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  1. A link to a report posted earlier on page 1 suggests that Ford is happy with the level of inquires regarding the Bronco Sport. Of course they couldn't say otherwise but I'm willing to wait and see how it goes, could be more of a grass roots model that sees growth once the vehicle is on sale and buyers have a chance to see it.
  2. All true that the market has changed but Ford doesn’t normally alter prices until after its feeling a loss of sales or feedback from dealers / potential customers. MME GT is still a long way off, so maybe Ford avoided touching that price unless it really has to, it’s very interesting.
  3. Yeah, it's odd to reduce prices on a brand new vehicle range surrounded by major hype, logic suggests that's because people are abandoning reservations or not placing orders. Ford holding fast on GT pricing is just saving face on the top version that's still far away.
  4. jpd80

    2021 F150 Adds Power.

    Happy in the knowledge that GM doesn't think like this, they go passive hybrid and full BEV with no hybrids in between.
  5. That's promising, Sport buyers will have their vehicles a lot quicker than Bronco buyers. It may be sales grow after people see neighbours with them.....
  6. No, I'd never suggest that, just wondering if a vacancy has opened up for a front engine two seat sports car...
  7. Yep, zero information from Ford regarding buyer response for Bronco Sport
  8. How would it alienate buyers if there’s two versions?
  9. Honestly, a good hybrid or PHEV is going to reach a lot more buyers, take concern away for fuel costs and most buyers are happy with a much less costly vehicle. My concern with BEVs is that they are being pitched at premium buyers even though Ford has said in the recent past that the cost of building BEVs is now approaching the costs of building a comparable ICE vehicle. They're trying to cash in on BEVs, not replace ICEs so there's that.
  10. Happy to be proven wrong but I'm not convinced that MME will be a big seller beyond initial orders. Since Bronco reservations took off, Ford hasn't said all that much about MME ordering.
  11. What if Mustang gets another version, a two seat coupe that follows the front engine Corvette formula?
  12. Do tell, there has to be an anecdote......." Why does my van stink like sh**?"
  13. Thanks for the info bzcat, I suspect it’s a localised variation of C2 architecture using Chinese suppliers and parts. It’s a good example of what’s possible when Ford looks beyond the usual product envelope of cars and utilities. Oh for something like that at Oakville.
  14. jpd80

    Unifor contract update

    Seems like a big gap from 2024 retooling to 2026 first EVs?
  15. jpd80

    2021 Ford Puma ST

    Correct, there's more for sure as the numbers I mentioned are stock at dealerships.