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  1. You mean that's all? Haha.
  2. I have a '14 with this same condition, mainly when cold as well. Occasionally, it exhibits a rough 3-2 downshift as well. These characteristics have been experienced since it was new. It now has 64,000 miles on it. What's the "party pack?" Thanks.
  3. Please remove this duplicate thread. Apologies! I was beaten to the punch.
  4. The best look we've seen this far (as far as I'm aware) before its debut. https://www.motor1.com/news/299818/ford-escape-spy-shots/amp/#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s
  5. Kyle was several car-lengths behind these two as they crossed the start-finish line with one to go. Hamlin and Logano were racing side-by-side from the end of the frontstretch, through turns 1 and 2, down the backstretch and through turn 3. Two cars running side-by-side will have a slower lap time than a driver who is running their preferred line all by themselves. This effect is even more magnified this year with the larger rear spoilers these cars are running. 18 and 22 were bumping and rubbing down the backstretch and side-drafting off of one another, which further slowed down their speeds. When Kyle got close enough to them, he was able to gain some draft off of the 11 which allowed him to increase his closing rate even more. Had the 18 and 22 never gotten side by side on that final lap, the finish would have been 22, 11 and 18 1-2-3.
  6. I believe the origins of this "headlight notch" can be traced back even farther to the 2008 Focus, IIRC.
  7. Alex D.

    2012 Sill Plates

    Hey, thanks for the info! I think I'll pick up a set at some point.
  8. Alex D.

    2012 Sill Plates

    For some reason I was thinking these plates illuminated when you opened the door. Is this true or do you simply stick them on and that's it?
  9. Alex D.

    Dual clutch transmission

    I had this TSB applied at the local dealer yesterday. Although I have not experienced issues to the degree of severity described on this forum and elsewhere, the trans did occasionally suffer from some degree of lunging under 10 mph as well as a flare upon shifting into 2nd. After the TSB was applied, the shifting is indeed smoother and I hear less noise from the clutches. The shifts also seem to be more firm. This was while driving in D. In S, not much improvement was noticed, although I keep it in D most of the time anyways. If anyone has experienced issues with their shift quality, they should consider getting this TSB applied.
  10. Alex D.

    My Focus Ti - Three Months In

    I feel somewhat better after reading your assessment of the transmission's confusion when on an incline. We have a ramp at work we must drive up to get up to the road. If I'm waiting in a line of cars or have to change throttle position on the ramp, the trans shutters quite a bit, sometimes even violently. Otherwise, on flat surfaces the trans operates fairly smoothly.
  11. Alex D.

    2012 Focus Idle speed shudder Customer service responce

    This is an interesting observation. Mine has much more in the way of shuttering/hunting when cold. After a mile or two, it smooths out considerably.
  12. 2012 Focus SE hatch w/ sport and winter packages plus tinted the windows. Diggin' it!
  13. Many dealers have little to no supply of Focus. For example, Bill Brown in Livonia, MI (Ford's 2nd largest dealer by volume) usually has 100 Focus units, give or take 20 in stock at any time. They presently have THREE!!! It's the same story all across the nation. Galpin Ford in CA, Fords largest volume dealer, has FIVE in stock.
  14. Alex D.

    NY Times Slams New Focus

    With 2,200 on the clock, mine has smoothed out considerably.
  15. Alex D.

    $50 iTunes giftcard

    Around 7 weeks, give or take a few days.