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  1. AM222

    Ranger Raptor at Baja

    Doesn't Mexico get the International Ranger and not the US built one? Baja Ranger Raptor is a RHD Australian unit, so it's ftom Thailand.
  2. AM222

    Ranger Raptor at Baja

    Outside North America, it eould be South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam (CKD) and Argentina that build LHD Rangers. South Africa and Thailand build Ranger Raptors. The modified RHD unit that raced in Baja is Australian spec, so that one is made in Thailand.
  3. AM222

    Ford to enter F1 with Red Bull?

    Not much other than Formula One engines are turbocharged V6 engines with direct injection. Maybe Ford can brand it EcoBoost? Car companies usually use Formula One as a testbed for the latest tech, at least it used to be. Of course, now the future is electric. NASCAR race cars are the ones that should have production-based engines. Sadly, road car engine tech has overtaken NASCAR race car tech many many decades ago.
  4. If Ford imports this from Germany, will they be able to price it competitively? The VW ID4 made in the US starts at almost $40k.
  5. AM222

    2024 Tacoma shown off

    I think it was kind of expected, since the Tacoma EV concept looked like a conventional ICE pickup with its grille blocked off.
  6. Designed for aerodynamics so they can stretch the range as much as they can.
  7. We'll find out soon when Ford launches the BEV Puma.
  8. Probably the only metal bumpers you'll see on a new Ranger... 😁 Ford Ranger FG-P light tactical vehicle -Top Gear Philippines Ford Ranger with ARB accessories. I have a feeling ARB USA will sell these too. -Top Gear Philippines
  9. I read that Ford wanted to give it an "American" design/look, so making it look like a baby Explorer makes sense. If Ford will stick to its original plans, this MEB-based model is mainly for the European market. Ford really needs to come up with more affordable EVs positioned below the Mach E that it can sell globally and build in multiple plants (in Europe, North America, Asia etc).
  10. Here's the Next gen Ranger XL and the rear seats are like that too. (13:33 mark of the video)
  11. AM222

    What happened to Fordinsidenews?

    Forum activity started to drop significantly even prior to the Bronco launch. By 2021, FIN was pretty much dead. I recall this internet troll started to make the forums toxic since he would pretty much fight everyone enthusiastic about Fords.
  12. I guess Ford lets their designers have fun over there. - How Does China’s 2023 Ford Explorer Timberline F/L Compare To North America’s? | Carscoops
  13. It appears to be US spec. It has US-spec roof-mounted center brake light, sliding back window, tailpipe that exists to the side behind the right rear tire. PS: Thailand and Australia happen to be right-hand drive, this one is left-hand rive.
  14. Wasn't there a spy photo of one? -Motor1
  15. Are you talking about the black section on the lower rear quarter? That's a changeable section (in most international markets most trim levels get an integrated step).