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  1. cyberdman

    2020 Aviator

    I agree and wish I could help.
  2. cyberdman

    2020 Aviator BL

    Yes that is the currently scheduled date to start production.
  3. cyberdman

    2020 Explorer ST

    Sorry I was out of the office for a week and must have missed your post when I returned. In any case there is no change.
  4. cyberdman

    2020 Aviator BL

    Scheduled to Day (Nov-08-2019)
  5. cyberdman

    2020 F150 Supercrew Raptor

    Normally I wouldn't allow this and would have you create a new thread for it, but since we aren't going to track the other order anymore ... In Transit - Passing (Union Pacific Railroad ) Sallakcit, UT Nov-06-2019, 22:15 MT. ETA Nov-26-2019
  6. cyberdman

    2020 Ranger Lariat Crew Cab

    Scheduled to Day (2019-11-26)
  7. cyberdman

    2020 Aviator

    I don't have anything to do with Window Stickers and I don't look them up or provide them per the rules. I just looked your order up and there is still no change I'm afraid. Sorry.
  8. cyberdman

    2020 Explorer ST

    No update, still stuck in Macon for some reason.
  9. cyberdman

    2019 F250 Super Duty Lariat

    In Transit - Arrived Rail - Railcar # BNSF301023 (Union Pacific Railroad ) Oklcity, OK Oct-17-2019, 12:27 CT.
  10. cyberdman

    2020 F-150 Raptor

    It was delivered to your dealership yesterday afternoon!!! Delivered - Final Delivered (Jack Cooper Transport ) F47001 - Northgate Ford Cincinnati, OH Oct-24-2019, 11:57 ET.
  11. cyberdman

    2020 Aviator

    I'm sorry, but no change right now again. That plant is having serious problems with the staff right now which is causing a lot of production delays. I wish I knew why, but even if I did I couldn't do anything about it. Bear with me it will happen. I actually finally drove one of these last week and I couldn't believe what an incredible vehicle it was. I am hoping people stick out the wait because the vehicles are great.
  12. What do you see on mine?  Thanks 




  13. cyberdman

    2020 Expedition Platinum

    Scheduled to Day (2019-11-13)
  14. cyberdman

    2020 Explorer ST

    No change I'm afraid.