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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. BigUnixGeek

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Ordered 9/21. Got my first build date on 11/16 for a build week just before xmas. Once that got bumped, it got bumped big because of the holiday plant downtime. It got bumped to 1/17, then 1/24, and got built on 1/25. Finally arrived at the dealer on 3/1 at 9am. By 2pm, it was completely prepped and ready to go. Here it is just as I arrived at the dealer: And here it is earlier this evening. Back Rack, Extang Trifecta, Weigh Safe hitch, and Weather Tech mud flaps (only two so far). More to be done.
  2. Thank you for all your help, @cyberdman. Picture as promised. Rolled off the truck this morning at 9am. I took it out for a drive at 2pm. Great experience with my dealer, by the way. I will be writing up something about this in another thread at a later date.
  3. BigUnixGeek

    Rock Tamers with Chrome Bumpers

    Do you think these mud flaps make my ass look big?
  4. BigUnixGeek

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    The closed ONE of the portals for ordering -- the old mainframe-y way. The new web-based ordering (WBDO) is where dealers should be placing orders for 2022 Super Duties, but ordering is not closed. The actual announcement is published in these forums in multiple locations, along with explanations from @ice-capades
  5. BigUnixGeek

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Railroad route due west from Louisville, KY goes through the southern tip of Indiana, then southern Illinois, and across the Mississippi River at St. Louis.
  6. BigUnixGeek

    Wendle Ford Spokane

    Glad to see a positive report. I have a truck that looks almost exactly like yours on the way -- on a train about halfway from Louisville to me right now -- and I'm looking forward to writing up a similar report. When it's all done, I'll be naming names. As you, I think it's important to know who the good guys are.
  7. BigUnixGeek

    Dual Batteries

    Even better.
  8. BigUnixGeek

    Z Plan Pricing

    What must one want in a truck that would make an XLT come to $83k? I'm buying a well-equipped (though not diesel) Lariat, and it didn't touch $70k on the sticker.
  9. BigUnixGeek

    Looking for Available SD

    Is this true?
  10. BigUnixGeek

    2022 F450 Platinum

    Welcome. Please spend some time here reading.
  11. I'd suggest checking the RV & Trailer Towing Guide for the difference in specs.
  12. BigUnixGeek

    Can't decide on color

    That is ALMOST my truck right there... Add/change FX4, deployable running boards, clearance lights... And mine's ALMOST here! Edit: Also, which I missed previously... No diesel -- Godzilla!
  13. BigUnixGeek

    Dual Batteries

    The Order Guide is the authority on such things, and the current one is always available in the "Production and Sales" forum on this very web site.
  14. BigUnixGeek

    Power Running Boards

    Extra-glad I ordered factory deployables now.
  15. BigUnixGeek

    Car Wash? Bad Idea? Safe on the Paint?

    I have no idea what this is, but definitely sounds like something you should do, and the sooner the better. Please post before & after photos!