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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Grey Beard got a bath and wax today and I just have more pep in my step !
  2. Exactly might find a gooseneck and an old classic to restore
  3. I don’t but having said that I am a general contractor and never know when something is going to necessitate removing an excuse. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. My mantra
  4. Problem solved with a couple of BuiltRite panels. One side just waiting on fire extinguisher
  5. I think something is missing from my receiver as the plug has no retainer. Can Anyone snap a picture of theirs? I am sure ford will tell me I am SOL. Here is mine straight from the box.
  6. Since my truck came with the 5th truck figure I might as well have the balls for a gooseneck in case I was ever in n the need to pull one, not to mention I got a screaming deal at $225 for a brand new Ford kit. Where is everyone storing them? I bought the 37k set just in case I needed the larger ball definitely not needing the capacity. Mine came in the plastic box with the foam cutouts so it will stay organized and not rattle around BUT it will not fit in the under seat rear storage due the the design of the ‘22. Really didn’t want this in the bed sliding around even though it would be secure under my Retrax bedcover.
  7. Is this normal? Purchased and picked up on 5/28/22. Still no points. Registered FordPass app upon pickup. Who do I contact ?
  8. So can someone verify a rough order of magnitude cost to add these after the fact? Also does Ford have an actual procedure or is it left the the dealers to butcher as they see fit ? I wish I had them but as always would be concerned about adding after the fact.
  9. Cglenn

    Super Duty Accessories

    Just had my SpeedLiner color match bed liner done this morning. Been using SpeedLiner for over 20 years and IMHO they are miles above the rest. Carbonized Gray match 2022 Tremor
  10. This is what I thought too!! Any input on what the coverage difference is between the two?
  11. Wow this is phenomenal advice. Thanks for taking time to respond with such a useful suggestion to seek the truck and buy a car. i understand that nothing will completely prevent dust and water but it is about minimizing points of entry.
  12. My dealer recommended using a non-Ford extended warranty citing that Ford’s coverage was less comprehensive and that they, Ford, were denying more claims. Strange thing is when I had the dealership quote an extended warranty they quoted Ford premium care but when I actually bought the truck they snuck in EG Assurance at a premium price. When I called them out on it they gave me the above explanation. anyone have any experience with this EG Assurance ? Good/bad/indifferent? I can and will have the dealer change me if needed as. Want the most comprehensive 8 year 150k mile warranty for my new platinum
  13. Looking for ideas to seal up around the punched bed holes for the 5wp. I will be installing a retrax cover so I want to attempt to seal up avenues for dust/dirt/water etc to enter the bed and these oversized punched holes are prime candidates. I will also be installing a spray liner as well after the holes are sealed. I am thinking about a urethane caulking which should allow the bed liner to adhere. Ideas and suggestions needed. Thank you