS and Consumer Reports publish a list of used cars that represent "best choices" and "good choices" for teen drivers . The 2020 list includes 2015 & 2018-2019 Ford Escape and 2014-2015 Ford Edge as "good choices". Complete list and criteria. Safe used vehicles for teens (iihs.org) If Bronco Sport has above average reliability, the versions with the 1.5L engine may make the "best choices" list in a few years.
  14. Whether it's called driver or education or training won't change its ineffectiveness in reducing crashes and deaths for young (age 16-18) drivers in the U.S. In fact, studies have indicated that young drivers who participate in "advanced driver skills" training have a higher crash risk than those who don't. IIHS and other road safety experts recommend graduated driver licensing programs, which have been proven effective in reducing young driver crashes and collision claims not only in the U.S. but in other countries as well. Recommendations from IIHS. Graduated Licensing Calculator (iihs.org) Minimum age for driver's permit eligibility no lower than 16 years Minimum age for driver's license eligibility no lower than 17 years Minimum 70 hours practice hours supervised by parent, guardian, or other experienced driver No teenage passengers in vehicle No driving at night between 8 PM and sunrise the next morning without supervision by parent, guardian, or other experienced driver
  15. U.S. market 1st gen Ford Escape was assembled at 2 plants, Ohio Assembly and Kansas City Assembly, between 2000 and 2005. Here are the sales numbers for those years. 2000 42,635 2001 164,184 2002 145,471 2003 167,678 2004 183,430 (inc. 2,993 Hybrids) 2005 165,122 (inc. 18,797 Hybrids)
  16. Nissan got lazy and failed to keep Leaf competitive. For the under $40k price point, Chevy Bolt, Hyundai Kona EV, Kia Niro EV, and especially Tesla Model 3 have surpassed Leaf in performance, range, features, and refinement. Remains to be seen if Nissan can regain its footing in the BEV market with Ariya.
  17. IIHS summary of the impact of driver education programs on crash rate among young drivers. Teenagers (iihs.org) Formal evaluations of U.S. high school driver education programs indicate little or no reduction in crashes per licensed driver (Lonero & Mayhew, 2010; Mayhew et al., 2014; Mayhew et al., 2017; Peck, 2011). Other school-based programs, such as those intended to reduce alcohol-impaired driving, have not been shown to be effective, at least in the short term (Williams, 1994). Skid control training and other kinds of advanced skill training seem to increase crash risk, particularly among young males (Mayhew et al., 1998; Christie, 2001; Williams & Ferguson, 2004). A possible explanation is that young drivers trained in these skills may become overconfident, leading them to take unnecessary risks. A study evaluating hazard perception training, which aims to change a driver's awareness and perception of potential risks while driving, did not find a significant overall effect on crashes among young drivers; however, males ages 16-18 who had taken the training had a 24 percent lower crash rate relative to males in the control group (Thomas et al., 2016).
  18. Thanks for that info sullynd sir. The Mustang Mach-E my wife and I ordered shortly after reservations opened is in a similar situation. The vehicle has been built, but has a quality hold so it's not ready to ship to the dealership yet. We're OK with the wait.
  19. rperez817

    Minivan vs 3 row SUV - why are minivans looked down upon?

    Cars.com posted its review of 2022 Kia Carnival today, written by Jennifer Geiger. Mrs. Geiger praised the Carnival's powertrain, feature set, and value, but was less impressed by its handling. The biggest criticisms of Carnival, to no one's surprise, are its "SUV styling" and "Kia’s smoke-and-mirrors attempt to call it anything other than a minivan". Overall assessment was "the new Carnival is a captivating competitor." 2022 Kia Carnival Review: Almost Magic | News | Cars.com
  20. The widespread deployment of fully autonomous cars has great potential for achieving the goal of zero roadway deaths by 2050. National Road to Zero, Traffic Safety Leaders Call on Biden Administration to Commit to Zero Deaths by 2050 | PAVE Campaign
  21. rperez817

    Mach-E sales down?

    There's a backlog of Mustang Mach-E retail orders in which the cars have been produced but are not ready to ship to dealerships, for whatever reasons. My wife's Mustang Mach-E First Edition falls into this category. Also, monthly sales numbers should be compared against the same month a year prior, not to the previous month or 2 like the investors.com article did. Ford should immediately return to quarterly sales reporting. There is no good reason to report monthly sales numbers for the media.
  22. rperez817

    Mach E Review by Munro

    Thanks again kyle for sharing the Sandy Munro video series on Mustang Mach-E. Munro is a legend in automotive engineering circles for his fanatical attention to detail, so the praise Munro gave Mustang Mach-E is a big deal for sure.
  23. That threat has been very effective getting automakers to take safety more seriously.
  24. Good explanation Flying68 sir, thank you. It's a very good thing that the casualty insurance industry does this kind of testing that goes far beyond what the federal government does through NHTSA. And NHTSA benefits from IIHS' work too. The proposed expansion of NHTSA's crash test ratings program was made possible in large part to what IIHS is doing already.