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  1. To be fair, the hole in the ozone layer repaired itself because we all stopped using CFCs.
  2. You're actually stuck inside because of poor hygiene in Chinese live animal markets and the ease with which people can travel and cross borders. One little virus has changed the way people live in a very dramatic way, imagine if this is the new norm each time someone in China handle something contaminated. A vehicle rule change in America might be the least of our problems.
  3. Sadly, it's now four Ford workers who have lost their lives to Covid-19 and Ford now indefinitely delays the reopening of plants Looks like Jim Hackett is planning furloughs if the crisis lingers on...,.
  4. There’s nothing wrong with preventing evaporative emissions but I think the rest of it is the reason why CAFE is killing small efficient gasoline vehicles while opening the gate for large trucks and SUVs. The imbalance in the whole system, the lack of fairness is there for all to see. Europe is introducing 95grams CO2/km, that’s going to destroy sales of all ICE only vehicles, that’s social engineering on a grand scale and everyone there goes along with it? Do not go silently into the night...... the people planning a brave new world want everyone else to pay for it.
  5. jpd80

    Escape Hybrid Notes.

    All I said was that the 2.5 seems to be a confirmation that the 2.0 was underpowered, otherwise Ford would have kept using it, yes?
  6. While it's not US certified, the 4.4 V8 does have AdBlue SCR system for NOX reduction so it may not take much for use as a commercial grade diesel.
  7. I'd love to know how much FCA spent on redesigning the 3.0 Ecodiesel to make it more reliable.
  8. The debt load is not due to credit cards, it's due to investing in property and houses Most people here buy an extra property because our government permits negative gearing. Most Australians also have compulsory superannuation, the combined amount invested is AUS$3 Trillion which is more than four times the combined Australian government deficit.
  9. The 3.0 PSD is close to the weight of the 2.7/3.0 EB so it's not like it's massively heavy. A diesel only makes sense to folks that drive lots of miles with a part load like say, 5,000 to 7,000 lbs , enough to really muck up the gasoline fuel economy and give the diesel a 30% advantage. Buteven then, if a shrews buyer chooses a V8 over the Ecoboost V6s, that diesel economy advantage may not becas great, and then there's the higher maintenance. I'm thinking E Series as a hail Mary for the 4.4 V8 but not surprised if Ford just cans it.
  10. I find it amusing that Ford developed a 3.0 V6 diesel F150, then doesn't bother to advertise it so no wonder the take rate is dreadful.... and I get why the 4.4 V8 lion is toast, 320 Up and 516 lb ft is not all that flash when some 3.0 six cylinder diesels can now get close to 300 up and 500 lb ft with increased boost. heck, Ford has a 2.0 panther that makes 217 Up and 320 lb ft. if Ford could put the 4.4 lion into E E dries, that would be a major coup as no one else is really covering Heavier diesel vans properly.
  11. They need to shock people into reality and stop trivalising this, it's going to get much worse before it gets better, the people wanting to go back to work just don't understand the full impact. If our doctors and nurses become infected because of daily exposure with substandard cloth masks then it's clear that there will be less people to take care of and treat the sick. The reason we're seeing Italian footage is to prepare Americans for what's coming, by the experts' calls, Italy is the USA in three weeks time
  12. All the medical experts say that hospitals are going to be overwhelmed with patients in the next few weeks, what they don't need is even more people getting exposed or worse passing it onto others that are more vulnerable. All of this sucks but it hits home just how easily a bug can spread all over the world. What's really worrying is to see our front line medical nurses and doctors getting scared to go to work, if they are already feeling overwhelmed, what are we facing in the next three weeks if those folks go down.
  13. So if Ford doesn't have a use for the 4.4 Lion, then that means it's finished and consigned to history.
  14. So sad to hear that two Ford workers in Detroit area have succumbed to covid-19, thoughts and prayers to their families.
  15. jpd80

    Escape Hybrid Notes.

    The 2.5 seems to be a confirmation that the previous 2.0 hybrid system was underpowered, the 2.5 PHEV needs to be made more available and less price restrictive. Those are generous words from Car and Driver, it shows that Ford has done a good job with Escape