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  1. You got it! ON Semiconductor is located just down the road from me.
  2. Ironically enough, there is a semiconductor design and manufacturing center here in Idaho, and they produce products for the automotive sector. Clearly, more would help.
  3. That could be a key distinction. Mine was a 2014 Job 2.
  4. That's great news that you didn't have the issue. I definitely had the issue on mine, so I'd be curious to know when the switch was made. Job 1 vs Job 2 maybe?
  5. Hope for the best! My fingers will also be crossed. Hopefully the percentage of engines with issues is relatively small.
  6. I had this coolant intrusion issue on a late 2014 Escape with a 2.0L, unfortunately. I added over 2 QT of coolant to the reservoir across the duration of ownership. I started having to add coolant only 1 year and 12,000 into ownership. Local dealers didn't perform the proper pressure test until last year. Fortunately, it only misfired once. I may have been in the minority for 2014 models. In my infinite, wisdom, I traded it in (transmission issues beginning to surface as well as heater core issues) on an Edge with a 2.0. I'm hoping the issues have been corrected for 2020!
  7. Wow when compared to the old Escape the picture is much rosier. It's all about perspective!
  8. Wow the Bronco Sport's rated mileage is more in line with an Edge ST rather than an Escape. It's amazing to see the difference aerodynamics and tires can have on economy!
  9. I don't have hard numbers to back this up, but my perception is that Ford's quality peaked in the 2008-early 2011 timeframe, and began to slip with the introduction of the "one Ford" vehicles (Focus transmission and MyFord Touch. Granted, as a whole, vehicles were less complex in the late 2000s which might also be a contributing factor to poorer quality.
  10. Not shocking considering Ford's decontenting. They have a history of gradually decontenting vehicles with a planned phase-out. It's also telling that the Edge hasn't been shown in Ford's national and regional TV commercials for several months.
  11. Well I'm glad I've got a 2020! That's an insane reduction in features.
  12. Alex D.

    2021 Edge Production Information

    A couple of minor differences I see right off the bat: I'm glad they replaced the center console area's piano black trim with the faux carbon fiber look that carries over from the passenger side dash. My 2020 Edge Titanium's sill plate is illuminated ice blue. This one appears to lose the illumination. The chrome strip above the license plate is gone, at least on the press photos of what appears to be a Titanium w/ Elite package.
  13. All 2019s and 2020s have an 8-speed regardless of trim. That said, the ST does currently have a different 8-speed than the non-St trims. I can't recall the transmission code designations though. I believe the non-ST trims use the joint venture w/ GM 8-speed (minus a gear -- the GM version has 9 speeds) while the ST transmission is an evolution of an earlier 6 speed albeit with 2 added ratios.
  14. Nice, informative post, WillSD! For my first oil change yesterday, the dealer simply deducted the points on their computer -- upon checking out of the service department, and that's all she wrote. It really was free of charge!