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  1. There is a small C2 base pickup being developed in Australia called P758
  2. Thee bar Taurus photoshopped as a pickup like Falcon used to be
  3. jpd80

    August Sales?

    I believe that For will show T6 Broncos as late as possible to stop Competition trying to gazump them with something quickly cobbled together IMO there’s been too much leaking years in front tha makes people think T6Bronco is “late” but very reliable sources are adamant that it hasn’t deviated in timing since kick off in 2016. What ever was being floated as delays have not occurred with that project and what is suspect happened was that it was offered as a contract sweetener in 2015 back when all the product research was still going on.
  4. If the did sell as many chargers and challengers then maybe they wouldn’t need Tesla’s credits
  5. jpd80

    August Sales?

    Prototypes have be out in Detroit at night for the past month or so, they’re camoed of course but I don’t think any of the shutter bugs have recognised them yet.
  6. jpd80

    August Sales?

    It will make sense when you see Bronco, it’s gonna be a real Wow moment Hackett really gets the need for good design and styling that folks like.
  7. jpd80

    August Sales?

    year to date sales of Tacoma through August 2018..........161,644 2019..........169,292 actually up 4.7% year on year
  8. jpd80

    August Sales?

    Tacoma just had a +27,000 sales month.
  9. and when results start turning around analysts will then gush with praise for Ford executing a magnificent recovery
  10. Thanks for clearing that up, what was i thinking, Ford never developed Mondeo 5 dr as a hybrid. Looks like hybrids are confined to higher trim levels but also heard that reviews of 2.0 hybrid package wan't so great Maybe Ford isn't hitting its target audience with hybrids, Ford seems to be thinking really premium pricing in Europe and maybe that's something buyers are not embracing as much as Ford thought.
  11. Wonder if 5-door Mondeo hybrid is going away because it's being used elsewhere, perhaps re-branded as a Crossover?
  12. Interesting that they didn't put it under the other BEVs..probably still at least four years away (CY 2023) Hybrid Mondeos are 5-door HB and S/W, there is no hybrid sedan in Europe Traditionally, HB was popular in Northern Europe and Station wagon more so in southern Europe,
  13. jpd80

    August Sales?

    New Bronco has a lot of Gen 1 styling in it, a complete departure from renderings that all look like Bronco II.
  14. This is part of it, Ford has made it abundantly clear to Wall Street that the influence that ratings companies have on Ford is much less than say, GM or most other publicly traded companies. It's like Ford wants to be "loved" by wall street but not influenced.
  15. If it was only one ratings company, we could write it off as just one analyst's view but, Morgan Stanley, Moodys, Standards and Poor all have this negative, bleak view of Ford. Most on BON would be aware of the massive changes happening in Ford and all the new products coming but unfortunately, Ford has failed to effectively articulate that message to the ratings companies, when I see Jim Hackett , Jim Farley or even Hau Tal Tang hold back on details or products which would be a light bulb moment, i just shake my head... two years on and they still cannot explain or show what a white vehicle is or will be. The unwillingness to fully explain the plan in detail a giant red flag for many analysts. Look at how quickly GM moved transitioning from cars to Utilities coming out of Mexico, GM basically started a year after Ford and completed that now, a year ahead of Ford.. Even with all of GM's foibles and missteps, it's still a giant license to print money so even if they get the basic things right, there's usually enough sales momentum to really make some big profits, cutting four car plants, two parts plants and effectivly replacing all of that production with Utilities coming out of Mexican plants was a watershed moment, one that analysts could see and factor in on their outlook of GM