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  1. slemke

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Mkt was no flex either. Those products showed the way to the differentiation we have today.
  2. Or pick a site next to the person with an F150 powerboost.
  3. slemke

    '21 May Sales

    Except for some the driver assistance features. Those use newer nodes. Many of the automotive chips, though are on old mature technology so the cycle times are much shorter. From semiengineering.com: Generally, the most common metric for cycle time in the fab is “days per mask layer.” On average, a fab takes 1 to 1.5 days to process a layer. The best fabs are down to 0.8 days, Leachman said. A 28nm device has 40 to 50 mask layers. In comparison, a 14nm/10nm device has 60 layers, with 7nm expected to jump to 80 to 85. 5nm could have 100 layers. So, using today’s lithographic techniques, the cycle times are increasing from roughly 40 days at 28nm, to 60 days at 14nm/10nm, to 80 to 85 days at 7nm. 5nm may extend to 100 days using today’s techniques, without extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. That’s just the wafer mfg. it still needs to be tested, diced, packaged and tested again before it is ready to ship.
  4. I would think a Taycan would be a more apt comparison to a thunderbird ev. Maybe it’s for something that will house the 6.8L v8.
  5. Considering how many folks business address matches their home address, Ford’s location in Dearborn should not be a big issue. All depends on whether management is content to let them work from wherever they want or require them to be local. Ford likely has a presence in all states so it is doable. We had someone move to SD without telling anyone since he was working from home. HR wasn’t too happy since the company didn’t have an office in the state and wasn’t properly withholding taxes. Otherwise, if we have an office in the state you are looking to live in, there is a good chance it will be approved. It is a nice perk.
  6. slemke

    '21 May Sales

    Yes, but it can still take months from wafer start to finished tested and packaged modules. Depends on the technology node and number of steps involved. The newest process nodes have more steps and take considerably longer than older nodes.
  7. slemke

    The new 6.8 V8 thread

    Would this be about the right time for pilot production to begin for the Raptor R? Maybe it will get the 6.8l from the start. I thought full production wasn’t until 2023.
  8. Interesting read. Females were more likely to discontinue ownership than males. At least a fair number of those that discontinued ownership were open to purchasing one in the future. There may have been other issues with the vehicle not just it was PEV. Infrastructure, particularly easy charging at home will be important. Housing typically has at least a 30 year life expectancy, yet I’m not seeing widespread inclusion of charging capacity for all residents. It will be tough to reach the numbers expected by 2030.
  9. slemke

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Paint guy was referring to the Explorers that were intentionally set on fire as part of last year’s riots in Minneapolis. I suspect the prices at auction sites will be rising along with everything else. You can find some good deals. One of my former coworkers would buy from the government auction sites, fix up what was wrong and resell them. Were you able to inspect the vehicles in person before purchasing?
  10. I wouldn’t post the price either if I was charging a premium for it. Might be a local anomaly. Around here they don’t post the price for premium and then charge 0.60 or even $0.70 per gallon more in some instances. Not too bad when gas was over $4, but that’s a steep premium when gas is $2 something.
  11. slemke

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    So basically if you want something you should order it. The few vehicles arriving at dealerships will likely be claimed as they are being unloaded if not before then.
  12. slemke

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup thread

    How would you like that prepared? With that short of a timeline, I would bet Ford has the parts lined up. Job 1 is 9 weeks away. Chips are supposed to be more widely available in Q3 and that starts in 18 days.
  13. Wouldn’t that be determined by Ford? Ford hired Munro to reduce cost on the battery tray. Whether or not that the results are made public would also be determined by Ford. Unless Munro can now make more money on YouTube videos than selling engineering services.
  14. Let’s see what Ford revises on it over time. For as much attention to cost cutting as Ford does, they appear to be missing the things that save money, increase reliability, and won’t be noticed by consumers. Tesla’s have been on the market long enough to tear apart and benchmark. When watching the video I couldn’t stop thinking that there was some German engineering involved in the MAch E. Maybe Ford has learned a thing or two from the Mach E and we'll see the difference in the Lightning and Maverick.