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  1. cyberdman

    2021 F-350 Lariat

    If you already have a VIN I don't need any of that other junk. Scheduled to Day (Feb-16-2021)!
  2. cyberdman

    2021 F 450 King Ranch

    In Production - Produced - Ford Kentucky Truck Plant 2, KY Jan-24-2021, 00:00 EST.
  3. cyberdman

    2021 F-350

    Your vehicle arrived at your dealership Monday afternoon. Delivered - Final Delivered (Brothers Auto Transport Llc ) F13527 - Marchese Ford, Inc. New Lebanon, NY Jan-18-2021, 16:17 ET.
  4. cyberdman

    2021 F-350 Lariat

    Again - no such order number. See your salesperson or maybe you need a new one who will actually place your order or give you the right number if there actually is an order.
  5. cyberdman

    2021 Lincoln Aviator

    In Transit - Arrived at Intermediate Point (Norfolk Southern Corp ) Elkhart, IN Jan-18-2021, 15:31 ET. ETA Jan-30-2021
  6. cyberdman

    2021 Mach-E

    No change in status at this time.
  7. cyberdman

    2021 Lincoln Aviator

    Don't forget, you have to repost your info on thread bumps.


    Looking for status Vin# 1FTFW1ED9MFA93808


    thank you!!

  9. cyberdman

    2021 F 450 King Ranch

    It's no problem, that's why I'm here. You can rebump your thread and ask for another update after the 22nd if you wish.
  10. cyberdman

    2021 F-350

    In Transit - Passing (Csx Transportation ) Maryard, OH Jan-12-2021, 02:46 ET. ETA Jan-23-2021
  11. cyberdman

    2021 F 450 King Ranch

    You aren't searching very well or aren't using a reliable source. You had a "scheduled to week" as of 11/12. If you would have seen that then you would have known you weren't going to be scheduled until the 3rd week of January and could stop freaking out for no reason. You also had a later update on 12/09 which is: Scheduled to Day (Jan-22-2021)
  12. cyberdman

    2021 F-350 Lariat

    Nothing with that order number. There is a 7100, 7101, 7102 & 7103, but no 7104.
  13. cyberdman

    2021 Lincoln Aviator

    The latest is: Scheduled to Day (Jan-05-2021) But nothing new since.
  14. cyberdman

    2021 F-350 Lariat

    When they do you can just update this thread with your new info.
  15. cyberdman

    2021 Mustang Mach-E

    Awaiting Shipment - Released Ford Mexico Cuautitlan Assembly, EM Dec-30-2020, 00:00 EST. ETA Feb-01-2021.