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  1. I was thinking of the mystery vehicle(s) that are supposedly being added to FRAP after the Mustang launch.
  2. My $300 phone was made in Malaysia. Even if it was made in China there's a big difference between $300 and $60000
  3. First off, no Chinese communist built crap for me- especially a $60K vehicle. Second, I think the Edge and Nautilus will be replaced with a Fusion Active- type vehicle built in the USA. The D-Segment ICE market is too lucrative for Ford to abandon in the near term.
  4. I believe the Rawsonville Ford plant is technically in Ypsilanti Township.
  5. The day of 100% Evs will never happen- at least for 50 years. Too many obstacles that nobody wants to pay for, and too much cynicism.
  6. I agree. Until we know for sure that the market and infrastructure will actually support EVs on a mass scale, it would be wise to work with suppliers before jumping in with both feet. This, I feel is even more important for AVs. The public has turned somewhat cold on the concept. Ford would be better off spending the billions to fill holes in their lineups as opposed to trying to create tech the vast majority of the public has no interest in. I think Stellantis is taking the best approach. Fill the showrooms with "gotta have" product, and work with suppliers for the emerging technology before deciding to bring it in house.
  7. That's what I meant as well.
  8. I feel that I speak on the behalf of many: No communist China built crap for me- especially when Lincoln is supposed to be an AMERICAN luxury brand.
  9. 100 percent Evs will not happen in our lifetimes and 100 autonomous will be several lifetimes longer than that.
  10. Footballfan

    Lincoln Zephyr Reflection

    I know Flat Rock is supposed to get something after the new Mustang around 2023. They care hiring engineers and HR people to add new hourly employees.
  11. A lot of people mistaken ZEVs meaning electric only which is a wrong assumption.
  12. I think the Fusion Active or whatever they are calling it will take the place of the Edge and Fusion sedan. The D segment is much too large for Ford to abandon and/or try to plug with EVs.
  13. Commie see commie do...... A bunch of shit politicians who probably never popped the hood of a car and cannot control the issues in their own states trying to dictate to the rest of the nation what to buy.
  14. I think it was PT Barnum that said "the bigger the lie the more people will believe it." Will electric vehicles have a role? Of course. But it takes money- and lots of it- to replace an established and reliable energy network like oil. If Californians love the rolling blackouts and high energy prices now, wait until your charging 20 million vehicles a day.