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  1. That’s what I thought until I saw the gross stock table that listed 9500 Mach E in stock. Was there a stop sale for a recall? Doesn’t make sense to have that much gross stock while claiming a production shutdown to expand capacity lowered deliveries. Also, the price was cut twice. I’m presuming in response to Tesla’s price cuts on the model y. But, if demand was strong, I’d expect inventory to be lower considering the shutdown and no price cuts.
  2. Not a bad idea for camping, either. Hang the wet gear over the rails to dry. I was thinking they could be used as a frame for a fabric topper.
  3. Those stations seem to be less than a block apart and have some wild price deviations. What’s the story? I filled up at a Harris Teeter (Kroger affiliated) on Thursday for $3.59. I had fuel points to use so that reduced the cost. Otherwise, I’d fill up next door at Costco.
  4. slemke

    March '23 Sales/Chart

    Teslas are considered entry luxury and be compared with entry level BMWs and Mercedes. Your chart shows the model3 compares favorably. Personal observations from my area does reflect the shift from entry luxury cars to Tesla. It will be interesting to see if Tesla can keep that perception alive as cost are reduced or if it becomes mainstream and needs to compete against civics and corollas. Tesla reduced the price of the model 3 again as the new government incentives were cut in half on it. It is going to make it very hard for newcomers to break into the segment now that Tesla is well established, has volume and lower costs. Very similar to Toyota.
  5. I think the intent of the question was to ask whether Ford’s BEVs use a heat pump or air blown over resistors. The resistive pads may not have much of an advantage over a heat pump. Based on a quick google search, neither the Mach e or lightning uses a heat pump.
  6. From motor trend: https://www.motortrend.com/news/2024-ford-mustang-engine-ecoboost-v-8-deep-dive?galleryimageid=fe5df94f-0132-423c-887d-a0db1ae1d513 MPC 2.3-Liter EcoBoost I-4”, It may be tough to tell by studying the Mustang's spec sheet, but this 2.3-liter EcoBoost I-4 engine is entirely new, save for a few fasteners. One of its big emissions enablers is fitment of both port- and direct-injection, with the latter's pressure bumped to 5,000 psi. Another is internally plumbed exhaust-gas recirculation, which can be managed far more precisely than metering exhaust gasses back in through external lines. One interesting feature on this longitudinal application of the engine is an integrated airbox, which ships from the engine factory attached in front of the front-end accessory drive unit. Mounting it so close to the intake manifold minimizes losses. SEE ALL 71 PHOTOS At the 2024 Mustang's launch, Ed Krenz, chief functional engineer, Ford Performance, assured us there will be no backsliding on performance or fuel consumption and that the team prioritized drivability and fun performance over advertisable peak numbers (which today are 310-330 hp, 350 lb-ft, and 22-25 EPA combined mpg—the new figures are forthcoming). Oh, and that MPC stands for Modular Power Cylinder, which refers to the combustion chamber shape, valve and injector orientation, piston dome, etc., all of which get engineered and optimized once and applied to a family of engines (in this case, inline three- and four-cylinders). Well, guess what? Ed was right. Official power figures were released just ahead of the 2022 holiday season, and the new 2.3-liter I-4 EcoBoost makes 315 hp and 350 lb-ft, meaning it gets the old model's maximum torque output standard and generates an extra 5 hp.
  7. That high demand is fueled by folks with $ to spend. Some of those $ comes from high used car prices pushing up new car prices. As I said, used car prices are softening…less demand. That in turn will lead to less demand for high priced new cars as the loss of equity in the trade needs to come from somewhere or the difference in price becomes more attractive for people to buy used. In 2020, mortgage rates were extremely low and refinancing freed up dollars to spend on other things like cars, driving up demand at a time when supplies were very limited. Mortgage rates have fallen some, but they are still much higher than before. Housing costs will start to reduce demand for other items as it takes a larger percentage of the household budget. On the supply side, the chip shortage continues to ease, although not uniformly. Commodities have stabilized. As inventories build, we will see how much downward pricing pressure there is to move it. So yes, at the root it is supply and demand. It is what’s behind the supply and demand curves that is interesting.
  8. Wrong version of the 2.3. You’re referring to the current one. I’m asking about the new modular performance architecture one being introduced in the 2024 Mustang. It has a smaller bore and longer stroke than the duratec/Mazda one.
  9. Nothing wrong with a little fun. Fact was they did it to have fun with it and one more example of using multiple gear ratios on an EV. I recall also, that the 2 speed was for obtaining a higher speed. It really depends on the rpm range of the motor. The Mach e with a 13.8k max rpm is limited to 111 mph. The GT is limited to 124mph A Tesla model 3 performance has a top speed of 162mph, standard is 140mph. The Tesla motor spins to 18k rpm. All use a similar 9:1 gear reduction. There must be something going on with the electrical system of the Mach E. Motor specs are similar or better to the Model 3, but actual performance is well short.
  10. Seems like the EPA regulations need to be updated. I’ll bet that happens as we see more EVs and trying to get the lowest cost solution. Manufacturers will then have a reason to lobby for the change. I had forgotten about the Taycan and roadster using a 2 speed transmission. I recall Ford making some prototype electric Mustang with 6 speed.
  11. As long as the extended range batteries are still an option, the smaller cheaper battery packs are great for those that only use them locally or short trips or like to stop a lot for breaks. No reason to pay extra for range that isn’t needed. The LFP batteries have more recharge cycles than NMC, so the shorter range shouldn’t matter for the lifetime of the battery. The other thing mentioned was improving aerodynamics. This will help improve range without increasing battery size. Ford needs to take a systems approach to engineering the vehicles. Improved aerodynamics will help ICE also. It was a big focus in the 80s, but as fuel got cheaper and engines and transmissions more efficient it became lower priority to style.
  12. I thought it was 10% of gross income for auto, credit card, etc. that the banks went by. Rules may have changed. Some of the pricing is due to the high value of used cars. People with 2-3 year old vehicles getting as much or more for them than what they paid. The used car market is softening. Prices down 1.5% in January. That will make the new cars even more expensive per month to finance. Median household income is up to $78k, so that may be driving some of the higher prices also.
  13. Particularly when they are outsourced. LGE makes the motors for the Mach e and transit. Not sure about the lighting.
  14. So is the new 2.3L EB related to the dragon I3? I thought I read the bore was 84mm. The motor trend article I read about it said the architecture would be shared with an I3. Otherwise, it sounds like the dragon I3 isn’t long for this world if it will be part of a modular architecture with the 2.3L. I’d assume there will also be a 2.0l I4 also.
  15. Well, Ford has already unnecessarily complicated it then. The Mach e uses a smaller front motor than rear. The GT uses the same rear motor in the front. The e Transit also uses the same rear motor, which is made by LG. Lightning might use the same rear motor also.