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  1. BigUnixGeek

    November '21 Sales

    No, no... Just demonstrating my ignorance of the Bronco variants, I guess, which afforded me quite a chuckle over the idea of comparing to whatever was most convenient or complimentary.
  2. BigUnixGeek

    Sandy Munro’s dire warning

    Service Merchandise
  3. BigUnixGeek

    November '21 Sales

    Why are we comparing Bronco sales to that of Jeep Compass and Cherokee? Is that really what they're trying to compete with? Is the Wrangler line just a 4wd elephant in the room? To be clear, I have no idea how the Wrangler sales compare to Bronco or whatever, but if I saw a Ford commercial that was touting that particular statistic I wouldn't be able to keep from laughing. And this reminds me that I recently heard that the tires shipping on the Broncos are Goodyear Wranglers that Ford paid Goodyear to re-brand. I wonder how much that's costing the Bronco drivers... My sister-in-law recently took delivery of a new Bronco. It's pretty cool -- I like it. And I'm a long-time Jeep fan. I've owned a couple of Grand Cherokees, and my project vehicle is an old CJ-7. But also, I have an F-250 on order. To each his own, the right tool for the job, and all that.
  4. BigUnixGeek

    Super Duty Back Orders

    Are you referring to just the 3-week downtime, or the 251k order queue too?
  5. BigUnixGeek

    System choosing

    I hear the Ram dealers are getting trucks in really fast. Maybe you'd prefer... Let me be a little more clear by listing a few things that you don't actually know. The builds of all those trucks whose dates you're looking at Anything at all about your dealer's, and your friend's dealer's unscheduled order bank. The commodity issues that Ford is dealing with -- it goes well beyond particular option codes listed in the order guide. How many unique parts are in one truck do you think? The labor issues that Ford deals with at KTP given COVID, holidays, vacations, and who knows what else. Is that enough for you to realize that you don't realize much at all about what's involved? There is SO MUCH information here already -- been here for LITERALLY YEARS a lot of it -- about how the process works, not to mention all of the info also at the FTE forums, and it is pretty obvious that you really just wanted to vent. Questions? Read what's already available first. Then if you have any questions that aren't covered there, plenty of people will be willing and eager to answer them. Or maybe you just wanted to hear some meetoos.
  6. So awesome, thank you! Now if it'll just hold... Hope you had a good holiday week! Can't wait to send you some pictures!
  7. Would appreciate an update please. '22 F-250 Lariat Ultimate CC SB 7.3 FX4 in Atlas / Onyx Sales Code F53036 Order Code 1112 VIN: 1FT7W2BN4NED32731 Just got the VIN, so not being confident in it, I included the rest. Thank you!
  8. BigUnixGeek

    Drink holders in XLT crewcab

    Unless your son is some kind of Super Duty product manager at Ford, I'd say you should just decide he's wrong and enjoy your new truck.
  9. BigUnixGeek

    Adaptive Steering? Rumor is no more AS!!

    This is the bit I didn't know, and it makes sense now. So for the most part, the commodity issues listed for the NY region probably would apply nation-wide. Great info. Already follow the other thread where he posts them directly.
  10. BigUnixGeek

    Adaptive Steering? Rumor is no more AS!!

    I've been wanting to ask you what it means when scheduling notes are posted for NY region (which I've seen several times) but nothing for any other region. I thought maybe it could mean there are no issues anywhere else, but that didn't make a lot of sense to me since they're all built in the same place anyway. Could you elaborate on this a little more?
  11. BigUnixGeek

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    The RV and trailer towing guide says differently...
  12. BigUnixGeek

    Current KTP shutdown

    @waloud, if this is true, I want to extend my thanks as well. My impatience is unavoidable unfortunately, but it will come to an end. I hope you're all staying safe, and I appreciate the work you are all doing, and not just because I've got a truck somewhere in your queue.
  13. BigUnixGeek

    Current KTP shutdown

    Does "less stock" mean "out of stock"? It's the only thing I can substitute in that place in your statement that makes any sense to me.
  14. BigUnixGeek

    Order Guide Updates

    Do order guide changes ever retroactively affect orders that have already been placed?