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  1. In Transit - Arrived at Intermediate Point (Csx Transportation ) Connellsv, PA Oct-15-2021, 10:01 ET. ETA Nov-02-2021
  2. No change in status at this time.
  3. cyberdman

    2022 F350 XLT

    Yeah it is still sitting on the rail ramp at the plant. The rail company has possession, but just waiting to go. In Transit - Received - LNE20252 (Norfolk Southern Corp ) Ramp 8P, Shelbyville Mc, KY Oct-13-2021, 07:06 ET. ETA Oct-31-2021
  4. cyberdman

    2022 F-450 King Ranch

    Nope. No change in status at this time.
  5. cyberdman

    MY22 F350

    Not correct. It was/is still scheduled for 10/15. It has not started production yet and your status has not changed since last time.
  6. cyberdman

    2022 F-250 Platinum Tremor 7.3L

    No change in status at this time.
  7. cyberdman

    2022 F250 Platinum SRW

    In Order Processing - Unscheduled- Clean Sep-24-2021, 13:42 EDT.
  8. No change in status at this time.
  9. cyberdman

    2022 lariat crew cab f250

    Looks like maybe it might have started production - at least the status hasn't changed/updated any, but I don't see any updates or production notes yet. Not sure.
  10. cyberdman

    2022 F350 KR CCSB

    No change.
  11. cyberdman

    2022 F350 KR CCSB

    How do we properly bump threads in this forum?
  12. cyberdman

    2022 DRW Platinum 6.7

    In Order Processing - Unscheduled- Clean Aug-03-2021, 14:20 EDT. So in other words ... no change.
  13. No problem. Scheduled to Week (Week -of Nov-01-2021 )
  14. cyberdman

    MY2022 F350 Platinum

    Yes I get it - normally I don't allow other discussion in these threads, but ... Truthfully I think that whole scenario is a lie. I bet that truck is the truck that was ordered for BrickHouse and some jackass salesperson sold it to someone else or the entire dealership is so inept they don't know at all what they are doing. I'd use that VIN I gave you and look up the Window Sticker and see if it matches what you ordered. At least then you'll know one way or the other.
  15. cyberdman

    2022 F350 DRW King Ranch

    If you have a VIN I don't need any of that other junk. Scheduled to Day (Oct-18-2021)