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  1. V_marchese7

    Employee filed claim for W/E 9-27-20

    My plant in the past has had this. It was a big mess. Unemployment was telling workers no claim was filed by ford and that we needed to do all that on our own. We all contacted hr and they had it fixed in a few days for most. They correctly filed claims for some but others got stuck doing it on their own. When it happened to me I was one of the lucky ones who has never had to file for unemployment, so once it wasn’t just a few questions to ask and like you got the employer tax id numbers I just quick and said screw it I’ll do without. So I left money out there. It was bad communication. Now I kick myself for not trying to figure it out but we live and learn
  2. V_marchese7

    2020 Expy Max

    Placed an order for a new 2020 Expedition Max. Hopefully it’s a smooth trip down the assembly line.