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  1. Will Do. I suspect it's not going to be as good as I thought when I ordered, but we'll see where it ends up. I'm likely not including a trade in the deal. They have been pretty adamant in their emails to me about not participating in Price protection.
  2. Got my Built email this morning! Supposed to arrive at Chapman in Horsham between 7/20 and 7/26.? If those delivery dates hold true, that will be 5.5 months from order date of 2/10/22. That's really not too bad all things considered.
  3. No dealer I've ever purchased from would provide a firm trade-in value for a deal that was 6 months out. The trade could have another 30,000 miles on it in that time frame. I'm not overly concerned about the trade value, there are plenty of options for direct sale if the trade isn't great.
  4. Carmax/KBB offer wasn't terrible, so i could go that route if needed. I have another dealer nearby that wants to look at it too, so I have options. My current truck is in very good shape. Interior looks brand new. Paint is probably an 8/10, new brakes probably 30-40k left in the tires 6.7L with 108,000 miles on it. Hate to lose the tax break on the trade, but we'll see how the numbers go. I've never dealt with Chapman before, but they've been responsive to all my inquiries so far with screen shots from the VVR etc....
  5. My truck just showed up on Chapman's website. Must be getting pretty close to built. It's also listed for $11,200.00 over the window sticker. Good thing I'm getting it for 3% below invoice. Really hoping not to get hosed on the trade in.
  6. Mine is now "in production" Window sticker available this morning.
  7. Just got my scheduled for production and VIN email today. Ordered 2/10/22 From Chapman Confirmed 2/10/22 from Ford. Delay email on 4/7/22 Scheduled for production email 5/12/22 for the week of 6/20/22 6.7L F250 CCSB Anitmatter blue. Tremor package Lariat Ultimate LED roof Lamps Black interior
  8. On my 2016 250, I have a weatherguard cross rail box extra deep (no headache rack, but could install one with the box). I went with an extang solid fold hard tonneau that is meant to be installed with a tool box. https://extang.com/solid-fold-2-0-toolbox I have no affiliation with Extang, just works well for my use. Comes with a rail that mounts up tight to the tool box, then the tonneau mounts to the bed rails. It's not 100% waterproof due to the gap at the front of the bed and tool box, but that could be weather stripped. I just never bothered. You can also remove the entire tonneau in about 2 minutes if you need your entire bed. You would have to change your chest toolbox to a saddle style for this to work.
  9. I received the same email last night. Ordered my truck on 2/10/22, so I'm only 2 months in.
  10. I was going to suggest the tremor forum as well. There are quite a few nice pics of the AMB there. That's what I ordered, first time switching from a black truck since 2000. They are a pain to keep clean,but when they are clean they look the best!
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