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  1. Yup. Might as well grease the skids. Too bad there is a stigma associated with working with one party or the other. Barra got roasted for talking to Trump. She was just doing what was in the best interest of GM.
  2. slemke

    Explorer King Ranch

    Same interior color on our Aviator. Anyone looking at a high end Explorer should do themselves a favor and check out the Aviator. At least Ford is differentiating the two.
  3. Maybe the 90s Honda’s. The 80s Hondas had all sorts of issues....at least up in the Dakotas and MN. They were simpler machines back then.
  4. Apparently “extreme cold” is relative. Growing up in MN and ND, I considered Iowa down south and warm. Rochester, MN was warm to me. -20F was where things started to get interesting, but real cold wasn’t until it hit 40 below or your alcohol based thermometer froze. When my kids tell me it is cold, I threaten to send them to Fargo. Yes, I want to see how an electric car performs when it is -40 or -50 below. Take it to the point where it breaks in the name of science.
  5. Commercial jets don’t operate in freezing rain either. There is only so much de icing can do. The temperature limit I quoted was not due to icing. But rather the properties of the blades themselves at those temps.
  6. Not ice buildup at those temps, but the blades themselves become brittle and can shatter. But, yes blades out of balance isn’t good for the bearings either. A shattered blade is going to create a substantial imbalance.
  7. An answer is to continue to let individuals make their own decisions as to what works best for them. My old truck costs me very little to operate since it isn’t driven much. Not worth investing in a newer more efficient model to save fuel. There is no way I would recover the cost savings of using electricity vs what I currently pay for gas. We still make purchasing decisions based on ownership costs. Government regulations interfere with that rational decision making and introduce additional societal costs. It isn’t that our fuel is directly subsidized (or vehicles with large engines), but the fuel tax is primarily to maintain the infrastructure associated with operating those vehicles and not other pet projects of government. Even so, funds are still siphoned off for other things and leads to folks resenting higher fuel taxes. Drilling for oil is subsidized as energy independence was deemed a plus to society. To me, Europe doesn’t want private vehicle ownership by the masses and sets up a tax structure to ensure that. The US is also different in how the population is spread over large areas. What might be appropriate on the more densely populated coasts doesn’t work well for the wide open spaces of the Great Plains. Private vehicle ownership is much more cost effective in rural areas and they will resent paying more to subsidize the wealthy cities on the coasts.
  8. I haven’t looked into it, what role does the displacement taxes play with hybrids and plug in hybrids? Are they relaxed? If not, I could see the 1.5L EB being used just to get in a lower tax bracket for affordability.
  9. The problem is there is some inherent bias in what is considered a major issue. “Significant downtime” means different things to different people along with the cost of repair. Then you have the folks that claim their Japanese vehicle is the most reliable thing in the world and would never buy a Ford or other domestic vehicle because they are unreliable, yet their car is in the shop more than any of my Fords or my friends. Cars now are so much more reliable and longer lasting than they were in the past. This shows in the average age of vehicles on the road. To me, reliability just doesn’t have much influence anymore. Pretty much anything other than the perennial bottom dwellers will do.
  10. From the article, -24F is the cutoff point, so -17F is no problem. Efficiency probably drops some at those temps. Main reason for stopping the at -24F was to prevent damage to the blades. 1 windmill. You didn’t state how long they could charge.
  11. They’ve been waiting for global warming for the last couple decades. Tourism could use the boost.
  12. Apparently cold does affect wind turbines: https://www.kfyrtv.com/2021/02/17/wind-turbines-affected-by-cold-temperatures/ Needs to be -24F, though to shut them down. South Dakota was only producing 8% of their electric from wind, when it is typically 20% and can be as high as 65%. That’s a huge variation and will require significant investment in over capacity to mitigate the variability. Green power has a ways to go before the technology catches up with traditional electric generating plants for reliability. The first nuclear plants had significant down time too, if I remember correctly. Just takes time to get all the bugs out of the system.
  13. Bad batch of adhesive? Many companies would likely sweep that under the rug and hope nobody noticed.
  14. Those auto parts places and Amazon inverters are usually the low cost modified sin or square wave models. From what I have read, the f150 uses a pure sin wave inverter. Even the non hybrid models get an extra 12v battery and alternator with the 2kw pro power option. Much more than just a cheap inverter. Glad people are trying to educate them...I wish the educators luck. I remember an episode of 60 minutes where they were interviewing a Ford executive and he was saying how many foreign car owners insisted their cars had certain features they did not have and would not buy American because of some notions that were no longer true.
  15. $2.50-$3 gas has been the norm around here for the past decade. I think it will take $4 gas to make any significant change in buying behavior. Particularly when many people will still be working from home and driving less. inflation has been just around the corner with the low interest rates and money printing for the last decade. Still hasn’t materialized. I do expect it to at some point. The pent up demand will likely be in tourism as folks try to see friends and relatives they haven’t seen in 18 months.