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  1. Hmm, fits fine under my back seat. 2022 XLT Premium crew cab long box.
  2. ice-capades has stated that the date at the bottom of the window sticker changing means nothing other than that a new window sticker has been generated.
  3. I’ve been wondering if she’s a good looking wench, as I’d probably offer less if she’s plain looking. Being a good cook and housekeeper would be a plus. ?
  4. There will be folks here that will give you the names of dealers that sell extended warranties and maintenance plans at prices significantly lower than what you’ve mentioned. I don’t have those dealer names stored in my older memory. Also, be aware that you have until right before your basic bumper to bumper warranty expires on your new truck to make a decision on this. Don’t let your dealership finance person rush you into something without having time for proper research and consideration before making the investment. My $.02.
  5. When I see these kinds of posts, it makes me wonder if these sales people are stupid, lazy, or if there might be something malicious in them not wanting to do these things that are part of their job. When I ordered our truck, I remember the salesman asking for our email address and it being the last information he needed to input before submitting the order to Ford. He even had me write it down for him on scratch paper to make sure he got it right. Subsequently, I received the order confirmation email from Ford before we shook hands and I left his office. I believe this is the way things are supposed to work.
  6. It’s been stated many times on this forum that the date on the bottom of the window sticker has no significance, other than that’s the date that the window sticker was generated. Whether that’s good news for you or not, I don’t know.
  7. Check out Bradford Built. Very heavy duty and loaded with great standard features. I bought a new one for our Dodge 3500 dually in 2003, and it’s still in great shape, except for the powder coat finish, but it’s a ranch truck. According to their website, they’ve improved their painting procedure, and warranty it for three years now. I highly recommend their USA made products.
  8. Any particular reason for wanting to shut it off? I find it useful, but that’s just me.
  9. Extang Trifecta 2.0 Signature. Nice, heavy duty canvas cover, good price point, American made with lifetime warranty, easy on and off.
  10. Our new truck is for retirement as well, and will be the last we ever buy. A big reason for buying it now was as a hedge on inflation. If we'd had to finance it, we wouldn't have it.
  11. Why not just set the light switch so that the amber LED clearance lights are always on when the truck is running?
  12. Check out Thunder Struck. I don't have a bumper, but do have one of their grille guards that I like very much. Very stout and heavy duty, and retains factory tow hooks. I bought ours finished in zinc primer and had it painted to match the new truck. Hopefully that offers better long term finish durability than what I've experienced with powder coating.
  13. In my experience, dealers may offer all kinds of good will gestures when selling a new vehicle, but these things are usually specified when the deal is made or closed. If you ask politely and nicely, the worst they can do is say no. When I bought a new car in February of 2014, they offered the first two oil change service jobs free of charge, but it was part of closing the deal. The dealer is 130 miles from home, so they gave me enough oil and filters for the first two changes, and I had my regular home town car care center do the work. I was plumb happy with that. When we bought our new Super Duty in August of this year, the salesman gave us $250.00 credit in their parts/service department, again part of closing the deal. I assume they do that with every new vehicle sale, but I don’t know that for a fact. Haven’t used any of that credit yet, we’re still using the FordPass points. Oh yeah, 1200 miles on the new truck with no towing, so I guess I followed what the manual says, and it’s broke in.
  14. Our dealer is in a town of 9000 in NW Nebraska, and the only new car dealer in the county. We ordered our new truck on April 16, and it was delivered on August 11. By my observations, this was good as it got at the time. When I placed the order, the salesman told me they had an allocation of one 22 MY Super Duty, and that we got to use that allocation. I look at their website weekly, and as far as I can tell, our new truck is the only 22 MY vehicle they’ve received at this point. So, I feel like there was a lot of luck and timing involved, but I feel very lucky and blessed to have received our new truck as quickly as we did, and that working with a small dealer in a small town worked greatly in our favor.
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