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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Funny thing is the ICE Equator Sport and all-new Mondeo sedan contributed to Ford's sales growth in China. Ford better start working on affordable EVs for the global market.
  2. I guess the Evos is technically what a Fusion Active would have been if it was made. Even if it pushed through in North America they wouldn't use the "Active" name since it's now just a trim level instead of the meaning the vehicle is a lifted crossover version. I have a feeling the Evos would have worked in the US as an indirect replacement for both the Fusion sedan and Edge.
  3. True. It's also a very highly competitive market. PS: Expedition is not part of the Chinese Ford lineup by the way, Explorer is their largest SUV.
  4. I wouldn't really say tacky but it's definitely better than some new overrated Hyundai designs that look like they've gone through a side impact crash test. PS: Large bland blob example minus any side sculpting...
  5. The leak was from 4 months ago and it's debut/preview is next month, so the design is definitely locked in at this stage specially with pre-production/prototype units running around.
  6. If this is a rendering, then great job on the artist because i thought this was real. -www.carexpert.com.au
  7. Sandy Munro's recommendation to Jim Farley... vertical integration, which Ford seems to be working on.
  8. I don't think the best selling mid-size pickup (Tacoma) can fit a 4'x8' sheet of plywood flat on the floor, (it has 41.5" between the wheel wells) and people who bought them don't seem to mind. I'm sure there is a market for a smaller pickup in North America that can fit a standard garage (with space at both ends of the vehicle). Ford is offering pickups in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. There's a pickup for everyone (sort of). A Bronco pickup would most probably be as big/wide as a 2023/24 Ranger since both are built on a T6 platform and have similar widths.
  9. Here's a rendering I made for Top Gear Philippines. A tribute to Ford's past high-performance utes and pickups. Ford Ranger Pursuit Link: The Ford Ranger ‘Pursuit’ is a low-slung sports truck (topgear.com.ph) *The "Pursuit" name was once used by "Ford Performance Vehicles" for its high-performance Falcon ute.
  10. Yeah, looks like a huge portion of the added width went to the wide fenders. It also looks like a huge portion of the new Colorado's added wheelbase length is probably due to the wheels being pushed forward like on the new 2023/24 Ranger.
  11. Ford kept the old headlights on the Shelbys because it would be very expensive to re-engineer the Shelby-specific Carbon Composite front subframe which was designed to fit the then-current 2015MY headlights.
  12. Hope so too but if there's any increase in interior space it might be due to the redesigned interior. The cab appears to be a reskin (same hard points) like the new F150 and the previous one.
  13. The added exterior width is mostly from the wider blistered fenders and rear quarter panels. (It has 1.97-inch wider tracks.) This is obvious when viewed from the top view. The added track width also allowed Ford to move the rear shocks outboard and increase the space between the wheel wells. The 2023 Ranger is 75.5 inches wide, the Bronco Base is 75.9 inches wide.
  14. More like the rest of the world has no issues with it. It's the US that has a larger pallet size. I also think it's the limitations of the T6 chassis/architecture. Alternative: The dropside tray/truck bed.
  15. Ford widened the space between wheel wells to fit a Euro pallet which is 31.5" (800mm) × 47.24" (1200mm).