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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. SpartanFan23

    Super Duty Accessories

    I really like the look of the gray mirror caps! Where did you get those or did you have yours painted to match the truck color? I too have a carbonized gray BAP that is currently being shipped to the dealer. Looking for a set of 18" tremor wheels to get the look I want, but yours looks great! What bed cover do you have?
  2. SpartanFan23

    Super Duty Accessories

    I would say doing all of that is standard for a Line-X dealer. The three trucks I have in Line-X have all had similar things done all bolts are taped or removed individual panels are sprayed separately and everything is usable again following the liner insulation. That is why I prefer Line-X over the factory bed liner as well.
  3. SpartanFan23

    F250 7.3 gas milage question

    I will have to give an update in a few weeks as I received notification today that my truck went into production 6 days early. So looking forward to being able to give some more data on 7.3 fuel milage. My 2021 with the 6.2 and a 3.73 is currently showing a lifetime mpg of 15.1 over the past 28,000 miles. Hopefully the 7.3 with the 3.55 will be similar.
  4. SpartanFan23

    Front axle weights?

    It's not the axle it is the spring. F250s and 350s have the same front axle. The difference in the front axle weight is the spring which is selected as the computer will pick the lightest possible spring based on the variety of configurations that you pick. That is why some of the configurations say a plus one spring.
  5. Today in Grayling Michigan and pretty much everywhere else around here. Regular Unleaded $4.999 On Road Diesel $5.699 Jumped 70¢ and 50¢ respectively midday today.
  6. SpartanFan23

    Wipers only work on high SOMETIMES.

    Sounds like a visit to the dealer is in order. Are you still under warranty?
  7. SpartanFan23

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Not real that big of a bump as the factory is closed the week of July 4th and the week of July 11th. Sorry to hear about it.
  8. Definitely check with your salesman and dealer. You should have gotten the confirmation email within a few days at the most if the order was placed correctly.
  9. SpartanFan23

    Hard not to consider, right?

    Is it really all that different from people that are trading in 2-3 year old trucks and getting as much or more than they originally paid for them? If you decide that you don't want to keep the truck once it arrives why not do it, otherwise the dealer is just going to put an ADM on it and make a greater profit. My dealer told me when I ordered my 22 that if I didn't want it once it came in that they would have no problem selling it, and at a bigger profit since I have X plan and they are going to pay me on trade more than I paid for the 21 I am trading back to them. They don't mind either way 😎
  10. SpartanFan23

    Max Air Conditioning Knob / Mode

    I agree, on my last truck with the same setup, once you moved it to full cold the light would go on and it would blow harder than just the fan on high. Does max defrost work in the other direction? Could be an issue with the switch, dang microchips 😜
  11. SpartanFan23

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Almost the exact same build and order dates for me too. I also have the adaptive cruise, FX4, snow plow prep, and no 5th wheel prep. Got the email today with the build week of 6-20! Maybe they will be building a whole mess of 7.3 F250 BAP that week!
  12. SpartanFan23

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Congratulations on your new ride. Glad to see someone has beat the dealer estimate for delivery. I ordered in early January and no movement towards a build date yet. Not even a VIN.
  13. SpartanFan23

    Super Duty Accessories

    It definitely looks sharp. I was torn between the red and carbonized gray. What did you end up getting for the smoked clearance lights? And how does the short antenna do for reception? I am one of the few who still listens to over the air radio 📻
  14. SpartanFan23

    Super Duty Accessories

    Is that the BAP, or something else? I see the blacked out side emblems, wheels, and running boards, but you have a red grill!
  15. SpartanFan23

    Super Duty Accessories

    So many fun things to add to my truck, and I don't even have a VIN yet! The list keeps growing from a tonneau cover, to a new hitch, to a stubby antenna, to mud flaps, new running boards, not to mention the idea of new wheels and tires.