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  1. The problem is when people get greedy and think they're above the law, playing chicken with the taxman is very dangerous. In a tax investigation, the first thing the accountants do is throw their clients under a bus, they must to avoid charges themselves. From there, it tends to unravel fairly quickly...... especially when correspondence shows who instructed what was to be done...
  2. There's a train of thought that says get rid of personal income tax and just fortify goods and services tax. It's a more efficient way to collect tax, all the contrived income tax schemes are no longer required.
  3. Correct, I'm on the same page now. I was incorrect earlier when I said the word surplus, I should have used the term balanced budget, pretty much as you described. When the budget is balanced (zero or small deficit) borrowing money as required is preferable to idle unused funds (unacceptable)
  4. It's refreshing to see hybrids and PHEVs used as Power adders on top of their fuel saving virtues, it may be just the ticket to changing people's minds about hybrids just being Econo oriented.
  5. jpd80

    Another new V8 ?

    While there are different tunes, it looks like the power ratings change significantly depending on the class of truck . The 310 HP version subs for a smaller displacement engine while giving better fuel economy under sustained load. The 350 HP version looks like the Medium Duty version but I could be wrong.....heavier duty versions don't rev as high, maybe for less exhaust heat under load?
  6. I wonder though, if this and bigger diesels give way to gen sets like railroads are starting to use in locomotives. Sure, they would be more cumbersome but I wonder if someone is studying retrofitting to existing trucks...
  7. The Ranger Raptor and the Everest have Watts link Rear suspension with coil springs.... Bronco is the first vehicle developed of next gen T6 architecture, it had to be that way to bake in all of Bronco's differences, Ranger, Everest and VW Amarok will all benefit.
  8. jpd80

    Another new V8 ?

    He's talking about the 6.8 that was mentioned by Jerry Diaz when discussing the Unifor contract. We know that the 6.8 is real and will be built at Windsor and most likely on the 7.3 architecture. Aternatively, the 6.2 Boss engine could be enlarged to 6.8 litres with possibly a different block?
  9. You say running a surplus is bad but then go on to qualify your own answer, a small deficit as good. I never qualified the amount of surplus but consider this: Wouldn't it be great to have a trillion or two sitting there ready for national disasters which seem to be occurring a lot more regularly these days. That would be real fiscal responsibility rather than borrowing money in the first place. In some sense, it would be like budgeting for unexpected expenses that are likely to occur and that is being fiscally responsible With America up around 30 trillion debt, the conversation is pretty moot as I doubt America will ever pay that off.
  10. In your country, yes. The whole reason American politics is failing is due to polarisation, your law makers are bought and paid for long before they set foot in the Capitol.
  11. Actually, it's all the time because a rational decision is one where a choice is made to benefit self interest or a select group that an individual represents and less to do with benefit to the whole community.
  12. It makes sense when the government is actively encouraging electrification, batteries are a major foundation element
  13. Similar situation elsewhere, I’d they don’t use the entire budgeted funds, next year gets cut to the level spent
  14. jpd80

    Another new V8 ?

    No, the 6.2 is expected to end sometime after 2022 when the plant closes. It looks like the 7.3 gets similar economy as the 6.2 when unloaded cruise much better when loaded, the 7.3 is just a better engine all round for those truck applications. The 6.8 is based on the 7.3 architecture but intended for HP including supercharged applications.
  15. But don't tell the EPA that or they will reclassify all of them as cars, not "trucks".