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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    Ford November 2023 Sales

    Wait, what? Is that new for 24? edit: skimmed through the article. You could always get a hybrid in XLT, I’ve been looking at them for months, Ford just prioritizes production of Lariat and higher trims so xlt is not as common.
  2. fuzzymoomoo

    Production Tesla Cybertruck Spied

    Found the crash test video https://x.com/aidrivr/status/1730329405568995335?s=46 Comparison with F-150 Lightning https://x.com/aidrivr/status/1730651572349304845?s=46 the irony of them being posted on the platform Elon owns is not lost on me lol. I can’t tell if the account is a Tesla Stan or if he’s legitimately trying to be objective but he does bring up a good point with the rear axle in one of his comments. Cybertruck has rear wheel steer so what we’re seeing could just be a tie rod breaking and not the axle itself. Also the comparison between it and the F-150 didn’t look all that different to my untrained eye save for the rear seat passenger in the Cybertruck that got yeeted into the back of the front seat.
  3. fuzzymoomoo

    Super Cab Ranger

    Unofficially it’s supposed to be MY2025 from what I’ve heard but the strike may have delayed that to late availability for MY2025.
  4. fuzzymoomoo

    GM Considering bringing back Hybrids for NA

    I’ve long advocated for Ford to take this path until the infrastructure to support mass adoption of BEVs is built out more.
  5. fuzzymoomoo

    GM Considering bringing back Hybrids for NA

    He said as such. I’ll have to try and find it when I get home but I distinctly remember reading one of his word salad interviews where he said he didn’t see hybrids as a good ROI because he thought it was a dead end.
  6. fuzzymoomoo

    GM Considering bringing back Hybrids for NA

    And that falls squarely on Jim Hackett. He could have secured battery supply instead of doing nothing.
  7. fuzzymoomoo

    GM Considering bringing back Hybrids for NA

    Ford had the opportunity to go all in on hybrids as a transition to BEVs 5-6 years ago as C2 and CD6 were being developed and rolling out and chose not to. I think it’s a decision they will come to regret as time goes on, especially if and when fuel prices climb again.
  8. A lot of $2.85-2.99 near me. There’s still a few $3+ holdouts though.
  9. The problem with the F-150 hybrid is actually Range believe it or not. The power and towing numbers are great, bordering on the base SD numbers even but if you’re looking for better mileage I’m willing to bet there’s a majority of buyers who are bound to be disappointed.
  10. No shit. Hard to not grow that fast when you start from zero 🙄
  11. fuzzymoomoo

    Cybertruck bed size

    The bigger question is how in the hell is anyone with a torso fitting in that back seat?
  12. fuzzymoomoo

    2025 Camry goes Hybrid only

    No different than what Ford did with the new Mustang….
  13. Always take that with a grain of salt. I’ve seen numerous examples over the years where investments were announced for certain plants that were later changed or canceled. Remember when OHAP was supposed to become a BEV hub? Remember when what became Mach-E was supposed to go to Flat Rock? Remember when MAP Mod Center was supposed to become an AV upfitter? Remember when Kentucky Truck was supposed to have a HEV Expedition and Navigator by now? Both of those last 2 were in the 2019 contract and neither happened.
  14. They’re just pandering for votes
  15. Building 3 battery plants and an assembly complex on top of retooling at least 2 existing facilities is hardly a measured approach.
  16. It’s not that Toyota is anti-EV, it’s they don’t think that’s the answer and as such they’re taking a far more measured approach. Makes sense for them that way if they need the EV capacity in the future to they don’t have to scramble to catch up.
  17. fuzzymoomoo

    Oct. '23 - Sales Numbers

    When I get mine, it won’t fit in my current garage but because of height not length. When I move a garage big enough for the truck is something I’ll keep an eye out for not not necessarily a must-have.
  18. I would love to see that
  19. fuzzymoomoo

    UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

    This is absolutely insane. Way to reward people for striking and punishing those of us who worked the entire time https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2023/11/03/ford-strike-laid-off-uaw-extra-pay-deal/71426913007/#loix06yl9d8xim96qq8
  20. fuzzymoomoo

    New Ford Product Investments

    Because it’s Ford and they’ve never operated that way. CD4 is/was a phenomenal platform that could have carried on longer had they not branched off to CD6/C2.
  21. fuzzymoomoo

    UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

    Im not entirely sure of the setup but apparently they can operate independently of each other.
  22. fuzzymoomoo

    Oct. '23 - Sales Numbers

    At this point it’s basically a unicorn
  23. fuzzymoomoo

    UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

    They’re losing 2 shifts… kind of speaks for itself.
  24. fuzzymoomoo

    Oct. '23 - Sales Numbers

    Ranger production would have still been very low without the strike.
  25. fuzzymoomoo

    UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

    Sounds like Stamping. Presses are loud, everything is covered in oil, the floor is always shaking and there’s almost constant sirens from the die cranes. I’m enjoying it so far though.