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  1. Was listening to Bloomberg business radio for a bit today. Markets this week are likely to be up 20% (still a bit of trading to go today). That's the biggest weekly rise in 8 years. And yet, markets remain more than 25% below their peak of just a month ago. That's the biggest monthly drop in a long time (I forget how many years they said). So, Bloomberg reporters provided this sage and jargon-free analysis: "we aren't out of the woods yet". This is may be a dead-cat bounce, the beginning of a sharp V-shaped recovery, the early stages of the south end of a U-shaped market, or the false recovery of what will be a long L-shaped down market. Be careful about trying to catch a falling knife, they warned, but no matter what you do don't miss market opportunities like this week! Huh.
  2. "...he said the company continues to hold discussions with government officials about making Tesla’s workspace safe while also continuing to run an operation Tesla deems critical to national infrastructure." (emphasis added) err, or would that be "critical to Tesla's income" (as blwnsmoke noted, "profits before safety.. or wait .. profits?") I think we finally see the downside of running a company like a ponzi scheme. Losing money on the cars themselves, but making up for it with stock offerings, advance deposits, debt, and credit sales.
  3. Closed yesterday at $5.01, dividend yield at 11.98%. One more down day and it is officially a penny stock. (Used to be a stock had to be valued at under $1 to be a penny stock; now the figure is generally considered to be under $5.)
  4. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/15/should-you-buy-ford-motor-company-stock-now.aspx The case for buying Ford stock Strong balance sheet. New products on the way China is turning around. Future-tech investments will start paying off The case for buying Ford stock right now It's cheap. It pays a great dividend. The case against Ford stock right now Recession risk Management risk Should you buy Ford stock now? I think you could certainly do worse than to buy Ford stock right now, but I also think that you might do better if you wait. If the coronavirus outbreak pushes the U.S. economy into recession, as seems likely, you will almost certainly have the opportunity to buy it at a better price in a month or two. That said, I own Ford stock and have no plans to sell. If you already own Ford stock, I suggest hanging on to it. If you sit tight and reinvest that fat dividend through whatever economic storms lie ahead, you'll probably be pretty happy with the results when auto sales (and auto stocks) start to recover.
  5. Gurgeh

    1990 F150 fuel cross flow

    Might get more responses in the Ford forums instead of here in the Lincoln forums. But sounds like you're getting some good advice nevertheless.
  6. I like a CyberTruck joke as well as any other, but you guys are just being silly. It doesn't drive through deep water or walk on it. It transforms into a submarine.
  7. Agree. Note that it is "CCN" not "CNN".
  8. If you have a Vanguard mutual fund you can set up a brokerage account there online by transferring money into a brokerage money market "sweep account" and then purchasing stock out of it with zero brokerage fees. The process is easy but not immediately intuitive. You can call Vanguard and they can walk you through it.
  9. NJRonbo, since you love your MKZ hybrid lease so much, have you considered buying it out at the end of your lease rather than leasing something new? Or going for a 2-year old 2020 MKZ hybrid when your lease is up as a certified pre-owned purchase? Either way will keep you in a car you love, save some money, and give you a couple more years to see what else might be out there for you longer term. My guess is that at some point we'll see a sedan back at Lincoln, though it will likely be an all-electric.
  10. Gurgeh

    Sync 4 is on its way....

    It appears not as Sync 4 is reported to have twice the computing power of Sync 3, thus a hardware bottleneck.
  11. Gurgeh


    You have to admit he came to a hilarious end, finally admitting to not owning a Ford for decades, hating the company and its products, never owning a Tesla, and never owning a BEV. The only reason he was here was to troll. Folks here often have different views and sometimes discussion can get a little passionate, but they are here because of their love of the automobile and an active interest in FMC products and want the company to do well (whether or not they think it is currently doing the right thing).
  12. Yeah, I saw the dividend yield jumped over 9%. I now wish I had waited longer since my last purchase mid-February, but went ahead and bought some more (at $6.47). But that's it for a while.
  13. Two years out from now Lincoln should have out a fully redesigned plug-in hybrid Nautilus. It will be more expensive than the pure ICE new Nautilus, because like the hybrid Aviator it will likely be the full ICE powertrain plus the hybrid and be designed more for enhanced performance than fuel efficiency. Lincoln should by then also have out two all-new BEVs, though I understand that is not what you are after. In the end, if you feel you really, really want a luxury hybrid sedan there should be plenty out there to choose from, just most likely not from Lincoln (or FMC). But we'll see, as Ford doesn't like to pre-announce things years in advance (though looking at you, Bronco).
  14. Gurgeh

    Tesla Model Y To Ship In March

    If I remember correctly, the Ford/Lincoln BEV crossovers coming out in a couple years are being developed using Ford's second generation BEV architecture (Mach-E being gen1), so the Lincoln product will not be a Lincoln version of the MME but an evolution past it. It should be close to Edge/Nautilus in size, so a bit bigger than the MKC/Corsair but still a 2-row.
  15. Gurgeh

    Tesla Model Y To Ship In March

    BEV's currently make great second or third cars (and for many they work fine as first cars as well), and their capabilities continue to improve. They are still a bit pricey, but in a couple of years Lincoln is coming out with a mid-sized BEV crossover that might fit your bill nicely. It will be a cousin to the Ford BEV crossover being developed in tandem. I'm not talking about the larger, earlier, and more expensive Lincoln BEV SUV designed on top of the Rivian skateboard, which will be a Lincoln exclusive. That one might arrive as early as next year sometime.