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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. SpartanFan23

    Mud Flap Options?

    My vote is for the WeatherTech. I have had them on my past 3 trucks
  2. I didn't notice that on the invoice you posted. Now that you mention it I see it up there. 🤦‍♂️
  3. SpartanFan23

    Paint quality

    Brake rotor dust will do the same thing.
  4. I am just astonished that the "corrected" bill was still +$100. My oil changes are under $50 at the dealership. And I am there every other month, so I know that it wasn't just inflation. 🤑 Did they do more than just oil and filters?
  5. SpartanFan23

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    So, tonight I added a Lomax tonneau cover. I really like the look of it and how it seems to fit the colors of the truck.
  6. SpartanFan23

    Ford Pass Deep Sleep Mode

    My truck was at the dealership today and this is what I found out. It seems to be a software issue, and today Ford released a patch to fix it. The problem is that the actual patch will not be sent to the dealers until October. I was told I need to just deal with it until then. My salesman in the service manager were both hurry up said that this was the answer that they got from Ford. They tried a repair on a different truck the day before and it seemed to work for a few hours than reverted back to deep sleep mode. I am waiting patiently for more information, but I don't have any issues with using the key fob to remote start the truck. It sat for over a week while on vacation and fired up right away when I started it.
  7. SpartanFan23

    Ford Pass Deep Sleep Mode

    I have the same issue. 7.3 with dual batteries too. I spoke with the service manager and he wants to see the truck and make sure that one of the batteries doesn't have a bad cell or something. He said that with all the long builds and what not that he has no idea how long parts have just been sitting down in KY. I am bringing the truck in later this week and I will update what they find. It is annoying to have an alert on the Ford pass every time I shut off the truck.
  8. SpartanFan23

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Got it home, and I installed my Weather Tech mudflaps! Wishing all of you waiting for your trucks a quick delivery.
  9. I picked up my new truck yesterday, and had the points in my account this morning. All 42,000
  10. SpartanFan23

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Showed up at the dealership last night!! Ford email said delivery between 7/26-8/2 😂 Dealer said it showed up last night around 6pm, and I will pick it up tomorrow afternoon. More pictures to follow, it still needs to be cleaned and prepped
  11. SpartanFan23

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    That's a heck of a truckload. 2 Bronco's, and 2 Super Duty
  12. SpartanFan23

    Painting Exhaust

    Has anyone tried painting their stock exhaust black using a spray product similar to what is used on a motorcycle? I have a BAP on order and feel like this in an area that was missing. Any thoughts or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
  13. SpartanFan23

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    The commitment to an update every 45 days no matter what is a nice improvement over the previous lack of information. Hang in there and it will be at the dealer eventually 👍😎
  14. SpartanFan23

    6.8L 20V Transplant From a Van to a F250?

    I wish you a lot of luck, and I am excited to watch for updates on your progress 😎
  15. SpartanFan23

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    @ice-capades with KTP being shut for the next 2 weeks, how does this impact trucks that are built and awaiting shipment?? I as as that is my status and the delivery date to the dealer is 7/16 thru 7/22. Anybody with an idea on what happens I would really appreciate it. I am trying to coordinate the selling of my current vehicle with the arrival of the new truck.
  16. SpartanFan23

    Quad-beam LED

    What is your reasoning for saying that you say "seems to me that the LEDs are not included"? There are numerous examples of vehicles on this forum that have the BAP and LED lighting. It is not an option that is able to be added to a vehicle at the lariat level if BAP is selected, so how did those vehicles end up with LED lighting? It also includes more than just LED headlights, all lighting is LED with the package.
  17. SpartanFan23

    Painting Exhaust

    They make a special exhaust specific paint that will have handle the temps, just wondering if anyone has tried it? And how it turned out too!
  18. SpartanFan23

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Looks great, congratulations on your new ride! I'm getting closer myself as I received my built email this morning. Should be at the dealer in a few weeks!
  19. SpartanFan23

    Super Duty Accessories

    I really like the look of the gray mirror caps! Where did you get those or did you have yours painted to match the truck color? I too have a carbonized gray BAP that is currently being shipped to the dealer. Looking for a set of 18" tremor wheels to get the look I want, but yours looks great! What bed cover do you have?
  20. SpartanFan23

    Super Duty Accessories

    I would say doing all of that is standard for a Line-X dealer. The three trucks I have in Line-X have all had similar things done all bolts are taped or removed individual panels are sprayed separately and everything is usable again following the liner insulation. That is why I prefer Line-X over the factory bed liner as well.
  21. SpartanFan23

    F250 7.3 gas milage question

    I will have to give an update in a few weeks as I received notification today that my truck went into production 6 days early. So looking forward to being able to give some more data on 7.3 fuel milage. My 2021 with the 6.2 and a 3.73 is currently showing a lifetime mpg of 15.1 over the past 28,000 miles. Hopefully the 7.3 with the 3.55 will be similar.
  22. SpartanFan23

    Front axle weights?

    It's not the axle it is the spring. F250s and 350s have the same front axle. The difference in the front axle weight is the spring which is selected as the computer will pick the lightest possible spring based on the variety of configurations that you pick. That is why some of the configurations say a plus one spring.
  23. Today in Grayling Michigan and pretty much everywhere else around here. Regular Unleaded $4.999 On Road Diesel $5.699 Jumped 70¢ and 50¢ respectively midday today.
  24. SpartanFan23

    Wipers only work on high SOMETIMES.

    Sounds like a visit to the dealer is in order. Are you still under warranty?
  25. SpartanFan23

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Not real that big of a bump as the factory is closed the week of July 4th and the week of July 11th. Sorry to hear about it.