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  1. I don’t think dealers are going to intentionally screw over buyers as they could get caught up in legal issues and also jeopardize their own reputation, it’s just bad business. However, I don’t think these dealers mind one bit if buyers decide to opt out on delivery because they can sell these trucks for way more when that happens.
  2. I hadn’t thought about it, but seems like a legitimate idea. I know the aluminum parts of the truck wouldn’t be an issue, but wonder about the bumpers (are they plastic?). I also wonder if you can do custom colors of line-X. I will start digging up some answers. @BigUnixGeek Like the name, I work with *nix in my profession. 😎
  3. txsd

    Waiting Not So patiently

    I never signed the Buyer’s Order because it seems they used the CONCEPS system. Does this mean they didn’t use COVP for the order? They did ask for my DL. Below is what they sent me so I THINK they used COVP.
  4. I am curious if anyone has ever gotten a custom paint job done on the accent color (bumpers, doors, all around)? I have a KR on order in Star White with the Stone Gray accent. I don’t hate Stone Gray, but not crazy about it in certain lighting where I see Gold undertones.
  5. txsd

    Heads up display (HUD)

    My wife’s car has this and I normally drive it on longer trips. Driving a vehicle without it now just isn’t the same. Would love to see this on the super duties!
  6. txsd

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Love the carbonized gray, wish a person could get a KR in that color.
  7. They are super responsive and willing to try and understand what I need, but I get the feeling they are set in their old ways of doing things. I wondered too if they had submitted a fleet order at first as the earliest time stamp from their output showed priority code 20. However, on the time stamp from a few hours later where it says the order was submitted to the order bank, priority was showing 15. The order “type” is showing “1”, is that retail in the old CONCEPS?
  8. txsd

    Bad News From My Dealer

    I feel bad for those needing options that are causing extra delays. I am thankful for this forum for posting what options to stay away from if at all possible when I ordered my truck this week. I still expect long delays, but hope y’all that have been waiting get good news soon!
  9. Thank you for the clarification. Is there a way to get a status update for orders submitted using CONCEPS that will display options in human readable language (instead of codes)? I can see and confirm the options prior to the submission to the order bank in that output, but then the status that is displayed on confirmation of submission to the order bank just shows the codes for options.
  10. I am thinking the same thing, but they did request my DL for submitting the order. If they used the old CONCEPS system, does that mean my order will have less priority than those that go through COVP? Perhaps I am confused though in that they may have still used COVP, but just that the ordering system itself is different/older.
  11. txsd

    Exclusive Cash Reward

    Did you ever get confirmation on how the PCO can be applied to an order or if it can just be applied on delivery (as long as ordered prior to offer expiration)? Multiple dealers are telling me that any incentives at the time of delivery can be applied then, but none of them know how to “apply” the cash award at the time of order. I am a bit shocked Ford doesn’t explain to dealers how to use these awards/offers properly.
  12. I am not sure a separate thread should be made about this, but looking for advice on my recent order. I mentioned in another thread I never received an order preview sheet to confirm specs. This was for an order made on Monday. I have been asking for it, and they haven’t supplied it, which has been making me nervous. I called them today asking about why I haven’t received order confirmation from Ford yet if they added my name to the COVP order as was already requested/confirmed. They made claims about Ford not being very good about that with Super Duties and them not being a large dealer (but they are high volume) with fancy tools, whatever that means. I said I needed something to make sure the order has been submitted with the correct specs. They did end up sending me the below (attached to post). The status of the latest says “Order #### has been submitted to the order bank”. Is this the status prior to seeing “unscheduled - clean” or what do I take from this? status.pdf
  13. I wasn’t aware of the no additional fees with X plan pricing. I have ordered a truck that was right at X plan pricing, but they added dealer fees, so I went with it. Going to have to find out what my options are now.
  14. Congrats! Great looking truck!
  15. txsd

    Dealer Number

    Very much appreciated, thank you!