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    Tonneau cover

    While it folds rather than rolls, I've decided to go with the Extang Trifecta Signature 2.0. It looks to be high quality, with bows underneath the canvas, which should shed water better, and is made of canvas, rather than vinyl. Extang also makes true roll ups at a lower price point. They all look like good products to me, and USA made. I plan to order from RealTruck.com.
  2. I understand and agree with all that you're saying, with regard to 22MY Super Duty's, but, per recent posts by ice-capades on Production Week Scheduling, Ford is scheduling builds on many 21MY vehicles well into August. JHForman812 stated in his post above that his salesperson could not confirm that the customer verification program referred to by ice-capades in his post on 6/8 applies to 22MY vehicles. And the post by ice-capades on 6/8 indicates that this verification program applies to pretty much the full Ford line of vehicles, not just 22MY Super Duty trucks. Yes, the order bank on 21MY Super Duty's closed mid March. I learned that on April 16, when I ordered our '22.
  3. Maybe I'm making this to complicated, but aren't they still building 2021MY vehicles, and perhaps verifying some of those orders before they build them?
  4. Ok, what you just posted is from 6/1/2021, and refers to FDNB information. This is completely different than what ice-capades posted at 03:50 AM on 6/8/2021, which refers to 2021 Ford Customer Verification For Priority Scheduling And Allocation. My question is, does the 6/8/2021 posting refer to 2021MY vehicles, or does it refer to any vehicles orders placed in 2021, regardless of the model year? His postings on build scheduling are certainly always very straightforward and unambiguous, and he always states that they are subject to change. I appreciate all that he does for all of us in keeping us informed.
  5. For what it's worth, I just left my local dealership where the salesperson had me sign a purchase order for our 22MY Super Duty that was ordered on 04/16/2021. He said the company wants proof that orders are legitimate as it seems there has been fraudulent orders placed. I know this has been covered here before. One thing I've noticed on what Ice-Capades has posted is that the post begins with 2021, which may be kind of ambiguous and confusing. Does it mean this only applies to the 21MY orders, or does it mean all orders placed in 2021? I dunno, but it could account for some confusion and misplaced info being thrown out.
  6. Mirage Flatter

    '10,000/9,900 GVWR Package'

    I've been wondering the same thing as it's something I should have researched better before placing our order? If there is a reduction/derate in the payload capacity, is it really real, or just shows a reduced capacity on the yellow sticker on the door. Ours will be licensed with a farm plate in Nebraska, so fees will be the same regardless.
  7. Mirage Flatter

    Concerned about order

    As already mentioned, maybe the Black Appearance package trumps the Tremor Package for the wheels and tires. Perhaps the easiest way to sort it out would be to go to Ford.com and do a build and price on your truck exactly the way that you want it spec’d. That would tell you exactly what works together, and what doesn’t, and you’re not dependent on information from your salesman, which may or may not be accurate. Just a thought, and in no way meant as an insult or criticism.
  8. Mirage Flatter

    2022MY Scheduling

    Are you folks that are getting VIN’s and build dates receiving the email updates from Ford that are illustrated in the order confirmation emails?
  9. Mirage Flatter

    2022MY Scheduling

    Ford marketing is 800 334 4375. I’ve talked to them twice today, both ladies were very polite and helpful. I had to contact my sales person and get a corrected Order Code as the one on my order preview was apparently some random default number. Bottom line, both the salesman and Ford Customer Service told me that our 22MY Super Duty, ordered on April 16, has not yet been scheduled. The salesman did tell me that he’d start sending me updates every Monday, which is a step in the right direction, as I hadn’t heard anything from him since placing the order six week ago.
  10. Mirage Flatter

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    You can go to a Ford dealer and build and price a 2022MY truck. I did the build and price, and had the order sent to Ford and confirmed on our 2022 on April 16. Easy peasy, and the price is locked in. In my estimation, the longer that you wait, the more likely you are to see price increases. Build the 2021 truck you want on the internet, then take that info to your favorite dealership and have them price it out as a '22 model.
  11. Mirage Flatter

    Looking to Order a 2022 F350, questions

    I can't speak to price difference on the two trucks because I haven't priced the F350's, but I do know that with the right packages, 10000 GVWR, camper package, and FX4, a F250 is the same as a F350, just a different badge. As far as the 6.2 vs 7.3 gas engines go, I've pulled a lot of different trailers, with a lot of different trucks over the years, and I've never wished that I had a smaller engine. I'm waiting on a 2022 F250 with the 7.3. My current trailer puller is a '98 Dodge 24 valve Cummins. I don't expect to be disappointed with the new truck, and won't pay $10000.00 plus for another diesel because I don't need it anymore. My opinion, your mileage may vary.
  12. Mirage Flatter

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I placed my order for a 2022 truck on 04/16/2021 with X Plan pricing. The only price increase that I saw over the 2021 truck that I had built and priced previously was a $330.00 increase in the base price for the exact same truck. I’m ok with that, and just really glad to have that price locked in, no matter how long it takes for the new truck to be delivered. We’ll keep driving our ‘98 Dodge Cummins in the meantime, and it will become the everyday beater after the new truck arrives.