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  1. Sean J.

    2020 Edge ST Rear Hatch Rubber Plugs

    Got it, thanks!
  2. Sean J.

    Bronco Tire Options

    Awesome, thanks! TT
  3. Sean J.

    Bronco Tire Options

    Hi all, Just placed my order today for a 2023 four-door bronco OBX non-Sasquatch, and I’m looking for some guidance on keeping the 18 inch stock rims, but upgrading the tires to something with more aggressive tread that fills the wheel wells better. I’m not an off-roader and am most concerned about ride comfort/quietness, winter traction, and treadwear. My tire store representative recommended four different tires, but I’m not sure if I trust his judgment as I’ve had a run of bad luck with occasional tire reps giving me bad info. Can anyone give me an idea if any of these options are legit and how to determine how big I can go without needing mods, lifts, or levels, (which I don’t want)? Also, does anyone know of a decent tire visualizer website where I can see a tire on my vehicle before I commit? Most are pretty bad. Thanks! Nitto Ridge Grappler Falken Wildpeak A/T3W Pathfinder AT BFG T/A KO2 He recommended a 265/70 18 (stock is 255/70 18). I’m not sure these will look a ton different. He also said not to go with any that start with “LT” because as a labeled “light truck” tire they can be less quiet and comfortable. TT
  4. Sean J.

    2020 Edge ST Rear Hatch Rubber Plugs

    Got it. Thanks. Are they anywhere else on the vehicle that I should be careful to watch for? TT
  5. Hi all, Recently when wiping off the rear hatch on my Edge, two small black squarish rubber plugs popped out of the lower ridge, revealing two square shaped holes. Does anyone know what these plugs are for and/or what the holes they cover are for? My service technician thinks they are some sort of ventilated drains but cannot provide a definitive answer as to whether or not the plugs can be taken out permanently without the risk of issues down the line. I prefer to get rid of them so I’m not constantly catching them on towels and such when drying, but I won’t if anyone thinks it unwise. Also, are these a thing anywhere else, like in the doors or hood? Thanks, TT
  6. Sean J.

    2019/2020 Edge Adaptive Headlights

    Great thanks! I checked mine the other day and it’s still greyed out, so either you have newer (or older) software than I do where it works as expected, or you maybe live in another country with different allowances/options available to select? I keep wanting to check for a new software update but connecting the car to WiFi is such a pain as is having to leave it running as it does its thing, which takes some time to do! Let me know, Thanks, TT
  7. Hey, put in my order for a new 4-Door Bronco anticipating it in about a year or so. Wondering how I go about making sure it’s a MY2023 rather than a MY2022 by the time my order is actioned on. Can that be requested as part of the order when vehicles are this delayed? I’m also holding out for the body color hard top and am not sure if that will mess up the model year preference. Thanks!



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    2. ice-capades


      2023 Model Year orders can't be placed until the 2023MY Bronco USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank) opens and the 2023 Bronco Order Guide is released. In addition, Ford hasn't even released the 2023MY Bronco timeline yet. 



    3. Sean J.

      Sean J.

      Ok, and that’s the information I needed to know. Thanks. Is there a rule of thumb for when new model year order guides come out? In the fall/end of year I imagine?



    4. ice-capades


      The model changeover timeline is different for each model. The Bronco schedule is in the 2022 Bronco Production Information thread (https://blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/71268-2022-bronco-production-information/)

      in the main Bronco forum. A new 2023 Bronco Production Information thread will be started once Ford releases the 2023MY Bronco schedule timeline. 



  8. Sean J.

    Steering Wheel heater - not that warm at all?

    100% disagree. The steering wheel on my 2020 Edge ST is so warm/hot that I have to turn it off when entering my car after auto start has warmed it up…and that’s with gloves on. Bare hands is a no go. I did the ST SUV Experience in North Carolina last April and one of the women driving the Edge assigned to her had to radio the pack leader in the middle of the scenic drive because she did not know the vehicle had a heated steering wheel, much less where to turn it on or off, but it had been turned on when the vehicles were warming up and it was so hot she couldn’t touch any of the main parts of the steering wheel. I say talk to service about your specific vehicle. There could be an element that’s bad or an electrical issue. TT
  9. Sean J.

    Surprise GTPE Acquisition!

    Welp! It’s a beauty for sure! Upgrading from the Mundane to the Mustang is cataclysmic for sure! Never look back man…the world is now your oyster! TT
  10. Sean J.

    2020 Ford Edge ST Low Power Issue

    That was my thought. I booked an appointment for the end of the month, unfortunately, heading out on a road trip tomorrow. The two times it has happened were months apart so fortunately it's not frequent. Hoping they can isolate it when it's in their possession. The warning message pops up in the left info display, so I'm hoping there's a related error code they can see. Thanks! TT
  11. Hi all, Twice now my Edge has randomly told me, while switching from reverse to park to reverse again, that the current gear will operate in low power mode. When this happens, the car barely moves, if at all. To fix it, I have to shut off, open door, then restart. Is this a safety issue when shifting too quickly or is something else awry? Thanks, TT
  12. Sean J.

    2021 Ford Edge 2021 in Victoria BC Canada

    Yeah, that creamy off-white is always a no go. If it weren't for the flat white my Fusion came in, I would have easily done the gray like you but the extra chrome on that 2017 refresh was too shiny without the white to reflect and tone it down a bit. Overall I loved it. I too liked that new race inspired blue for the Edge but the black with black rims won out in the end! TT
  13. Sean J.

    2021 Ford Edge 2021 in Victoria BC Canada

    Wow! From these photos it's almost impossible to tell which one you took home! I too went from an amazing Fusion, (a gorgeous Titanium) to an Edge ST, and while it's been thrilling, I miss that Fusion almost every day. Totally underrated cars, from their sexy lines and fascias, to their smooth ride, punchy Ecoboost engines, and well appointed interiors with a plethora of bells and whistles! Enjoy friend! And don't miss out on the ST SUV Experience! It's amazing and well worth it! TT
  14. Sean J.

    Thinking of buying an 2020 Edge - help?

    Not sure to be honest. I haven't paid attention. It definitely will with the A/C running, however, to what extent I don't know. It will vary of course between vehicles and owners, but I can say that I've never once used the "Max A/C" button which would cause the largest draw. I live in Michigan where the summer heat can definitely be hot but the normal A/C setting is more than sufficient most everywhere. If you tend to use "Max A/C" at all try not doing so, and see if that helps at all. TT
  15. Sean J.

    Exterior Lighting

    Exactly! The Expedition is another one that bugs the hell out of me. I hate seeing a Limited Expedition driving around with those smaller rims and incandescent lights! It's nuts! TT