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  1. The Puma is based on a stretched (longer wheelbase) version of the Global B-segment platform used by the Fiesta. If you disregard the slightly raised ride height and bigger tires, it's basically a LWB Fiesta with a roomier rear passenger area. PS: The outgoing pre-facelift Puma shared the same dashboard as the recently discontinued Fiesta (a reskinned version of the previous gen Fiesta that was also sold in North America and Asia). The additional inch + difference in width is mostly from the wider wheel arches with cladding. Pre-facelift Puma Ford Fiesta (final gen)
  2. I thought the upcoming BEV version of the B-segment Puma will share the EV hardware of the B-segment BEV Transit/Tourneo Courier. Both are built on updated versions of the Ford Global B-platform that was also used by the Fiesta and EcoSport. The larger C-segment Transit/Tourneo Connect is the one based on the VW Caddy.
  3. AM222

    2025 Chevy Equinox

    It's the split headlights. Probably better than Mitsubishi's? Ford's take on the split headlight layout.
  4. A Focus-based crossover (a bigger Puma-like model to slot below the Escape) would have been nice. This is basically the segment of the Corolla Cross and Chevy Trax. Smaller C-segment crossovers that fill the space left by the traditional compact crossover SUVs (Escape, Rav4, CR-V etc.) that have grown larger and more expensive in recent years.
  5. At 164.9in long, the subcompact Puma is still noticeably smaller than the Focus hatchback and over a foot shorter than the new C-segment Trax. Aside from the added ground clearance, the Puma is basically a Fiesta with a (much needed) 3.8in longer wheelbase. In Developing markets, GM sells the subcompact Chevy Tracker, it's roughly the same size as the old B-segment Trax. This is true, particularly in the US-Canadian markets. Where the larger more car-like C-segment crossovers are starting to replace B-segment crossovers as the smallest models in the lineup. B-segment Crossovers continue to be sold elsewhere. For example: the new Civic-based C-segment Honda HR-V crossover sold in the US is actually the new ZR-V in other markets, the real HR-V is still a B-segment crossover and is roughly the same size as the previous one. The Corolla-based C-segment Corolla Cross is the smallest Toyota crossover in the US today, but elsewhere there's the small B-segment Yaris Cross (in fact, there are two versions of the subcompact CUV depending on the region). C-segment US market 2024 Honda HR-V aka ZR-V in other markets Length x width x height: 179.8in x 72.4in x 63.4in New B-segment Honda HR-V for most other markets Length x width x height: 170.5in x 70.5in x 62.6in
  6. Ford needs something like the new Chevy Trax, a C-segment crossover that starts under $22,000 (including Destination). It literally fills the spot the C-segment Chevy Cruze sedan and hatchback left. The 2024 Ford Escape Active FWD starts at $31,635 (including Destination) The 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend starts at $33,470 (including Destination) In 2019, these were the starting prices of the Flex and Explorer.
  7. Unlike the larger Equinox and the shorter Trailblazer, the new Trax is lower and more car-like. 2024 Chevy Trax length x width x height: 178.6in x 71.7in x 61.4in, wheelbase: 106.3in 2019 Chevy Cruze hatchback length x width x height: 175.3in x 70.5in x 57.7in, wheelbase: 106.3in 2019 Chevy Cruze sedan length x width x height: 183.7in x 70.5in x 57.4in, wheelbase: 106.3in 2022 Chevy Trailblazer length x width x height: 173.5in x 71.2in x 65.2in, wheelbase: 103.9in
  8. Instead of killing the Focus, maybe Ford should evolve the range into something like a Focus Active but with better integrated SUV styling cues. Something a tad taller and more muscular. If you think about it, the new C-segment Chevy Trax is essentially a crossover replacement for the Cruze.
  9. AM222

    2025 Chevy Equinox

    The new Equinox actually looks good.
  10. More affordable doesn't need to be stripped-down and boring. Ford probably should have made a Focus-based crossover that could slot below the Escape-Kuga. That's pretty much what the Corolla Cross is, it's a crossover based on the C-segment Corolla hatchback and positioned below the Rav4. Profitability is always brought up when the subject is about Ford and smaller affordable models. How do rivals do it? Volume. They sell the same vehicle in many markets globally. Ford's only true global volume model now is the Ranger. The Mustang would probably count too but in many markets, it's considered a niche low volume model.
  11. The current Explorer still has traces of Kinetic Design, I think this makes it look a bit dated. The rising side crease/ character line of the Explorer was common on Ford models launched in the late-2000s and early-2010s like the Fiesta, EcoSport, previous gen Escape-Kuga etc. Some new Ford designs launched 2021 or later with a design language that mixes boxy and curvy with sharp edges. Just had to add the Tourneo Courier B-segment MPV with its SUV-inspired styling.
  12. I think when done right, the "One" concept works. Asian and European brands have been doing this for decades. For example: Honda (CR-V), Toyota (Rav4), Hyundai (Tucson) have one C-segment SUV model sold globally. Depending on the market or region, Ford has two different models in the 2-row compact SUV segment, the Escape-Kuga and the unrelated Territory which will finally be made available with a right-hand drive version. It will replace the Kuga in South Africa. -www.citizen.co.za
  13. Pretty much the situation between the Bronco Sport and the longer Escape. Very expensive vs expensive (by non-luxury brand standards). A Maverick-equivalent SUV doesn't need to be a Maverick, Ford just needs a lower-priced C2-based model. The Corolla Cross for example is an example of a lower-priced crossover SUV positioned in the smaller-end of the compact class. Unlike the Bronco Sport, which is positioned above the Escape, the Corolla Cross is positioned below the RAV4. Ford needs something like this. The base Corolla Cross L costs $24,960 with destination charges, the LE variant below costs $27,290 with destination charges. Standard engine is a 169hp 2.0-liter inline-4. The AWD 2.0-liter Hybrid version has a total system output of 196hp and starts at $29,745 with destination charges. For comparison, the base Escape Active 1.5 EcoBoost FWD costs $31,635 with destination charges.
  14. The Chinese Edge was all-new for 2023. (3-row Edge L) The 2-row option for now is the Evos.
  15. It's just a cheaper alternative to the non-hybrid Escape which is not offered in Mexico. The entire Territory range is positioned below the Escape Hybrid range which starts at $45K USD in Mexico for the base Active trim. The mid-trim Territory Trend 1.8 EB (like an SE/SEL) starts at $39,947 USD in Mexico, just a bit less than a Maverick XLT 2.0 EB FWD which starts at $40,476 USD in Mexico (starts at $26,315 in the USA). Now you have an idea how it's positioned in Ford's range in Mexico. *The Maverick's base XL trim is not offered in Mexico. In the Philippines, the top trim Territory Titanium X 1.5 EB is priced at the equivalent of $28,775 USD.