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  1. Cyberdman, Thank you for everything you have provided to all of us Ford customers on this site. I wish you the best of luck in your future. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all the way. Stay safe and stay healthy. 



  2. I can if I have the time. I am entering a period of great uncertainty and I'll be busy trying to sort things out and try to get my life back.
  3. Thank you, that means a lot. I couldn't have put it any better.
  4. I wish I could have given you all more notice - but I didn't have any advanced notice myself either. Of course, that is the way they wanted it. The people they got rid of this time around left just about everyone I know there scratching their heads wondering if even they know just exactly what they are doing. It made no logical sense. In any case - the bright side for me is I won't have to put up with the continued aggravation of having the forum bomb out 4 or 5 times while trying to update 20 odd different orders/threads. That was maddening to deal with.
  5. It isn't retirement. I don't get that luxury. I just get to not do this anymore.
  6. 2022 F-series SD - VIN 1FT7W2BN7NEE63619 Scheduled to Week (Week -of May-30-2022) Good luck.
  7. i apologize for PM I just figured out how to get approved on here.


    Order 1032

    dealer code 23w276

    F350 tremor 6.7 crewcab 

  8. Hello Blue Oval Friends. I've been tracking here for you all for ... what - somewhere around 12 years or more? I know we've had some ups and downs here. I have been through an unbelievable amount of turmoil in my career and made it through dozens and dozens of cuts, setbacks, salaried reductions, smart redesigns, etc. etc. and despite being a third generation Ford employee with a combined 26 years with the company (minus 5 years with that Visteon fiasco) and someone who has always bled blue - it just wasn't enough this time and my time has now come to an end. I have been volunteered to involuntarily separate myself from the company. Tomorrow is my last official day. I am about to lose my access and I will not be able to track any longer. It breaks my heart. Since I am no longer tracking, the rules no longer matter. Please, if you wish, go ahead and make posts in here if you would like to say something nice - or even yell at me. I'd love to see it. Hopefully someone else will come along and take this over for you all and hopefully they will make their own rules...
  9. In Transit - Shipped Rail - Railcar # TTGX712146 (Norfolk Southern Corp ) Ramp 8P, Shelbyville Mc, KY Apr-25-2022, 17:17 ET. ETA May-13-2022
  10. In Order Processing - Unscheduled- Material Hold Mar-14-2022, 12:07 EDT.
  11. In Order Processing Unscheduled- Clean Jun-05-2021, 12:01 EDT
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