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  1. Too late to save my former Lincoln-only store. The $5 million cost of complying with the program is one of several reasons they decided to shut down. The land ended up being more valuable than the expected cost of staying in business.
  2. I used to work in the field of international environmental policy. I once had a fascinating conversation with the then-head of the Global Environmental Fund (a UN-affiliated body that invests in cleaner forms of energy in developing countries). She was French and came from a background of developmental economics. My favorite comment of hers was, "environmentalism is too important to be left to environmentalists." She then went on to discuss how in her experience they can sometimes be ahead of the game in identifying environmental challenges, but their solutions are almost always impractical, fly in the face of economic reality, and can often make things worse.
  3. I see a lot of these arguments, not just in automotive posts. What they leave out is that just factoring in average inflation since 2008 a $50k product then should go for just under $70k today. Inflation really is a bitch. See: https://tools.carboncollective.co/inflation/us/2008/100/#:~:text=%24100 in 2008 has the,was -4.56% per year.
  4. Given the good chance of former President Trump winning in November and the fact that the current President is in any case moving in the direction of sharply-increased tariffs on Chinese-made automotive products, I wonder if Ford is putting together contingencies for repatriating Lincoln Nautilus production to North America (and hopefully resuming Edge production with a revised version of the C2 Edge currently being produced for the Chinese market)?
  5. If you are talking about the center screen you can increase the brightness. Go to settings (under apps I think, but maybe under the vehicle icon), scroll down to "screen" and tap the top option to adjust screen brightness.
  6. Reminds me of when airlines started charging customers to check bags. In response, a lot of customers started going with just what they could fit in the overhead bin. Some airlines then started charging for carry-ons too.
  7. You can increase the middle screen's brightness. Go to settings and display. I think it is the top option. I typically find that problem at night.
  8. Hope it gets here earlier rather than later, as I have a road trip planned to start the end of May.
  9. But with 25% tariffs on Chinese assembled vehicles, would Ford make any profit? Probably not. As I've said before, I doubt they are making much profit at all from Nautilus imports, that the decision was more to protect the Lincoln brand which otherwise would have shrunk to just a 3-vehicle line-up. For that reason it might make sense to try out importing the Zephr, to give Lincoln 5 vehicles and an actual luxury sedan (might only be temporary, though, if it doesn't sell any better than the briefly-revived Continental), but bringing in the Mondeo/Taurus through those tariffs would almost certainly be a big money loser.
  10. Pull over and put it in carwash mode. Quick!
  11. As others have noted, Ford still makes the Edge in China for the Chinese market. Could they export that still-in-production Edge to North America as they are doing with the Nautilus, which Ford redesigned and initially planned to continue with just for the Chinese market? Technically, they could, but there are two problems. First, unlike the Nautilus which, in its redesigned format, fits well (in fact, extremely well, possibly better than the outgoing Nautilus) with the North American market, the newly-designed Edge for the Chinese market would likely not do well here. It is too big, approaching Explorer size, and many believe the look of its top hat wouldn't sell well. But second and maybe more important, Ford would likely lose money on each Edge imported. There's a 25% tariff on the import of vehicles made in China and the Edge doesn't have the price cushion of being a luxury automobile. Even so, I doubt Ford is making much on the import of the Lincoln Nautilus. They probably did a 180 on bringing it to the North American market mainly to protect the Lincoln brand (from time to time Ford actually seems to care about that) by keeping Lincoln's line-up from dropping down to a measly 3 vehicles. Lincoln has a more robust presence in China, which many now see as Lincoln's main market. They have 5 vehicles there, including a mid-sized sedan, the Zephr.
  12. I doubt it, but one of us will be right. As for opposition to fracking, just Google "opposition to fracking 2024" and a long list of articles appear about all the folks who are successfully opposing it from California, to New York, to Colorado, to the national moratorium on new fracking operations placed a few years ago on federal lands.
  13. Also massive Chinese government subsidies throughout the EV ecosystem -- from mining, to refining, to processing, to components, to production. It isn't just batteries that China now dominates. It is pretty much everything. It will be difficult for the U.S. to duplicate that due to our own policy choices. For instance, because of environmentalist opposition -- the same folks that want us to go 100% electric ASAP -- it is almost impossible to open any new mining operation in the United States. The government just canceled a new copper mine (which would have given the country a whopping two) in Alaska that was already permitted due to enviro opposition. The U.S. has extensive rare earth resources (along with significant deposits of other relevant metals and minerals), but we just can't get to them.
  14. There almost was a Ford version -- but it would have been a Lincoln.
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