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  1. @Big Jon I believe you’re barking up the wrong tree. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a massive shortage of truck drivers. We can’t even count on highway contractors to do work because people won’t deliver material. This is a labor problem, not a manufacturers issue other than communicating better. Go get a gmc. It’s the same situation over there. You’re lucky if you can even get a corvette within the next two years.
  2. I will say that I’m happy they put the camera in the tailgate. I’ve never had cameras until I got my 22 and the first time I had the tailgate down I had a panic attack thinking I had backed into something when I saw the screen. That has taken some time getting used to even though I don’t use the cameras. Can’t wait to see the full specs and order guide when it comes out!
  3. I really want to know more about the high output version of the power stroke. Hopefully they release that information soon.
  4. @Gharri30 I have a similar truck, did the same on the mirror caps and had them painted too. Glad I’m not the only one who didn’t care for the black caps.
  5. That’s what they are selling for currently around here. I’ve seen stuff on book and Craigslist for higher but those look like they’re fishing. I can’t believe it, but that’s the market currently. Some of these companies and people need them so they’re willing to pay it. We aren’t buying/upgrading our company vehicles because you can’t order them anyways and it’s hard to justify these prices currently unless you absolutely need it.
  6. Mine came in last fall and have been loving. However, if someone comes in and offers way above then I have no issue getting rid of it. Mine isn’t a daily driver or a must have, I can live with my 2010. It is crazy to see how these trucks are appreciating once the leave the dealer. I’m seeing XL models going for 85k. KRs with 5k miles are starting at 110k. But people are willing to pay it, not me, but a lot of people are willing to pay a lot of money. Even with diesel at $5.50 a gallon here where we have some of the cheapest in the country
  7. If you have the bedliner, check to make sure there isn’t overspray all over the truck. Mine had several spots all over it. Check for cosmetic issues on paint, alignment, fit up, etc. Make sure all plastic and labels have been pulled off.
  8. The ceramic certainly adds a deep gloss so it looks even better. Long term I have no idea. I bet your wheels will end up flush. It will still look good. I would have been happy with that but took a chance of mild but not extreme like these others. as far as mpg, I haven’t noticed a difference. At least enough to me but. As long as everything is done right and not cheaper out, should be good for wear and tear for a while. If you do the cheapest level then expect to start replacing ball joints etc in the near future. Like everything else, there’s a reason for the price one way or the other.
  9. @ChuckDiesel I added the photos above. Sorry it got to you so late. The first is looking down at the front fender and the 3rd is looking down the truck at the front fender. It looks like it sticks out more but that’s because of the fender. The middle Picture is more representative of what it really looks like.
  10. Good to hear! I’ll post as soon as it starts working. I don’t care for the ones where they get real wild about them being 3” or more outside the fender. I do however like mine where it’s just a little past, gives it one hell of an aggressive stance. I also had it coated so i don’t worry about the rocks being thrown across the fenders and scratching it. Otherwise I’d left it flush.
  11. Yea it’s not letting me post them for some reason…I’ll keep trying.
  12. Here’s a couple pictures for you so you can get an idea. You’ll be ok with a 1.5” level. I am running 20x10 with -18 offset and nitto 35x12.5. From the pics you can see it sticks out but it’s not much more than 1” if even that. If you go 20x9 you’d be nearly flush.
  13. I had them but traded them in when I put aftermarket wheels/tires on. Go to a local truck accessory store and I bet you’ll find they have a takeoff set or two. I agree the factory wheels For the BAP are a good looking wheel, I almost didn’t trade out the wheels bc I liked them a lot.
  14. The kit I went with had the track bar relocation bracket in it so that everything lined up the way it should. https://www.readylift.com/2-5-leveling-kit-w-track-bar-relocation-bracket-ford-super-duty-4wd-2011-2022.html
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