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  1. Gurgeh

    Chrysler branded EV

    It's a Tic Tac!
  2. Not sure where best to put this: the Ford stock thread, Ford electrification, or Rivian. Went with here. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/ford-could-sell-down-rivian-stake-to-fuel-its-business-rbc-says-2021-12-06 Ford could sell down Rivian stake to fuel its business, RBC says "Analysts at RBC Capital on Monday raised their price target on Ford Motor Co. F, 3.77% stock to $21, from $17, saying they continue to see upside for the auto maker. Their new valuation method includes further breaking up Ford's business, including its electric-vehicle business and investments in Rivian Automotive Inc. RIVN, -3.13%, to value the shares, they said. On Rivian, the analysts said they believe Ford views its investment in Rivian 'as a financial one, so they may eventually sell-down to help fund Ford's organic investment or other cash calls.' Ford Chief Executive Jim Farley last month vowed that Ford would become the second largest U.S. electric-vehicle maker. Ford shares have rallied 120% this year, compared with gains of around 22% for the S&P 500 index. SPX, 2.07%"
  3. That's me. And that's why, sadly, I'll be taking a break from Ford products when my Lincoln Nautilus lease is up early next year. By then, the Nautilus will be in its last year or two of production and even with the two nice mid-cycle refreshes it is getting long in the tooth. When FMC canceled the in-the-works redesign of the Nautilus (and Edge) a couple of years back they made a commitment to fill that specific mid-sized two-row luxury crossover white space with an EV product that will likely go into production at about the same time that the last Nautilus gets built. But for me, living in a townhouse? Won't work. The state where I live recently passed a new "right to charge" law that says anyone in a townhouse or condo has the right to install a charger in their designated parking space, no matter the HOA/AECC restrictions. But the owner has that obligation. You have to pay for it and have it installed -- for me it wouldn't be cheap or easy, as I would have to bust a line through my basement wall, dig a conduit through my front yard and into the parking lot, and then put up the charging pole at my parking space like you find in supermarket parking lots) and then have to remove it when you leave if the new owner doesn't want it (though I suspect that new owners increasingly will see an EV charging station as a plus not a minus). So I ended up putting in a factory order for a Mercedes GLE 450, which was redesigned in 2020 and has a mild hybrid inline 6. It is similar in size and functionality, though a little more expensive, than my Lincoln. It is also built in North America, as opposed to the other luxury crossover I was looking at, the Genesis GV80. I see this as my transition vehicle to the brave new EV world, and therefore might keep it a little longer than most. Six years down the line (and maybe earlier, depending) I'll almost certainly be in a house where in-garage charging will be easy to set up if it isn't set up already, battery technology should be well into its second generation (probably solid state) technology, and hopefully nation-wide charging infrastructure will be massively improved. I look forward to then coming back to whatever EV Lincoln is offering in the crossover size/capability that I'm looking for.
  4. I've only heard one other make with this problem, but it is very specific. There's some talk on the Mercedes boards about emergency breaking kicking in on the highway if: 1) you have speed limit sign reading engaged, 2) you have adaptive cruse control going while engaging a feature that automatically keeps you at the speed limit, and 3) you pass an offramp with the slower off-ramp speed sign posted too close to the highway and the vehicle reads it. So then, the car slams on the breaks from, say, 65mph to try to get it down to the offramp's posted 35mph limit.
  5. Gurgeh

    2022 Zephyr

    There's already a thread on the new China-only Zephyr sedan in the Ford Motor Company forum.
  6. Gurgeh

    2022 Zephyr

    I seem to remember FMC saying at some point that they plan to slot in a BEV mid-sized 2-row crossover to hit the size and basic functionality of the Nautilus, the production of which will soon come to an end. The timing should be about right to not leave that as a white space in the Lincoln line-up.
  7. I also wonder if the union-only requirement for the higher tax credit will stand up to a court challenge.
  8. The time-frame mentioned in the article was "eventually." Still, it is good for FMC to be thinking ahead.
  9. Gurgeh

    Microchip Shortage

    ...and it's not just Ford. Every automaker out there is struggling with this common issue. Currently, Ford is doing as well or better than most in coping, after initially getting hammered from the fire that took out that Japanese chip plant that it depended on for a bunch of its supply.
  10. ...and today Lucid Air shares surged up to a market cap of $89.9 billion, surpassing Ford. Hey, I think they are even doing better than Game Stop! https://www-cnbc-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/11/16/lucid-ceo-says-the-company-could-eventually-be-valued-like-tesla.html?amp_js_v=a6&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQIKAGwASCAAgM%3D#aoh=16371096926243&csi=0&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnbc.com%2F2021%2F11%2F16%2Flucid-ceo-says-the-company-could-eventually-be-valued-like-tesla.html "Lucid Group's market value blew past Ford Motor on Tuesday to $89.9 billion following a 24% runup in the EV start-up's stock price after executives told investors that reservations for its first vehicles had jumped and that its production plans for 2022 were still on track. "The surge in the stock price also brought Lucid close to eclipsing General Motors, which has a market cap of $90.9 billion."
  11. Mercedes Benz is also doing this sort of thing. They have canceled (almost) all of their V8 configurations for 2022 because they take more chips. They are still allowing people to do factory orders with whatever options they want, but when those vehicles arrive at the dealerships they will often have features like wireless charging or augmented reality missing, leaving the purchasers steamed especially with delays being so common on special orders. I saw a GLE 63 (a really expensive hot-rod version of the GLE) at one dealership with a very old style analogue driver's dash. It was a special order that the buyer refused. I am considering a factory order for a GLE 450. If I go ahead and if it comes with a bunch of features missing I would be inclined to also refuse the purchase as I'll be buying out my Lincoln Nautilus lease and will have the ability to wait as long as I want until I find exactly what I want. (At this point, it looks like it might be a long wait.)
  12. As of close of business yesterday, Rivian's total market cap was higher than GM's. Makes sense to me...
  13. After Rivian's big IPO run-up today, Ford's share is now estimated to be worth $10.3 billion, from an intial investment that started just two years ago of only $820 million. There's a separate thread on this, but for more information see: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/11/10/fords-stake-in-ev-truck-start-up-rivian-is-worth-more-than-10-billion-in-first-day-of-trading.html
  14. The value of Ford's investment in Rivian is now up to $10.3 billion, on investments starting just a couple of years ago of $823 million. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/11/10/fords-stake-in-ev-truck-start-up-rivian-is-worth-more-than-10-billion-in-first-day-of-trading.html "A major winner following electric vehicle start-up Rivian Automotive’s blowout IPO on Wednesday is ironically one of its competitors, Ford Motor. "Ford owns about 12% of the company through equity and bond investments that started in 2019, according to public filings by Rivian. Based on Rivian’s closing price of $100.73 a share Wednesday following its Nasdaq debut, Ford’s roughly 102 million shares of the company, which include notes that convert to shares in June, are worth about $10.3 billion alone. It purchased its equity stake for an aggregate of $820 million, according to public documents."
  15. Ah, that explains why the Nautilus is the only Lincoln nominated. But they really did do a great job redesigning the interior on the Nautilus and deserve the recognition.