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  1. My '11 Fiesta SES came with Monterey Grey which I thought was the best grey I ever saw. It was much better than the Magnetic Grey on my '17 Fusion Sport. My '14 Escape Titanium came with Tuxedo Black. It wasn't bad however, my '22 Edge ST in Agate Black is much better IMHO. I was disappointed with Ford Performance Blue in my '21 Edge ST. The novelty wore off because I prefer darker blues. Think TARDIS shade.
  2. I am surprised this took so long. "No-Charge Auto" was a thing. I felt this was inevitable once manuals became more of an option, frankly.
  3. It would be nice to have it where I am, there's usefulness for them. For s#!+'s and giggles, I B&P'd a '23 Titanium Passenger van. Having a B&O system and at least the 2.0L EB would hit all the points for me.
  4. If given a choice between an Everest or Evos, I'll take the one with the EB 27 or 30.
  5. Nailed it. It looks like anyone with Sync 4 and up. I'll look for that feature in the updates.
  6. Distance is measured by time to travel, oh wait. That's here.
  7. I'm just waiting for what the Edge is being replaced with and decide whether to purchase.
  8. Just act normal so when someone gets behind the wheel, ask them if they're your Uber.
  9. Easy mate, don't beat yourself up over it. It's not your fault.
  10. The entry price is too high currently so that was a no-go to start. I'm afraid what will come next will be unimpressive with 2 extra seats I'll never use. However, that's speculation at best.
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