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  1. Fixing the silent danger of BEVs, Give the Mach E the shake and rattle sound track of a 429 Boss....
  2. Good job, that's the first step towards a lower carbon footprint. The only problem I see with a Solar baseload strategy is the massive load put on gas turbines to cover peak load situations. Still, it's probably the only course open until battery storage technology improves and more green power is captured during the day. The answer though is going to be different for each state.....
  3. the path to hell is paved with good intentions......
  4. Under Fields Ford was heading down the path of conjoining BEV vehicles with the newer C2 Architecture, he advocated for more HEV PHEV direction than pure BEV but now we’re in a different time where money is no object, VW spending $7 billion on its BEV architecture
  5. And so does the V6 Camaro which has a decent performance advantage over the standard EB Mustang. I see the HP 2.3EB as being the needed upgrade to the underperforming base 2.3 EB. Ford could have skipped that and just used F150’s 2.7 EB for better perceived value. I don’t see this new package getting much sales traffic, they’re shooting for buyers that aren’t really there.
  6. jpd80

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    All the unseen hardware can be the same, differentiation comes from changing much of what can be seen and felt.
  7. Sure we can do both but the priority should be reducing CO2 from energy production. There's no point in switching everyone to electric cars if that in turn causes an increase of CO2 emissions from more coal fired plants to cover the increasing power deficit. ^^^^^^^^and that's the exact problem China faces, it's racing headlong into BEVs to fight climate change but planning a massive expansion of coal fired power plants. effective replacement of base load power stations is what's required, so those green alternatives have to be improved by using next gen liquid metal batteries that will leave today's lithium Ion batteries for dead on cost and efficiency. It sounds crazy but "waiting" with BEVs and using hybrid cars and trucks that use less fuel is actually the best solution while we get the power industry on the right track. It also gives the Automotive industry more time to select better battery technology for bigger long term gains.
  8. EV architecture divide automakers September 21, 2019 12:05 AM NICK GIBBS https://www.autonews.com/manufacturing/ev-architecture-divide-automakers
  9. I think they're a waste of money when there are much bigger problems to cure first. Eliminate CO2 from all electrical power generation and storage first, then use that as your source for clean and green energy , otherwise you're lying on your back and pissing all over yourself.
  10. I really don't know, the 2.7 EB V6 would have been perfect for this application especially since Camaro sounds to be getting the GM 2.7 I-4 T in the near future.
  11. jpd80

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Get ready for a shock, the T6 Bronco has external spare tire, so having that feature on Baby bronco would not be a surprise. I wouldn't rule out a swing gate on the baby either....
  12. I take the view that yes, there is indeed global warming and that it's real and here right now but, to thoroughly demonize vehicles at the expense of all other CO2 sources is morally bankrupt. I know why they do it, it's to get the population involved at the grass roots like they're actually doing something meaningful. Shutting off Coal fired power plants and going full Nuclear, solar and wind for the next fifty years would give the planet a massive break
  13. And yet the world's vehicles account for about 10% of all man made CO2 so if we electrified every vehicle tomorrow and stopped burning gasoline and diesel, it only drops CO2 levels by a tiny fraction.
  14. And that's it Bob, there might be a whole raft of good reasons for a sea change away from mechanical drive and braking, energy conservation being part of the package but perhaps electrification becomes just a better way to do the lot.. Fleets and owners will need proof of the benefits of casting off years of best practice and going from the safe well worn path into the unknown..well, that's putting companies and livelihoods at risk until people see the payoff.
  15. Some people have the misperception that sales leaders as profit cows. Not so long ago Toyota's big Boss was warning that US Camry profits had to improve or he'd look at importing it from outside the US. Now the market seems to be switching from Camry to RAV4 but really, the situation with profit is still pretty thin, all they're doing is multiplying those skinny profit margins across two plants instead of one. Bill Ford is on record as saying that he wants Ford to pursue diverse products rather than heavily committing to one