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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Good that NACS is becoming the unofficial charging standard, the government shouldn’t be putting money into anything but electric infrastructure to support this charging network, make it the standard The next network to develop is Tesla’s 800 volt system for trucks and large vehicles…
  2. Agree, GM basically had to or risk being left behind, now their customers are going to share in better charging. Surely, this gives Tesla a ton of guaranteed income and justifies a rapid increase of its charging network
  3. Which makes sense when this one basically evolved from the boxy BEV Explorer, so yes Ford’s priorities are new buyers, not replacing existing products.
  4. It galls me to think that Ford had a boxy BEV Explorer but then reworked into this sleeker looking crossover. Clearly, they got cold feet over possibly taking production and sales away from CAP CD6 Explorer/Aviator. Perhaps Ford is not yet sold on the idea of mass migration of ICE buyers to BEVs so doesn’t want to kill Ford Blue production until later in the decade….. Part of the problem is that Ford keeps changing its mind and second guessing original plans. They’re kinda hunting for the groove but honestly, it smacks of not really knowing what customers want or, maybe favouring new customers in BEVs over simply migrating existing ones. What should be a no brainer product decision has turned into something that meets more obscure objectives, like maybe they want this to be more of a Tesla competitor?
  5. Now that Mach E production has finally increased to around 13,000 per month, sales need to increase to that level or Ford will have a real problem with rising unsold inventory. Either way, you’ll have an answer in the next month or so, I hope Ford hasn’t lost all their Mach E buyers….
  6. There’s about 4,500 Mach Es in dealer stock and about 8,500 more built/ in transit so it will be interesting to see how many have the bigger battery. Another month should tell us if Ford is in trouble with wrong mix.
  7. 13,100 Mach E’s in inventory as of the start of June….are they free units or are they customer orders?
  8. https://s201.q4cdn.com/693218008/files/doc_news/2023/06/ford-may-2023-u-s-sales-data.pdf Inventory and production at above link F Series sales back at 70,000 is a good sign
  9. Unfortunately no, I haven’t seen any breakout of hybrids like that, it would be interesting to know the depth of electrification sales across the vehicles Ford currently offers…
  10. Another good month for F Series in May with over 70,000 sales. https://s201.q4cdn.com/693218008/files/doc_news/2023/06/ford-may-2023-u-s-sales-data.pdf
  11. I understand that, it’s more lovable than the Cube but also remembering that it’s built with e-Puma in Romania, the difference between the two couldn’t be more stark.
  12. jpd80

    Tesla Cybertruck interior

    Those big forward A pillars are going to annoy plenty of drivers….
  13. Better packaging on a North American GE2 EV Explorer would also mean a longer wheelbase, justifying that EV Expedition name? I look forward to how Ford executes this vehicle as it could answer a few questions about reducing future model count. Think ‘tweeners doing double duty by pulling buyer choices in different directions…. In the scale of things, European VW based EV Explorer is a temporary vehicle, maybe a future reconfigured GE1 Mach E is reconfigured to cover the EV Explorer product space with Ford USA already at work on a Bronco EV below it…..just a thought.
  14. How ironic that as gas stations are slowly replaced by EV charge stations, those coffee shops that once survived on people going in to pay for fuel are now set to thrive with a captive audience waiting for their vehicles to charge… Interesting how behaviours change over the decades….