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  1. Currently, Ford's most affordable volume SUV models in Asia and South America are from China.
  2. I think the Mach E was really intended for North America where most of its sales come drom. If you're talking about compliance cars for the EU, that would be the VW-based compact Explorer EV and its Coupe (Capri!) derivative. Again, unlike its competitors, none of them are global.
  3. This means an electric Escape with a 1000+ pound battery pack. You'll end up with something like a Mach E. Ford just needs to remember that outside the NA market, B-segment vehicles are very important, and they need a new global subcompact ASAP. Fiat's new B-segment Grande Panda. To come in both BEV and Hybrid versions.
  4. The Mach E Extended Range's battery pack for example weighs 670kg (1,477lbs), the weight of the cells in the pack is 399kg (879.6lbs). They'd need to resort to something more exotic like a carbon fiber monocoque structure to really cut down on weight, something you can't do for a mass-produced vehicle that has to be in a certain price point. With today's technology, it makes more sense for city cars to go full electric. Small body, small battery, light weight, downside, short range, then again, a city car is meant to mainly go around the city. The BYD Seagull is about the size of a Chevy Spark or Mitsubishi Mirage. It weighs just around 350lbs more than an ICE car of the same size. Range is just 190 miles though for the standard model.
  5. I saw the sales numbers before, the Evos wasn't doing well at all. The Mondeo sedan and Equator Sport (new Territory) were Ford's stronger models. I'm surprised they didn't export the Evos. The Mondeo is exported to the Middle East as the new Taurus. New color on the Mondeo Sport looks good. -Headlightmag Total System output of the hybrid 2.0L EcoBoost is 227kW (304hp).
  6. Ford lost billions in sedans because they didn't handle the sedan business as well as its Asian rivals which always have the global market in their sights. *In Asia-Pacific, the PowerShift dry dual-clutch transmission damaged the image of small Ford cars and crossovers.
  7. Pretty much. Ford recently started production of the right-hand drive c-segment Territory; it replaces the more expensive Escape/Kuga in some markets. Ford needs smaller more affordable models below it. Many rest-of-the-world markets rely on C-segment and smaller vehicles.
  8. I think the "commodities" comment was mainly aimed at the US and Canada. The reality is many American models are too large and expensive for the rest of the world. Subcompacts for example are important in many parts of the world like in Europe, South America and Asia. Ford's rivals continue to build these types of vehicles.
  9. Oh, i was refering to the 1st gen and second gen EcoSport being roughly the same size. In Asia and i guess in South America, the subcompact (B) segment is split into two. The entry level which is EcoSport-sized, this includes vehicles like the Toyota Raize and Kia Sonet, and the larger size B-segment-based models that are close to the Bronco Sport in terms of size, this segment includes models like the Kia Seltos, Nissan Kicks, a Yaris Cross (bigger than the EU model) etc. I think the Hyundai Venue is the last of the smaller entry-level subcompact CUVs/SUVs in the US. Americans obviously prefer the bigger models, while in other parts of the world there is enough interest and demand for both small and bigger subcompacts so other car companies make both. A Maverick SUV would be great. Maybe Ford should just replace the Escape with one, it would probably be cheaper too. The Escape-Kuga twins just got too expensive that in some markets Ford replaced them with the more affordable Territory. I think Ford's biggest mistake is sacrificing vehicles for the rest of the world (like subcompacts) because buyers in the USA and Canada want larger models.
  10. Like a modern version of the first gen EcoSport? It's pretty much the same dimensions as the 2nd gen model.
  11. I rhink the swing-gate was a bigger issue in the US than in Europe, Asia, and South America where it did ok to decent. The competition just got much better during the 2nd gen EcoSport"s decade long run (in its original intended markets).
  12. This is the refreshed Kia Sonet. It would have been one of the rivals of the new generation EcoSport. The Sonet is sold in Asia, South Africa, Mexico, and South America. It's a cousin of the Hyundai Venue. The Sonet is a more modern alternative to the discontinued EcoSport (without the issues). If Ford brings back the EcoSport, it better not have a single engine option with the stupid timing belt-in-oil (I think Ford started updating some inline-3s with a more reliable timing chain). Ford, better act fast.
  13. Windows might not be that much bigger but the beltline looks lower. You'll notice it inside, the relation of the seat to the window/ beltline. (I used the current gen Expedition as an example since the 2025 is a reskin) Toyota (top photos), Ford (bottom photo)
  14. True. Maybe the Expedition's next evolution will have larger windows. What surprised me was the Sequoia. It went from high beltline/smaller windows to lower beltline/ bigger windows.
  15. I guess that makes sense. I assume export markets are limited to options that exists in North America.
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