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  1. Ford basically was copying GM and reinvented the wheel with CD6 at great expense and that’s why anything beyond Explorer/Navigator was harder to justify… although the CD6 Edge/Aviator replacement made it all the way to prototypes seen driving with camouflage stripes. Had Mulally embraced the global RWD idea with the Aussie Falcon/Territory thrown into the pot, the economics may have sufficient to justify a full product cycle but in 2008, he was more interested in saving money and making full use of the vehicles that Ford already had in North America. I think time was up for RWD cars as their volume began to waste away in the twenty teens, even FWD/AWD cars eventually gave way to utilities and Ford just saw it as too easy to follow that path with existing FWDs and just evolve Mustang as required.
  2. As I said earlier, this RWD idea makes a comeback every couple of years but there’s zero commitment from Ford. People playing on the ever hopeful..
  3. The proportions for a sedan are different to Mustang but not completely different. For example, the rear seat in the now departed Falcon was forward of the rear wheel arches where as rear passengers sit in between the rear wheel tubs on a Mustang. There was also less engine set back in the Falcon so the front wheel axis to firewall distance was less. You only have to look at Challenger vs Charger to get an idea of the above… In the other direction, if the Mustang Coupe’s wheelbase was lengthened to 117” by stretching the passenger compartment to make more rear seat room, most of the S650 elements could be retained but you’d want to make sure that the four door coupe styling was spot on perfect. As I also said earlier in the thread, this RWD sedan rumour comes and goes every few years, I don’t think it’s anything more than an interesting idea to increase website clicks…
  4. The reality is that the traditional Mustang coupe buyers have reduced to a small but loyal group, I would be open to a four door Mustang but to be successful it would need to be more Falcon like. Considering Mustangs roots and the the divergence between Falcon and Mustang, it’s interesting to consider what makes both so great is that they are close but so very different…..
  5. I am no expert in this but I have read that Around 70% of the forward crash protection development work involves the engine bay crash absorption and force vectoring but equally the passenger compartment is also important as it needs to withstand crash forces in all directions, sides, top (rollover) and rear end hit. Yes, a full CD6 Mustang was considered too expensive but its electrics and floorpan / hybrid battery made S650 affordable. I guess your point on CD6 begs the question of how far advanced the sedan was before axing. Ford has many options and they work out every possible permutation and crunch the numbers but so far, nothing has really come back as a strong business case. This four door RWD rumour seems to gain legs every few years and then disappears again.
  6. Absolutely true. Honestly, if most people were given the choice, they’d probably pick a next generation Edge over a Mach E simply because the change to BEV is just too much for most buyers. When it comes to three row BEV clinic results, I think the decision was even more clear cut, Ford knew that and with the current battery tech, it was on a hiding to nothing if released, the Tesla X probably covers most of those would be buyers anyway
  7. I feel for you guys now, hitting the delay button was just the easy decision for Ford as I doubt that Farley really knows what to do now as that could change again by next year. Oakville is such a big plant, it seems like a crime not to build multiple products, particularly when Canada is an export hub for ROW markets.
  8. In a way S650 already did that with changes to the floor pan to permit hybrid battery mounting. The addition of a four door is a tricky one because it begs the question 4-door sedan or 4-door coupe? At some point, concessions for a four door would turn the Mustang into a “Falcon”, not a bad thing… Another consideration is that a longer wheelbase gets a better break under CAFE. Random question, would it be easier to change the latest C2 Mondeo to RWD configuration by using Mustang front crash protection cell and RWD powertrains 2.3 EB and Coyote V8……just a thought…
  9. Looks like it’s based on older three row CD4 Edge but a lot of local engineering including Chinese EB engines. also a 5” shorter wheelbase 2-row utility called Territory.
  10. The bigger issue is that European buyers are showing low interest in Ford’s BEV offerings and of course it will need to pivot to hybrids because there’s no other choice. Ford Europe basically flushed its volume selling ICE vehicles down the toilet because it was sure that this generation of BEVs was going to be the future of its business but the real question now is how quickly can it pivot to what’s needed to survive.
  11. Word is that the ICE Puma will not be available for rest of world markets like Australia/New Zealand so I’m thinking that this new generation Ecosport will be offered as a replacement in those ,ARKit’s, perhaps with a lot of the Puma’s current instrumentation, trim and power train. If so, it’s probably a clever way to continue the ICE engineering unde Ecosport while giving BEV Puma a cleaner perception with buyers…
  12. This. Such a good post in describing the confusion within Ford. Ford apparently cannot make a decision without the need to constantly second guess it for fear that there’s a better choice. My concern with BEV tech is that the really early adopters have time to roll out product and switch to sodium batteries for the next product cycle but companies like Ford that choose to be fas followers end up in a kind of no man’s land. That’s one example but I’m sure that others could show lots of cases where Ford resisted a logical vehicle choice but then changed it mind half way through and made a hash of it. As I’ve mention many times before, Ford wanted a smaller Ranger when T6 was first being developed, had North America simply done a Maverick based on Transit Connect, I think the Bronco Sport would have been the next obvious choice…..but in the late 2000 North America didn’t think that way.
  13. Correct, the moment people see LHD Everest, the Connect a whole bunch of dots that just aren’t there. Everest works in international markets and it’s clearly getting more updates under the skin that are best evaluated in North America. I’m thinking Ecoboost engines currently used in Chinese models or even the PHEV power train for Euro emissions compliance testing, there’s lots of possibilities….
  14. Huh? Lucid still has around $5 billion in liquidity Now whether it can make vehicles at a profit is another matter…
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