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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Gurgeh

    New Nautilus Black Label

    I have a 2019 Black Label Nautilus with standard seats, and they are plenty comfortable -- much more so than the regular Reserve seats because of the much softer leather. If I could change them in any way, it would be to make them just a little wider, but I found the 22-way seats were actually a little less comfortable in this respect. But really, the seats are great.
  2. Gurgeh

    First Look at Fusion Active?

    I would buy a North American-made Mercedes before I'd buy a Chinese-made Lincoln.
  3. Gurgeh

    '22 April sales (U.S.)

    It is just physics. An internal combustion engine simply can't match the instant torque of an electric motor, and it is the torque you feel when you stomp on the accelerator.
  4. Gurgeh

    '22 April sales (U.S.)

    From what I can tell, Ford has no plans to supply this segment until the new Edge/Nautilus-sized EVs get released. The unfortunate thing is (1) that they might not be available until a year or two after Edge/Nautilus has been shut down, and (2) even when they do come EVs won't be able to suit everyone (yet). I ultimately decided to buy out my 2019 Nautilus lease and will keep it for a few more years after which my situation might change and I'll be able to go the EV route on the Lincoln mid-sized 2-row crossover slated to come out RSN. Like you, I found the Corsair too small and Aviator too large for my needs. Before I decided to buy out my lease I was looking at the MB GLE450 or Genesis GV80 as a replacement. For me, the size of the Nautilus is just right.
  5. Gurgeh

    Lincoln Star BEV Concept

    We might want to bring the discussion in the Lincoln forum over to here and combine the two, as this is something that might be interesting to the broader FMC audience, as it showcases design concepts that might eventually make their way into FMC EV products. To me, the interior feels a little cold even if gorgeous. I like the exterior. But as I noted in the Lincoln forum discussion, this is not a pre-production prototype, but an out-there concept vehicle. For instance, front seats that swivel around to face the second seats while the car goes into autonomous driving and the steering wheel disappears is something a long, long ways away still.
  6. The thing to understand is that this is not a pre-production prototype, but an out-there concept vehicle. This is not something slated for production but is intended to showcase some design concepts that might eventually make their way into some of the Lincoln EVs that we'll be seeing in the next few years. For instance, front seats that swivel around to face the second seats while the car goes into autonomous driving and the steering wheel disappears is something a long, long ways away still.
  7. Gurgeh

    Fallacy of Electrics

    When these kinds of discussions pop up, the opening stanza of the classic Neil Diamond song "I Am... I Said" always pops into my head: L.A.'s fine, the sun shines most the time And the feeling is "lay back" Palm trees grow and rents are low But you know I keep thinkin' about Making my way back What LA and coastal California did to itself the last few decades is really something. Now, back to our regularly-scheduled discussion on how electric vehicles will save the world! (...and BTW, I decided to buy out my Nautilus lease and will be keeping it for a few more years. Most likely my next vehicle will be an electric. Looking forward to today's unveiling of the Lincoln electric prototype.)
  8. Fairly decent discussion, but careful everyone with "totally" and "completely" as obviously those are hyperboles that are factually incorrect though used, I expect, to try to make a point. Moving more toward vertically-integrated production is a different approach from what Ford/Lincoln have been doing lately, but the elements that go into that production model are not totally and completely different.
  9. Gurgeh

    Cryptic Lincoln Post

    Ho, boy, does Lincoln need new product (or at least product availability). I'm sitting right now in the Black Label lounge of my Lincoln-only dealership in Maryland. I just bought out my Nautilus lease. The dealership is a product wasteland. They have nothing in their showroom. Outside it, they have exactly one Aviator (sold) and a late-model but used Navigator. While I have an order in for a MB GLE 450 to replace my Nautilus, I'm not 100% committed to going through with it. I might just hang on to the Nautilus for another year or two and see what Lincoln comes up with. I'd like to stick with an FMC luxury mid-sized 2-row crossover product, but they are making that a bit difficult.
  10. ...and Rivian as of yesterday, $92.62 billion. Kinda nutz.
  11. When I signed the price agreement (straight-up MSRP) for the MB GLE 450 replacement for my Nautilus coming off of lease, I met with the finance guy who wanted me to fill out credit check papers. I said no, that I would either be paying cash or a one-payment lease as I hate monthly payments. He replied ok but asked to see my bank account balance, which I was fine to share, and everything was good. That said, it will be many months before that GLE actually gets built in Alabama and makes its way to the dealer. My situation shouldn't change but I can see that it might for some people.
  12. Gurgeh

    Production Tesla Cybertruck Spied

    What I wonder about is where they are taking that body wrapped up in the truck's bed.
  13. Closing Chicago would do a lot to improve Ford's quality of product. That place is probably unfixable.
  14. Gurgeh

    Chrysler branded EV

    It's a Tic Tac!
  15. Not sure where best to put this: the Ford stock thread, Ford electrification, or Rivian. Went with here. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/ford-could-sell-down-rivian-stake-to-fuel-its-business-rbc-says-2021-12-06 Ford could sell down Rivian stake to fuel its business, RBC says "Analysts at RBC Capital on Monday raised their price target on Ford Motor Co. F, 3.77% stock to $21, from $17, saying they continue to see upside for the auto maker. Their new valuation method includes further breaking up Ford's business, including its electric-vehicle business and investments in Rivian Automotive Inc. RIVN, -3.13%, to value the shares, they said. On Rivian, the analysts said they believe Ford views its investment in Rivian 'as a financial one, so they may eventually sell-down to help fund Ford's organic investment or other cash calls.' Ford Chief Executive Jim Farley last month vowed that Ford would become the second largest U.S. electric-vehicle maker. Ford shares have rallied 120% this year, compared with gains of around 22% for the S&P 500 index. SPX, 2.07%"