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  1. Footballfan

    Next gen Mustang to go full EV

    I recall one post on BON regarding the EVs Oakville is expected to build. There are three performance variants (2 and 4 door) of 20,000 units each. That is where this forecasting company is getting their info mixed up. The Mustang is Ford's Camaro AND Corvette, and I do not see the Vette ever going full EV.
  2. Footballfan

    Next gen Mustang to go full EV

    AVs are something that most people have no interest in whatsoever and are many decades (if ever) away from being short-distance, low speed geofenced vehicles. We saw what happened to automakers like GM when they tried to shove products down people's throats that they did not want. And government need not push this. How can a bunch of clueless bureaucrats decide what is best for everyone to get around?
  3. Footballfan

    Next gen Mustang to go full EV

    I don't see this happening until at least the middle of the century if then. EVs will not gain full acceptance until there are enough charging stations and it takes no more to charge a drained battery than an empty fuel tank. Then there are economics. If demand for electricity goes up, the price will skyrocket and the price for gasoline will fall. Someone has to pay for the charging infrastructure and I am sure that taxes will be levied on killowatt hours to make up for any lost gas tax revenues. In the end, it will cost just as much to charge a battery as it will to fill a tank. This reminds me of the diesel hype of the late 70s and early 80s. Diesels were supposed to replace gasoline engines. We saw how that turned out.
  4. Footballfan

    Next gen Mustang to go full EV

    Sounds like BS to me. 2028 is way out on the horizon and who knows what the industry will look like then. I personally feel that Evs are a bubble waiting to happen and that automakers are myopic in thinking that Evs are the only way to reduce emissions. With that being said, I can see an EV version of the Mustang coupe but not the whole lineup.
  5. Footballfan

    Mystery Ford: Fun Holiday Guessing

    This vehicle looks like it has a pretty substantial tunnel. Could it be RWD CD6 based?
  6. According to the Ford Authority article, this crossover will be built in the United States. Flat Rock perhaps?
  7. Expanding mobility is one thing. Telling people they are not allowed to drive is another.
  8. You won't get any argument with me here.
  9. Technology should be used to enhance mankind, not take away his/her freedoms.
  10. And who forms regulations? Clueless public servants bought and paid for by special interests that know what's best for everyone else by themselves?
  11. Perhaps "socialism" was the wrong word. However, what do you call it when some feel that me must buy electric cars whether we want them or not, and we must give up driving for robocars when we do not want them?
  12. And socialism to follow. There will be hell to pay if you shove something down peoples throats that few want such as autonomy and to a lesser extent Evs. I'm hoping autonomy fails. I value my freedom and the ability to walk in my garage, get behind the wheel in my clean car and go anywhere I want at any time in any condition.
  13. Don't worry. A good lawyer will find any loophole to make a case.
  14. Footballfan

    Goodbye Continental

    I was hoping Ford would make the Fusion Active at the plant, but I have not heard anything about that vehicle in the last few months. It doesn't help when Ford kept giving then pulling investments in paint shops and EVs at the plant. Well I guess wasting $750 million on old train stations is more important 🙄 If Ford were smart, perhaps they could do with Flat Rock and the Mustang what GM did with Bowling Green and the Corvette. Have a Mustang Museum and optional on-site delivery.
  15. Footballfan

    Goodbye Continental

    Any word on which if any vehicle is going to replace Continental's place at Flat Rock?