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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Absolutely true, most customers would be glad to get an upgrade to MY23 on the build instead of MY22. It must be so satisfying to see nearly 6 months of forward orders for Super Duty
  2. Appreciate your view on this but in the US, Ford’s actions either voluntary or involuntary do not support ICEs becoming price sensitive commodity vehicles. Most of their current vehicles are in the desirable/ Will pay more category especially while production remains constrained. The fact that Ford is pushing hard with customer based orders filling factory allocation is a sign that it needs highly profitable ICE to continue, especially while it’s first generation EVs struggle with production constraints. Ford China has been a basket case for years, they’ve run out of places to hide the red ink. Sure, it’s fishing with the wrong bait but that will only get you so far, China 6b emissions and fuel economy targets come into play in July 2023, it gets harder from then on for ICE. and you know sales are bad in China when Ford won’t break out individual models and only talks in quarterly sales numbers, they know they’re vehicles are struggling, especially the Mach E. A while back I mentioned that Ford would eventually have a bunch of ICE plants that won’t be needed, the quicker it tries to switch to electric vehicles, the more this will become apparent - it’s tricky, Ford wants EV to replace ICE but needs ICE profits….. how that gets resolved is anyone’s guess….
  3. It might help Ford’s case if it could build more than 6,200 BEVs a month, I don’t think that dealers should be forced to join until ford is producing say, 25,000 or 30,000 BEVs a month.
  4. Ford has no intention of letting F Series inventory getting as big as it used to be. At last count it was around 149,000, Ford has worked out how to keep dealers and customers hungry for stock. I’d forget about a tanking economy, the rich corporates want everyone employed and paying down a loan, it’s how they maximise profits from all of us.
  5. 150,000 super duty orders is at least 5 months solid production through to the end of April 2023….. GM and Ram would kill to have those HD orders
  6. Looks like Ford’s 2023 version of Super Duty has struck gold with buyers, would love to know what commercial orders are like and how many they will build over the winter yeah I know, all of them….LOL
  7. F600 tucks under F Series while F650/F750 are the heavy truck numbers F600 has been around 900 sales a month max this year.
  8. Originally, NA Ranger was to run a year longer after roll out of NG global Ranger to cover the cost of upgrades to Gen 1 PX3,,,,, I see nothing wrong with starting Ranger Raptor and maybe V6 Platinum alongside current Bronco to optimise premium sales before complete roll out of next Gen Ranger but will Ford do that, maybe not……would be great if they did.
  9. The November sales result is Ford sticking to its knitting and making/selling what it can, this is going to continue until supply issues are resolved , hard to see that happening in the first half of 2023.
  10. Limited parts supply for T6s and Ford prioritising Bronco builds, there’s still a huge line of orders.
  11. Massive batteries with 800 volt charging at 1 Megawatt -350 miles of charging in half an hour. the cabin is amazing, you can stand up in it, change overalls and drive in a central position so no RHD-LHD. This will be big in places like Europe and China let alone North America.
  12. I understand that but it still confounds me how Ford keeps making plans that have so much vulnerability, they still don’t get it. Here they are with an almost runaway success with V6 Ranger in our Australian market, customers all paying hefty price and Ford still has a dog and a block of ice mentality.
  13. This is not a sales/demand side problem, Ford can’t make enough to fill orders for customers on most of its vehicles, The only exception I see is Explorer which has about 30,000 inventory Also telling that Ford crows about EV sales but he reality is ~2,000 Lightnings, ~3,000 Mach E and ~900 EV Transit. That’s like 6,000 sales out of 146,000……they just can’t get the ramp up going.
  14. A lot of them yes, you’ll recall the problem a few years ago with sourcing F Series frames to name one example. One supplier with EV. batteries really hurt Mach E launch in China. For Thailand production, many essential Ranger an Everest parts come from China and every time covid lock downs come back it hurts production. Aussie buyer wait times for V6 Everest, Ranger Raptor, Wildtrak, Sport XLT with V6 are now out past April, XL with 2.0 diesel is available but zero interest in them.
  15. And that’s the thing, battery tech is constantly improving, heck manufacturers are trying to improve cathodes on LFP batteries that makes a switch to solid state unnecessary. Everything is a race to keep buyers interested in their new product over the competition, so it’s not like releasing a gas engine and improving it by 10 hp a year…